Hacked: Did You Really Think Cockpit Door Was Locked?


11q_155By Gordon Duff and Jeff Smith, Editors

In all likelihood, the cabin crew of the ill fated GermanWings flight could simply have entered the cockpit at any time.  If the plane were programmed specially to disallow this normal capability of the Airbus320 series, the airline has failed to inform the public of this.

This information is “confidential” as it would be a theoretical aid to hijackers.  Problem is, there are no hijackers, only security agencies that seem to enjoy stealing planes, shooting them down or taking control of their guidance systems.  The hijack scenario makes for good TV and convenient cover stories where “dead men tell no tales” and crash scenes are always quickly secured and “seeded” as needed.

Our suicide story is just a new twist on an old tale.

In order to add to the explosion of information about the recent air event over France, we have done some simple research on the operation of the cockpit door of an A320.  We have published, below, the operations manual.  We also have the following language, taken from the flight crew manual used by Royal Jordanian Airlines, an organization kind enough to have passed this on:

Ident.: DSC-25-11-10-00001006.0001001 / 09 OCT 12
Applicable to: MSN 2649-3685, 4670-5367

A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.
When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).

Scribd Server Hacked and Crashed

The minute we posted the operating plans of for the A320 cockpit door on Scribd, the site was hacked and crashed.  This is a screenshot showing the hack:


We changed IP addresses to from the UK to US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and France, the hack is worldwide.  Until Scribd is able to be restored, this is a screen print of the offending page from the flight manual:


a320 Operating Manual Cockpit Door

There are additional questions as to the possibility of a time delay that could disable the keypad, one that can be programmed by the airline itself but it not required and totally optional.

This would mean that it is likely, based on the level of informality at Germanwings, no delay was programmed into the keypad.  This would mean that the cabin crew, by this we mean flight attendants, would have the entry code for the cockpit and would most likely be able to enter at will even if the door were in the lock position.

There is a reason we are publishing this, information that previously was not allowed to be in public hands:

The moment, over 24 hours ago, it was mentioned that the “pilot” was “pounding and screaming,” in an attempt to enter the cockpit, this information became of vital public interest.  Additionally, as soon as the false information was released that air controllers were unable to contact the crew of the plane, it should have been mentioned that crew members have satellite phones available.

Rather than pounding on a door, the pilot might well have been on the phone asking NORAD to land the plane for him.

These phones are usually in each of the crew areas, fore and aft galleys and often sitting out in the open.  A reference is made in this aero-medical flight manual:


For anything other than a very minor medical complaint, the Purser or In-Charge Flight Attendant will normally make a PA announcement asking if there is a doctor or other qualified medical professional (nurse, paramedic etc) on board. If there is a positive response, the medical professional will be asked to assess the patient and to advise the crew of the best course of action.

In the absence of a medical professional (or as a concurrent protocol), many air carriers have a standing arrangement with emergency medical service providers such as Med Link, Stat MD or Med Aire. These service providers can be used both pre-flight and in-flight and can be contacted via satellite phone, high frequency (HF) or very high frequency (VHR) radio phone patch through an ARINC station or by means of Aircraft Communications, Addressing and Reporting System (ACARS) equipment. By one of these methods, direct communication with an emergency room/trauma centre physician is possible.

Anti-Hijack System

Again, we mention the same thing we brought up during the disappearance of MH370:  Modern “fly by wire” planes have, for years, had auto-land systems onboard that are in place to keep planes from being hijacked and crashed into nuclear power plants.  We are told the planes can land using this system in winds up to 30 knots.

We also know that a controlled crash in an area that would cause minimal collateral damage is the second course of events this system is programmed for.

With stories about depression and girl friends being pushed onto the public and very little salient information being given out, information which as usual inexorably leads to unpleasant answers, we have decided to broaden the debate.

All reporting, which for awhile seemed almost rational to a point, has been replaced by agenda driven lies and cover stories.  It has begun again.

