VT breaks German Wings crash on Rense Radio

The voice recorder tells most of the story...everything but why

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“Frank Taylor, former Director of the Cranfield Aviation Safety Centre, says the leaked reports put pressure on investigators to release information early.”

The voice recorded told the story...everything but why
The voice recorder told the story… everything but why

[ Editor’s Note: VT activated our plane crash study group (FBI and TSB personnel along with Air Force and Airline security personnel), which unfortunately got a lot of experience working together last year, on this latest incident. We had very fast access to the flight recorder audio tapes.

Gordon was able to catch the late evening show with Jeff Rense last night which date stamped VT as the first to get the co-pilot suicide story out.

We saw instantly that the knocking on the door by the pilot could have only meant the co-pilot had locked the deadbolt, which deactivated the pilot’s key.

The poor pilot knew instantly what was going on. American airlines never allow the cockpit to be left with just one pilot. A flight attendant sits, while one pilot eats or takes a restroom break. But European airlines have never required this, something that I think will be changed soon.

And to all those instant solution pundits always rushing to claim first credit for a false flag call, I would remind you all that doing that based on zero information puts you all solidly in the disinformation gang column… with a clear track record.

When the flight recorders were quickly found we knew we would have the key information quickly so we held off for a day, something we have done many times. That said, why this young, low experienced co-pilot would do this is another matter, as mental stability of pilots is not an “ask the question and check off the box” issue when it comes to flight certification.

The story will focus now as to why he murdered a plane load of innocent strangers and his crew, and which of course will include his having been influenced in some way. I hope we get a quicker investigation on that than the Dutch MH-17 one.

Not mentioned yet, so we will… this plane was a fly by wire one and was equipped with the anti-hijacking software to take over the plane and land it if needed, via external controls. French authorities did not do this, and may not want to even address that issue Jim W. Dean ]



–  First published  …  March 26,  2015 


Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was 28 years old
Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was 28 years old

The Germanwings co-pilot seemed to have crashed the plane deliberately, killing 150 people on board. The co-pilot wouldn’t let the captain inside the cabin, with the “intention to destroy” the jet, the French prosecutor said at a press conference.

Follow RT’s LIVE UPDATES on investigation into the Germanwings plane crash. The Germanwings co-pilot was identified as Andreas Lubitz.

The captain was between 30 and 40 years old, fully qualified, had 10,000 hours of flight, and had worked with Lufthansa for 10 years — while the co-pilot was 28, and commenced working for Lufthansa in 2013.

Prosecutor Brice Robin provided the explanation he thought the most likely, judging by the transcript of the black box recording of the last 30 minutes in the cockpit before the crash.

The captain left the cockpit to go to the toilet, asking the co-pilot to take over. Then, the co-pilot accelerated the plane’s descent, likely voluntarily, the prosecutor said.

Someone attempted to break open the door to the cockpit from the outside, he added. Afterwards, demands for the co-pilot to open the door are heard, and the captain “desperately” bangs on the door, but the co-pilot refuses to open it.

"A terrifying way to die..."
“A terrifying way to die…”

On the recording, there is the sound of the co-pilot breathing “normally” and “not uttering a single word” until the plane crashes, the prosecutor said. The recording suggested that passengers began screaming just before the final impact.

Services on the ground didn’t receive any distress signals from the A320 before the crash, despite several attempts to contact the aircraft. The prosecutor said that there are no grounds to regard the crash as a terrorist act.

Robin said that there is a case for premeditated murder to answer, as the co-pilot was responsible for the lives of the passengers and crew onboard.

Germanwings wrote on its Twitter page on Thursday that it was shocked by the prosecutor’s statement. The co-pilot accused of deliberately crashing the plane had passed all the necessary medical tests and was “100 percent” fit to fly, Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr told a press conference.

However, he added that pilots do not undergo regular psychological assessments beyond training.

“We have no words,” he said. “We never thought that this could happen to our concern. We are very attentive to recruitment. We pay great attention, including to the psychological characteristics of our candidates.”

Something like this...is worse than a terror attack, maybe the worst terror that there is
Something like this… is worse than a terror attack, maybe the worst terror that there is

Lubitz started his pilot’s training in 2008 and started work at the airline in 2013, Spohr said. He had a pause in his training six years ago, Spohr added, without offering further explanation.

Speaking on the safety regulations, Spohr said that if one of the pilots leaves the flight deck, upon re-entering he can use a special code to signal his colleague inside to open the deck door.

This code is also used if the pilot inside loses consciousness, he added. However, the person on the flight deck can also prevent someone from entering with a code by locking the door by pushing a special button.

