FALSE FLAG ALERT: World on Notice as Israel Threatens to Attack Iran over US led Nuke Deal


Israel says all options including military action are on the table in the face of Iran’s nuclear program.

Israel’s intelligence minister said Tel Aviv would attack Iran if it has no other choice. Yuval Steinitz also said that Israel does not need permission from the United States for military action against Tehran.

Iran has already warned that it will give a crushing response to any aggression on its soil. Israel, the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, has repeatedly claimed that Tehran is seeking arms in its nuclear program. Iran has strongly rejected that as fabricated and baseless.

In the USA, Netanyahu’s political arm AIPAC is working overtime to give it’s members within the US Congress their  talking points while unsuspecting Americans are about to be hit with a blitzkrieg of mis-information designed to spook them into thinking that the deal is a danger to their lives and that war with Iran is far better than global diplomacy.

Moreover, insiders are reporting that war hawks feel strongly that the nuke deal jeopardizes their prospects for world war and profits.  Thus a last resort false flag attack to be blamed on Iran may hit the USA or Europe very soon.  The design would be to put fear into citizens and swing those who are on the peace train back to the fear train where the war hawks, GOP and AIPAC need them to be so they assist and help derail peace to insure future war profits.

In the meantime, U.S. President Obama and world leaders press on with global business to insure peace and calm remain intact so that Israel and their war hawker friends do not realize their lust for world war.

Tired negotiators smile at day’s end


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  1. What odds are the bookies giving on Israel attacking Iran in the next year?

    They are usually right.

    • Regarding Iran the only attack Israel can do and get away with is a false flag on a western country and then blame it on Iran. Israel was never going to attack Iran as an act of war, it was all talk, it could not go ahead without the US and the US is too bankrupt to buy the bus fair there.

    • The attack will most likely be done on US soils because nearly 300 members of the US Congress have signed a letter of unconditional support for Israel, they have already been given their get out of jail no questions will be asked card.

  2. Yep, I was just thinking the other day that the people in the GOP and Israel that were involved in the events of 9/11 must be thinking now is the time to do the nuclear false flag on the US so that Israel can ‘retaliate’ and do a nuclear attack on Iran.

    No doubt, because this false flag is on the cards, several countries have missiles set up to pound Israel into the payment the second any nuclear attack take place.

    The US Government has already let the media access and publish confidential files about Israel’s nuclear weapons program. The files were accessed under the Freedom of Information Act.

    • The 47 GOP traitors were idiots to write that letter. The ‘Iran 5 plus 1 talks’ which are constantly referred to should have made it clear to anyone above 2nd grade that the talks with Iran were not just with the US, other countries are involved and some of them have vested interests in the situation. The Chinese have already held some military training exercises with Iran and no doubt Iran, India and Pakistan will all become permanent members of the SCO as soon as the discussion with Iran have been completed.

      Everyone could see the US/Israeli strategy a mile away. As soon as 9/11 happened you just had to ask yourself what does the US and Israel want that could be worth killing 3,000 people for and knocking out two really ugly asbestos filled buildings in Manhattan.

      The Americans went after the wrong country when it came to President Assad, they thought Iran was the country that was in the way but its Russia . Putin is never going to give up his man and Russia’s military base in Syria. The GOP/Israeli strategy cannot be put in place with both Assad and Putin in power. The game is over.

    • One other interesting point to think about.

      The Republicans threw the 2008 election, the guy that got elected has constantly been accused by the US mainstream Zionist media of being a Muslim and not being an American, he’s the perfect fall guy for a Muslim nuclear weapon attach on US soil.

      David Petraeus was the war leader that was supposed to be ready in the wings for the Republicans to bring in November 2016 but of course his career is now in tatters.

  3. Lubitz, at age 25, had an 18 months break in training, with “psychiatric” treatment. Were the psychiatrists who “treated” Lubitz Moslem, or Jewish? Perhaps MOSSAD/CIA affiliates, with MKUltra training ? Who certified Lubitz, at age 25, to be adequately stabile so as to complete training as an airline pilot ? At 25, he barely qualified as a car driver for normal liability insurance rates.
    Breathing normally while seeing a mountainside approaching at +-400 mph ? Was Anders Brevick also breathing normally as he shot 69 youth, with a sniper rifle, at a summer camp, August 2012, in Norway ? Is Lubitz another case of a “lone gunman,” this time with an airliner instead of a pistol ? MKUltra techniques, using post-hypnotic suggestion, work equally well with both.

