ISIS: On The Frontline


Learn What the Shia Leadership is Saying About ISIS

ISIS have taken control of large regions in northern Iraq and have committed atrocities beyond our imagination. To safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq, the leading Shia authority Grand Ayatollah Sistani released a decree encouraging the Iraqi people to join the armed forces and defend their country.  Following the release of the documentary “‘Islamic’ Terrorism?”, Ahlulbayt TV, a Shia broadcast channel, they went to Iraq to find out what is happening on the frontlines on the war on ISIS.


Ahlulbayt Television Network is the first and on exclusively English-language Shia Islamic television channel. The channel was launched with much fanfare on Sky in the UK in August 2009 and two months later on the Galaxy 19 platform covering North America from its London headquarters. A few months into its operations it also expanded to Atlantic Bird 4A (Nilesat) which covers the Middle East and North Africa.

Australian broadcaster IMTV signed an exclusive distribution contract in June 2010, and broadcasting of the channel commenced on the 10th of JULY 2010 on Intelsat 8 12575 MHZ in MPEG2 and FTA covering the ANZ region. However IMTV announced their plans to encrypt the channel and upgrade to H.264 broadcasting mid August. The channel will be included in a package to be announced at a later date.

The nonprofit religious channel, whose name is Arabic for the ‘Holy Household’, referring to the progeny of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, is staffed by British and American professionals from many different backgrounds. In an interview in 2004 with an online Kuwaiti magazine, Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi, the channel’s founder had announced plans to launch the channel to “show the true, undistorted nature of Islam and Islamic civilization to the West”.

Ahlulbayt TV frequently features many prominent Shia Muslims scholars and speakers including Sayed Fadhel Milani, Sayed Mahdi Modarresi, Ummulbanin Merali, Sayed Mustafa Qazwini, the late Barrister Murtaza Lakha, Hajji Mohammed al-Hilli, Sayed Mohammad Razavi, Sayed Zafar Abbas, Sheikh Ali Massoumian, Sayed Mohammed Mousawi, Rebecca Masterton, Zahra Al Alawi, Amina Inloes, as well as others, and also broadcast live video feeds from the Holy City of Karbala.

The network’s line-up includes a several live call-in shows featuring guests who are invited to discuss religious and social matters. The channel preaches moderation and has several shows dedicated to women, presented by females from various backgrounds. “Reverts World” is also a weekly show dedicated to highlighting the challenges faced by converts.

In early 2010 the channel launched its on-screen news ticker which frequently condemns “terrorist attacks” and extremist Wahhabi statements. The news ticker is focused more on Islamic cultural news than political matters but also features headlines about Muslim communities in the UK and USA.

In terms of financial backing Ahlulbayt TV relies on viewers’ donations and frequently asks viewers to partner with it “to keep the mission forging ahead” and materialize its stated motto of “bringing the Holy Household into Every Household”


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  1. The 60 minute film is enlightening for me. (There is still much snow on the ground where I live.) The film indicates that the call to arms and establishment of a very large voluntary army in Iraq was instrumental in taking land back from ISIS/Islamic state. The voluntary army is working together with the Iraqi Army.
    Religious leaders in Iraq were instrumental in getting Sunnis and Shias together to militarily kill ISIS.
    This is ongoing.
    I see the same pattern going on throughout history. During revolutions such as in France in the late 1700s, in Italy in the1800s, Spanish Civil War 1930s, WW2 and postwar Europe- the most violent revolutionaries to include ISIS is an invitation for the sociopaths and psychopaths to run amok.
    There are probably thousands of true psychopaths in ISIS- they get to kill and not have to pay any penalty because with anarchy there is no law. But they are getting payback now.
    Israel has its share of psychopaths but they wear respectable clothes and uniforms. But this goes on in quite a few countries. I only mention Israel because this concern by super rich USA Jews for Israel had a big role to play in our invading Iraq in 2003.
    Of course it is important for the men in Iraq to join together as they have a purpose in ridding Iraq of ISIS and they label ISIS members as terrorists. They are protecting their families, friends, homes, and ancestors.
    The ongoing cause for Iraqis is far clearer than what our USA service members went through what with our inva

