The Crash: Coming into Focus



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"You just can't make this stuff up!"
“You just can’t make this stuff up!”

Intelligence regarding the unintended altitude loss with incumbent loss of life related to Lufthansa 9525 from Barcelona to Dusseldorf is coming to light. 

The plane may have been downed to end an investigation of massive banking fraud tied to the CIA, Mossad, Crypto AG, Siemans and the Vatican Bank. 

This event also gives us need to take a new look at the downing of Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. In the world of fax machines, Crypto AG had developed a hardware hack that created a backdoor on all encrypted fax communication, giving their “clients” virtual control of not only the world banking system but almost all diplomatic correspondence as well.

Nearly half a dozen investigative “strands” tied to Flight 103 also lead to Crypto AG projects. We are told that today, Crypto AG has developed security protocols that tag all encrypted messages with a built-in hack, redirecting them to the Mossad for evaluation and “valuation.”

The internet has been filled with stories about Crypto AG and Siemens for years.  Most are “cover and deception,” pushing attention from their real tasks, manipulating the Federal Reserve System and helping the Rand Corporation rig elections, we are talking America, Britain, France, Germany and even Israel, not Iran or Nigeria.

Crypto AG is defended by a veil of lies.  Google them.  See who writes about them.  You will find that they write about themselves, using “the usual suspects” as their controlled accusators.

Opening a “Bag of Stupid”

Yesterday, a German “blogger” funded by the Jewish Defense League, named Michael Mannheim (a pseudonym) flooded the net and neocon email-o-sphere.  The story, too predicable, claimed our copilot, Germanwings 9525, had “just” converted to Islam.

Were they saying he did it while walking to the plane, Aldi brat in one hand, suddenly throwing the offending pork product to the ground, yelling out “Allah Akbar, I will crash this plane and kill all when the pilot takes his piss break a few minutes into our short flight.”


Call this both a too convenient religious conversion and a touch of “Nostra-friggin-damus” as well.  To the rest of us, we take this as a confession.  Our friends in Tel Aviv, in response to their new-found inability to control any MSM narrative, tried to pull a “Charlie.”

Intel v. Rumor

We had their first shot, the lost girlfriend.  The second was the “hidden depression ploy.”  Fail number 3 is the “magical conversion syndrome.”  At least he didn’t lose a tennis shoe and run up and down the aisle shooting blanks out of an AK 47.  Humor out of place?  In fact, this is the best thing we can do for the families of the dead.

They can either be part of a problem or a solution.  The more people play along, the more of these staged crashes we are going to see.  For deaths to mean anything, the victimization card had to be put back into the deck and the “kill the bastards who did this card” has to be dealt.

Here are the real questions floating around:

  • A Spanish intel team was aboard specializing in cyber-terrorism, they were the target (limited confirmation)
  • The Spanish team was involved in an investigation of the “Swiss owned” company, Crypto AG (highly confirmed)
  • Crypto AG is a Mossad front. (highly confirmed)

From Wikipedia:

Crypto AG is a Swiss company specialising in communications and information security. With headquarters in Steinhausen, the company is a long-established manufacturer of encryption machines and a wide variety of cipher devices. The company has about 230 employees, has offices in Abidjan, Abu Dhabi, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Muscat, Selsdon and Steinhausen, and does business throughout the world.[1]

The owner(s) of Crypto AG are unknown, supposedly even to the managers of firm, and they hold their ownership through bearer shares.[2]

Crypto AG was established in Bern by Russian-born Swede, Boris Hagelin. Originally called AB Cryptoteknik and founded by Arvid Gerhard Damm in Stockholm in 1920, the firm manufactured the C-36 mechanical cryptograph machine that Damm had patented. After Damm’s death, and just before World War II, Cryptoteknik came under the control of Boris Hagelin, an early investor, and during the War essentially operated in the United States, where 140,000 units were made under licence as C-38 (see M-209). In the early 1950s, it was transferred from Stockholm to Zug as a result of a planned Swedish government nationalisation of militarily important technology/contractors, and was incorporated in Switzerland in 1952.

Crypto AG has a sister company, InfoGuard AG.

The company has radio, ethernet, STM, GSM, phone and fax encryption systems in its portfolio.

