De-Zionization of America – 2015

Two can play the economci war game, and 3, 4 and 5


by Sami Jamil Jadallah


America is suffering from a severe addiction and the dealers in our government, in our academic, financial and social institutions, are not your average crack drug dealers — but Zionists, providing the needed “fix”. It is time for a much-needed rehabilitation in America, and for us to get on the road to recovery from this toxic and fatal addiction.

The recent speech Netanyahu gave to a standing ovation in a joint session of the House and the Senate, along with the public humiliation he dished out to America’s elected president and the American people should be a wake up call to line up in the voting stations and vote out of office ALL those who attended Netanyahu’s speech — those being members of the American Knesset.

Adding insult to injury, Jeffrey Goldberg’s interview with Stephen Rosen formerly with AIPAC, wrote this about Netanyahu’s visit, “a half smile appeared on his face, and he pushed a napkin across the table… ‘you see this napkin, in twenty-four hours we could have the signature of seventy senators on this napkin’.”

At least Rosen used a napkin, not toilet paper to hypothetically secure the signatures of his seventy “American” senators.

Up to 1914, many if not all, American Jews were not supportive, but were even hostile to the Zionist cause. This was the case until a Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis took charge of the Zionist cause in America. He is credited with taking Zionism, previously lacking support within the American Jewry, to a mainstream movement within America’s government, business, media and social institutions. Much debate took place within America’s Jewish communities, with many, especially the Jewish Reform Movement, viewing not Israel but America as the “Promised Land”. All that has changed.

Zionism is an ideology no different from Communism, with Israel and loyalty to Israel, its central core value. From this springs the frequent accusation of dual loyalty and endangerment of America as a “sovereign nation”.

Andy Warhol's picture of Louis Brandeis
Andy Warhol’s depiction of Louis Brandeis

Two major events shaped the mission and vision of Zionism here in the US and around the world. The first is WWII and the legends of the “Holocaust”, which put the establishment of Israel on a fast track — especially after major Zionist leaders lobbied the American government to close its doors to the Jews fleeing Nazi-occupied Europe.

European Jews faced two choices — either emigrate to Palestine or face imminent death. To America’s Zionist leaders, establishing the State of Israel was a more noble cause than saving the lives of European Jews.

The second major event was the 1967 War, initiated by Israel, in which the Lyndon Johnson administration played a key role. This war boosted an already powerful Zionist community of multiple organizations, especially AIPAC within the United States. With key Zionist advisors the likes of Abe Fortas, Arthur Goldberg, and Walter W. Rostow, the Johnson administration (1963-1969) aided the “United States becoming Israel’s chief diplomatic ally and primary arms supplier”.

Although Johnson was a committed Zionist, he was a horse trader. Zionists not only “blackmailed” him because of his alleged relationship with his “Jewish mistress”, but offered him support in media and Congress for his failing Vietnam policies, and in return gained total and unconditional support for their Israeli agenda.

The arrival of Henry Kissinger as National Security Advisor and later as Secretary of State allowed him to purge “Arabists” inside the State Department, and National Security Zionists consolidated their chokehold over the Departments of State, Defense, and more recently Homeland Security and CIA.

AIPAC with a policy of “take no prisoners” and afforded ever-increasing support within active and rich American Jewry, and though it does not contribute directly to political campaigns, it influences and, in many instances, decides elections — with tens of millions of dollars injected into national and local political campaigns.

With a budget exceeding $250 million annually, AIPAC, through the many “Israeli-oriented and -sponsored “think tanks”, provides members of Congress with skewed “position papers” on a range of policies, especially those relating to Israel and America’s Middle East policy — not to mention the hundreds of “interns” serving throughout the House and Senate.

Money and power play a key role in the success of AIPAC and other organizations like ADL on shaping America’s domestic and international policies, even America’s social agenda. (Please review the many excellent articles and well documents essays published here at Veterans Today by Jonas E. Alexis.)

Since the early 1960s, Zionists have exercised power and influence unmatched by any other group or organization in government, in media, in movies, on college campuses, and on Wall Street — not to mention power over the economic and fiscal policies of the United States by managing the Federal Reserve, a private and not a governmental organization.

While many know and are aware of Zionist influence over Congress and media, few know about the toxic influence Zionist hard-ball plays on college campuses, limiting through denying academic freedoms and free debate to the point of having an army of “academic Gestapo” in almost all US campuses, even classrooms. If they can not stop free debate on Israel, then they resort to public safety issues preventing an open debate. Many professors have lost their tenure track positions because of these Gestapo-like threats of withholding alumni funds from programs. Many campuses across the Nation succumbed to this blackmail.


