Reality According to North Korea

the sexualized child
the sexualized child
the sexualized child

By Gordon Duff Senior Editor

A reader sent me the video from 2012.  I watched.  I didn’t expect it but I should have.  I know we are screwed up.  I am a parent, America is a diseased sinkhole that no one should raise kids in.

Should I be pleased that states like Indiana are trying to enforce a delusional version of righteousness steeped in hypocrisy and fraud?  With family in half a dozen states and Germany, I live in the midst of this dialog.  At the heart of VT is the rabid PTSD that runs in so many of our veins, with it a need to protect and secure, a sense of justice and retribution  some should fear.

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  1. I’m 83. Watched the whole thing, except fast forwarded from the most disturbing scenes. I began rejecting TV as I noted in the 70’s it was taking over our family life. In 1987 I got rid of my last TV. I had noted people often used language or spoke of whatever they had seen “on TV”. Now I realize that most public officials, supposedly elected or not are TV-propagandized closed minds.

  2. One only has to look at the “Godfather” type group photo VT took when they went to the Terrorism and Extremism conference in Damascus to know that that “retribution” would hurt.

  3. It’s a reverse-engineered propaganda. North Korea is as bad and ugly as any evil regime or murderous government history ever remembers. But the sad thing is we all live pretty much in the same condition now, wherever we are, and the producer of this video was spot-on — if North Korea is not so much different from the rest of the evil world, why point a finger at them?

    By the way, a friend of mine who has recently visited South Korea said the Inchon (spelling?) International Airport was full of Illuminati symbols. Ring a bell now?

  4. This was as eye opening as my first viewing of The Greatest Story Never Told. Obviously, this video did nothing to explain what is going on in North Korea, which may not be all that different from the people they criticize, but the sheer weight of how depraved our country is makes the “hermit kingdom” look a lot less insidious.

    The portrayal of North Korea is universally negative, just like National Socialist Germany. When our leaders, who have turned propaganda into an industry worth billions of dollars, completely condemn a country or people it’s likely because they oppose them in a more geniune way than the Islam v. Jew v. Christian charade that all sides’ elite profit from.

    It makes me think a lot. Shades of gray everywhere. Puts a different light on the “food shortages” that the “N. Korean government” is responsible for. Btw, the splitting of N and S Korea looks a lot like Israel and Palestine right? Palestine is obviously not as capable of defending itself as N. Korea, but the idea is the same – turn people against each other that would otherwise be happy to live together and be at peace.

    It’s heartbreaking to think how horrible the crimes our fallen country has committed to the rest of the world are.

  5. This is, to my delight, a very apocalyptic (unveiling) video. Very glad you posted it. But rather than looking at it as “we are messed up”, I prefer to see it as “We are WAKING up.” Everything about this “surface deep only” culture is what many have grown up in and around, and have a choice to be a part of it, or “wake up to it” and be part of the change.

    I strongly recommend Mike Harris’ interview with Ben Fulford who talks about some of the positive changes we are in right now. It will continue. (

    VT is a powerful force in the “waking up of humanity” arena, and I’m glad they’re here.

  6. Much credit for our ever coarsening Western societies goes to the perverted pseudo-intellectuals of The Frankfurt School for promoting Marxist sludge. They managed to worm their way into every level of society and start the process of cultural decay, then rebrand it as acceptable. Dishonorable mention to their unimpressive, overrated, obnoxious fans taking up time and space in academia, twisting young minds beyond repair.

    • Oh, Zaguero please right back. How does mentioning the Frankfurt School fit into name calling? Do you know anything about them? What does left/right have to do with their determined corrosion of Western Civilization? All socialists do is preach about real or imagined offenses, clog traffic with street theatre, demand that everything is available for free and sew general discord. Bolshevik water boys.

      And since you’re a “dyed in the wool (…cough…gag…) socialist”–probably a bright, red, Bolshevik one at that, what legacy has your crowd left for the world? You and Cass Sunstein would get along just fine.

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