Crypto AG has been accused of rigging its machines in collusion with intelligence agencies such as the German Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) and the United States National Security Agency (NSA), enabling such organisations to read the encrypted traffic produced by the machines.[3] Suspicions of this collusion were aroused in 1986 following US president Ronald Reagan‘s announcement on national television that, through interception of diplomatic communications between Tripoli and the Libyan embassy in East Berlin, he had irrefutable evidence that Muammar al-Gaddafi of Libya was behind the 1986 Berlin discotheque bombing in which two US service personnel were killed and another fifty injured. President Reagan then ordered the bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi in retaliation. There is no conclusive evidence that there was an intercepted Libyan message.[citation needed]

Further evidence suggesting that the Crypto AG machines were compromised was revealed after the assassination of former Iranian Prime Minister Shahpour Bakhtiar in 1991. On August 7, 1991, one day before Bakhtiar’s body was discovered, the Iranian Intelligence Service transmitted a coded message to Iranian embassies, inquiring “Is Bakhtiar dead?” Western governments were able to decipher this transmission, causing Iranian suspicion to fall upon their Crypto AG equipment.[4]

The Iranian government then arrested Crypto AG’s top salesman, Hans Buehler, in March 1992 in Tehran. It accused Buehler of leaking their encryption codes to Western intelligence. Buehler was interrogated for nine months but, being completely unaware of any flaw in the machines, was released in January 1993 after Crypto AG posted bail of $1m to Iran.[5] Soon after Buehler’s release Crypto AG dismissed him and charged him the $1m. Swiss media and the German magazine Der Spiegel took up his case in 1994, interviewing former employees and concluding that Crypto’s machines had in fact repeatedly been rigged.[6]

Crypto AG rejected these accusations as “pure invention”, asserting in a press release that “in March 1994, the Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office initiated a wide-ranging preliminary investigation against Crypto AG, which was completed in 1997. The accusations regarding influence by third parties or manipulations, which had been repeatedly raised in the media, proved to be without foundation.” Subsequent commentators [7][8][9][10] are unmoved by this denial, stating that it is likely that Crypto AG products were indeed rigged.

The Question of Confirmation

We have on our hands another case of “super-state” terrorism.  The “Jews” didn’t do it, it wasn’t the NSA or the “Illuminati.”  As it looks now, fingers should point to “the banks.”  But then, who are “the banks?”  What is their mechanism of power?

I think we have seen the answer to that one, certainly Crypto AG and their partners, not simply “Seimens,” are a good place to begin.  Those who access, control and use critical data on world financial and diplomatic communications are a bigger threat than any normal terror group.

They think nothing of downing airliners to defend themselves.  They wage war and sponsor state terrorism as a daily matter of course…150 lives being nothing to them.

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  1. There’s an explanation to the crash of that plane, in that place, with those passengers. It’s a warning for someone. Link this words:

    – Gabriela
    – Lujan
    – Argentina
    – Savoie
    – Umberto II of Italy
    – Vatican
    – Commitments

  2. @ DGSE

    Who then is at the top if as you insinuate — Gold does NOT Rule ? And how would the top personage rule without gold//money ? ( we would need to model our governments according to such a system ) .

  3. I read something years ago about the Lockerbie downing being related to the UN Commissioner for Namibia Bernt Carlsson. There seems to be many a stories related to flight 103, and reasons for its demise.

    • Yes, jaq, Bernt Carlsson was the prime target on Pan Am Flight 103:

      Of the 270 people murdered at Lockerbie on 21 December 1988, Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations and UN Commissioner for Namibia, Bernt Carlsson, was obviously a target. Yet the Lockerbie investigators (CIA, FBI and the Scottish Police) failed to undertake even the most cursory of investigations into Bernt Carlsson’s murder.

      Commissioner Carlsson was to have taken charge of Namibia on 22 December 1988 immediately after apartheid South Africa had signed an agreement at UN headquarters giving up its illegal occupation of the country. In a 28 September 1987 TV interview (“The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds”) Bernt Carlsson had warned that he intended to start proceedings against the countries and firms which had been defying UN law over many years by stealing billions of pounds-worth of Namibia’s natural resources. Among those facing UN compensation claims were: the diamond mining firm De Beers; the apartheid regime of South Africa; Rio Tinto Group, owners of the Rössing Uranium Mine; and, the government of Iran which today still owns 15% of Rössing and, in 1988-89, received large shipments of uranium from Namibia.

      Because Bernt Carlsson died at Lockerbie, none of these prosecutions ever took place.


