Iran, P5+1 joint statement calling for removal of all anti-Iran sanctions



….from  Press TV,  Tehran


[ Editor’s Note: It’s been a long time coming… but better late than never. Now on to counterattacking Israel and its Congressional shills for trying to kill the deal… to sanction them. More commentary to follow after absorbing some of the reactions… Jim W. Dean ]



First published  …  April 2,  2015 


Iran and the P5+1 group of world powers have adopted a joint statement after marathon talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne calling, among other things, for the removal of UNSC resolutions and sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

The statement was read out in a joint press conference in the Swiss city by the EU high representative, Federica Mogherini, and Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday.

In the framework of the agreement, none of Iran’s nuclear facilities as well as the previous activities will be stopped, shut down or suspended and Iran’s nuclear activities in all its nuclear facilities including Natanz, Fordow, Isfahan and Arak will continue.

These comprehensive solutions will guarantee the continued enrichment program inside the Iranian territory and according to this, Iran will be allowed to go on with industrial production of nuclear fuel which is meant for running its nuclear power plants.

According to the solutions, the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action for enrichment program will cover a 10-year period, during which more than 5,000 centrifuge machines will continue producing enriched material at Natanz facility up to the 3.67-percent level.

Extra machines and the related infrastructure in the facility will be collected by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in order to be replaced by new machines consistent with the allowed standards. Accordingly, Iran will be allowed to allocate the current stockpile of enriched materials for the purpose of producing nuclear fuel or swapping it with uranium in the international markets.

Iran will continue research and development program on advanced centrifuge machines and will be also able to keep initiating and completing its R & D program on IR-4, IR-5, IR-6 and IR-8 machines in the 10-year period of the agreement.


Fordow facility

According to the joint statement, Fordow nuclear facility will be turned into a research center for nuclear science and physics. More than 1,000 centrifuges will be maintained at this facility and two centrifuge cascades will keep operating.

In cooperation with the P5+1 countries, about half of the Fordow facility will be dedicated to advanced nuclear research and production of stable isotopes which have important applications in industry, agriculture and medicine.


Arak heavy water reactor

According to the statement, the heavy water reactor in the Iranian city of Arak will remain in place but will be redesigned and updated. The redesigning process will greatly increase efficiency of the reactor while reducing the amount of plutonium produced in the facility.

The redesigning process will be done according to defined scheduled as an international project with cooperation of Iran. Production of fuel for Arak reactor and awarding international nuclear fuel production certificate will be among international cooperation to be offered to Iran.


Additional Protocol

Iran will implement the Additional Protocol temporarily and voluntarily in line with its confidence-building measures and after that the protocol will be ratified in a time frame by the Iranian government and parliament (Majlis).


Removal of Sanctions

Following the implementation of the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action, all the UN Security Council sanctions as well as all economic and financial embargos by the US and the European Union, including bans on banks, insurance, investment, and all other related services in different fields, including petrochemical, oil, gas and automobile industries will be lifted.

Besides, all nuclear-related sanctions against real and legal entities, state and private organizations and institutions, including those sanctions imposed against the Central Bank of Iran, other financial and banking institutions, SWIFT system, and the country’s shipping and aviation sectors, and Iran’s tanker company will be immediately lifted all at once. Moreover, the P5+1 countries are committed to avoid imposing any new nuclear-related sanctions against Iran.


International Cooperation

Iran’s international nuclear cooperation, including with the member states of the P5+1 will be possible and promoted in the fields of building nuclear power plants, research reactors, nuclear fusion, stable isotopes, nuclear safety, nuclear medicine and agriculture.

According to the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action, Iran will be provided with access to global market as well as international trade, finance, technical knowledge and energy.


Schedule for implementing Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action

At the end of these negotiations, the two sides will start drafting the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action in the near future to meet the July 1 deadline. Once the text is finalized, the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action will be adopted as a UN Security Council resolution.

For the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action to be binding for all UN member states, the resolution will be adopted under the Article 41 of Chapter Seven of the UN Charter to be able to render previous resolutions against Iran null and void.

