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… by Gordon Duff, VT Editor  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


American was psushed off the roof on American traitors
American was pushed off the roof on 9-11… by American traitors

[ Editor’s Note:  There are those in high places who think that as long as they continue to ignore what we have published on 9-11, it will eventually go away and be forgotten. But they are wrong. Time is on our side.

There is much more than has been published. Those that need and want to know, do know. They are now having to decide where they are going to stand concerning the history of this event — with the bad guys, or those who want their scalps.

We have never been challenged by any major individual on anything we have published so far. They know that if they did, we would just offer them a two hour show to make mincemeat of us, something to show their grandkids someday… how they took VT down a notch or two. But just the opposite would happen.

The ADL ran a recent hit piece on us via our PressTV article, but they know how to get in touch with us directly, to challenge us to debate, but don’t…and probably never will.  They prefer controlled press versus the walk on the wild side that we would offer.

It is time to put the spotlight on those who really did this
It is time to put the spotlight on those who really did this

It seems we feel a greater duty to the victims of 9-11…and the numbers that dwarf the 3,000 that came later in the pre-planned and pre-orchestrated War of Terror that has bathed many countries in blood and destruction.

Most of those guilty are still walking around, and if not named below, you can figure more of them out. Who had the power to keep the lid on this thing?

Those guilty will pay, someday… just like the long-running organized crime spree of the Bush family is coming home to roost. If Jeb decides to run, his campaign will become the canvas on which all will be laid out. And if Romney is stupid enough to join in, we would love another shot at him.

None of this will bring back the dead. But it will save a lot of lives of those who will die if the real perps are allowed to continue their work. Much has been done already.

Many now live in fear of the 2003 Sandia Labs 9-11 report, and more will be joining them as the noose tightens with time, which is on our side. More and more people are coming forward. Eventually there will be enough, and we will reach the tipping pointJim W. Dean ]


–  First published  January 27, 2015  –


Building 7There is increasing evidence that the “9/11 truth movement” is, in actuality, a thoroughly controlled and infiltrated “clan” tasked with suppressing truth, not spreading it.

Experts in counter-intelligence who have researched both materials and key individuals involved have found evidence that the “dead in the water” groups continue year after year for one purpose only, to represent a “point of focus” away from leaked materials that have, in actuality, entirely solved “the 9/11 mystery.”

As 9/11 is exposed in a wider context, not only as a preliminary to the War on Terror, but a decade of staged “color revolutions” and false flag terrorism, of phony insurgencies and “cardboard Lothario” bad guys, it has become clear that activist groups and the “alternative media” are nearly all run by police and intelligence organizations with ties to Israel and the “compromised” governments of the West.




On September 24, 2104, British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke before the United Nations. His topic was extremism and how it threatened what he believes to be “security.”

However, the cause for his speech wasn’t a terror threat, not ISIS, not Al Qaeda or even Iran. Cameron was attacking an American-based military publication, Veterans Today.

This is what Cameron said:

“As evidence emerges about the backgrounds of those convicted of terrorist offences, it is clear that many of them were initially influenced by preachers who claim not to encourage violence, but whose world view can be used as a justification for it. We know this world view.

The peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or that the 7/7 London attacks were staged. The idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy. The concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations.

We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism.

For governments, there are some obvious ways we can do this. We must ban preachers of hate from coming to our countries. We must proscribe organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad. We must work together to take down illegal online material…”

BBC News announced that Bldg. 7 had fallen 15 minutes before it fell.  It is still standing as the announcement was made.
WTC Bldg. 7 is seen in the background as the announcement is made on BBC News that the building has fallen… David Cameron feels it best we lock down The Press, but not because of incompetence.

Cameron is advocating a complete press lock down, overturning the remaining platforms of free speech and using police and intelligence agencies to war on investigative journalists through criminalizing those exposing treason and treachery.

The Murdoch/News of the World scandal, the Chilcott Inquiry, the Saville investigation — all suppressed as they built a mosaic of treason, ritual child sexual abuse and complicity in espionage and terrorism on the part of a government under the control of a Masonic cult.

The number of whistleblowers arrested or assassinated grows daily. This is the legacy of Cameron, following Tony Blair’s example, as British complicity in terrorism against the Ukraine becomes increasingly apparent. 

Cameron’s speech is a direct challenge to the harmless conspiracy theory peddlers, who were undermined when knowledge of real 9/11 investigations – citing a US government nuclear demolition conspiracy – were leaked, published and broadly-confirmed.

