The GI Revolt That Ended the Vietnam War



The 2005 documentary Sir, No Sir: the GI Revolt examines the GI resistance movement that effectively ended the Vietnam War. While it’s common to hear about fragging* incidents in Vietnam, you rarely hear about the vast GI anti-war movement built by three years of sustained organizing in barracks, on bases, battlefields and ships and at armed forces academies like West Point.

This documentary traces the origin of this GI resistance movement to the 1967 court martial of a dermatologist who refused to train Green Berets how to treat common skin conditions of Vietnamese civilians. Captain Howard Levy took this stand due to his personal conviction that the US torture and murder of Vietnamese civilians was immoral. Levy, who was court-martialed and sentenced to three years in prison, inspired hundreds of other GIs once they realized the US government was at war with the entire civilian population of Vietnam.

Levy’s court martial was followed by many others, as active duty GIs began organizing anti-war meetings and participating, in uniform, in civilian anti-war protests. Black GIs could be court-martialed for doing a soul handshake.

Word of the GI anti-war movement spread mainly through underground GI newspapers that sprang up on many bases. However GI coffee houses and Jane Fonda’s FTA (Fuck the Army) shows were also major organizing tools.

Civilian peace activists opened GI coffee houses near bases, where off duty GIs could listen to subversive rock music and get counseling, legal advice and accurate information about Vietnam and the anti-war movement. Although the FTA shows were also held off base, GIs attended in droves.

Refusing to Deploy Against US Civilians

In 1968, Fort Hood GIs newly returned from Vietnam were ordered to police the anti-war protests at the Chicago. Democratic Convention. After a group of black GIs met about refusing to deploy, they were beaten up by MPs and court martialed. The white “subversives” at Ft Hood (including one of my friends from high school) were treated more leniently. They were confined to base instead of being sent to Chicago.

In 1969 a thousand active duty GIs participated in an anti-war march at Fort Hood on Armed Forces Day. A year later 4,000 participated.

1971 Winter Soldier Conference

The Winter Soldier Conference the Vietnam Veterans Against the War organized in 1971 was the real turning point for the GI resistance movement. The purpose of the conference was to establish that the 1968 My Lai massacre wasn’t an isolated incident – that superior officers were ordering the deliberate targeting of civilians. Testimony at the Detroit conference also focused media attention on the government’s genocidal policies towards the Vietnamese. Specific examples included widespread use of the toxic defoliant Agent Orange and the deliberate reconfiguration of Napalm** to make it stick better.

Nixon Forced to “Vietnamize” the War

By 1971, so many GIs were refusing orders, fragging and killing officers and deserting that the Pentagon warned Nixon the military was on the verge of collapse. In response, the latter ordered the “Vietnamization” of the war. This would translate into a massive increase in aerial bombardment, as US troops withdrew, and the gradual transfer of combat duties to the South Vietnamese Army.

*Fragging is the murder or deliberate injury of members of the military, particularly commanders of a fighting unit. The term originates from the fragmentation grenades commonly used in these incidents.
**Napalm is a mixture of a gelling agent and petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device. It was initially used against buildings and later primarily as an anti-personnel weapon, as it sticks to skin and causes severe burns when on fire.

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Dr. Bramhall is a retired American child and adolescent psychiatrist, activist and political refugee in New Zealand. Her first book The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee describes the circumstances that led her to leave the US in 2002. She has also published two young adult novels about political activism: The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable View All Books by Dr. Bramhall >>> She is involved in the national leadership of the New Zealand Green Party and has a political blog at
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  1. Many keep claiming, falsely, that JFK was ending the Vietnam war. Nothing could be further from the truth. In early November, 1963, the month the conspirators had him shot, JFK gave an “OK” to the south Vietnamese generals that they could go ahead with his imprimatur and kill Ngo Diem—the king.The generals did so. This assassination eventually was regretted as the generals were not good at replacing the King.
    The the fact is that by giving his imprimatur to the generals to assassinate the king, Kennedy put his mark on the war and made it his war and his responsibility.
    In 1964 would he have sought to withdraw? We have to doubt it because that would have left him vulnerable to the republicans that he had given up and “lost” the war.
    On the other had, JFK was smart enough not too allow Moscow to get the U.S. entangled in a no win war while Moscow sat back and laughed at us.

