Holocaust Denial Laws: Evidence Inadmissable, Defense Forbidden


In this video, Sylvia Stolz, who has been called the German Joan of Arc, discusses her experiences as a trial lawyer defending Ernst Zündel and others who have been charged with holocaust denial. A question that people have been asking for a long time is that if the holocaust is based upon such solid evidence, and can withstand historical scrutiny, then why is it against the law to question it, as indeed is the case in France, Germany, and certain other countries?

But the picture of just how repressive things can get in countries where laws like this are on the books is darker and more Kafkaesque than most of us realize. Stolz describes the arbitrary and coercive parameters set by the German legal system when defense attorneys  attempt to submit evidence or mount a rational, reasoned defense of their clients. In cases where defendants are charged with holocaust denial, normal judicial procedures and rules of evidence are in essence tossed out the window, making a legal defense practically impossible. What comes through loud and clear from Stolz’s talk is the complete, utter insanity of holocaust denial laws. Here is a bit from the video description:

In the speech, Stolz discusses her experiences as a defence lawyer for so-called Holocaust deniers in Germany, and describes the Orwellian system of state-enforced repression there which denies defendants (and their lawyers!) the right to explain themselves under threat of additional charges for the “repeat offence” of expressing a forbidden idea, even in their own defence in a court of law. Stolz further relates how the subject of the Holocaust itself has never been clearly or adequately defined by the German courts through the normal channel of judicial findings-of-fact in precedent decisions. Instead, the courts have relied on the arbitrary doctrine that the facts of the Holocaust are “self-evident” and thus in no need of proof, despite the obvious objection that the arguments of the “deniers” themselves clearly demonstrate that those facts are indeed contestable and thus cannot be “self-evident” by definition.

In the face of such abuses and absurdities, other lawyers might throw up their hands and simply walk away: Sylvia Stolz has the courage to call injustice what it is, and take a stand. Her speech is an extraordinary document of our times, a deeply moving call “to think what is true, to feel what is beautiful, and to want what is good.” Wherever you may fall along the ideological spectrum, if you believe in freedom of expression, this speech is a must.

Stolz has been arrested, jailed and stripped of her license to practice law. And on February 25, 2015 she was sentenced to 20 months in prison for “racial incitation”… on the basis of statements she made in this speech. The talk was given on November 24, 2012.

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  1. these kangaroo courts need to be charged with:
    obstructing justice
    criminal activities
    aiding criminals
    false incarceration and kidnapping
    ..and likely much much more!

  2. Frau Sylvia Stolz hat nichts weiter als die Wahrheit gesagt.

    Mr. Sylvia Stolz only spoke truth.

    Wer in Deutschland die Wahrheit sagt, wird zuerst geoutet. Das fängt in der eignenen Familie an und setzt sich im Betrieb oder im öffentlichen Leben fort.

    Anyone in Germany, who is telling the truth gets outet. This begins first in the own family and is to be continued at the working place or in the public spere.

    Jeder, der Deutschland gut findet, ist heute ein NAZI.

    Anyone, who thinks Germany is ok, today is supposed to be a NAZI.

    This is the world, WE now live in. Isn’t it wonderful?

  3. This speech is not about inciting hatred, rather it should instead sound alarms. This issue is larger than “holocaust denial”. It is about freedom of speech, of course. It is about laws being made that make intelligent discussion which necessitates varying viewpoints illegal and legally punishable. “Politically correct” speech leads to “hate speech” laws. Ultimately it’s about control of the masses. We need to nip this in the bud here in the U.S. We still have quite a bit of free speech– let’s keep it that way.

  4. “” The persecution of those refusing to bear false witness is something entirely different.””

    Superb observation .

  5. It is things like this that can turn a former Zionist supporter into someone who hates the Jewish Tribe.

  6. You left my personal favorite off your list, bone-grinders. You can see Moses Korn and the bonegrinder for yourself at the link below.


    Although I will say the quicklime train is particularly diabolical. The quicklime would not activate without liquids, so the evil nazis would give the Jews plenty of water on the train. When the poor Jews could no longer hold their water they would lime themselves to Death.

    Death by Urination. I wonder what sort of fiend dreamt this up

  7. The old ‘free and open debate’ at work in the staunchly democratic west once again. In Britain the legal wording is: “The truth is NO defence”.

    “To learn who rules over you – simply find out WHO you are not allowed to criticize”. (This was definately said by Voltaire many years ago – but I have noticed that there is now an internet campaign to try and claim the quote must be the work of ‘extremists’).

    • @ Excalibur–You might be thinking of Canada. That was actually first stated in the Doug Collins case. However, it gets worse for Canadians.

      One of the 4 Jew judges (Rothstein) on Canada’s Supreme Court stated the following :

      “The lack of defences is not fatal to the constitutionality of the provision. Truthful statements can be presented in a manner that would meet the definition of hate speech, and not all truthful statements must be free from restriction. Allowing the dissemination of hate speech to be excused by a sincerely held belief would provide an absolute defence and would gut the prohibition of effectiveness.”


