ADL Creates Trail to Media Espionage Ring



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Abe is gone...but the ADL game remains the same
Abe is gone…but the ADL game remains the same

It is the assessment of counter-intelligence specialists affiliated with VT that the ADL has just published an attack on Iran’s Press TV in an attempt to cover for what appears to be an intelligence penetration of that publication by the Israeli security services. 

This “cover and deception” operation contains key flaws.  We searched for inclusion in the ADL “hit list” which I always head, inclusion of writers now virtually controlling Press TV that we have identified as potential Israeli agents.  Their names were not included, a huge error by the ADL and Israeli intelligence.

Press TV provides travel money and stipends to authors who are willing to follow their now heavily censored “party line.”  Other Press organizations in Iran are still well run and uncensored, unlike Press TV which, frankly, seems to be controlled out of Tel Aviv.

We have identified a number of instances where Press TV has been complicit in psychological warfare operations against Iraq and Syria on behalf of Israel or perhaps Saudi Arabia.  We identify one in this article and the havoc it caused.

The ADL “Fan Letter” to Press TV

Moreover, quotes of statements made by me and others as evidence of Press TV’s antisemitism are, in actuality, falsified.  In fact, the statements the ADL uses are almost gentle and quite reasonable.  They replaced real statements which were both scathing and truthful with ones they wrote themselves.  Mike Harris says the same, the quotes are fabricated, silly and the charges of his involvement with John McCain’s “National Socialist Movement” are pathetic.  Mike is an Obama supporter, as much as possible anyway.

"Mr. Israel," Senator John McCain with leader of NSM (National Socialist Movement), taken in North Carolina while they were traveling to a national convention
“Mr. Israel,” Senator John McCain with leader of NSM (National Socialist Movement), taken in North Carolina while they were traveling to a national convention

164This week, the Anti-Defamation League, a pro-war, anti-Obama propaganda organization funded by organized crime issued a “not so scathing” attack accusing Press TV of Iran of “antisemitism.

There is a problem with this; some many months ago, after Hamid Emadi of Press TV’s newsroom took over all operations at that organization, a radical change came about.  The Viewpoints section of Press TV, providing over 90% of their readership, was gutted.

Their most popular authors, always a 1-2-3 with me in the lead most often, or maybe Kevin Barret, followed by Jim W. Dean.  Suddenly submitted articles were kicked out, censored, or listed as lost, not just a few but dozens.  It was not atypical for articles to bring tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of Facebook referrals.  Suddenly almost everything was now from Paul Craig Roberts or Hamid Emadi himself.

ADL Report "Attacking" Press TV

We began discerning a pattern.  As a nuclear settlement for Iran came closer and as relationships between the Obama administrationScreenHunter_05 Jul. 05 08.04 and Israel soured, for some reason Press TV relentlessly attacked Obama, a move that could only have sent messages to Washington that Iran could not be trusted.

When editors at VT saw the damage this would do to both Iran and the United States and how it would aid Israel, we contacted Emadi.  His response was less than helpful.

We contacted others we worked with in Iran and began looking into the operations of Press TV.  We began to suspect that Israel had a “mole” there, something they have continually tried to do at VT for nearly a decade.

When I chaired the US delegation at the Damascus Security Conference in December, 2014, Press TV interviewed me many times along with others at our delegation.  This was one of the most important conferences held in a decade with government leaders and very strong findings, not simply a “cluster/circle xxx” of failed bloggers looking for a handout.

Press TV aired none of the footage.  As time went on, Press TV increasingly began running false stories picked up from news services friendly to Israel, hoaxes designed to provide aid and comfort to ISIS.  One such story cited an American leader with declaring an official American policy of providing combat air support for rebel attacks against Damascus.

It became clear that Press TV was closely aligned with the AIPAC lobby in the US and often parroted the reprehensible propaganda of the Muslim hating organizations, Fox News, CNN and InfoWars.

Gareth Porter working away
Gareth Porter working away

In the interim, we had warned Iran about Christiane Amanpour.  We weren’t listened to and she smeared President Rouhani labeling him as unstable and a “holocaust denier.”  We had also identified Gareth Porter as a likely Israeli “hasbara” agent.