  2. Interesting reading the comments. You would think JFK’s ghost put an end to the Vietnam War. Although NC does get it about the music. You know, that evil and demoralizing sixties sound designed by the arch criminals in the Tavistock Group, the Luciferian Free Masons that introduced subversives of the likes of Bob Dylan and Jim Morrisson, two of the 3 great poets America ever produced. Later those Jews (Norman Mailer) would sponsor Jim Carroll; the third. Dam them all! Devil worshipers! Nobody wanted to sing ‘Glory, glory, hallelujah” anymore. “Eat his body, drink his blood” and what became of “I like Ike?” What became of America in the sixties? Nothing Lil Wayne and Mily Cyrus, and some down home fire and brimstone country Christian preachin couldn’t fix. Enter Bill O’Reilly, Wolf Blitzer, some well executed explosions in lower Manhattan and ringmaster Benjamin Netanyahu and here we are back to “I like Ike.” Interesting how Dr. Bramhall mentions fraging because what need be done now is the armed services must frag all of DC. People are going to have to learn that the enemy is not some shadowy cabal of Luciferian Satanists as advertised. Never believe an advertisement! The enemy’s are your own neighbors and in many instances your own hateful family’s, you know the ones propped in front of the TV set 24-7 getting their intravenous fix of fear and hate. Are you strong enough to frag them? If not there will never be another Vietnam…

  3. JFK was withdrawing the U.S., no doubt about it. Criticize him for his philandering with women, but at least he never screwed this country like these dimwits are doing today. The mayhem caused by JFK’s successors are hideous, mindboggling and embarrassing. Just like the appropriately named “Bush” presidents, coupled with Clinton and this one Oblunder, this nation hasn’t had decent leadership for 50+ years, Oblunder tells us of the threat from the terrorist organization ISIS (that we’ve financed,), then tells us we shouldn’t have guns due to social violence. So, he limits the sale of ammunition for assault weapons. Vietnam should’ve never taken place for JFK knew we could not win there. JFK was ordered to be slaughtered by those hidden cowards so mentally deficient and challenged who would be run down the streets and out of town if the mainstream media would ever print the truth about what they’ve done. So many people cut down in their youth during this period.

  4. There is another “story” about the ending of the Vietnam War. In this accounting (sorry I can not recall the source) President Nixon called a meeting of the oligarchs and told them that because the Vietnam War was costing so much money wartime tax rates would have to be imposed. Naturally this resulted in a resounding “Bring our boys home!”

    True or otherwise it illustrates one lesson the warmongers learned from Vietnam. As long as there are no wartime tax rates the oligarchs will not interfere in military adventuring. It even tells us why Tom Delay pushed so hard for a tax cut prior to the attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq. A payoff from the warmongers to the oligarchs.

    What we the 99% should have learned was that military adventuring can be stopped in its tracks by the imposition of wartime tax rates whenever US forces are engaged in combat operations..

    • The warmongers learned a lot of lessons from Vietnam – the 1st televised war BTW>

      We now have embedded news journalists> no more Walter Cronkite’s reporting back to America what was beyond obvious when he went there himself. Which makes Brian William’s caught under fire lie all the more egregious.

      No more war photo spreads in Life & Look magazines delivered to America’s doorsteps.

      No more draft> Let those poor smucks who can’t find decent jobs or have been successfully brainwashed into believing all the patriotic/war on terror BS be the ones who volunteer! RIP Pat Tillman who discovered & paid w/ his life the bitter truth.

      Now read the following VERY carefully>

      “The FBI had also discovered that Carl Amos Mather did high-security communications work for Collins Radio, a major contractor with the CIA. Three weeks before Kennedy’s assassination, Collins Radio had been identified on the front page of the New York Times as having just deployed a CIA raider ship on an espionage and sabotage mission against Cuba. Collins also held the government contract for installing communications towers in Vietnam. In 1971, Collins Radio would merge with another giant military contractor, Rockwell International. In November 1963, Collins was at the heart of the CIA-military-contracting business for state-of-the-art communications systems.”

      The MIC stood to make mega bucks w/ the Vietnam war – no way Kennedy was going to be allowed to thwart the master plan.

  5. powerful presentation….we have a template…who could not be inspired to mobilize by this

  6. So much music reflected the true pulse of the nation from the folk music of Peter, Paul & Mary – Where Have All the Flowers Gone – on thru Buffalo Springfield’s Something’s Happening Here & The Universal Soldier just to name a few that resonated w/ me. It was a unique time in the history of the common man – for a brief while he was awake!

    • Peter , Paul & Mary are jewish ( and most likely also zionist ) creations . Their 1963 song ” Puff The Magic Dragon ” was a hit ( see wikipedia article on that song ) .

      Here is how the subconcious mind of the masses processes the most salient lyrics of that song —

      ” Puff ” is what you see when a nuke is detonated .