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    • I remember from about thirty years ago the pilots explaining to me that fly by wire (A320) meant the fun was out of flying because you could pull as hard as you wanted but the thing couldn’t be stalled or if you did not obey the audible command “pull up” nearing terrain, the flight management system would do it for you. Impossible to crash was the message. And btw, why was this stuff about the control tower supposedly being able to take over control of the airplane in order to land it safely not seriously brought up as an issue in the 9-11 hoax, necessitating this cooked up hollywood screenplay: “If you eject and your jet soars through without impact . . .” she trails off, the thought of failing more dreadful than the thought of dying.But she didn’t have to die. She didn’t have to knock down an airliner full of kids and salesmen and girlfriends. They did that themselves.(http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/f-16-pilot-was-ready-to-give-her-life-on-sept-11/2011/09/06/gIQAMpcODK_story.html). Andreas Lubitz most probably was a sacrifice along with his passengers.

  1. I’ll try to keep this question as simple as possible – were the cabin crew able to access the cockpit on this flight?

    According to this video if the pilot held the switch in the locked position it seems nobody could enter – an inbuilt ‘feature’ I’d think to keep hijackers from entering cockpits.

    If this simple question can be answered with certainty either way it will do away with a huge amount of speculation.


    • The answer is most likely YES. Why would preventing a hijacker from entering for max five minutes be an option? The whole idea woud to keep a hijacker out for MORE then five minutes. Less than five minutes doesn’t make any sense and defeats any rationale behind the installation fleetwide of bullit proof doors. And I don’t see how there is any such thing as a German nation as such opting out of this and being so obnoxious and /or no more professional than any “African or Russian airline”, screaming: “kaputt” to the passengers and hitting the fuselage with a hammer to get the thing up in the air. That is no valid comparison to say the least. In my younger days i flew as a cabin attendent for many years for a major EU airline and you could set your clock on the fact that one of the two (usually men) after reaching altitude would emerge to take a leak. So completely realistic. The whole cockpit door issue is a dead end and will serve only to o obfuscate the fact I also learnt from more then ten years flying around that my gut feeling teels me that the official cause of the crash is extremely improbable

  2. We need reliable sources to question this door lock issue. I posted the Door lock thing to the Wikipedia discussion thread on the Germanwings Flight 9525 article. They say we need a reliable source that addresses this. Hopefully if enough of us question this, the airline will be compelled to make a statement.

    Interestingly, right after I posted that to the discussion page, someone posted that thing below it about the descent time.


  3. [ Editor’s note: Only one link per comment, please ]
    The official Airbus crew instruction video from 2002 (Youtube v=ROIH3KCEIvs#t=33) implies clearly and in no uncertain terms that in as standard presented option the door could be blocked not only for five minutes but effectively indefinitely if you repeat denial of access after any code is entered (which is only logical if you want to keep a hijacker out for more than five minutes which would be the idea behind the thing in the first place). Of course I dont know what happened after 2002, because there have been many issues with the doors: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703405704575015410398239210). Draw your own conclusions though. The door issue just is not needed to shed serious doubt on the story and focusing on the door will only serve to make the story credible despite.

  4. I read in the operations manual that the toggle switch in the cockpit can disable the keypad for 5-20 minutes. Unless i am reading it wrong, still don’t believe the official story in anyway. Seems kind of funny how they screen all passengers so thoroughly and yet make crashing a plane as easy as having a box cutter or being depressed

  5. The next A320 crashed in Halifax, no severe injuries …
    This becomes strange in a quite different direction. Is someone, and with someone I think of someone special, trying to blackmail Airbus? This would explain, why the Germanwings crews didn’t want to fly the machines after the crash. Perhaps these criminals run short of money after being presented to the public and the voting had cost a lot of money too. Getting a hack of the remote controle wouldn’t be so difficult.

  6. The next step in the grand scheme is that not only passengers can’t be trusted as some might be terrorists, but also pilots are potential suspects. This leads to the next and final stage in the uninterruptible auto pilot / AIMS technology to fully automate commercial aviation and expunge the human factor. Like Google and Tesla are advocating with cars. Elon Musk: “people may outlaw driving cars because it’s too dangerous. You can’t have a person driving a two-ton death machine.” The agenda is total control of the hive mind (AI and ultimate transhumanist integration with AI). All freedoms must be curtailed.