The joint statement released at the end of eight days of intensive negotiations in Lausanne on Thursday is a sign that Iran and its negotiating partners have come to a mutual understanding over Iran’s nuclear program.

Representatives of Iran and the P5+1 group of countries — the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia plus Germany – along with senior officials of the European Union have held talks over the past years to narrow the existing differences on Tehran’s nuclear activities.

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  1. The world is sick to death of US imperialism, if it does not do a good deal with Iran, US credibility will be in the toilet.

    Iran has held numerous international conferences in a bid to free the whole of the Middle East of nuclear weapons.

    The Ayatollah Khamenei did a fatwa against Iran having nuclear weapons several years ago.

    Ok, on the whole the American people are stupid and ignorant due mostly to its biased Zionist run media but the rest of the world is not.

    You only have to see how many close US allies are joining the China led AIIB against the insistence and endless cries from American officials opposed to their membership to know we have all decided that we would like another opinion outside of what the US is mostly selling.

  2. Sorry to rain on the parade but this is all Masonic kabbuki .Untill Iran becomes a Masonic state will be no sanction lifting and no peace .This is all a propaganda exersize of shifting blame . Honestly people are naive . who do you think is pulling the strings in Egypt or Saudi Arabia ?
    The Masonic go to great lengths to camouflage there behaviour for it is essential for them to appear spotless for there NWO so they can play the perfect Judiciary in the World Court in Jerusalm .
    A differant arm of the same organization will now move to sabotage and lie about why it couldn’t be done meanwhile , Isreali will be used to kick off WW3 so the Masonic Banking Matrix can dump their debased paper and try and thwart the Russia–China axis . The NWO game is slipping out of there hands so the Satanic evil eye is having one last throw of the dice .

  3. I’m not as optimistic about the negotiations as Mr. Dean, but I well notice, that the Iranians have so far accomplished an amazing amount. What I know from experience are the double trickery standards of the west. This time, it’s really about big money which is to make in Iran in the future, if an agreement is reached.
    Many different investment insiders gave a summary of the possible investments in Iran. The staggering number is about 800 billion $. Now, that might be a real argument for some countries governments, like for instance Germany. Yes, they know how much money is waiting for their big firms.
    This is one of the many irianian realities, They have advanced in so many different subjects over the past years, that even the totally cultural and political ignorant west had to acknoledge their massive achievements.
    This time, the front is not unique against them, but in parts it is. Some are willing to wage war against Iran to stop their development (Israel itself simply stole much of it’s precious scientific knowledge). Iran is an engineering country, full of businessmen abd scientist. Ayatollas will have to step back in the future.

  4. Mr. Dean, One of the main issues with IAEA which Iran rightly has problem with is Yukiya Amano. Classified cables released by Pvt. Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and WikiLeaks show that Amano credited his success in becoming director-general largely to U.S. government support – and promptly stuck his hand out for U.S. money.

    Further, Amano left little doubt that he would side with the United States in the confrontation with Iran and that he would even meet secretly with Israeli officials regarding their purported evidence on Iran’s hypothetical nuclear weapons program, while staying mum about Israel’s actual nuclear weapons arsenal.

    According to U.S. embassy cables from Vienna, Austria, the site of IAEA’s headquarters, American diplomats in 2009 were cheering the prospect that Amano would advance U.S. interests in ways that outgoing IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei never did.

    We need someone honest and fair to run this important organization. This man has not mentioned a word about Israel’s nukes since his election to this post. It is scary to have someone like Yukiya Amano on such a important post.

  5. Great news Mr. Dean and you and Mr.Duff can take a bow but that makes July first more than just the deadline for a Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action regarding Iran, expect the full court press…

  6. What will Israel do now? I don’t think they will do nothing, and whatever they do will not be good for the rest of us.