In 2014, he humiliated Iran by trashing a conference.  Iran had contacted me to run background checks on the attendees.  As this is not my job, I simply told them that other than Tony Hall and Kevin Barrett, and perhaps one or two others, they might have just as easily invited the Mossad.

The Press TV story about the America air armada set to attack Damascus was particularly heinous. This frightened the Syrian people to death and threw a “monkey wrench” into secret negotiations between Syria, Iraq and the United States about their conduct of the war.

It wasn’t until VT exposed the Press TV hoax and contacted government officials including the Minister of Justice directly, supplying real quotes and real translations, debunking the Press TV hoax, that Damascus could return to normal everyday activities.

Today, the new “Press TV” is a shadow of the old.  Its policies toward Israel could hardly be called “anti-Semitic,” though in truth, as most know, the studies at Johns Hopkins of the Jewish Genome proved that few if any Jews in Israel are Semites.

Be that as it may, a careful analysis of Press TV has established a very high probability that they are coordinating efforts with Israeli intelligence and have joined such organizations as InfoWars with Alex Jones and Paul Craig Roberts in trying to undermine the nuclear settlement with Iran and to keep sanctions going.


It isn’t that InfoWars and Roberts don’t occasionally call Israel out, it is that they do it in a way that Israel loves to see, typical of “controlled opposition,” sticking to “non-redline” subjects and always using weak and ineffective material.


By standards of psychological warfare and counter-intelligence, we have established a very high probability of a relationship between the ADL and Israeli intelligence with Press TV and certain columnists writing for them.

We have identified hoax stories and patterns of story “seeding” and disinformation damaging to the security of the United States and Iran.  We have also found a very high probability of operations targeting Iraq and Syria as well.

We believe that operating between the US, Israel and Iran is a terrorism/espionage ring.  Were some of us working in our old occupations here at home, we would have brought this to our respective organizations.  We believe they would have sanctioned a response.

VT took down Assange and Wikileaks as an Israeli intelligence operation.  We were backed up by Zbigniew Brzezinsky and his excellent analysis of Wikileaks as subservient to a spy organization.  Over the years, we have exposed AIPAC, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and SPLC as “fronts.”

We are the prime movers in the US political realignment away from Israel.  We did it all out of love of country, love of our families and love of justice.  VT did this as an organization of military and intelligence specialists and academics of all races and religions.  Honor knows no bounds.

From February 2015


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Press TV has been a victim of censorship, taken off satellites, censored on YouTube, censored by Google. You would think they know better but they don’t. There is a new Press TV in town, one knowingly fighting Netanyahu’s battles for him.

They may well want people to believe they don’t understand psychological warfare and Israel’s advanced chaos theory. The truth is, Press TV has gone down this path with eyes open, giving “lip service” to free speech and a moral agenda while doing something quite different.

Today, Netanyahu’s enemies in America are Press TV’s enemies.

Press TV, seen by most in America as the voice of Iran, is now recognized to be following a bizarre editorial agenda. There has been a decided turn in editorial policy to censor, to boycott, and to push an agenda knowing they are parroting extremist right wing and Zionist propaganda.

Over recent months, editor’s at Veterans Today have tried to communicate with Press TV where friendships had been built over the years. We now learn that Press TV personnel are prohibited from engaging VT editors in what we now know is an effort to avoid both controversy and accountability for policies seen as more than simply “unsound.”

VT writers have been their most read columnists, their most popular interviews and, by far their only real partner publication for Press TV. VT has more news bureaus and a larger active editorial staff than not just Press TV but many of the now “gutted” news services of old. VT helped Press TV grow, helped their Viewpoints section take on a wide international readership, and VT writers often broke important stories through Press TV.

Now, if an article doesn’t spread wild rumors or take on a comical aspect of amateur finger pointing, generally following the neocon materials that load email boxes every day, Press TV censors it.