      “Similarly, it is irrelevant whether the author of the expression intended to incite hatred or discriminatory treatment or other harmful conduct towards the protected group,”

      Got that? Even if the statement is true, and/or even if you say something as a matter of sincerely and honestly held belief, and even if you didn’t intend to offend anyone, you are guilty of “hate speech” if a jew doesn’t like what you write.

    • “” even if you didn’t intend to offend anyone, you are guilty of “hate speech” if a jew doesn’t like what you write.””

      10__4 .

  8. I am looking forward to the economic destruction of the EU of the slaves to the banking system . We have leaders of the EU and member countries that are complete vassals of the USA secret services . In Italy where I live , like in Germany and the rest of The EU the news must be vetted by the secret services before they are printed in Newpapers or aired on TV or Radio . Every year for at least a week , the TV networks broadcast the usual rabbish like ” the diary of Anna Frank ” or ” Schindler’s list ” and other Jewish propaganda . To have a career in journalism , a prerequisite in Italy is to be part of the tribe . I hope that this rigged system go bankrupt ASAP , it is just sickening to observe the corruption , the bum lickers , the paid off politician constantly hammering the Hollow BLS of the tribe from hell !

  9. Mijj Mijj, see the article “Some Thoughts on Irmin Vinson” at counter-currents relevant to Holocaustianity, aka the Church of Perpetual Atonement and Reparations (to the Jews). In brief, it’s founded on what “Rabbi Eliezer Berkovits, a self-styled Holocaust theologian, has called ‘the measureless Christian guilt toward the Jewish people.'” We know it’s based on fantastic lies and so cannot last much longer; therefore we should give serious thought to what its successor world religion will look like. Thoroughgoing philosophical naturalism, materialism, and scientism dressed up as true spirituality led by an anti-Christ (you don’t have to be Christian to believe this) who performs wonders while mankind is subjected to horrors unimaginable today.

  10. What a brave women, her email address is in the notes at the end of her speech, and what a speech, even if she was being guarded what to say.
    Also watch Anthony Lawsons you tube video on “A most honourable man”. Over 17 European nations have Holocaust denial laws, were you go to prison for 5 years. And Americas neighbour Canada has now the same law, then not surprising really, Harper being a Zionist fluncky.
    A few years ago Spain dropped denial laws, come on Germany, get of your knees

  11. In the video starting at 1:40:39, Sylvia explains her experience with being called a “Nazi”, the general usage of this term today, and how it subverts intelligent discussion. I think we should listen and learn. Listen to the end from that point to hear the host announcer, a preacher, give a short speech as he breaks up a little when making a touching, tragic analogy.

    Richard, do we have an address to send cards of support to Sylvia who is now in prison again simply because of this speech?

  12. PTI,

    This quote was in a prior VT article a few days ago….and seemed appropriate for this article…

    To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.

  13. Which typical Democratic Government Document does Israel lack?
     A Constitution, A Supreme Court, A Declaration of Independence, A Military?
     Israel NEVER DRAFTED the # 1 Required Document “A CONSTITUTION” since its Independence in 1949.
     The Traitors & Israel Donkeys in Congress Bomb every country on their way to Democracy, “Why Not Bomb Israel?”
     There got to be “A Denial Law For USSR”, since they lost over 27 Million Lives, during WW2 to FREE Europe
     Before Israel “Demanding A Holocaust Denial Law” It should stop the Killing & Suffering of Palestinian People
     ___Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who died in 2013, said NON-JEWS are DONKEYS, CREATED TO SERVE JEWS!
     Israeli-American, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who run for Congress & LOST in his Book “Kosher Jesus”
     Israel Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira, in his book “The King’s Torah,” said
     __ JEWS CAN KILL NON-JEWS, INCLUDING CHILDREN! The list goes on & on!
     Israel Mossad Stealing Passport_ with agents using other nations’ passports for espionage and assassinations

  14. qbit
    The vast majority of Germans know that the holocaust is a hoax and resistance is also vast. Every year 12,000 to 17,000 Germans get fined, jailed or both for stating the truth. This is all done very quietly and not mentioned in the press. The jews control Germany completely. A 83 year old LADY Ursula Haverbeck has filed a lawsuit on 11.24.2014 against the “Zentralrat der Juden” (Germanys jews) for persecuting innocent people, now that also Auschwitz has been debunked completely as an extermination camp. She also wanted to know from Germanys Justice Department and State Attorneys where these 6,000,000 jews were killed, since all camps have now been classified as workcamps. On this issue she has been ignored for more than 5 years. Also, the PEGIDA movement is demonstrating every Monday evening in many German cities for “Freedom of speech”. Something is going to happen sooner than later. My people are not going to take this much longer.