  7. It doesn’t take away from the false flag bells buzzing when you add up the all too sudden and extremely conflicting disclosures. It could be the first move to destroy Lufthansa with negligence claims and negative reputation. This strikes me immediately: “German authorities said on Friday they had found torn-up sick notes showing the co-pilot had been suffering from an illness that should have grounded him on the day of the tragedy. Germanwings, the budget airline of the flag carrier Lufthansa, has said he did not submit a sick note at the time.” This sounds very much like the draft arrest warrant for Ms Kirchner found in Mr Nisman’s trash bin…

  8. This discussion was started with the premise that the cockpit door could not be blocked from inside despite entering the correct access code. The official Airbus crew instruction video from 2002 (I posted the Youtube link here earlier) seems to contradict such premise and implies the opposite. It could possibly be blocked not only for five minutes but effectively indefinitely. Although there have been many issues with the doors: http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703405704575015410398239210). Draw your own conclusions though.

  9. ( -Someone killed a big lie for me – the cockpit door!)

    “A forward-opening hinge door separates the cockpit from the passenger compartment. It has three electric locking strikes, controlled by the flight crew. In normal conditions, when the door is closed, they remain locked. When there is a request to enter the cockpit, the flight crew can authorize entry by unlocking the door, that remains closed until it is pushed open.”

    “When the flight crew does not respond to requests for entry, the door can also be unlocked by the cabin crew, by entering a two to seven-digit code (programmed by the airline) on the keypad, installed on the lateral side of the Forward Attendant Panel (FAP).”


    Is this just plagiarism of “the lying press”, pure and simple, or is “Jim Stein” just “too stupid to live” for posting this verbatim quotation directly above his “final statement” on the crash? Or is he really “just making it all up”?

  10. Thanks Gordon great report.

    It was also revealed that an Airbus A321 operated by Lufthansa went into a deep dive after key sensors iced up and fed the aircraft’s systems false data four months ago.
    Both were diving fast. • A safety warning was issued last November after a sister plane went into a dive over Spain, falling at 4,000ft a minute before the pilot regained control. The computer had to be turned off to stop the dive.
    Could this have happened in this case as well?
    (express co uk/news)

    Lufthansa CEO says the locked out pilot never entered code to try an override locked door. (Global News)

    Also Repairs had been done on Monday (RT) and the day of the crash (Irish Times) on a door near the front landing gear.. Problems had emerged with the plane’s landing door, through which the nose wheel emerges.

    The Airbus A320 family accidents and incidents are counting 60 aviation occurrences, including 24 hull-loss accidents with a total of 789 fatalities as of April 2012. (Wikipedia)
    Accidents and incidents involving the Airbus A320 family (Wikipedia)
    I think
    All employees need to be interviewed to see if they had any safety concerns
    about the air line. What the Airline Operators says and what the employees have to say, could be to totally different things.

  11. I would think that if the guy wanted to do maximum damage he would have crashed into a city or nuclear plant rather than into a mountain.

  12. Thanks as always Gordon. It seems like someone has figured out perhaps how to hack into the Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilot and try and use the planes in false flags, when it goes wrong, the plane crashes or disappears. The hackability of the AutoPilot may be the big secret being hidden here. Motive here is unclear but “deep message’ to Germany regarding Iran deal best explanation seen so far.

  13. The video also points out one possible agenda if this is a hoax: to push for more psychological testing, surveillance, and medication of population.
    We are all potentially dangerous now. Either because we are potential terrorists, or because we are potential wackos, psychos, who would crash planes for nothing. Why not test autobus, school bus drivers, truck drivers, heck, test all auto drivers psychologically! We are all potential wackos who may decide anytime to crash our vehicles into the next motorist on the road, because we may be depressed or something!
    We are all potential Adam Lanzas and Andreas Lubitz’s, waiting to snap and shoot up others and/or crash vehicles into them.

    Jozsef Z’s conjecture may be the key and even if this isn’t a FF it’ll be interesting to see if the MSM spins it as justification for intrusive surveillance of social media, emails, med records, psych testing, etc

  14. In Europe right MSM is widely promoting the story that the co-pilot changed the door opening codes from within the cabin to keep the flight crew from dialing in the code that would have enabled them to open the door from the outside.

    Note this spin came AFTER Veterans Today pointed out the doors could be opened by the cabin crew by punching in a code.

    The question now is did the co-pilot really have the ability to change the door opening code from within the cabin?

  15. No one noticed the captain, locked out of the cockpit, banging on the door, demanding to be let in until the last minute or two? Sounds farfetched, since we’re being told no one noticed what was going on and started screaming until the very last.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but in flight, an airliner is either in ascent mode halfway to the next city or descending after the half-way mark. Either way, the jet engines make distinctly different sounds, and no one noticed that the jet engines weren’t still in ascent mode and had switched to descent mode?
    Again, that defies belief that no one noticed that until the last minute or two.