The American people have lost power and influence on Capitol Hill (in America’s Knesset) and in all national elections. This loss was enshrined in the infamous Supreme Court case, “Citizens United V. FEC”, where the Supreme Court opened the doors to money to replace the power of the only thing remaining to American citizens — “voting” — with big time pac, corporate, and foreign money in local and national elections. In essence, money has replaced votes in our local and national elections.

It is time for us, the American people, and citizens to change all of that. “United Citizens” can overturn “Citizens United” at the voting booth, and we can undo the power and authority Zionism plays in America’s domestic and international policies.

Due to the bi-partisan support given Bibi Netanyahu, both Republican and Democratic parties lost the right to represent the American people — hence the need for a Third Party “United Citizens” to field its own candidates and change the American political landscape.

As I see it and envision it, the Occupy Wall Street model does not and will not work, and the only actions that will make a difference are at the voting booth. “United Citizens” will be an America-First political party and organization. With paid membership all across the United States, this new party needs to field and fund its own candidates, taking NO money from lobbies, AIPAC nor any other PAC organizations. United Citizens must rewrite the rules of elections in this country.

United Citizens’ national peaceful rallies in all major cities can take place, having at least one big turnout every three months across the nation, with a national gathering in the millions in Washington DC. This would give notice to members of the American Knesset, those Israeli-Firsters, that their tenure is over. In the words of Harvey Weinstein, “Kick those guys in the ass”.

“United Citizens” candidates must pledge and sign a binding Pledge of Allegiance to America first — not to take any funds from any organizations that represent foreign governments (AIPAC), not to take money from groups or organizations from outside the districts they plan to represent, and to rely solely on members of “United Citizens” to go out and vote for their own candidates.

With gradual replacement of members of Congress over the next 6 years, we can take back our government, and we can make all the necessary changes needed, as follows:

  • especially those related to the Federal Reserve and regulations of Wall Street,
  • re-assess domestic and international relations,
  • limit time and money in local and national elections,
  • fix our national debt and put limits on it,
  • fix our deteriorating infrastructure,
  • bring jobs back to America,
  • put limits on compensations for executives of public companies,
  • fix once and for all our dysfunctional welfare system,
  • fix and address our criminal justice system that shames us being number one in the world in terms of prisoners incarcerations,
  • fix our schools,
  • fix the way we fund local and national education,
  • overturn decisions by the Supreme Court of “Citizens United”, and
  • institute term limits, making our Congress a Citizens Congress, not one of lifelong professional politicians.

Let us never underestimate the power of the “vote”. Time for an American government of the people by the people and for the people. Keeping in mind that only a minority, less that 25% of cast elects presidents and members of Congress.

It is time for the lazy and silent majority to get off its collective ass and go out, become members of United Citizens, and make it the party of the people, and vote. Together we can change the political landscape, and end the Zionization of America.

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  1. If President Obama would state the obvious, that Zionist Jews have great power in the USA but are also loyal to Israel, then the people would have to take notice.

    I think there is a possibility he may do it. He is a good man at heart (And I am a conservative Republican). The injustices and disloyalty of the Zionist Lobby must be on his mind every day, His last two years could be his greatest.

  2. A. Who are the handful that are not ziojew pawns?
    B. If Ron Paul wasn’t everything the ziojews feared, then why was he treated so badly by both parties and blacked out by their news media? And why were he and his supporters branded domestic terrorists along with Chuck Baldwin who was to be his running mate in 08?

  3. I completely understand the total frustration and mistrust that many have in our political specially electoral system… specially the Electoral College which in fact says, that the American people are not yet ready for Democracy and good judgment and they need some “elites” to cast their vote and elect a president. That is one key issues that we must change. We do not need “guardians” any more.
    Even with the hundreds of millions that Adelson or Soros or Koch Brothers can inject in an election, ONLY the cased votes determine winner and loser. That is why “our vote” is more important that all the damn money these Oligarchs and Special Interests can inject in any election. That is why we need to field our own candidates vote them in office and make the United Citizens Party the majority party in Congress… 6 years and we can change all of that even make Citizens United a history. Let us channel all the frustration into political action.

    • Even if we don’t take “special” voting machines into account, aren’t modern American elections run like popularity contests? How is an uninformed majority supposed to vote for candidates with insufficient advertising and media coverage? And even it they win, what prevents those candidates from getting the JFK treatment?

      A purely political solution to this Zio-bankser problem is like the chicken and the egg. Politicians dedicated to the people are necessary to enact monetary reforms, yet those politicians cannot get needed support beforehand without monetary reform.