Cameron spoke of “Jews” being blamed but, in truth, his own government is just as involved, not only in 9/11, but in terrorism, war crimes and broad corruption at home. This is what drove Cameron to mention the heretofore unmentionable “Jewish 9/11.”


Able Danger Leak

Netanyahu greeted by Congressional supporters
Netanyahu greeted by Congressional supporters

On May 24, 2014, the former Moscow bureau chief of a major news organization contacted Veterans Today. 

A copy, partially redacted of a 2003 report citing the use of nuclear weapons in the demolition of the World Trade Center was forwarded, reputedly from Russian intelligence. A note with it said it was “not from Edward Snowden.”

The report had been given; the message went on, to CNN who refused to even acknowledge receiving it. In this report, a preliminary finding was submitted, as was verified by numerous sources, to the Bush White House, congressional leaders, Federal prosecutors and Pentagon officials.

The preliminary finding contained scientific evidence of nuclear demolition devices and included specifics on their nature, i.e., where they were planted, how they were made and a detailed background on their origin — specifically, W54 warheads made from Hanford plutonium that were listed as “in inventory” at the Pantex storage facility in Amarillo, TX.

John O'Neil - FBI patriot originally in charge of Able Danger investigation - murdered on 9-11-01
John O’Neil – FBI patriot originally in charge of Able Danger investigation – murdered on 9-11-01

In August of 2014, a second set of documents was received from the same source, outlining a long term investigation into nuclear weapons theft and espionage involving key members of the US government, supporters of Israel, and a number of high profile individuals.

These  included the Israeli prime minister, a former New York City mayor, and a director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Each document included key specifics, exact placement of nuclear demolitions, detailed scientific analysis and very specific evidence of a criminal conspiracy — including details of a much wider 9/11 plot.

The positions of radio jammers, safe houses and exfiltration routes were published as well and confirmed by Able Danger team members who took part in the surveillance.

A recent Veterans Today article outlines some of the most damning findings and links to technical papers and findings that were legally publishable.

Some of the material submitted, according to legal experts, could only be paraphrased or published in altered form, including documents with specifics on nuclear weapon design never declassified, materials however, handed over to Israeli intelligence by an assistant to President George W. Bush.

According to an eyewitness, three members of the National Security Council were present during a handoff of nuclear pit data to a foreign agent — one a former Secretary of State and another an editor at Veterans Today, who recorded the transaction for Able Danger/FBI investigators. The third was Paul Wolfowitz.

Gwyneth Todd, former member of the National Security Council and advisor to Presidents Clinton and Bush, fled to Australia after an assassination attempt orchestrated by the Bush White House.

Todd, wife of an Australian defense official, while in Australia, survived a kidnap/murder attempt by reputed FBI agents — a story published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Washington Post and subject of an Australian Broadcasting Corporation news documentary.


“Filth Watch”

Intrepid VT radio host and investigator, Stew Webb
VT radio host and investigator, Stew Webb

American investigative journalist Stew Webb is has compiled a list of purported “free speech” news sources funded or controlled by intelligence agencies and organized crime. Most are heavily “anti-Obama.”

They became such when the rift between the Obama administration and Israel widened. Efforts to cleanse the US military and CIA of “Israel firsters” including those tied to the theft of nuclear weapons or supplying terrorist groups with weapons and training, are railed against.

The Iranian news platform Press TV, often seemingly unknowingly carries articles attacking President Obama for opposing sanctions against Iran.

Alternative media, at this juncture, is almost entirely right wing, a “sea change” few noted. The powerful and well financed Alex Jones/InfoWar group is broadly supportive of the right wing “police state” that it supposedly opposes, while peddling “fear porn” and Islamophobia. Under careful scrutiny, InfoWars and many other such publications are thinly-veiled Israeli psychological warfare operations.

Webb’s “Filth Watch” has identified dozens of would be activists or “progressives” as FBI informants, many with “cookie cutter” personal histories of petty crime and fraud, arrests and charges put on hold while the “FBI stooges” are reborn infiltrators, agent provocateurs or, recently, race war agitators.



Cameron greets Netanyahu
On his doorstep, Cameron greets Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister, in the Able Danger investigation documents, is cited as an active planner of the 9/11 attacks. This revelation was published only short weeks before Cameron’s speech attacking those who tied “Jews’ to 9/11.