The Lufthansa CEO added that the co-pilot had permission to stay on the deck alone under the airline’s regulations. This stands in contrast to the practice of most US airlines, under which another crew member is required to enter the cabin if one of the pilots leaves.

It is not yet known if the company is legally responsible for the crash. The prosecution is set to give information on that later.The recovery of bodies from the Alps has already begun, and will last for the next week or two. Body parts are being recovered via helicopter, and the process is very difficult, Robin added.

Marin Medic, an A320 pilot, told RT that all flight crew go through vigorous health checks to make sure they are fit for the responsibility of flying a passenger jet.

“Every crew goes through a yearly check, a complete medical checkup, which involves everything from blood work to interviews with psychologists to ocular exams and basically, it should have assured that both flight crew members were in perfect health,” he told RT.

But he also said that pilots are coming under more and more pressure from the industry.

“Every person is an individual, but obviously if this is the case that the plane was flown into terrain on purpose, then obviously there was a major problem of a psychological nature with the first officer. It could be variety of things. Anyone can be depressive, but you would think the colleagues would notice that. Although, truth be told, pilots are coming under more and more pressure as the industry seeks to expand, and the work conditions deteriorate,” he said.

The voice recorders installed in flight decks are very sensitive and can detect pilots’ breathing, aviation expert Julian Bray told RT.

“The whole point is that what they have to do is that, when they analyze these tapes – remember they go into the laboratories to be analyzed – is that they need to hear everything that is going on, because there will be audio signals or warnings, and to listen to the pilots and to their breathing,” he said. “If he is breathing, that means he is there, and he is well. They really need to get an audio snapshot of exactly what has happened on that particular deck.”

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  1. That lone “went to Israel” source has now been joined by a so-called German journalist report that during his six month absence he converted to Islam. In running this guy down he is a long time hasbara website, heavy Islamaphobic, with funding from the Jewish Defense League, with all the writers using aliases. Surprise, surprise. So the disinfo hounds are running to the bugle calls to get any licks in they can riding this story. Meanwhile, what did VT do? We broke the voice recorder news first because our sources knew we would get it out quickly. Then we got the fly-by-wire aspect out first…and published the classified door operations manual…and commentary that we were suspicious of this event…with our usual holding judgement until we learn more. But we see we have new visitors critics to VT, 80% of them facebook commenters with blank “about” sections, which is usual in these big stories, pitching that we don’t have it right, when we have not claimed such. One of the reasons we run a comment board is to get Intel, like when the trolls come and what they are pitching. We learn from that. You long time readers have seen this many times already.

  2. Is it normal for the plane to have been smashed into so many small pieces?
    Did anybody read the Sorcha Faal take on this?
    (Not that Sorcha Faal is unimpeachable)
    Is it possible that we are being lied to about the cockpit recordings?
    Were there US war games or simulations in effect when this happened?
    Is it possible that this crash has some connection to the technology employed in the Black sea last year where Russia rendered the US Fleet’s targeting and comms useless; France won a mock battle; and Russia so freaked out the USS Teddy Roosevelt that it fled to an unusual mooring of the British Coast?

    • A plane crashing into rock formations like that…yes…lots of small pieces. And Sorcha Faal… is a long time fake site. Her/his latest is how the Teddy Roosevelt was wargamed by the Russian fleet subs and ran to Britain for safety, when it was just a scheuled port stop, but not advertised for normal security reasons. Sorcha (and others) are used as internet “focus group testers” to see what people will swallow, so when something important comes along they know have far to push the envelope. They run a good scam there with a large following. We get sent her stuff all the time. The real is mixed in with the hoax stuff, the standard blend.

  3. This is one more aviation tragedy that debunks the Israeli/Bush fabrication that airliners crashed into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on 11 Sep 2001. Aircraft wreckage signals an aircraft crash. Always. No aircraft debri = no aircraft crash. Had an airliner crashed into the Pentagon, it would have been plastered onto the outer wall of the Pentagon, with wreckage scattered all over the grounds. Similar with the twin towers.
    I suspect the same group hijacked the German Wings 320, as hijacked the flight, MH 370. Acquisition of futuristic IntegratedChips was the motive for MH 370. I suspect the motive for German Wings was punishment for the cooperation of Germany and France in the peace efforts in the Ukraine. The peace efforts interfere with the progress of the Israeli-guided, religious war between the Moslem and the Christian elements of “Goyim;” ISIS versus Christianity. No doubt, German and French leaders have received subtle warnings of recurrence if Germany and France continue peace efforts in Ukraine.