  2. Money seems to be the god in the USA and this has caused chaos with our youth and just about everyone who has not made a whole lot.
    An Iraqi kid was hospitalized for 4 days and 3 nights several years ago in a Baghdad hospital. He received IV fluids, antibiotics,, and a few other medications as well as heads up care (this was in a better hospital so my friend paid a little more when the bill came). The bill came out to around $300 in American money. The USA needs to go back to a whole different way of living. This cost for care in Iraq shows that a Muslim but secular state is light years ahead of the USA as far as showing compassion in what they charge families for medical care. Has this changed?

  3. I read Hussein and A Muslim’s notes with interest. So what can Assad do at this point?. Assad had NATO and multiple Mideast states eventually ganging up on him.
    A Muslim- Paul of Tarsus never denied monotheism. The doctrine held by Catholics through the ages is the trinity-that of three persons in one God.
    Paul of Tarsus never said “faith in God only”. It was made clear from the beginning in many ways especially Matthews Gospel that without works and good deeds, faith is empty. Paul repeatedly said the same thing. It was Paul who indicated how the law from Moses and others was perverted by the Pharisees and had become ridiculous and overly restrictive. and expensive.
    Martin Luther when doing his reforms added a word so that “salvation is justified by faith ” was turned into “salvation is justified by faith alone”. Luther added the word “alone”. It is well understood by Catholics, Orthodox, Chaldean Catholics in Iraq that without good works especially works of mercy that faith is useless.
    I am not a religious scholar nor any academic but have researched many concepts perhaps dozens if not a hundred times. My memory is fair and cannot remember the arguments by Shias and Sunnis. Too bad it became so dangerous to walk in Iraq- my Iraqi friend when in Baghdad had to avoid several neighborhoods years ago. Then again I will get mugged in certain neighborhoods in the USA.
    Religious affiliation has become less of an issue in the USA and of course the USA has become too secular.

  4. The US corporate controlled media along with the Neocon strategy emphasized a fake divide between Shia and Sunni in order to pillage and steal Iraq’s wealth. There is no mention of where this ‘isis” creation gets it’s unlimited funding and tactical support. Gee you don’t think it might be the same evil ones who lied and lied and lied to destroy Iraq?

  5. @A Muslim
    I’m deeply sorry to see even Sunni Muslims are completely in ignorance towards Shias as a result of continual propaganda of Zionist Arabs. You are the closest people to Shias and yet you say something as childish as this? “basic tenets of Shiasm go completely against the Quran”
    “in fact the basic tenets are based upon a lie that the Quran was altered”
    Shias believe the Holy Qur’an was altered?!?! Are you sure you’re even Muslim?
    Stop swallowing Zionists propaganda to make you against Shias (they can never make us against you, but it appears that they have already succeeded in turning you against us into an eventual so-called “sectarian war”!). Shame.
    Shiasm is the one and only ‘true’ Islam. Our Holy prophet (PBUH) said:
    من کنت مولاه فهذا علی مولاه
    God says in Qur’an:
    «اِنّما وَلیّکم الله و رسوله والّذین آمنوا الّذین یقیمون الصّلوة و یؤتون الزّکاة و هم راکعون»
    « إِنَّمَا یُرِیدُ اللَّهُ لِیُذْهِبَ عَنكُمُ الرِّجْسَ أَهْلَ الْبَیْتِ وَیُطَهِّرَكُمْ تَطْهِیرًا »
    یؤتون الزّکاة و هم راکعون = Ali, Husband to Fatemah, Prophet’s daughter.
    یُطَهِّرَكُمْ = If you know Arabic, you surely know that ‘هم’ is speaking about ‘male’. So who is Ahlulbayt of Prophet that God is speaking about?
    Tell me, did Fatemah, daughter of Prophet, ever pledge allegiance to those who deprived Ali, The Commander of The Faithful, the rightful Caliphate after prophet, of his rights? Who murdered Prophet’s daughter?
    It’s no longer a surprise that you turn up as ‘suicide-bombers’ in Shiite Mosques!