  4. analyzing their (mostly unknown) public voting records and arresting them for treason would be a more appropriate and faster solution. approving laws and policies they hadn’t read is at best incompetence, and a perfectly legitimate reason for their immediate dismissal.

    their threats of martial law IS “terrorism”, and the fact that we’ve been under martial law forever already (covertly!) makes the threat pretty moot. every “courtroom” across this nation has the flag with the gold fringe, DOES mean “maritime law” aka martial law. every lawyer, attorney, and judge is a member of the BAR association (British Attorney Registry) meaning we ARE a nation occupied by foreign agents. all the “politicians” have “legal backgrounds” approved by that same BAR, owned by the same who owns London and is bankster for the Vatican, owns the “Federal Reserve” etc. what I’m saying, is they can about ALL be rightfully unseated, if the masses were to comprehend the deceptions.

    • “” if the masses were to comprehend the deceptions.””

      There again is that big word [ if ] .

      ” Protocols of the ILLuminati ” , number 15 , item 6 = { [ The Masses ] are Stupid } .

  5. This is an outstanding article that must go viral. Share it with all your family and friends. It is a marvelous blueprint for taking back America from the Khazarian Mafia aka the World Zionists which trace back to Khazaria. Highest commendations for this kind of fine work.

  6. Excellent article Sami. I am not sure if voting in America can change anything, however. You have two parties – both controlled by the zio-mafia. It is only an illusion of democracy. Yes – voting out people who applauded Netanyahu and letting it be known why you voted that way MIGHT have a small effect. Britain is much the same. Any party that is not controlled by the zios is relentlessly besmirched and its honest statesmen character assassinated by the press and media – until the majority of the population feel either too embarrassed or too afraid to vote for them. Voting for non-mainstream parties in Britain even gets you on a list that then prevents your ever joining the police, government, education – or working in a myriad of professions. I believe that the current rigged system purposely creates a giant ‘milking’ action – from one party to the other – forward and back – forward and back. This has the effect of milking the population and Gentile businesses by switching policies to and fro – running up debt and then paying off interest. When the misery becomes too much then false flags and wars reboot things and allow the tightening of the screws on public freedoms. All the while the hollywood indoctrination programmes relentlessly encourage the abandonment of Christian morals, the glorification of deviance and selfishness – and pushes the application of self destructive psychological subversion – disguised as egalitarianism..

    • Agree __ ExCaliber . More than 200 years of voting has proven the inability of the sheeple masses to avoid the conspiratorial takeover of supposedly their government — in particular , the federal government . Voting did not prevent a covert hostile takeover , by a globalist ZWO plutocracy , of a supposedly democratic republic form of government ; surely it could not cure the same .

    • agree, what we have (republican-democrat) are two wings of the same fascist bird, who pass the baton and blame back and forth as their true agendas continually move forward. what are presented as “candidates” are members of this cabal, ALWAYS! they allow controlled opposition to identify and punish dissenters (eg: Judas Goat Ron Paul’s two FAKE campaigns).
      I dont think voting in rigged “elections” is going to solve anything. honest people in positions of power arresting these scumbags for treason might be a good place to start, but as far as I know there isnt any such thing. this parade of puppets always handing their predecessors “presidential pardons” to grant immunity from ANY prosecutions is “legal”?

  7. Dave salam and greetings to all.. the last thing our country needs is another civil war… when in fact we have the most powerful tool.. voting.. Blacks fought so hard to win the rights to vote and look 50 years later.. Republican and Democratic parties no longer represent the people but the Israeli lobby, Wall Street and special interest group.. hence the need for a party of “members” that can field its own candidates and vote them in office.. Even the most senior incumbent in Congress can be voted out and we should over the next 6 years vote out members of this American Knesset… Though few have faith in the system, we need to have faith in us.. the people… thanks all the best..

    • no we dont need another “civil war”, we need the states to completely reject the little 10 square mile independent city-state (by its own charter!) District of Criminals that resides within our borders and does nothing but wage undeclared warfare against US on every level possible.
      I do not consider “vote them out” in rigged elections as a viable solution, but elected county Sherriff’s arresting these false representatives for treason when they visit their home states could sure do a lot very quickly, if the people of the counties are made aware of the treasons and back the Sherriff’s doing their job. national guard and reservists would likely also need to be informed the what-why to defend against “feds”. this isnt “civil war”, it is retaliation against a 10 square mile “country” waging war against US. their mostly unknown public voting records is evidence of their treasons, prosecutions would be slam-dunks!

    • To be fair, Capt. Obvious, rejecting the District of Criminals is not a solution in and of itself. The Confederacy did this, too, yet they kept the Zio-banksters’ slavery, chattel and debt.

      Now, if we’re talking about rejecting these crooks AND their plutocratic systems, then yes, dealing with the inevitable attack from “gangsters for capitalism,” as Major General Butler put it, is not a civil war. This is particularly true when foreign troops/mercenaries/useful idiots get involved. However, that will not keep some people from calling it a civil war [see: Syria or Ukraine’s “civil wars”].

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