Prosecutors’ probe into MH-17 disaster not trustworthy

The pilot was a bullseye target for this 30mm cannon fire
The pilot was a bullseye target for this 30mm cannon fire

… from TASS,  Moscow


This is what a BUK missile strike looks like, and can be seen from far away by 1000's of people
This is what a BUK missile strike looks like, and it can be seen from far away by thousands of people

[ Editor’s Note: Finally an old-fashioned investigative reporter in the Netherlands steps up to the plate and states the obvious. The Dutch investigation is a hoax, and another one needs to be started right away at the international level.

But, I would call for much more. All major crashes like this should have an international investigation to protect us from a guilty country from being able to taint the investigation in a number of possible ways, and for a number of motives.

The airlines and their employee associations should have been leading this charge. In fact, they should strike if necessary to force this to happen, showing that neither they nor their passengers will be geo-political flying hostages for state-sponsored terrorism in this new Cold War we are being subjected to.

Internal investigations aren’t worth spit. They have always been set up that way to hide anything deemed to be harmful to those in power. This has gone on too long.

And it is very strange that no major parties have advocated that we are in a new era with airline crash investigations now, where we all know that Ukraine and the US are withholding evidence in a major act of terror.

The reasons why they are doing this would be a short list indeed. But once again, we see those who should be leading the the fight to fix this awful situation ducking the responsibility, as those who did this are obviously in the mass murder business.

One can smell the cowardice in the air, from a continent away. Those who don’t have the guts to do this should step down and let someone who has take over. After all, it is a life or death situation for the flying public… Jim W. Dean ]


Buk missile vapor trail analysis_011

–  First published  …  April 04,  2015  –

A Dutch investigative journalist argues the way his country’s prosecutors have been investigating the causes behind the loss of the Malaysian Boeing passenger jet (Flight MH-17) over Ukraine last summer is not trustworthy.

Joost Niemoller, the author of “MH-17: The Cover-up Deal” – a book exploring the facts behind the disaster, has told TASS the investigation should be handed over to a higher, international level.

Niemoller argues that Ukraine has been causing ever greater pressures on the investigation.

“Many factors point in this direction. For instance, a recent YouTube video, uploaded just recently, with a call on witnesses to help investigate the tragedy,” he said. “All information mentioned in that video had been provided by Ukrainian secret services. It looks more like propaganda. Verifying such information is very hard, while the Dutch prosecutor’s office presents it as absolute truth.”

Niemoller has big doubts regarding the authenticity of the photos the prosecutor’s office relies on as firm evidence.

“They are open to the general public and there has been much debate over who made them, when and where. When examined closely, the photos begin to look like fakes. There are problems with proportions,” Niemoller said. In his opinion the investigators do a very wrong thing when they show these images, because “this puts psychological pressures on people and they may confirm they had seen certain things even though in reality they didn’t.”

“True, officially the prosecutor’s office says that it pursues various lines of inquiry. But then why doesn’t it publish other data, for instance, those presented by Russia, which point to some very different causes of the crash?” Niemoller asks.

In his opinion this is a reason enough to speculate that “from the political point of view everything is predetermined.”

“The investigation is partial. It is focused only on one version of what happened. It must be stopped and handed over to a higher, international level,” he believes.

“The Netherlands should not have been made in charge of the probe at least because the country lacks the proper influence,” Niemoller argues. “For instance, the United States has extensive evidence, including satellite images, which is not disclosed. The United States knows much more than we, in the Netherlands, but it keeps the information away from the general public.”

Niemoller believes that another, international investigation must be held under the auspices of the United Nations with Russia and the United States taking part, and the investigators must have the powers to request any data they may need.

“True, this will not resolve all problems, because politics is involved, but at least it can be started from a stronger position,” Niemoller concluded.

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11 Replies to “Prosecutors’ probe into MH-17 disaster not trustworthy

  1. It is known that terrorists operating in Ukraine hit the MH-17 with a ground to air missile. The missiles were ones the Russians had sold the Ukrainian Government, but obviously the Ukraine military had lost control of these weapons.

    The terrorists responsible could have been funded by anyone who wants to stir up a conflict between Russia and Europe. Let’s list a couple of reasons:

    * Russia is backing President Assad in Syria and this is stopping the GOP and Israel from implementing their strategy in the Middle East.

    * The US is worried that the Europeans just like the Chinese are going to start buying their oil in their domestic currency instead of US dollars. China has done a 400 billions dollar deal to buy its oil from Russia in yuan. The Europeans want to buy their oil in euros.