    Please bear with me for this next statement: Was Lubitz originally scheduled to fly as co-pilot on this flight or was someone named ‘Mohammed’ or a similar sounding Arabic name scheduled and had to cancel at the last minute due to sickness or a family matter?

    That way, the NWO mob could keep the terror meme alive that all Arabs are murderous thugs. Any way you look at this incident, it doesn’t add up to what we’re being told.

  16. At a second thought, a reply such the copilot “was breathing
    normally” all the time, till the aircraft crashed, means to me
    that the answerer did (given the, retrospectively reasoning,
    absurdity of the statement) NOT KNOW REALLY. That he too hastily
    or overzealously answered in guise of a reinforcer, bluff or
    filler for the general *correct narrative* he had been briefed to

    He did not really know–with all the implications that follow, to
    let us understand.

    Notice BTW that one can breath normally and be unconscious.

  17. You will only read this once…

    This is a carefully planned event, done for a number of reasons, the most important being as cover for the Swiss attrocity of 13. March 2012, when 22 children and 6 adults were killed by Swiss secret services in a staged bus crash in a tunnel to frighten off EU commissioners who up to that point were threatening legal action against Swiss banking secrecy. As a cover story at the time, the Swiss blamed the bus driver but had nothing to really pin on him.

    Now, with the help of their compliant and corrupt friends in other intel agencies, they have obtained the cover they needed. Everyone will now know that drivers/pilots ‘can go psycho and kill their passengers’. Relatives and friends of the victims of the earlier attrocity in Switzerland don’t stand a chance of obtaining justice, and most importantly for all the corrupt players, Swiss banking secrecy remains intact.

  18. fooled. this site sometimes pushes the limits. airlines are allowed to [re]configure these access doors to their own specifications for security reasons: such as a possible terrorists finding out how airline A’s door works so that when hijacking airline B they can get in. with individual -per airline- configurations the knowledge gained by one airline’s door does not configure and allow access in the same way to another airline’s security safe door. So what the Jordanians are doing is for them. Not necessarily for the Germans and probably not either.

    • Then again, the manual we printed is from Airbus. We just got Royal Jordanian’s copy. Good try.

      OK, a point: I fly on German airlines all the time. This was right after 9/11, I was on 442 from Detroit to Frankfurt, my normal weekly flight. I was sitting back in coach with a bunch of German auto company engineers (yes, they design Detroit’s cars). None of them were under 6 feet and 220. Were a hijacker to have shown up, even with a gun, he would have been kicked to death by a plane full of laughing drunks.

      When the crotch bomber was jumped and beaten to the ground in 10 seconds, people might have gotten the idea. The stupidity of the myth of flight 93, the “arab fighters” and box cutters. Oh please, give me a break. It would have lasted about 5 seconds when they would have been told “Sit down or I will stick that box cutter up your ass.)
      We have 33 million veterans in America, usually about 35% of any passenger list, and we love kicking ass.
      Get this straight: They made the whole thing up.

  19. thanks! so many systems pointing it out their scenario isnt really a possibility.
    IF a plane were crashed they’re lying directly and indirectly, and if not a real crash it’s all psyop lies with a complicit (and criminal!) media.

    is this Cheney revisited? 40-30-20 miles out “do the orders still stand?”
    -really, things like that HAD to have been running in his mind to lash like he did, as reported by Mineta who they did a very poor job of trying to discredit.

  20. Germany has been administered the zio spanking for its independent negotiations with Russia, and its throwing in with the Asian Infrastructure and Investment Bank.

  21. I still don’t get why the remote hijack recovery system was not activated? This system is automatic–activated perhaps within seconds of the plane not being in communication.This A320 was out of communication for 10minutes! How could the automatic recovery system fail? Was the system somehow overrode? Was there incompetence by the French air traffic controllers? What about the allegation of French military jets in the area? Can this be verified or credibly dismissed? What of witness accounts the Jets were seen following the airbus? Can this be confirmed? If they were there, what was there mission and why weren’t they alerted–assuming they were unaware of a possible problem with the A320?