  4. Like a lot of other things this stuff all started back in 1989 when Pablo Escabar downed Avianca Airlines Flight 203 killing everybody aboard to get one man. Rather than horror the reaction of the powers that be was “wow what a great idea.” Trade a few puts juggle some insurance policy’s and you not only come out with the desired kill but a handy profit too. It’s easy when you control the media, you can shoot a dozen planes down a year then you skew the statistics and have your media drones report air travel on a whole is safer than driving your own car. It’s good business…

  5. Surprised that the ‘girlfirend’, if she ever existed, has not already sold her story ” …My life of hell with psycho co-pilot evil white male abuser …..”

    Posed in a new swimsuit and necklace for the media cameras.

  6. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen – I think that this tells us why the passenger list was not readily available to any that wanted to know. It does not take long these days to double think the bankster cabal – the perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag horror – and the enemy of all mankind. It is because of this new found ability of observant and alert members of the human race – using the internet to compromise the cabal’s calumny – that these creatures are in such a hurry to introduce the world wide police state. This state will monitor EVERYTHING that we do, say, think or grumble about – for our own ‘safety’, of course.

    The French guy that immediately fingered the co-pilot – must be in on this. We could look for some blackmail material there I suspect.

    All the same – the grotesquely evil cabal will undoubtedly make fresh capital out of this new airplane mass murder event. Think of all the times you have heard the expression ” ….. This process has been changed since the 9/11 attacks ……” Guess what – you will now begin to hear: “We have had to change this since the Germanwings Air tragedy …” Think about it next time you are inconvenienced and your privacy invaded by that.

    • The process of writing new ‘laws’ that are introduced on the wings of some great ‘tragedy’ is still very much in play. The ‘Patriot Act’ which of course could never have been enacted without 9/11 – was ready and waiting for signature by government. These new ‘laws’ (which take months to prepare beforehand and are many pages long) tend to follow every cabal false flag. The new ‘legislation’ meant to come on the heels of this air crash will shortly be wheeled out. They are waiting for the right moment – as would the lawyer to introduce the terms of a will following the death of a loved one.

  7. A first brief look at the passenger manifest: produced a strange link of “condolence”:

    Why is nobody talking about the three Mirage fighters from the French AF anymore as was reported by witnesses? – AND – WHO was the Pilot? Why is his identity kept secret?

    How can it happen that “a chip is missing” from the blackbox they have “found”? How it comes that the 2nd BB still has not been found?

    The debris field is consistent with a hull loss in mid air and not a crash. What was convinient anyhow that this incident wiped away all headlines about the new aggression in Yemen.

  8. Nice one Gordie. Jack Daniels on the rocks for you tonight buddy.

    Ann … v.good comment regarding Switzerland. Have watched some JewTube videos of Switzerland that are positively creepy. Lots of NWO symbolism. Even worse than Rockefeller Plaza.

    But I am posting this now just to point out (i.e., remind you) that Switzerland is not really one nation. It is a confederation of French, Italian, and German interests and personages.

    According to the JewTube vids, the French cantons are the weirdest by far. Very Rothschildish and Ju-Ju. So let’s not waste any ammo. Target selection needs to be very good before we let rip with everything we’ve got. We need a wipe out. Then the last and final chapter on this “Murder Inc” story can at last be written.

    For example, I want an England totally wiped clean of the Rothschilds, Star of David Temples, and all who are closely allied to them. And if that includes the Windsors, then so be it. But I always was a stickler for detail.

  9. Not sure if this has been noted>

    “In November of last year [2013], a Mozambique Airlines E-190 jet carrying 33 passengers went down in Namibia. No one survived the crash, which became the subject of great mystery because the plane was only one year old, flown by an experienced pilot, in good weather.

    According to cockpit voice recordings reported by the International Business Times, the co-pilot left to use the bathroom, and when he returned, he found the door shut. Inside, the pilot had switched the plane’s altitude reading from 38,000 feet to ground level, IBT reports. Recordings show someone pounded on the door to the cockpit as the plane plummeted. Investigators later concluded the plane had crashed because of “intentional actions by the pilot.”

    Another recycled script?

    Be nice if my other comment would post sometime soon.

  10. What I’m about to write makes me want to throw up & cry. Posted 1/8/15 on Vigiliant Citizen> The 2015 cover of The Economist. Crash discussion on another site reminded me of this cover that I had looked at previously. The other site discussion was in re to ‘ghost’ holding a travel brochure in front of Merkel & Hollande – and speculation that pilots were knocked out & was now ghost plane.

    Decided to check out the cover again & imagine my horror> On far left is Pied Piper directing his flute at small boy w/ propeller cap & holding toy plane!!!