    1. Why then in a country where people have been shooting cel phone stills and videos of anything military all during the war, did none of the thousands of people who would have seen this not put anything up on Youtube and scoop the story? Why is Kiev withholding the air traffic control logs if the plane was shot down by the Buks? Why doesn’t the US or Allies release their sat video of the BUK plume hitting the plane?

    2. Rubbish. I am Australian, and I have kept a long vigil on this murder of 37 Australians. Our own filth Prime Minister has connived with the Nazi Killer Poroshenko to cover up the perpetrators who did this. This constitutes treason, and he will never escape the consequences of his crime.
      No missile trail was seen by more than a dozen eye-witnesses near the shootdown site. No trail, no ground-to-air missile. Additionally, as if it was even needed, an associate of one Vladislav Voloshin, Ukrainian air force pilot, has identified him as the shootdown perp, likely in partnership with another pilot. The witness has told how the two Su fighters took off that day, and returned without the highly-unusual air-to-air missiles they’d had under their wings. The Ukrainian BBC reporter on the ground has identified the site of the crash and verified that the fake ‘missile trail’ photos were likely taken at the Battle of Saur-Mogila, and that witnesses saw the two fighter jets shadowing Flight MH-17. Her report was ‘deleted’ by the Beeb. It’s here [colon]
      http //

    3. Lob, you deserve credit for a more creative and imaginative theory than has been fed to us by the guvvies, MSM, etc. who keep churning out the same thing.


      Before you go to motive, or at least at the same time, you must explain the close range of cannon fire. A missile could not do that. Please do explain if you know how it could. Hopefully you are on some kind of official commission for decoy .gov alibis. No point in carrying the water for them unless you’re getting paid. Otherwise you should be in screenplays.

    4. Thanks for the comments below.

      I do not have a dog in this fight.

      One thing for sure, the Russian military did not shoot MH-17 down.

      Apparently the Zionist media are already referring to Angela Merkel as Neville Chamberlain because she obviously is not going to take a hard line with Putin for good reason.

      Australia would like to sell gas to the Europeans so Abbott obviously quickly accused the Russians of shooting down MH-17 hoping the EU would be moving their Russian gas deals to Australia. Nothing like sealing a business deal brought about by a lot of your own dead nationals.

      There are no shortage of players who would like to drive a wedge between Russia and the EU with the US topping the list.

  2. When extremely high ranking US military officers, like Breedlove, make several open media statements to the effect that Russia is invading Ukraine with tanks and infantry – when this dangerous claim is patently untrue to any sensible onlooker – then this tells you all you need to know about the reliability of any US information. Even when it comes from the top.

    This is not only propaganda – it is SCRIPTED and predetermined narrative. According to the US mainstream media the Russians have been invading Ukraine for about the last twelve months. This has nothing to do with real intelligence or genuine reporting. Rather it is the original cabal script of how the Ukraine coup d’etat was meant to play out. I believe that the Kazarian banksters got it wrong again in that they were convinced that their outrageous provocation of Russia would result in a knee jerk reaction and invasion. It did not happen – and now the US looks extremely foolish with its credibility in tatters.

    It is interesting how the cabal infects, infiltrates and compromises EVERY institution around the planet – from NGOs to Air crash investigation authorities – and from top Universities to every media organisation. Certainly they have found a way to INVERT every management structure everywhere by ensuring that only those free of any guts, free of any conviction and empty of any honourable intention – are floated to the top layers of scum.

    1. The problem the US government has is that China has just completed two 400 billion dollar deals with Russia to buy oil using Yuan NOT US DOLLARS.

      This is the death of the US petrodollar.

      The Europeans want to buy their oil in euros and the Americans can now no longer tell them they are not allowed to. The Europeans and everyone else want their gold back from the US as well.

  3. The Ukraine must be lousy with U.S spy satellites, Yet they have not produced one credible picture to support their BUK missile claims.

    I would sure like to see a credible picture of those mythical Russian invaders too.

    That pretty much says it all.

  4. Absolutely correct…. we need an investigation “team” that goes to work when these things happen and it needs to consist of people who actually know the technology of flying today
    and all the tricks we the people never hear about… And yes the flight personnel in the air the pilots, the attendants and those on the ground need to be on that team… as well as people from the industries who make the planes, the motors, the security systems etc. etc… and a 100% unbribable watch dog…. and the report need to be published for all to read… we the people are after the customers and the people being killed… right now today
    with the Germanwing that crashed where everyone so conveniently has decided it is the co-pilot (I have my doubts it is just too convenient) and another crash in Malaysia today helicopter with 6 senior officials !!!! It is like someone has created a whole new “drone” game …. we don’t like these guys – press the button – shoot them down…. thank you next.

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