  4. That the members of Veterans Today present accurate information and accurate hints is revolutionary in today´s world. The world has needed these warriors,since the Israeli/Bush entourage began to actively take over the U.S. throne.
    As a former aviation mechanic and pilot, two publicized elements of the event twirk my concern. One, the 320´s computers were equipped with “hijack prevention” software. The 320 could have been under the control of the alleged, hijack-prevention programming, (two) which would have tripped the switch to the cockpit door.
    A third element enters a question, due to my experience as a Ph.D. psychologist since 1971. The co-pilot was breathing normally. Under the circumstances, a 28-yr-old man who sees a mountainside coming at him at +- 400 mph, yet is breathing normally, suggests to me either sleep or a deep hypnotic trance. I suspect that an investigation into his activities during his months-long break in training, will produce useful info. Unless such an investigation is plagued with assassinations. I suspect that truth-seekers will determine that this German Wings 320 was hijacked, as was MH 370, but with a different motive.

    • Been saying that since the beginning. The man was Kontrol all the way, and now I find he spent 11 months in AZ for “training”. More training than he bargained for. If you know Monarch training and what it is, you know Arizona. I’d venture to say he has friends with ‘Canadian’ passports, you know who they are. Kontrol programming dovetails perfectly where every other theory doesn’t. Merkel and the rest know this was a reminder…….

  5. Something like this can NEVER be prevented. Two people in the cockpit won’t stop it. But this horrible event will be used by the corporate media to distract people from the real problems of today. The militarism, racism, and capitalism which infest the ‘exceptionalist’ American empire. Most Americans buy into the myth of having two political parties and that the media is left wing. Thus, no opposition from inside the empire. But the rest of the world sees what Obama is doing on behalf of Wall Street. Hollywood does its part as well with movies like American Sniper. Ike should have added the media to his Military-Industrial Complex.

  6. Congratulations on breaking this story. It’s a tragic one, and as Maddow pointed out, we willingly give airline pilots a lot of potential for mass murder and destruction, and given the number of flights and the number of hours pilots are logging, and the stresses of being a human being in this world, I think we should be amazed that more of these sorts of accidents occur due.

  7.  The Problem is if the Pilot or Co-Pilot was Forced by a Terrorist to open the Cockpit Door.
    Solution __ Everyone who will be in the Cockpit will share a “CODE WORD, Could be their own name, with different 1st name” so when the person outside Opens the Door they will Jump On the Terrorist.
     In USA one has to accumulate 250 hrs., before taking the exam, and an additional 1500 hrs., in order to fly a Cargo or Passenger Plane for a Commercial Airline.
     The larger Airplanes have A Pilot, Co-Pilot & A Flight Engineer
     If either the Pilot or the Co-Pilot acts crazy the Flight Engineer along with either one could knock him off.
     For the smaller planes this is an “Excellent” idea. “American Airline never allow the cockpit to be left with just one pilot. A light attendant sits, while one pilot eats or takes a restroom break.” (I’ll make sure to make it my Airline).
     “deactivated the pilot’s key,” This is NOT a Problem if we are flying American Airline __ the Steward or Stewardess could knock him/her off and open the Cockpit Door.

  8. I listened to Gordon Duff last evening on Jeff Rense and while you guy generally get your intelligence right, in the case of the tail section Gordon said he had intel revealing it was over a kilometer away from the main debris pile…. check again Gordon… the tail has very distinctive livery and is lying in the same ravine pile… keep up the good work.

  9. I’m going to tell this to my whole broader family, right in context with the former happenings. I’m telling to everyone outside I know. This was official state terror. Who did it?

    I guess, Mr. Hollande is so stupid to believe he rules the country. Partly he’s guessing who really is in charge, but we’ll never hear it from him. Merkel had great disputes with Terror-Netty over very ugly deals, he roposed to her in regards of german military and technological equipment, including giving away another submarine – simpy for free. We have been utterly and constantly bombarded with guilt implying fpropaganda films the last months on all major channels. No wonder, SAT3 and RTL are completely in yewish hands. I’m absolutely pissed of about the total shutdown and the total subcumming to this state of affairs, I just don’t have the right words to express this anger.

    I hope Gordon and his friendly experts will shine some lights of truth on this modern terror fairy taile.

    I could tell you a lot more, but i’m just too angry.

    • There are three people who will have my utmost attention on this matter; one is of course Gordon Duff, the other Orage and the third would be you Detlef…

  10. I don’t believe in an accident for a single second. Right after this was announced by our media, the mind “program” began and it’s lasting till now. This is a totally rigged story they pulled out.