  22. @Gordon

    > With stories about depression and girl friends being pushed onto
    > the public


    Have watched CNN a bit (which is a performance of mines!, it
    hasn’t been easy and it requires a strong stomach): it’s only me
    who is noticing it or they increasingly stutter as they add news
    after news?

    Yesterday (+0700 here) they [CNN] had to scramble on the
    depression story: Reuters got it wrong [translation error]

    Girlfriend-dumped?! Might have worked if he was 16-18yo, perhaps;
    then he might have rented a Cessna and slammed it against a rock
    or similar, say Zabriskie Point [Michelangelo Antonioni movie]
    style. It looks OTOH as they have noticed that they were leaning
    towards a Sorrows of Young Werther [Goethe] story too much even
    under Hollywood standards.

    28yo pilots may not be as much successful in getting new
    girlfriends as, say, Christiano Ronaldo; should not be too badly
    placed or hopeless nonetheless.

    Plus: hey Hollywood philistines!, WELL KNOWN #1 and #2 pilot’s
    problems = hemorrhoids [hours long sitting] + divorce [husband
    never at home]. Was the copilot unprepared for that?

  23. @Gordon

    > We also know that a CONTROLLED CRASH in an area that would
    > cause minimal collateral damage is the second course of events
    > this system is programmed for.

    Well, is this not the pattern that precisely matches our case?

    Want to add here one or two things on the impossibility for an
    *imperturbability* script of the boogyman in the cockpit and
    which is a typical Hollywood screenwriters’ signature [overdoing
    by the semi-illiterate who plagiarizes some grim genre, the
    *Panic Movement* say, or the *Theatre of Cruelty*: Arrabal,
    Topor, Jodorowsky, Buñuel, Artaud to get the idea; and
    unmistakable display of scientific ignorance popsci
    style—example: Jurassic Park, with the little dinosaurs surfacing
    from the egg-shells by pushing with their heads as they were

    OK, so there exist stimuli which elicit UNCONTROLLABLE
    physiological reactions ALWAYS. E.g. light that reaches a
    functioning retina determines eye nystagmi [involuntary eye
    movements]: an application of this is used in the army to screen
    out *phonies*, recruit candidates that were thinking they could
    dodge conscription by faking some darkness blindness. Similarly
    with sounds; aside the *concert* of alarms and blinking of lights
    that was going on in the cockpit, there was the drumming on the
    door and the shouting on the other side. Notice that beyond bare
    physiological reactions still, the copilot could realistically
    not have been 100% sure that the others would not have managed to
    open the door somehow eventually.

  24. Once again we have an extremely peculiar event – with a very peculiar ‘explanation’. It struck me how odd it was that the black box info was so forthcoming with snippets quickly leaked here and there – in comparison to the MH17 black box information black out. Why on earth would they treat the two cases so differently – unless nefarious agendas with false narratives were in play?

    My first instinct is the passenger list. The talmudic mafia would undoubtedly bring down a plane just to kill ONE person who they consider dangerous to their cause. No doubt about it. MKUltra could be used to do this in a suitably vulnerable individual – no matter how stable he might otherwise be. However the deaths of so many children give us a clue as to the culprits.

    The comments of people who knew the co-pilot very well – his utterly normal behaviour immediately prior to the event and the hastily presented official story – do not make sense. This is an extraordinarily harsh accusation to make about a man within hours of the crash – rather than him possibly suffering a stroke or fit or loss of consciousness for some reason. I fear that we will all suffer for this in some way soon. Perhaps in ‘new legislation’ and ‘new rules’ (no doubt already designed on the drawing board) to confer more state powers of arrest and intervention into people’s lives, thoughts and private business.

    • Very perceptive, particularly that it was a suicide and not a heart attack, stroke, fainting, etc; that he showed no signs of mental instability; data release here, concealment there. How about the FB comment above quoting a member of the tribe to the effect the co-pilot had become a radicalized Muslim! You can’t make this stuff up. So many other good comments just here, breakthrough article, with thousands of others who are going to catch every inconsistency and lie before we’re through.

  25. Thanks, Gordon, for this cruical piece of information.

    The state terrorists are in full gear now. Gerry, you are competely right and your observation is shared by a lot of thoughtful and not brainwashed people right now.