    • There is sufficient textual evidence from Shia sources to back up what I have said, some of which I have read myself. There is a whole chapter in the Shia Hadith Book ‘Usoolul Kafi’ dedicated to their lie that the Quran -memorized by millions for centuries- has been altered, according to a Shia scholar in his book ‘Faslul Khitab fi Ithbat Tahreefi Kitabi Rabbil Arbab’ he says there are more than 2000 narrations in that regard…

    • I totally do agree with you,I am a Muslim following Sunni from Kenya,I am so sad to see how this wahabis Zionist puppet divided Muslims in sectarian,killing Muslims who refused to follow their evil ibn Tamiyah doctrine that contradicts Our beloved Prophet P.B.U.H in many ways, the prophet SAW said Muslims are brother and it is forbidden to insult,fight or kills a Muslim but Wahabis will justify their atrocities by dubbing you an infidel a person who pretend to be a Muslim and he is not, The prophet SAW has forbidden the killings, or destroying christians properties and house of worship in his letter to the priest of orthodox as treaty but this wahabis Zionist puppet sponsored by Saudi infidel kingdom that works with their allies to undermine the real concept of Islam that the prophet P.B.U.H left as a guidance to his people till the day of judgment. All this terrorists groups apart from Hezbollah and Hammas Zionist creation with the help of Saudi evil regime to demonise Islam image in the eyes of the world. If Arabs won’t put their differences aside and fight the enemy within which is Saudi, and Qatar with their killing machines those region will be destroyed one by one. Shia and Sunni unites and defends your country stop listening to The west propaganda,you are one. Wahabis and salafist are the agents of illuminati to rock Islam from within. Make no mistake thinking this guys are fighting for your interest,they are just serving their masters who are your enemies.

  6. And the selling point of the Shia is to proclaim ahlulbayt ahlulbayt. The Sunni’s have more love the family of the Prophet PBUH… The only ahlulbayt that the Shia love and respect are those that they use to prop up their own fallacies. As for the wives of the Prophet – they curse, swear at and abuse them; the other 3 daughters of the Prophet – they deny their existence. The two father-in-laws and one son-in-law of the Prophet are their biggest enemies… So what a deception is this claim of them being the people of Ahlulbayt – fancy catchphrases to trap those not in the know…

  7. This Yemeni Jew, Ibn Saba; attempted to distort Islam in the same way that Paul tried to distort Christianity. Jesus preached monotheism, Paul said trinity – Muhammad preached monotheism, Shiasm says Imams. Jesus preached Salvation through faith in God and Obedience thorugh good deeds, Paul said faith in trinity regardless of deed. Muhammad preached the same as Jesus, but Shiasm says faith in Imams is salvation… Another side of Shiasm is that its also a lame attempt to revive the Persian empire – the language of Islam is Arabic – the language of Iran is Persian; the third Imam of Shiasm who is also beloved to Sunni’s, Hussein – he married the last Chosroe’s daughter who was captured and taken to Madinah she accepted Islam – and her son was the fourth Imam of Shiasm, i.e. Zainul Abideen… So the Imam’s of Shiasm, from the fourth onward, are Persian royalty…

  8. So much pro-Shia propaganda on this site… Just because Iran is anti-zionist doesn’t automatically make their version of Islam correct. Not to argue or stir tension, but just to clarify that the basic tenets of Shiasm go completely against the Quran, in fact the basic tenets are based upon a lie that the Quran was altered, as is testified to in their primary book ‘Usoolul Kafi’… Shiasm was invented by a Jew named Abdullah bin Saba, to make inroads and destroy Islam – this character is even mentioned in the books of the Shia. The only reason why they survived is because of the ignorance of the followers and the deceit of the leaders, and the political expediency of having opposing sects to destroy Islam…

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