There had been a clear change in policy at Press TV, one that had always dwelled on America bashing but has now become self destructive. With the clear divides in the US, the Obama administration defending and engaging Iran, preventing new sanctions and supporting talks, a clear Netanyahu driven agenda has taken over at Press TV, one tied closely to America’s neocon/extremist GOP.

It is as though Press TV is the resurrected voice of the Bush administration and, worse still, helping pave the way for Jeb Bush to be anointed president. Jeb’s first agenda is to attack Iran with nuclear weapons, something he hasn’t been a bit shy about.

It isn’t like Press TV doesn’t understand, it has been explained to them clearly: Press TV is purposefully and systematically working to make Iran into an international laughing stock and her leaders look like cardboard cutout Lotharios as well.

It isn’t that the US doesn’t deserve criticism. Obama policy in Ukraine is senseless and US alignment with Kiev is clearly criminal. It is also clear that factions within the US are behind ISIS. The problem, however, is that those factions, neocon and Zionist factions, are given a “free pass” by Press TV.

There is a clear divide in America, one largely driven by relations with Iran. How is it then that Press TV ended up on the “anti-Iran” side of things?

The answer at one time considered likely was simply that changes in management had eliminated anyone that understood geopolitical issues or political divides in the US. It has always been assumed that Israel has wanted to infiltrate Press TV, Veterans Today and Russia Today. This is a legitimate goal for Israel’s intelligence services. We can respect that and, at VT, we have been courted many times, year after year.

Where the risks have become high is in recent months. Israel, reeling from the public relations nightmare of Gaza bombings and war crimes accusations is “upping its game.” With Netanyahu’s upcoming visit a partisan nightmare, a visit with one agenda, pushing for war with Iran, it is incredible that an Iranian based publication would position itself so closely with Netanyahu’s friends in the US.

When President Obama seeks funding to fight against ISIS on behalf of Syria, Iraq and even Iran, Press TV calls it war mongering. When US bombing of ISIS wasn’t aggressive enough, America was attacked.

When it was, America was targeting Syrian infrastructure, a claim shown to have been wildly inaccurate. Should we be thankful that Press TV readership and audiences have plummeted?

VT had given Press TV all the rope in the world. We had received assurances their “crash” had been based on editorial confusion and inattentiveness. We now know different. Now when Press TV does get a story right, by the fact that they did it, the story itself is discredited. There are simple rules. Credibility and reputation are everything when fighting multimillion dollar propaganda machines. Bad spirited incompetence is no excuse.

We have long recognized that though there are many in Iran who are both progressive and highly professional, there has always been a group of narrow minded extremists, not unlike the neocons of America or the Likudists in Israel. Iran has suffered much at the hands of not only America and Israel but itself as well.

Some in Iran had no real knowledge of the outside view of Israel and their religious extremists as good partners, not realizing that Israelis are, by and large, atheists. The “goggles of religion” may well have led some into dark partnerships.

What is clear is that current editorial polices at Press TV align them more with Murdoch’s Fox News than Veterans Today. What is also clear is that their America bashing is being done in line with Israeli policy and not aligned with any legitimate dissent in the US.

We also know it is no accident.

Senior Editor , VT
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than “several” countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

Gordon’s Archives – 2008-2014
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  1. …And then there is the “goggles of nationalism” and the “goggles of party politics”.

    Gordon, I read VT because of the generally high quality of the material here but I keep getting amazed by how a bi-partizan system has led to a simplified way of thinking, repeatedly excluding a third, or thirtieth, way of thinking.

    For get the Blue-Red dicotomy you (and others at VT) keep falling back on, it’s as if you was a fan cheering for “your team”. If you need a team why not choose humanity as your team. It should be obvious to you that the Red and Blue only play a game of “bad cop and good cop” against us.

    If not, just count all the interventions that Democratic presidents engaged in. You can with benefit use William Blum’s book Killing Hope for that.

    The same coin.

  2. Gordon, have You ever considered a Take-over of PTv via sophisticated Satellite-Technology ? A Comment, I wanted to post today, did not get through.

  3. “” Israel does not accept any other competitive power …thats why they have bought the US, IS to fight for them to destroy the heart of Islam.””