  7. [ This commment has been deleted because it ran down the reputation of the VT comment boards. If I run into something this shabby again from Mr. Davor he will be commenting on a website besides VT. We do not refer to a US President as a Monkey here, because it is so stupid, an image we do not want to project in our comments boards, as then we would be stupid, too…Jim W. Dean ]

  8. No question Iran has every right to be as ignorant of the diabolical nature of nuclear energy as any other idiotic country on earth that dares to dabble in it.

    • Beeing scientificly ignorant doesn’t mean to be right. Soory, Garibaldi, but this is a much too simplistic view on nature as a whole. I konw, that it’s much more involved to speek in real terms, not like “diabolical” or other terms. Nature is not diabolical, but we as humans have to be responsible and carefull to use the natural powers.
      I’ve studied and teached physics for a long time of my life, so please let me say this to you: It’s the powerful people who decided to go into the Plutonium production – solely for weapons purposes. They could have taken a much better way that time, but ask the powerful military of the US and others. They decided which way to go and they made a bad joke out of the possible technology. That’s, what we are confronted with. The Iranians are much too smart and interested in “real” development. 800 Billions are waiting, you here me Garibaldi?

    • Yes, I hear you, Detlef. Grazie for your thoughtful reply, but my “simplistic view on nature as a whole” still stands as stated. Of course it is not nature that is diabolical, but only present-day mankind’s utterly disrespectful and irresponsible attitude toward such a magnificent nature, which has led us now to a point of no return. It’s far too late already for any more wishful thinking whatsoever about so-called “atoms for peace”, which was only promoted by the “plutonium” plutocrats as a cover story for weaponization of the atom in the first place. Fukushima has exploded that naive proposition forever.

  9. As the only saying goes, God is in the details. But you are way ahead of the game. Who would have thought things would have gotten this far back in the the Bush days? It’s called progress, and the IAEA is in their for compliance. That sets the stage for call for the IAEA to verify Israel’s peaceful intentions. Ha! Ha! But I still predict when the Iran bogeyman is put to bed you will more push on Israel for their WMD. They fear losing Iran as a screen for that reason.

  10. Jim..salam… indeed this is great news. I never believed Iran was out to get the N-bomb it makes no sense. Look at Indian and Pakistan, both have nuclear bombs with almost non existing infrastructure with tens of millions living in utter poverty. Israel has more than 250 N-bombs and what it can do with it. If it uses the bombs once it will mean the end of Israel. Now Iran has to be diligent with an aggressive Israel. Saddam never made Israel pay the price he promised when its planes destroyed the research facilities in Baghdad… Iran is not Iraq and for sure will retaliate .

  11. Good observation from Obama, though he said he still has to talk it through with the “prime minister”. Didn’t know USA had a prime minister, but obviously Netanyahu is the US prime minister, an honorary and de facto title. Congrats to mr.Kerry and the other heads of the 5 families. I hope that Republicans will not play Leslie Groves on Obama right now. Of course with someone like Bush III in office we would suddenly see Iran cheating big time. Israelis? Don’t really know if they will be sending the Little Boy and the Fat Man back home, only zios I guess will decide.
    Obama also said something interesting about the Soviets, probably thinking of today’s Russians.

  12. Hallelujah, now lets get trade going and get hundreds of thousands of GM, Ford & Chrylser vehicles into Iran each year and rebuild Detroit!

    Fox & Drudgestein aren’t going as nuts as I thought they would, they must not have gotten their KMafia talking points yet.

    • Yes, the Isarelis have them infiltrated, but they do have to file reports that are public, and can be critqued…more than we get from the Israelis. And the Iranians are comfortable with the IAEA who never screwed them on making stuff up on the inspectitions. And the age old bomb triggering attempt bombed.

  13. This is the most positive step in a long time for American foreign relations. And we didn’t use bombs.
    The timing of this event is very auspicious and will serve as a global precedent. The people of the earth no longer want to use war as a tool of ignorant domination.

    But yea, now every nuke holding country should be made to sign a similar agreement, including the US.
    Unless we’re going right back to the “equal but better” card. Decreasing military spending by 80% should be our primary goal. “We” do not have any enemies.

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