    This information about the not locked door show how blatandly we are lied to. In Germany they do philosophical studies in public about the combination of suicide and mass murder and they don’t get a clue. Some of the totally morons – mostly from the left – think they have found some polish parallels in the past.

    Oh, what a tiny web they weave! But the time from happening to the time beeing caught in the coverup of the mass murder is getting shorter and shorter. I’m mad as hell. Who ever did this, and I have a very strong guess here – as I already mentioned yesterday – has to be strangled slowly in public.

  26. Another possibility arises in the coincidence of NATO war games conducted over the past week in European airspace. Could an “accidental” weapons test have brought down the airliner? Apparently, reports from Russia are suggesting a failed test of an American liquid laser beam weapon brought down the Germanwings plan. see http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1852.htm

    What do you make of this?

  27. Gerry Kraut————What about just landing the plane on a safe field? I mean, if they could crash it they could land it somewhere a good deal safer. Still you may be right.

  28. Gerry Kraut————What about just landing the plane on a safe field? I mean, if they could crash it they could land it somewhere a good deal safer. Still you may be right. And then there is the “remote hijack recovery” element. Very puzzling that so many systems seem to have failed on this plane. No calls by the flight attendants?

  29. Thank you Mr. Duff. Call me a conspiracy theorist if you will but it would be a cold day in hell before I could believe that in this day and age a co-pilot could lock himself in the cockpit of a commercial airliner like a petulant child locking himself in the bathroom and deliberately crash a plane loaded with passengers and co-workers. Story shouldn’t wash for a six year old child yet I have a cousin who spent 20 years as an air traffic controller on Facebook right now insisting that the said co-pilot had a heart attack and crashed the plane. The kid I use to camp out in the backyard with would have never believed a story like that let alone went out of his way to spread it. Even though it’s not possible for me to even have one anymore I feel like I’m in a waking nightmare. I scream in a room full of people and no one seems to hear and just like a dream they can’t hear because they’re not really there are they? “I think we’re alone now doesn’t seem to be anybody around…”

  30. Great catch. Not just suicide or even murder-suicide, which latter horror involves family in almost 100% of cases, but mass murder-suicide committed by an employed professional while performing a duty he loved doing and against two groups, crew and passengers, he bore no hostility toward whatsoever. That makes the official story almost certainly a lie.

  31. Why were French military jets following the airlines(assuming this to be the case)? Apparently they were seen by an Italian military jet (another assumption of courser)? There has been no mention of using the “remote hijack recovery” system–and surely the flight attendants were on their satellite phones? No mention of any calls from the plane which is quite odd. I assume the story we are being fed by MSN comes from the gov and company that do not wish to scare away potential passengers which the real truth probably would and should. I prefer driving my old Volvo which is not suseptible to hacking! Maybe it is time for horses again. At least the tall tale will draw more attention to the disasterous usage of psychiatric medications.

    • Gerry,
      I read an rt post that an Itallian plane ( part of the NATO drills) was the only one of the group to flash a distress code as the pilot watched the airliner crash. The query was: why just one aircraft? Than an article came up about German pilots not flying while the drills were going on.

  32. lots of red herrings…. was probably done by the same who did 370… but why?

    who was on board?
    was it a warning to Merkel/Hollande to get in line or else !!!! ???

    Obviously done by monsters who are used to kill – and kill lots of people !!!!

    This is definitely pure terrorism !!! The war has come to Europe !!!!

  33. There are thousands of people who work in the airlines industry and have knowledge of how things “really work” on the plane – for example, the speed a plane can safely travel, how low to the ground the plane can get, what type of maneuvers a particular plane is capable of (think “9/11”) and yet I find it baffling that they have not banded together to get the truth out to the American people. So, as a result, we get these lame stories made up by “the powers that be” over and over again and the poor pilots are always blamed. I would think professional pilots would be sick and tired of getting the shaft for crashes that are not their fault. And, since the flight crews, mechanics, etc. all know this vital info about the cockpit door, why aren’t they screaming from the rafters to get this info out to the public?? Thanks, guys, for getting the real truth out…

    • “” I find it baffling that they [ airline industry people ] have not banded together to get the truth out to the American people .””

      Which of these two possibilities do you think is most probable if they did get the truth out ?

      1) the Khazarian Mafia would have every truthteller among them ( and then some ) eliminated

      2) the American people would reward the truthtellers with a livetime pension and 24/7 security detachments

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