    Here is my guess: They (all european governments) know exactly what happened in Norway, in Kopenhagen, in Stockholm, in Paris and now it’s simply us. And to each of those events I can give all of you here at VT exactly information of what happened in regards to Palestine and some other things.

    Merkel is at odds with this killer primeminister for some reasons. Germany was invaded by Knesset members, not beeing to much amused about it recently.

    Now, Christine Lagard flew to China, rightly after France, Germany, Italy (and only to pretend so: UK) agreed with the chineese government over additional drawing rights of the Yen in international money affairs. The ship of the petrodollar sinking rapidly and Netty-Holiy knows who will loose mostly.

    Don’t be ashamed to blame it what it more and more seemed to be: another, but this time “terror” act, not done by crazy arabs, but (if Gordon could please elaborate more on this) I think France has the same military infiltration problems like the US.

  11. The suicide theory is arguably the most disconcerting one out there. When the heat gets to a certain point, and the S is about to hit the fan, how many more of these acts of vengeance are we going to see, particularly in the US where the anger and resistance is probably going to be the greatest?

  12. I think Gustavo has some good questions. From this analysis, none of this happens if the Captain does not leave for the bathroom? Sorry, too many sheer coincidences for me. Were there indeed French jets following? May be a WAG, but has to be eliminated with evidence to the contrary. The plane is in a steep glide path, when the pilot could have dove directly into the terrain? “Pilot breathing” detected on the CVR? Not one expletive, Allah Akbar? Mr James may not be as far out as some think. Why did I immediately think of MK Ultra? Probably too much VT! Or earthfiles.com.
    The first rule of science is that the truth has not been found. Also theology.

    • Pilots go to the bathroom on flights all the time. Someone wanting to do something would just wait for that time. I the US they would have a stewardess come in. We will learn more as they start going into this guy’s background, family and friend comments, etc. It is time to collect more information and put the Ouigi board away. We have 150 families who are doing to want to know a lot more.

  13. There are of course many possibilities here. Since the early 1990’s E-Systems imbedded a satellite operated remote control circuit in almost every single commercial aircraft autopilot system. This remote circuit could be activated and used to take control of any commercial aircraft. It’s cover story was that is was for emergencies only but it was a closely guarded secret at that time. Small remote operated small cyanide or other gas canisters have been planted in cockpits and used to put pilots asleep and cause crashes. One of these could have been used.

    But the key piece of evidence if the recording turns out to be valid is the likelihood of another incidence of successful Mind-kontrol, this time on the co-pilot. It could have been due to nano-wires ingested which then migrated into his brain and which can be remotely activated by a pulsed beam special satellite signal. Or it could have been the older mini-chip systems implanted up his nose and combined with drug induced hypnotic suggestions and alternate personalities.

    Was this done by Israeli Intel as revenge for Merkel’s new deepening relationship with Putin and her resistance to supporting interference in the Ukraine and continuing sanctions against the Russian Federation?

  14. We have an unconfirmed report that the copilot spent six months in Israeliu on a “break” during his training. Gosh, a nice break…but still a loose end that will need to be looked into as the investigators will be going through his past year very carefully.

  15. Gordon can you give some more information on this “remote hijack recovery”system please. For instance , after someone on the ground has got concerned that something is wrong how long does it take to get this system up and running , where is the hardware on the ground located, is it operated locally from the nearest control tower , does it need specially trained personnel or can any pilot operate it, could it have been brought into action in the 8 or so minutes available before the crash occurred?

  16. Lubitz?? Doesn’t sound too authentically German to me! Is there any mention anywhere of this “Lubitz” co-pilot’s religious affiliation? Honestly, he looks and sounds as if he might have had a little icon photo of Booboo Nutty-yoyo tucked in his wallet somewhere.

  17. In short-haul flights, pilots usually don’t leave the cockpit at all. So the first officer couldn’t premeditate that the captain would leave him alone, as it was much more likely that he wouldn’t.
    But in this case, the pilot left the cockpit immediately after reaching cruise altitude (to do what?), and the co-pilot managed to turn the auto-pilot off, shut the door, and start the descent, all in one minute.
    I don’t think so.
    And then we have the fighter jets, the hijacking recovery system not being used, the collision avoidance system not working, the psychological evaluations of the co-pilot that showed nothing, the airplane flying on a different route than the planned one, even before reaching cruise altitude, and we have yet another very unusual and suspicious airplane crash in a short period of time.
    Oddly, the two Iranian nationals on board didn’t have fake passports or fake legs this time.

  18. Not this one nor the two Malaysian disasters make any sense. All three planes were in good condition and were then obliterated. The one over Ukraine yielded more info but the disappearance of one and inexplicable destruction of the other is baffling, and the weather can’t be blamed. One would think that after the one that vanished the tracking and auto control systems would have advanced considerably.

