NEO – Truth behind Israeli Spying on Iran Nuke Talks


… by  Gordon Duff,  VT Sr. Editor  …  with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

–  First published  March 31, 2015  –


Senator Boehner with PM Netanyahu
Senator Boehner with PM Netanyahu

Israel’s American spy network, elected members of the American senate, grown fat on cash from Afghan poppies and the whorehouses of Macao, are the real source of the leaks intended to sabotage talks and push the world to the brink of war.

The story was “spun” and “contained” to accuse unnamed Israeli agents “not in custody” to protect the real spies, “bought and paid for” American lawmakers and State Department officials who are easy to find, easy to prove guilty, but who may well actually be “above the law”.

Key members of America’s government, not only officials elected with “Adelson cash”, but those appointed during the Bush years to strategic positions, are able to sabotage programs and policies and, often as not as we see in the Ukraine, become directly involved in criminal conspiracies as well.

Discerning real “American policy” from what is reported by the controlled press, often misquoting or systematically misinterpreting position statements, is a daunting task.

Espionage is only a part of it, and Israel – though the biggest player in paying off American officials is not the only one – is simply the most effective. When combining this level of clandestine penetration with overt control of all media, anyone resisting lives under the threat of being declared a “conspiracy theorist” – risks death to any public figure in America, or so it is believed.

Yes, Israel was using espionage to try to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal, but the spies were all members of the US government, long on the Mossad payroll.


The WSJ/Murdoch Tale

Rupert Murdoch and his empire
Rupert Murdoch and his empire, extending beyond media

The Wall Street Journal story published Tuesday, March 24, 2015 – as is now continually the case with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire – is part of the espionage itself, and hardly investigative journalism. Murdoch’s personal ties to Israeli intelligence have long been established.

Murdoch, as a leader of London’s Jewish community and an avid Likudist and Israeli citizen, has an intimate knowledge of espionage as brought to light during the News of the World scandal that rocked Britain.

When Murdoch runs a story “exposing” Israel, he is covering something far more serious, in this case, protecting an intelligence asset or “assets.” These assets are members of the American congress, Senators Bob Corker, Bob Menendez (recently indicted), Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

This quartet has full and unfettered access because of seniority, to highly classified intelligence regarding US foreign policy and, in particular, the Iran negotiations.

They are briefed in closed chambers and sworn to secrecy under penalty of law. They have, however, systematically violated these laws, this confidence and their oath of loyalty to both the United States and its constitution as well. They are, in fact, paid agents of Israel, run through a “handler” much the same as Jonathan Pollard and Robert Hansen, the notorious spies destined to die in American prisons.

Condoleeza Rice with Binyamin Netanyahu
Condoleezza Rice with Binyamin Netanyahu

They share something else as well. They have the same handler. Here is how it works:

Heads of state are far more “hands on” than anyone guessed. Netanyahu had long been an intelligence agent when he took over the Likud party in 1993.

Since the 1980s, he had been on CIA, FBI and DIA watch lists as an espionage agent working for both Israel and the Soviet Union. When he became Prime Minister in 1996, he became “the perfect spy,” above the law.

A few months after 9/11, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu walked into an FBI sting. As part of an agreement to avoid prosecution for espionage, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice agreed to allow the FBI to conduct surveillance on members of the Bush (43) National Security Council.

One member, a Middle East specialist brought in by Paul Wolfowitz was a cooperating witness and wore a “wire” during meetings that to the 2004 arrest of staffers of Wolfowitz in what is called “the AIPAC spy scandal,” named such as several of those involved, indicted and “persons of interest” were employees of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.


The Sting

5 Lop Nor 700-800 kt nuclear test

As with today’s Israeli spy scandal, the real breadth and depth is never to be made public, as the results of such revelations would have global consequences, not only from a security standpoint, but politically as well.

Back in 2001, as the Christian/Zionist ultra-nationalists were taking control of Washington, Netanyahu came for one of his regular “off the books” visits. Netanyahu shuttles informally in and out of the United States as though he were an airline employee, official visits, addressing the UN or lecturing the president, unofficial ones, meeting business partners, picking up “tidbits.”

During this meeting, one Netanyahu attended with Rice and Wolfowitz, the FBI was the “uninvited stranger in the room,” a position usually occupied by Netanyahu. A senior national security staffer, assumed to be “one of the gang”, transmitted an interchange involving the handoff of vital nuclear weapons data to Netanyahu to an FBI surveillance van nearby.