      ” The Magic Dragon ” alludes to a [ magic mushroom ] which in turn alludes to the [ mushroom cloud ] of the [ puff ] of a nuke detonation .

      ” …. who lives by the sea ….” ( ? ) — The Magic Dragon called Puff == Israel ( by the Mediterainean sea ) .

      ” Puff The Magic Dragon ” == Israel ; and also equals the massmind controlling demagogic fear of nuclear war which Israel has invoked more than once .

      ” Honallee ” perhaps is a mix of Honolulu and Gallilee where Honolulu Hawaii is associated with Pearl Harbor and ww2 which in turn associates with the nuke bombings of Japan .

      See the ” Protocols of the ILLuminati ” ( aka Elders of Zion ) and the 1976 Harold Rosenthal interview by Walter White for how Babylonian talmudic jews have mastered the subconcious mind of humanity ( includes americans ) — perhaps more so than any other race of people .

    • @moneytalks
      Well, that’s the newest twist. In my time it went from an endearing children’s song to a drug using allegory. Puff the Magic Dragon [drag in] lived by the sea [C = cocaine]. Get it?

      Recently watched the PPM special on PBS. Anyone who thinks they were either evil or subversive is nuts.

    • ps @ moneytalks

      “see wikipedia article on that song”

      Seriously – wikipedia?!!! That’s just another branch of the Khazarian Mafia’s CMMM.
      BTW – not every Jew is a Zionist and not every Zionist is a Jew.

      It would appear you’re the one the KM’s have done a ‘number’ on.

    • @ Not Clueless

      Thanks for reminding us that Wikipedia is a KM project . Their article also claims that song was an ” endearing [ innocent ] children’s song “. So you believe the wiki KM acolytes ? Do you think satanists walk around with horns out of their head , a forked tail and a three-prong spear to clearly ID themselves ? Peter Yarrow and Lipton wrote the song . President Carter pardoned Yarrow after serving a few months of a prison term for molesting a 14 year old girl that went to him for an autograph . Isn’t that sweet ! Why did it take two different people to write one single innocent song ?

      The sixties ushered in a predominantly jewish music revolution that is still politicly reverberating throughout the western world and beyond . Jews own the media .

    • @moneytalks
      That’s what’s great about VT’s comments> we can all learn something new. True about Yarrow & not just a wiki entry! Lipton originally wrote Puff as a poem in ’59 inspired by Ogden Nash rhyme “Really-O Truly-O Dragon” as a Cornell student & eventually passed it along to fellow student Yarrow who added melody & additional lyrics. The most prominent accusation is it’s about marijuana smoking which both Lipton/Yarrow deny. That Yarrow opened his hotel door buck naked – and the 14 & 17 yr old sisters didn’t immediately run away screaming – is a head scratcher. PBS did NOT include this sordid incident & later conviction in their special. So, yes, the KM control is still very much in evidence.

      Some years ago read an article about an attendee to a mysterious meeting that served as the edict that music as America had known it was over. Lust/misogyny & the like were to replace an entire genre of wholesome, love based music & songs of that nature all but disappeared from the airwaves. Protocol #?

      The psychopathic elite encompasses far more than just the KM/luciferian satanist pedophiles> they are merely the ‘human’ enforcers of the hyperdimensionals who’ve been running the show for eons.

  7. Was 13 when JFK was brutally assassinated in front of his adoring public. Seems some ‘lone nut’ took him out from high up in a building. Amazingly, that ‘lone nut’ was marched out by burly law officers in Texan hats allowing some other ‘lone nut’ to shoot & kill him. Can still see the funeral procession in my mind and JFK Jr’s brave little salute to his fallen father.

    Being a baby boomer, this was just the beginning of a whole new reality. Sure we thought we were on the cusp of great new discoveries and leaps forward what w/ all those space shots eagerly watched in grade school followed by JFK’s pronouncemt that we ‘go to the moon’. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” resonated w/ us all. Instead, this happened>

    1968 (1 of 6) on youtube

    This is a most sobering video & for those of us who lived it, the words of Pat Buchanan sums it all up accurately IMO. It’s a hard video to watch as it not only recounts the assassinations of MLK & RFK but all the confrontations taking place not only in US but other countries as people began to push back against oppression & war. The saddest part, besides the assassinations, was the defeat of the Peace platform at the Democratic Nat’l Convention & Humphrey’s razor thin defeat (which I now question) by Nixon. After losing our most promising political leaders to ‘lone gunmen’ and all the protests, marches, & heads being bashed in, the end result was that the Vietnam war went on for ANOTHER 7 YEARS!

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