Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States in 58 Minutes



Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States is a must see 58 minute video for it is a flashback to the hubristic formation of this present empire in the human form as the creators of the official 9/11 story ~ George W Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz’s infamous pipe dream of PNAC ~ which predicted the eventual global dominance of America and its surrogate state of Israel.

The war on terror is still a smokescreen to cover up U.S and Israeli involvement in the false flag of 9/11 and the eventual metamorphosis of America from a Republic to its present day plutocracy and Empire ~ while still remaining shrouded in secrecy…Allen L Roland, Ph.D


“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”  ~ Adolf Hitler

This must see Documentary by Oliver Stone recounts the final phase in America’s fear based shift from a freedom based Republic into its immanent spiritual death. It also outlines the financial, business and geopolitical interests underlying the War on Terror which rapidly becomes a War of Terror ~ fueled by paranoia and fear as well as an obedient Congress and media.

Stone’s powerful video documentary avoided mainstream censorship by downsizing the 9/11 false flag operation but instead cleverly opens with Martin Luther King’s prediction of the impending spiritual death of America and uses the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) published need for a new Pearl Harbor as the neocon bible for the treasonous acts by our leaders (Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Powell, etc.) that followed ~ and let the facts speak for themselves.


 Bush’s hypocritical sincere lies and fabrications as well as Rice and Cheney’s doublespeak are presented by Stone as evidence of America’s decent to absurdity with the mainstream press in lock step during this spiritual death spiral.

 Obviously the Bush administration’s goal was always regime change in Iraq as Bush claimed dictatorial war powers while the sinister Cheney attempted to hide their 9/11 fingerprints through illegal renditions, bounty hunting as well as torture induced confessions.

 Stone clearly shows this neocon Ride of the Valkyries with regime change the goal from Iraq to Iran ~ with the obvious but unspoken endorsement if not assistance of Israel and Mossad.

Stone lets the viewer connect all these obvious dots but our present co-dependent relationship with Israel, where neither party can be totally honest with the other since both were co-conspirators in the 9/11 false flag operation, as well as the well-known Saudi/Israeli connection and our ongoing secrecy and lack of transparency, provide important clues.

Obama’s broken promises and sell out to Wall Street is clearly seen in Stone’s video as Obama stacks his team with Bush retreads and his promise of transparency is submerged by his greater need to maintain the status quo as well as the increasingly transparent War on Terror ~ which has now become Obama’s drone directed War of Terror.

 Obama’s Nobel Peace prize becomes a bad joke ~ witness Obama’s ongoing targeted assassinations and vigilante drone justice ~ along with Bin Laden’s photo op death (with no body or DNA confirmation) which is an obvious insult to our intelligence.

 So don’t be shocked but our Democracy has failed and our current plutocracy enjoys an ongoing permanent war as well as a permanent donor based (not voter based) election campaign and Stone clearly records this descent into darkness.

Stone’s ending words speak of our moral descent from a force for good, understanding and peace to our present state as a rogue Empire clinging to the myth of American exceptionalism and offers this Martin Luther King inspired solution in his own words  ~ “We need to humanize the planet and find the power of real love”



 Watch this film closely and watch the great American bamboozle rapidly unfold ~ starting with the Bush, Cheney and Powell blatant straight faced lies and finally Obama’s caretaker role for the global elite and dawning empire ~ and all under the deceptive and patriotic cover of the War on Terror. See Video ~

Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people and sending them off to distant lands to die of foreign fevers and foreign shot and shell.”   ~ U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black on U.S. 713 New York Times Co. v.. United States


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  1. REVIEWS OF VIDEO ~ and well worth reading ~ http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1494191/reviews

    In short: brilliant
    Author: ghzakaria from Damascus, Syria
    24 April 2013

    What strikes me the most is that the negative reviews of the series actually confirm everything Stone wants to say.

    The series is actually brilliant. The book might be even more brilliant. Yes, it is subjective. And yes, it focuses on certain issues more than other issues. And that’s because human beings are subjective; history is written and examined by human beings. On the other hand, the series — and the book– say right out from the start that this is not the complete history, it’s only the part that people don’t hear about. That’s why it doesn’t concentrate on ‘other views’ or the ‘other side’ of what it says. Add to that, film is a form of art. And this is the difference art can make when it deals with history.

    The series does, in 99% of the cases, state facts very clearly and don’t see events and people in black and white. And I have come to believe that people who accuse material of being propaganda are the very victims of propaganda. They are those who want to paint the whole world in one brush and put label on people, things, countries, races, ideas, etc. as ‘good’ and ‘bad.’ Personally, I think that is the definition of intellectual terrorism.

  2. [ Editor’s note: Only one link per comment, please. ]
    I have watched the first part of this series which deals with world war 2. I did not detect one negative comment about Stalin even though he was responsible for millions of deaths before the war even started – http://www.holodomor.org.uk
    Stone was truthful enough to say that Poland was invaded by 2 nations in 1939 – Germany on September 1 and the USSR on September 17. A lot of documentaries condemn Hitler for this but give Stalin a free pass when they both did the same thing.
    Stone has come to the conclusion that it was not necessary to drop the A bomb and it was not necessary to invade Japan as they were already willing to surrender. Douglas MacArthur said it was not necessary from a military point of view as the Japanese were already defeated. Dwight Eisenhower concurred. This documentary says the decision to use the A bomb was political and rests with Truman. Do you agree with Stone on this?