    “The presence of the Pied Piper on this 2015-themed cover is downright unsettling. The Pied Piper of Hamelin is a German legend about a man who used his magical flute to lure away the children of the city of Hamelin, never to be seen again. This folkloric figure dating from the Middle-Ages is said to represent either massive death by plague or catastrophe ”

    “Emerging from behind Obama’s leg is a ghost reading a magazine entitled “Holiday”. Why is this ghost, which represents a dead person, planning a vacation? Does it relate to the countless people who died while traveling in the past months?”


    • “Standing in front of everything else, gazing right into our souls is a turtle with emphasis lines around its shell. What does it represent? An angry tortoise is the symbol of the Fabian Society, an extremely powerful organization that has been working for over a century towards to formation of a single world government. The philosophy behind Fabian socialism is basically the blueprint of what we call today the New World Order. The motto of the Fabian Society is “When I strike, I strike hard”.”

      ““Fabian Socialism” uses incremental change over a long period of time to slowly transform a state as opposed to using violent revolution for change. It is essentially socialism by stealth. The Fabian Society used to openly advocate a scientifically planned society and supported eugenics by way of sterilization. Its original logo was a wolf in sheep’s clothing ”

      “Bringing forth a global system through small incremental changes is exactly what the world elite is currently doing. This is probably why there’s an angry tortoise on the cover of this Bilderberg-connected publication – standing in front of the chaos behind it.”

      Instead of forever having 40/40 hindsight, couldn’t we for once have 20/20 foresight?!! PLEASE – someone scrutinize the rest of this cover & attempt to figure out what these bastards have in store for us next!!!

    • Interesting article, a key image being the Chesire cat’s grinning mockery of those of us trying to decipher this blatantly evil collage, wherein the symbolic meaning mistaken for reality is a reflection created by unseen serpents in the nether world. This depicted world of evil, ugliness, and mocking lies doesn’t so much tell us what will happen in ’15, although it may in part, as reveal the hideous essence of the monied elites who rule the world.

  11. “… who are “the banks?”” = The Rothschilds.
    Who are the Rothschilds? = The kings of israehell and the monarchs of Europe.
    What is the Swiss BIS? = The central bank of central banks (e.g. they tell the Fed, BoE, ECB etc what to do). (Although originally they were setup to oversee Germany’s WW1 reparations, which were never fully paid, and where they were they were paid with money lent [donated] by US tax payers.)
    + it’s a curious list of countries where Crypto AG have their offices, possibly countries where legislation and oversight are non-existent or easily controlled?

    • Who are the Rothschilds?

      A. Guardians of the Vatican Treasury (Encyclopedia ]udaica)

      guardian – a person who cares for persons or property.

      synonyms: defender, protector, shielder..

      For full amplification see Curly Howard at Facebook (above) ..

    • I always wondered why the Vatican would “choose” guards from a protestant nation to guard it (I’d assumed it was something to do with the long history of Swiss mercenary activity), but going by “Curly Howard’s” post it gets even more weird if the guards are employees of the Bank of Satan.

  12. Thanks, Gordy, for posting the three interesting and well-documented articles on this new crash. I did not for a minute buy the so-called official story. It stunk to high heaven from the get-go. A young, clinically depressed co-pilot responsible for a Lufthansa crash, yep… And he hid his condition from the airline. Uh-huh… Clinically depressed people can’t get up to go to work, let alone fly a plane on any regular basis. Or exercise! (There was a picture on the web of him jogging). When i heard they produced a girlfriend who “certified” the co-pilot’s condition, I changed the channel disgusted at this porn. And this “new” evidence about his devotion to Islam, well they’re just tripping over themselves, aren’t they… All in all, it felt quite sickening to witness how easily CNN International and the rest of the controlled media slandered this young guy. Dead men tell no tales, indeed! If they think we will just take the bait and swallow this BS, they’re deluded… Thanks again, Gordy, for such stellar work!

  13. Mention of Lockerbie attracted my attention but although I love you dearly you are spelling out nothing here. Yes, there were a couple of people on the plane who could have provided embarrassment to both the US and South African governments but we would need a little more than hearsay of 4 or 5 strands (“nearly half a dozen”) before we could storm the Crown Offices in Edinburgh. Watcha got Kid?!
    That said the rest of the piece is on the ball. Mass murder.
    Be happily.
    Robbie, Founder.
    Lockerbie Justice Group

  14. Switzerland needs a going over with a fine toothed comb. It was crawling with Bolsheviks and central bankers end 19th/ beginning 20th centuries, Lenin and wife spent time there awaiting funds to travel by boat and rail to ignite bloodshed in Russia, the Bank of International Settlements was established in Bern, the UN is there, and so on. The rot spread like imperceptible mold spores throughout the bank system sickening everything it touched to the point where we are today. Dulles was there from 1942-45. Such perfect timing. How convenient.