Evil as a Religion

John Ashcroft
Attorney General John Ashcroft

The FBI was faced with a dilemma, pretend nothing happened or take the recording, and witness debriefing, to Attorney General John Ashcroft, a man known to be deeply involved in an apocalypse cult tasked by god with bringing about the nuclear destruction of earth in order to fulfill “end times prophecies.”

Ashcroft, Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld belong to what had been an obscure heretical cult that originated in the most backward part of America in the 19th century.

Those who pushed for a continuation of the real Israeli spy ring, one reaching into the oval office, were transferred, demoted, some were blackmailed and others were murdered. Survivors live in fear and silence, hoping to keep their families safe and to be allowed to live as long “as allowed.”

The “Dominionists,” as they are called share many beliefs with the Latter Day Saints and Freemasonry, including a “layered worship” where only certain initiates are told their deities are either Luciferian or pre-Judaic entities whose bloodlust parallels many Aztec beliefs.

We continually return to the same questions. Why would so many work in union to destabilize the world? This is where conventional analysis fails as it is never able to address the root causes or address the belief systems that bring the mosaic into focus.

Left Behind after The Rapture -- in the 1960s, a toxic brew of  messianism and nuclear technology were grafted onto each other by clever manipulators, who re-wrote the bible
Left Behind after The Rapture — in the 1960s, a toxic brew of messianism and nuclear technology were grafted onto each other by clever manipulators, who re-wrote the bible. This became the Motive for WW3, and the cult of followers became the Means.

If you are unwilling to ask “why,” and seek salient answers, then there will be no solution possible. As with any crime, espionage and false flag terrorism require the same components; means, motive and opportunity.

The unwillingness to accept that evil exists, that those who seek power for the sake of power alone are hardly seeking a “heavenly reward,” has doomed us all.

When trillions of dollars are stolen, as recently revealed in an article on New Eastern Outlook by author Christof Lehman, is the rational fear of poverty? What actions by Netanyahu and his Likudists have enhanced the security of Israel, now increasingly a pariah state?

For decades, many if not most have accepted and forgiven Israel’s transgressions and inhumanity as a “natural” result of 5000 years of persecution at the hands, not just of Nazi Germany and Egypt and Babylon, but its own people as well.

A visit to Israel brings this into focus quickly, the relationship between victim and victimizer becomes interchangeable and, were it not for the Palestinians, those that still cling to life in the camps, Israelis, like their American cousins, would likely turn on each other. We are seeing this now.

Consider this hypothesis: For many, the powerful, the few — poverty, ignorance and human suffering is an end in itself.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. “If you are unwilling to ask “why,” and seek salient answers, then there will be no solution possible.”
    None if you are seeking the answers using the tools they have given you. The reality which people cling to like a child clutching an old worn out blanket is the very reality which their chains of bondage are constructed with. There are no rational answers because reality is not rational. Rationalism is a concept of Victorian Science; the religion intended to replace Christianity for helots who are feeling smug about themselves because they now have a toilet.

  2. Thanks again Gordon and VT!
    Though Bibi should be dispatched like the pig he is, he is just the face of greater problem. The ability to print money based on the value of its own debt created by a ledger entry needs to end now. This fraud orchestrated by a small group of private conspirators willing to do anything to protect this process needs to end immediately as well.
    This furnature petaling snake charmer did do us the favor of providing a list, signatures included of the snakes that need to go first. I would love to see the round up of compromised public servants done by normal folks that that no longer have room for the trash that sucked their way through secret societies to get a place where they can publicly stain the patriotic fabric of our land. Not to mention every other land that we’ve impacted. The lives. The families. It’s bad, and some folks are gonna have to pay big. The clean up has to start soon. Globally. Global citizens. We all have the same problem. It’s not black, white or brown. It’s greed. The closest they’ll get to a one world government is 7 billion pitchforks. It’s time to wake up the person next to you, family and co workers. They’re acting on their plan, what’s yours?

  3. Yes – Gordon is touching here on something that I have believed for some time – namely that whilst the Khazarian bankster enemies of mankind operate in an entirely methodical and systematic way – their apparent objectives become blurred and incredible to the outside observer because it has to dovetail in with their insane ‘religious’ dogma and diabolical endgames. Naturally I use the word ‘religion’ very loosely here – because their cult/sect is the nearest thing to satanic adoration and evil incarnate – that it is possible to achieve.