    • alphonso ~ I agree with MacArthur and Eisenhower that it was not necessary to drop the A Bomb on Japan from both a military and moral perspective but it is obvious that Stone is correct and the decision was made as a political decision and we are still paying the moral price for that decision. ~ over 200,000 Japanese became collateral damage for our already ambitious quest for absolute power.

  3. Remarkable insight, Ted Gorsline. The photo displays the puppetry line-up. The photo that shows the puppet master, standing to the right of the main entrance to the book depository, 22 Nov 1963, still exists. Puppet master did not remember where he was on 22 Nov 1963. Forgetting is an active process. Take Bush Jr. for example, Summer 1984 in Brownsville, TX. Of 18 members of his druggie family, 17 were ritualistically murdered and SKINNED (enough skin for several NAZI lampshades). Bush Jr. disappeared for 3 days. Upon un-disappearing he did not remember the 3 days. The puppet master stopped the TX authority investigation of Bush Jr.´s association with the murder of the group. Who is the “leader emeritus” of the Republican Party? An expert with the israeli style, he was/is a master of using others to do his dirty work. Take the Carlyle Group for a current example and ISIS. The Chronicles of Chip Tatum, the videos by John Stockwell and the book by Susan Lindauer (“Extreme Prejudice”) provide remarkable insight into the psychopathology of the puppet master. As does the genocide of the Darlene Novinger family. http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/02/22/fbi-whistleblower-darlene-novenger-exposed-george-hw-bushs-drug-usage/

    • Dear Drbhelthi,

      The skinning and rutual murder of 17 of 18 of Bush’s friends is a heck of a story and one that I missed. What must I do to google it up? The death toll sounds almost Clintonesque.

  4. again, the “Nobel Peace Prize” is handed to who’s idea,
    can give the most people, the peace of the graveyard.
    Einstein, Kissinger, Gore, etc. Nobel invented dynamite, think about it.

  5. In mainstream media the rule of thumb governing editorial policy is don’t offend the advertisers. There are normally not alot of advertisers in movie theatres and often none so I can only assume the rule of thumb Stone is following here is don’t offend the distributors. In additon, he has simply recycled alot of stuff that has been floating around on the internet for years.

    Certainly this film is the last nail in the coffin of Stone’s credibility and it has also buried the credibility of all his previous films. Only vegetable people will be happy with it..

  6. Guess the time is long overdue to re-introduce and re-instate the American Anti-Imperialist League, comprised of patriotic, incorruptible, anti-hawkish intellectuals and prominent countrymen, if there are such out there. Such people share the responsibility to take a stand for better future of its fellow Americans and of what America is to represent in the world future. World War II has ended, there is no real global threat to the USA other than imploding itself. The global NGOs are tainted with colonial style human rights approach and USA has become overwhelmingly a quid pro quo democracy, rather than the birth of a super-country, a world policeman. All these phony wars and false flags have cost USA the momentum its image had at the turn of the 19th century when it was accepting progressive scientists and discoveries, free-thinkers of the world. All of that credibility has come down to some schmuck siting in his compartment wiping his nose watching at derivatives from Wall street.

    • Well said, davor and it reminds me of a quote from P.J. O’Rourke ~
      “There is a simple rule here, a rule of legislation, a rule of business, a rule of life: beyond a certain point, complexity is fraud. You can apply that rule to left-wing social programs, but you can also apply that rule to credit derivatives, hedge funds, all the rest of it..”

    • “” World War II has ended “”

      Maybe so but the cause behind ww2 — talmudic zionist KM aka the ZWO cabal — is still ascendent .

  7. Great comment, Ted ~ Stone’s video documentary went mainstream and is important for the reasons I outlined in my review.. Dr Alan Sabrosky’s excellent video interview with Press TV, which I have seen, supplies important additional 9/11 truths, which Stone and the main stream press ignored, such as the secondary explosions at the Trade Center, the unanswered demolition of Building 7 and the dancing Israeli vans loaded with explosions at the scene who were later released by the administration. See 13 minute video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT1AzrKuEtM ~
    Both videos should be viewed for a full picture of the role of PNAC, which Sabrosky briefly mentions, as well as the ongoing lies and fabrications by the Bush gang of seven..

    • Allen, are you aware this is a segment of a larger 10 part series? It originally aired on Showtime, which unfortunately is why most have missed it. There are some very perceptive and insightful ‘user reviews’ on this industry details page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1494191/

  8. Roland’s comment “downsizing 9/11” explains this film in its entirety as does Stone’s affirmation that those officially accused of doing 9/11 did 9/11. The movie is BS and focuses on the puppets and not the puppet masters. If you are dumb enough to pay to watch this thing make sure you watch the Dr Alana Sabrosky videos about 9/11 afterwards just to give yourself a shake. Don’t get sucked into accepting Stone’s pile of BS. Remember to ask who benefits?. Like Dr Sabrosky says Israel did 9/11. Don’t get sucked into thinking that Jew Stone’s goy boy puppets were the ones who actually pulled the strings.

    • Hitler is often quoted out of context with this remark. It is a truism, of course, but made as a COMPLAINT!

      I agree with Ted and Dave – watering down is as bad as outright lying in such Earth shatteringly important issues. Lets not forget that German Army veteran Lance Corporal Hitler was in fact a VAN HELSING to the jewish blood suckers – and their fear of him (and the possibility of his like appearing on the scene again) is one thing that we can be very much assured of. They have spent ZILLIONS of our dollars and man hours trying to convince us not to follow his lead. They particularly do not like National leaders that cannot be bought and who refuse to submerge their populations under talmudic banking supremacy directives. They awaken the vampire hordes lurking in every corner of the world and rouse them to destroy such threats to their blood bank supplies.

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