    Bullseye . It may turn out to be a murder-suicide story where Islam is murdered and zio-judaism is suicided .

  4. Yehuda,
    I grew up in a city that was very very very segregated out of the populations desire to NOT mingle. The not so white population wouldn’t have it any other way because of the judgmental nature of the white man. Why cant they blah blah blah and well accept them? All they have to do is blah blah blah and well accept them? Why are they so loud? Why are they staring at me, are they going to steal my car? Why dont they want to be accepted? If they just kiss our posteir and show they are afraid of us well accept them. Maybe their inferior.
    It gets really old after awhile.

  5. Scotia Bronson in Face Book,
    Abby Martin had a leash, but it was a long one. So did Keith Olberman.


    This interview with Mark Glenn by Press TV sounds like a VT slant with one exception. Glenn gives Fienstan credit for having the nerve to defy Isreali threats and knows just what those threats entail. Is that the twisted logic VT has for Glenn? Fienstien is a professional who appears very brave to counter the same insanity the rest of congress seems to bow to. Even if she painted as a demagogue I’m thinking that it takes one to go toe to toe with the Apartheid state.

    Ill always count on Press TV but I don’t have to trust everything they the dish out.

    • Gordon,
      Ill have to take your word for it. The only slant I can see that would justify a lack of trust for Mr. Glenn is his desire to throw Bibi under the bus as barking orders from his authorities. It seems to be the going trend since the Prime Minister went over the deep end. At that point Fienstien is merely following the new script to throw everyone off balance.
      On another tangent, is it even likely that some in DC have just had enough?

  7. Mr. Duff, don’t worry __ Thanks to Israel, already today, there is a confusion about the timing of lifting the Iran suctions
    __ The OPERATIVE WORDS ARE THE LAST 4 __ “but itself as well.”
     The “Nationalists from the Conflict Areas,” Some have their Own Agendas, others Working for the Enemy, etc.
     The Evil Abe of ADL, sends to Israel the Super Power of the World’s FBI, Police, etc., to be MONSTERS __
     Israel doesn’t even have A CONSTITUTION, but it’s training USA’s FBI, Police, What a Joke ?
     The Buddy of Abe, Michael Bloomberg, the Israeli-American-Zionist after shipping Most of NYC’s Emergency Equipment to Israel:
     _1st he bribed Albany Assembly, Change the Law & ruled for 12-years (3-terms as NYC Mayor),
     _2nd he had Cornell “U” build state-of-the-art Medical Research, but he Approved Only Israel’s “U” Bid,
     _3rd he controlled how much Sodas New Yorkers have to Drink, among other Laws,
     _4th he wants to change the Constitution on Guns Ownership, the list goes on & on.
     Currently, his friends are spreading news he should be Mayor of London, as he won’t WIN the Presidency in USA & an Israeli-British-Zionist running for a PM of UK.
     Israeli-Zionists are like Cockroaches, as usual taking the Key Positions__ just to mention a few the Frankfurt, Germany Mayor, the Ex-Head Bank of Israel, now USA #2 at Federal Reserve, the current #2 CIA Deputy Director, David S. Cohen came from Treasury?

  8. Everything you said, Gordon, can be confirmed by any watchful and informed reader of PressTV News of the last time. They simply switched the trigger.

    This process on PressTV was rather late, compared to the media in our western european countries. Here, you can give a quite sharp time frame in which this very same thing happened and is executed according to a well formulated script up to this very day.

    If not so well informed people hang on and possibly personally rely on informations of such strange media, they end up in some strange way of cognitive dissonance. This process develops over a period of times and in the end they are not well informed but consequently mislead by a criminal media coup.

    The abrupt way, in which all this was and is performed is one thing that makes me think that “they” don’t have much time and so they can be quite easily monitored. Normally, only a very few key people are needed to manage this damage. This is also the key to turn this around in the future. Now is the time, when we also know their names. I for myself, write them down and I do it for all the war mongering strinking press and media assets who like to lie to people only for personal benefits and public “fame”.

    It’s another bad and or good news you just gave us, because we now know who they are.