  4. The chance of there being a deal with Iran is Zero . This is all Masonic kabbukit .Same goes for Nitwits sabor rattling . Isrealis is a part of the Masonic world states , so the idea that they will be doing anything contrary to the brotherhoods interests is ridiculous . Just as they belted the Gaza as a distraction for Ukraine , this is also a similar rouse .
    The issue here is Propaganda and blame .Its essential for the Masonic order to be able to keep themselves clean so the final NWO , so its essential to have a fall guy to blaim . Thus they pretend to show the world that the West is sincere , when infact they are not. This may be a build up for an Isreali attack on Iran , to try an kick off WW3 as they haven’t been sucessful with the Ukraine maneouver . One thing is for short the Western Banking matrix is on its last legs and they need a war to dump their paper , bash an ‘enemy’ blaim it on them and start again ; they hope with the NWO over the line . Remember only the very top of the pyramid knows the real plan and objective for other is lies all the way down.

  5. I’ll call B.S. on “…U.S. President Obama and world leaders press on with global business to insure peace and calm remain intact…”
    The actor Obama and his fellow “world leaders” are following the script laid before them which will ensure conflict that leads to a global conflagration. The “news” channels keep the sheeple focused on the Kabuki puppets on the stage, while ignoring their controllers.
    “Corrupt politicians make the remaining ten percent look bad.” – Henry Kissinger

    • “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.” – (Zionist banker, Paul Warburg, February 17, 1950, testimony to the US Senate).

    • Why do we have bases around Iran in the first place? Why were our soldiers in Beirut in the first place? Why did we go to Afghanistan and Iraq at all? Why did we destroy Libya and why are we training, equipping and sending Wahabi terrorists into Syria to further destroy that country? Why was the Khazarian Mafia aka rogue Rothschild network allowed to pull off ( and get away with ) 9-11? Because our country is controlled by these people, the Synagogue of Satan. God help us..

  6. The Khazar Mafia, bought-up, bribed, blackmailed nearly every U.S. Institution from Media to Investment Banking to Education using our own money or extending themselves UN-limited credit through the FED. Heads they own it or tails, it fails and they hand the bill to the taxpayers.

    As their power has grown, especially after the Coup d etat of 2,000-01 conditions for the rest of us has steadily declined.

    Unless something is done to over-ride their control of the Media, I fear they will instigate, False-Flag us into WW-3. Whatever is to be done, needs to be DONE SOON, before it’s too late. Events are cycling out of our control, more and more each day.

    • The very idea that Israel has the P-5 plus 1 countries tied up for years over a non-existent Iranian Nuclear Weapons Program is a clear example. All these heads of state running around trying to come up with an agreement that will satisfy Israel, its just inconceivable.

      All the while Israel has a HUGE UN-declared arsenal of stolen NUKES from the U.S., several of which they used against us on 9/11 and other countries including Syria in May 2013.

  7. If my cousin Obama had any balls… While Boehner is in Israel making Political speeches Obama should have on his return arrest him and all congress/persons in violation of he Logan Act.

    Yet… That might leave him in main power and with Pen & Phone become the New Dictator of the USA.

  8.  Forget USA Media, already, on PBS (PUBLIC-TV)_ Even Some Guests on China CC-TV, RT-TV
    systematically, Hinting Holocaust.
     Congress = The USA Traitors & Israeli Donkeys, Bomb every country on their Way to Democracy,
     “Why Not Bomb Israel too?” Since Israel NEVER had the # 1 Document in Democracy
     __“A CONSTITUTION” since its Independence in 1949.
     The late Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in 2013, said
    Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Israel With ‘Electronic Holocaust’

  9. Obama was overheard speaking on the blower with Netanyahu:
    “You give your hand to me
    And then you say hello
    And I can hardly speak
    My heart is beating so
    And anyone can tell
    You think you know me well
    But you don’t know me (no you don’t know me)”

  10. Obama needs to go on TV with Putin and present the evidence that Israel attacked us on 9-11-01. I’d love to see the reaction.

    • Big Brother wouldn’t allow that. The conflict between Oceania and East Asia must be continued. We are now at peace with South Asia and in conflict with East Asia.
      Winston Smith is working overtime.
      1984 is an instruction manual.

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