  15. Euclids Elements are an excellent source of the self evident. Each axiom is taken to be obviously the case, e.g. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In the 19th century several mathematicians including Gauss showed that the parallel axiom which had troubled many mathematicians was only the case in Eclidean space. Self evident is really a tricky thing and often merely shows social bias. Obviously the sun rotates around the earth. What could be more self evident? And at one time to dispute this landed one in great trouble. Is the Holocaust self evident in any sense–even a disreputable one? The various media have trained persons to react violently at least in speech to any one who denies it. In the USA one need to mention the subject with utmost care or lose one’s reputation which can be almost as bad as a prison term.

  16. The precedent in Europe for this was the medieval Catholic Church and its Inquisition. There people were confronted with Revelation. The Holocaust is Revelation; and therefore questioning it is heresy, typically punished by death in the middle ages. It is interesting how these forms have remained alive in the collective unconscious and come forth to serve a new era of authoritarianism. In the USA we have our own version of this with political correctness and the searching out of heretics on Facebook and other social media. It is also interesting the role the mainstream medias play in taking up time and space so that the people can remain in ignorance. I would say in America the media is a kind of gospel for people and challenging it can result in real hostility.

    • I agree with your assessment.

      “Holocaust denial”- in reality, historical revisionism- is the great heresy of the modern world.

      In the U.S. we have two major heresies: Holocaust denial and “9/11 doubt”. Of course, “9/11 doubt” is met with laughter and scorn by the sheeple, but “Holocaust denial” is met with revulsion and cries of “shame on you.” So even in the U.S., the Jewish super-ego which dominates our culture and society gives precedence to Jewish victimhood and the sacred myth of the Shoah Business.

      To its credit, though, the Inquisition did allow Galileo to present his evidence for the Copernican model; the Jewish Inquisition will allow no evidence, it will only pass sentence.

    • Christendom was society in medieval Europe, which the heretics brought before the Inquisition, like many Marranos, we’re working to destroy. The Inquisition allowed heretics legal representation or appointed it for the indigent. It was the Inquisition that initiated a defendant’s right to confront his accusers and he most definitely could present evidence in his behalf. Malicious, false accusations were severely punished. Most of those put to death were repeat offenders and the numbers exaggerated a thousandfold by the Church’s enemies. I’m not condoning the Inquisition, but it’s odd you’d play right into the Jews’ hands by comparing their anti-Christian canard of choice with these modern, Jewish instigated inquisitions in which Jewish myths are transformed into the kind of inviolable truths the Jews in other circumstances will claim are mere social constructs if it advances their interests.

    • Dan–I do not believe I am playing into the hands of the Jews. The point I wanted to make is that once we have revelatory material used in court it is about the same as what occurred in the Inquisitions. Many wonderful and saintly individuals met their deaths because their beliefs differed from Catholic dogma.

  17. Poor Germany was taken over by Bolsheviks after ww2 and they may never recover. Patton saw it happening and begged for permission to put a stop to it but was denied by the “powers that be”.

  18. Why is the German populace okay with laws like this? It would be interesting to know what percentage of people in Germany disagree with these “holocaust denial laws” but are afraid to speak out against them. I never knew such laws existed.

    How ignorant of me. I pity Germany.

  19. Sylvia Stolz is the kind of woman who, in a culture and society not dominated by a Jewish narrative and super-ego, would be considered a national hero.

    Unfortunately, Germany at present does not have such a culture and society. It is a nation not only under the occupation of foreign troops, but enslaved by alien ideology.

    Deutschland needs to reawaken and cast off its chains. Then it could set Christian Europa free from the stranglehold of NATO and Atlanticist-Zionism.

  20. These nations are being punished by Jews and Israel for imaginary crimes of war. In the meantime Israel and the Zionists aid and abet nations such as the USA and the Uk to commit real war crimes. Practically no one wants to do anything about it. This is a low time for justice anywhere. This is the Age of Injustice and it is an unjust age.

    • Seems like we all have our part to do. We can raise awareness. Post things here and there to arouse interest. Post things that should be questioned to the Wikipedia discussion pages (they’ll revert edits to the main pages, but leave the discussion pages). It all gets the message out there.

      I don’t think violent revolution is an option. No, this will sort itself out. It’s happening. And we all do our part.

      What I want to know is: Are there real people working at the top levels toward this goal? Or is our hope all in vain? Are we basing it on another lie? More theater?


    • Paul, the Zio-banksters did not stay in power for centuries by politely asking people to be their slaves. There are still plenty of useful idiots willing to kill and die for money and lies. Unless all the strings are somehow cut at once, these crooks will pull them — just look at Ukraine.

      “This war is for the fundamental principles of future world structure. We are opposing to those people… that ‘world elite’ which plans to establish technogenic based neo-slavery system seriously and forever. Under such world disorder, there will simply be no place for majority of people. Every ordinary fighter realizes it here.”
      ~ Donbass militia member Gennadiy Dubovoi

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