    Thank you.

  9. I agree Press TV and RT have been seriously infiltrated. Its quite obvious for the average viewer I’ve learned a long time ago to follow the writers not the sites~

  10. That should read distinct MAJORITY of nonwhites in almost every school district in the nation

  11. OK, now I’m an Israeli Hasbara?

    I’m not clear what part of that statement is funny, perhaps you might be able to enlighten me. If you like, you can start with the stats from the US, which clearly show that the formerly 94% white nation now has a distinct minority of non-whites in almost every school district in the nation.

    But perhaps you find that funny in itself. I certainly don’t.

  12. funny that this would be posted by an Israeli hasbara. about stupid. Remember when you posted this one: “I know my view is not popular at VT, but the truth is the truth. Multiculturalism is white genocide, and the Usual Suspects are responsible.”
    Tell me what part of this is funny.

  13. I admit Obama has me a little confused right now…I mean, after leading all those regime changes resulting in so much death and destruction, why has the Neo Liberal suddenly turned “good guy?” Is it because he wants to de-escalate the Middle East so to devote full attention and military resources to the Ukraine and Russia, or does he just hate the Nut that bad? I’m finding it hard to believe that Mr Drone Killer himself has had a change of heart. I mean, his own administration has led the fight against Assad but now he’s bombing their enemies? Why?

  14. Think , We should not underestimate the Govt of the Persian cultural Empire ! PressTv was a Westernstyle Media-Front , which has served well . Now it’s just a Pawn-Sacrifice ! Iranian Music plays in !

  15. Fully agree with this excellent & correct Analysis ! But clinging on the old & better days , do change nothing . The root cause of this Desaster , the frozen , static Picture of a 300 Mn Powerless Citizenry enslaved and commandered by a tiny Minority of super-rich khazarian Plutocrats , still stands ! >>> AMERICAN ?, which One , MASTER or Slave ? Somehow Schizophrenia – inducing ! <<<

  16. For a country such as IRAN in a leadership position in a most important area establishing a non-biased news source/outlet with real credibility would help them immeasurably.

    And you were helping them do just that. Now, with the recent agreement there’s another opportunity and that would be to show the amount of trade and jobs that will be created between the U.S. and Iran, so that any attempt later to scuttle the deal would be extremely difficult because Americans would see the direct benefits in trade and jobs.

    It’s a golden opportunity that should NOT be squandered. Are you able to identify other specific individuals beside the one mentioned above who are working cross-purposes at the expense of both Iran and the U.S.?

    Buying durable goods from America could sparc new manufacturing and lead to cooperation on larger projects.

    • That has been the goal all along, to get the sanctions chains off and then go back and hunt down and punish all the fraudsters to show that yes, one does have to pay for their sins when they effect a lot of innocent people. If we don’t do this then they will always keep coming at us.

  17. Its a fact that Press TV has gone off the rails. Its not worth watching any more. Even RT is dodgy. As Amstel Rothschild insinuated money like water, always finds cracks in the legal barriers and just about always works; money combined with film or video cameras and girls or little boys.

    • You are right that Press tv has gone off the rails, And is no longer worth watching.

      I will go a step further and say they have totally lost the plot, Their recent coverage of the Israelis massacring Palestinians was abysmal.

      I used to check out Press tv on a daily basis, Not any more.

      Their comment section is now run by Taboola, Which i have been told is an Israeli owned company, What’s the go with that ?.

      I am just grateful that Gordon And Jim’s articles on Press tv is what brought me to Veterans Today, Thank you very much.

    • Netanyahu comes out a few days ago and says Iran is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and that position is NON-Negotiable and gets away with it. You would think that between RT News and PressTV they could present what their actual position is (Regime Change) once and for all, but it doesn’t happen, when it should. Why?

  18. The one glaring omission in this article is any suggestion of being able to contact the Iranian government. Is it not possible for anyone in VT to contact anyone attached to the Iranian government? One assumes that they are after all funding Press TV and that they would not agree with anyone acting against the interests of Iran although they might agree to tone down attacks on Israel and the West as part of the present negotiations.

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