    They worship evil in a form which would make the average person vomit instantly with shock and disbelief that such a mindset could even exist. One of their objectives on the way to world domination by mass murder and satanic gulags is to also cause as much pain, suffering, injustice, war and misery – along every scope of human existence – that it is possible to foment. I believe that this is done, as part of their cult worship, because they believe the evil and misery generated actually FEEDS AND FUELS their diabolical master entity. In short – the evil we are seeing engulfing the world is deliberately perpetrated because it pleases their demonic entity of worship. Set against this knowledge – their actions become clearer and their objectives snap into sharp focus.

    • Carnaptious – agreed. You can even sense when the establishment or governing infrastructure of a nation is completely under their control or influence. On a much larger scale it is similar to when an individual becomes ‘possessed’ by demonic forces and no longer acts in their own interests – but rather causes upset, fear and harm to all around them. Such countries seem to revel in the physical and psychological harm that they cynically cause to their own people – whilst also egging them on into wars and offensive actions. The press in such countries become submerged under a veil of deliberate deception and lies – eventually reaching the point where they insult the intelligence of their population with impunity. It is certainly a true miracle that POST soviet Russia has somehow managed to shed this form of national possession – and the diabolical ‘entity’ has slid like a bloated leech over to its western hosts (mainly USA, israel and UK) in order to foment another attack on the recovering Russia.

    • I have mentioned this before, especially via the FB plugin/forum. In the second hour of Mike Harris’ show today, he brought on as a surprise guest, Kerry Cassidy. The subject of the Anunnaki comes up. To describe the evil we are dealing with here, is to understand these Annunaki.

      Dr. Michael Heiser gives a short < 30 minutes lecture on the Anunnaki, entitled
      "The Dark Side of Panspermia." (on Youtube) This is a scholarly discussion on the Sumerian text, "The Atrahasis, Tablet I." View this, then compare/contrast his lectures on the divine council. A good summary of this, without the en depth study, would be to read his prologue to "The Facade," via That puts it in nutshell.

      To put bluntly, these cultists worship — death. And they are bent on bringing the rest of us with them on their diabolical journey. No amount of money and power quenches the thirst for this blood lust. These entities (we can't really call them — human) are plain and simple — psychotic. They are evil incarnate. Minions of their master, that can do no other but lie, deceive, cheat, steal, burn, and destroy ..

    • I am in agreement with your basic premise;however, keeping in mind that ‘for every action there is a reaction,which applies to the human condition.No action is ever applied without there being a ‘payout’.There has to be a reward of sorts for their efforts be it materials,monies,spiritual or just some perceived psychotic realization of entitlement.We all are well aware of the “chosen ones” gift through their god of the world and it’s placement in the heavens.As the ‘religious’ elite they feel entitled to play us all for their enrichment,and this is a Talmudic statement.

      The snake has a head and the solution to being able to lop the top off is to determine the exact payoff that keeps them writhing in their construct of superiority.The Jews write of this symbol of worship, gold or money.Not even power is as important.It is but a tool to produce the age old worship of gold.The old Jewish washer woman is known for hoarding her gold under her mattress not trusting the Jewish banker

      Not even the most powerful of bombs can alter their worship of gold.To kill the beast ,it is needed to destroy the need for gold as a means of total wealth.Not even diamonds are an answer for that value placed on those stones because that is a Jewish empire to accumulate more gold.

  4. This article is truly outstanding and once again Gordon Duff pulls the curtain back even further than before. Obviously we cannot get this kind of in depth information any where else but here.

    The whole World is waking up to Israel’s nuclear terror and espionage penetration in America and every other nation on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia, which insiders themselves describe as the closest thing to a pure evil parasitical mass-murder gang one will ever find. As the truth spreads watch Israel implode from inside, and watch sanctions be applied from almost everyone except the Saudis, watch all US aid private and public be cut off, and watch almost every corporation and institution completely divest. Then the icing on the cake will be numerous successful actions in the ICC which Palestine is now a member which will award land back to the 1947 levels and require the payment of huge reparations for genocide, blockading and Apartheid of Palestinians.

    Folks, the hammer is about to drop. Does Israel have the Hubris to detonate all their foreign placed nukes as a part of their long threatened Samson Option? They may try but most have already been either seized or rendered inoperable. If they detonate even one the World will turn Israeli defense establishments to glass in one day.

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