    FWIW this site explores other possibilities. Very sad for all those involved.

  19. for what its worth, things do happen in cycles and can be tracked to a degree depending on the length of cycle. Murder/Suicide is in a high cycle and is occurring in all countries for a variety of reasons.
    Who can explain the high rate of suicides in India among farmers, or the high rate of Veteran suicides here ? Then there is the rate of mothers who are murdering their children, .. life has become very complicated for many people and this is an overlooked issue. I’m not suggesting ignoring every possibility, but certainly murder/suicide is off the charts compared to single suicide rates during stressful times.
    This is a link to a tedtalk by Jon Jandai that addresses the simple aspect of “Life is Easy”.

  20. So now that VT’s very own expert “plane crash study group” has this all sewn up in a black box, they won’t be needing to consult with any “instant solution pundits”, such as perhaps Jim Stone’s screen captures of an initial or “instant” press release being scrubbed, concerning any ear or eyewitness accounts of any clearly audible airborne concussion conceivably created by any unauthorized dual fighter jet escort, or any of his further in-depth analysis of any crash-by-wire scenario with any diverging implications whatsoever. Case closed. That Ukie thing is so perplexing anyway, why don’t we just sweep ’em both under the magic carpet? Let’s just fly with the patsy.

    • Jim Stein makes it all up. Why, if you are so stupid or you have so much time on your hands, aren’t you out there working for the Adelson/Bush/Netanyahu campaign?

      I went over this with the head of security for an airline, somone with more than a thousand hours on a 320.

      Why did I bother? I simply could have pulled something out of my ass and you would have been happy.

      Do you wonder why I continually advocate privatizing VT to subscription only?

  21. 1- Why the co-pilot did not open the door
    2- Why the Chief Pilot went outside when the plane was going down from reaching “the altitude required” ? TO DO WHAT? To go to the toilet when they had just taken off is not very likely ?
    3- Why with all the fly by wire was it not used?
    4- Who was on board?
    5- Who benefits?

    • In the EU, a co-pilot can be alone in a cockpit. In the US, a flight attendant has to stand watch in the cockpit if a pilot or co-pilot leaves.

      But then again, you could have asked Jim Stein this, he knows everything, he an Alex Jonestein.

    • From the news reports, it sounds as if a mental switch was flipped in the co-pilot’s mind. Demeanor changed to something cold/mechanical. Doesn’t sound like terrorism, but sounds like my understanding of mind kontrol. His breathing was normal right up to the end, no muttering or signs of nervous thoughts. No prayers to Allah or God. My guess is that mental illness (depression) will be claimed as the culprit, so that TPTB can institute regular mental health testing for certain professions (later to be expanded to all of us). Of course, TPTB get to decide what is considered ‘sane.’

    • I agree fully on point 2. Why go to the toilet when just having taken off, on a short flight of only two hours? It is a bit of a fuss for a pilot to leave the seat.
      Is this another subliminal message from the childish Illuminati murderers, whoever they are? This picture of the pilot in front the Golden gate leads my thoughts to the pattern of these messages. This a short story adding together pieces of information I have come across, could this be their message; Andreas on a photo in front of the Golden gate, which is also near the San Andreas fault. So it is Andreas fault.. Plane crashes near CERN. Heading for Europes biggest dam? Can CERN cause a San Andreas earthquake? Will this open the gate to the bottomless pit, and also crash the Hoover dam, as is predicted in movies and commercials? Maybe too crazy, but I will surely watch the movie San Andreas coming out May 29.

  22. I have the impression that these planes have “remote hijack recovery” installed. Why did they fail to use that when they noticed the plane behaving oddly? Also I understand that they have an independent mechanism that prevents the plane from crashing into something even if that is pilot’s intention. This story is not adding up. Sabatoge sounds closer to the truth but a lot scarier. Blaming a pilot must seem cozier than imagining someone outside bringing this about so the lesser of two evils is the choice? We are suddenly having too many mysterious crashes.

  23. Apparently, the plane was out of communication for 8 minutes. Jamming? Is 8 minutes sufficient time to activate remote control procedures? VT makes no mention of reported witness accounts of an explosion and the presence of fighter jets?

    • Yes, the Daily Mail first mentions witnessses seeing military jets and then edits that out. The next day someone who has camp site there? said he didn’t see military jets –but no context so they were tracking down or trying to undo the original material. This is another M17 apparently. But the French will not want it known that a plane was intercepted and perhaps hit with a missile to knock out the safety feature that would prevent a crash into a mountain.

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