    That the entire bank system is highly interconnected is no surprise to anyone. This has been the goal since the English Revolution/takedown. Can the centuries-old rot be gingerly fleshed out and recovery measures be put in place without sending the entire world into violent chaos? The perps are running out of hidey holes but show no signs of relenting, and indeed are becoming desperate, sloppy, and would rather have a showdown.

    And while I respect the Spanish team for trying to push back against the psychopaths, all those in this line of work must keep in mind and accept that they tempt attacks from the Beast, which should give them pause when they travel together putting others at risk. If they must travel

    • con’d.

      If they must travel alongside schoolchildren they should travel singly or no more than two over several flights. The psychopaths have been dropping masks everywhere and showing themselves for the sewer rats they are. Desperate and reckless, they will continue to lash out until stopped.

      Roman justice meted out to them would be too lenient.

  15. When I read the headline of the conversion to Islam I couldn’t believe it. You’re right it really was the deal sealer. Jr high school kids could come up with a better story line, and how predictable? ??? Give me a break.
    Love the Airplane shot, those guy’s really do need to stop sniffing glue!

    • “Suddenly throwing the offending pork product to the ground and yelling Ali Akbar! ” That’s so funny, mostly because it is so ridiculous. These people need to be jailed.

  16. The Vatican Bank,… bringing you closer to the divine, one dollar at a time.

    Hung up by the petty laws of man ? Don’t worry, our financial directives come straight from god and our proven track record guarantees the total destruction of your enemies.

    Open an account now and receive a free torture icon to hang around the necks of your children.

  17. If this wasn’t a suicide or hit, then the FF scenario of event-reaction-solution should point the finger in the right direction. With the Hebdo hoax at least three goals were achieved–turning the heat off Israel, demonizing Muslims, and persuading fools that freedom of speech is best safeguarded by further regulating it. Here, it’s still unclear, but so far what little checking I’ve done at Fox’s website suggests Jozsef Z is onto something with psychiatric profiling as a developing “solution,” taken from the Bolshevik playbook to cull and replace professional classes, this time with psychiatry instead of messy wholesale slaughter. Any comments or other ideas about objectives?

    • I’ll add a fourth and rather important reason. Israel desperately needs immigrants so putting fear into EuroJews so that they move to the ‘safe’ promised land is a good plan.

  18. An outstanding article. Cannot get this kind of information anywhere else which makes this article good as gold. Looks like perhaps the anti-stall circuit of the auto pilot system designed by e-systems back in the late 1980’s and installed on almost every single commercial and passenger aircraft was cyber hacked remotely by Israeli controlled satellite, sending the aircraft down. Obviously any part of a covert operation like this has sufficient work put into creating and disseminating false cover stories which establish false blame to lead suspicion away from those that had the power to murder all these people and care not a bit. If we connect the obvious dots it is easy to conclude that this hit was ordered by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters (more accurately the World’s biggest Counterfeiters, mass-murderers and terrorists) in order to cover up their massive derivative crimes. But they also did this as a part of their continuing war to destroy every society of the World and mass-murder about 90% of the populace (as they have stated in stone by their own admission). Gordon Duff has provided the dots for us to connect.

  19. The question is this: which explanation makes for the better Netflix film for mass distribution? Although there is a lot of human interest in the depressed co-pilot grieving over the loss of a girl friend and converting to Islam as an interior filler for her absence, the plot could degenerate into pop psychology and sentamentalism–which Americans like. So for a Palm d’Or award the Crypto AG would make for a finer production. The Danes might do well on this–remember the fine film “The Eagle” –a TV series with great music. Personally I prefer the intrigue film which leads into some very murky zones. But would it be too intellectual for Americans? Maybe the two can be combined. Take some thought though.

    • Surprised that the ‘girlfirend’, if she ever existed, has not already sold her story ” …My life of hell with psycho co-pilot evil white male abuser …..”

      Posed in a new swimsuit and necklace for the media cameras.

    • It is becoming increasingly obvious that the only security americans and the rest of the west have is whatever there is of it in a prayer .

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