Able Danger, and FBI/Pentagon investigation, is the source of the information Cameron found so offensive, an investigation whose findings were made available to his predecessor, Tony Blair, someone also “read in” on the 2003 9/11 report citing that event as nuclear demolition.

We are told Cameron, who as a young civil servant, accompanied Dr. David Kelly to South Africa to investigative Israeli involvement in nuclear proliferation, was “read in” as well.

Netanyahu is scheduled to come to the US, invited by opposition party leaders closely tied to the anti-Obama wing of the phony alternative media. Netanyahu will call for a war against Iran, but will lobby for a financial war on Russia and China, a war he hopes will go from “cold” to “hot.”


CIA Cleaning House

The Obama administration recently forced the resignations of those members of “clandestine services” who are loyal to Netanyahu. The press has wind of this and is presenting this as a reaction to the recent torture report. This isn’t true.

The greater threat is CIA narcotics dealing and the fact that the CIA clandestine organizations that run heroin from Afghanistan, originally using the rendition program as cover, are also arming ISIS from bases in Libya, staged the Benghazi attack and are involved in terrorism in the Ukraine, as well including the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17.

Netanyahu was scheduled to meet with his CIA and Pentagon friends, those long compromised, drug money or blackmail, that with their counterparts in Britain and France, are responsible for most terror attacks around the world.

When publications supposedly aligned with Iran or Palestinian rights, attack Obama and Secretary Kerry for their refusal to meet with Netanyahu, for their refusal to be seen with him after the spurious Paris terror “circus,” too few choke on the blatant inconsistencies.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues, and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today; especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Given Steven Jones’ background he would absolutely have to have known that the towers were nuked as it was happening. Yet he chose to parade around the country peddling his lame nano-thermite theory for years. Misinformation and misdirection are all Zionist trademarks. He should be tied down and thoroughly interrogated on his actions.

  2. I remember when Iraq was invaded, some enterprising genius had made up a deck of cards for Saddam and his henchmen, I think it is time for a new deck of cards to be printed over the 911 attack, but not sure who would be the Ace of Diamonds, Nuttyahoo or Chaney?
    Any thoughts?

  3. “There is increasing evidence that the ‘9/11 truth movement’ is, in actuality, a thoroughly controlled and infiltrated ‘clan’ tasked with suppressing truth, not spreading it.” Certainly. This is an immediate side-finding of the 9/11 censorship: with just about every bully pulpit of any kind, anywhere in the world, living 9/11’s mythical attribution to Osama bin Laden’s fanatical hijackers as an axiom and therefore reporting to the Master 9/11 conspirators, it is unbelievable that all pulpits who affirm 9/11’s essence as a false flag would not be covertly and knowingly working for the Master 9/11 conspirators as well. It is likely that most of them operate under the influence of the Master 9/11 conspirators and that they try to mislead 9/11-cognizant activists.

    Discriminating between the “good” and “bad” 9/11 pulpits and schools of thought is not easy, and fraught with the egotistic errors. Fortunately, much easier and much more useful is a discrimination against all bully pulpits who should but do not expose 9/11 for what it is, starting with those whose vested interests would compel them to do so, all over the world: mass media, technical organizations, Muslim religious and political institutions, governments targeted by U.S.-inspired warmongering, leading anti-war intellectuals…


    • “” Fortunately, much easier and much more useful is a discrimination against all bully pulpits who should but do not expose 9/11 for what it is, starting with those whose vested interests would compel them to do so, all over the world: mass media, technical organizations, Muslim religious and political institutions, governments targeted by U.S.-inspired warmongering, leading anti-war intellectuals…””

      Good idea , but first we need to know why those entities are silent on the matter ; is it because of fear , ignorance , both or something else ?

  4. All of the planning for 9/11 would have taken a tremendous amount of coordination among all the financial entities impacted down on Wall Street. Like what Deep Throat told to Woodward & Bernstein, ” Follow the Money”. That is of course if we can finally Audit The Fed.

  5. infiltrated misled divided and conquered.. but I have hope the truth movement wakes up with the information that has been revealed, that they toss their false leaders after exposing and discrediting them. I dont think they’re going to be happy campers when their bulbs light up..

  6. The guy who impressed me the most with his quick and accurate analysis of 9/11 was Dr. Alan Sabrosky. Nobody talked about the imploding 3rd building and the “who benefts” issue until he took the bit in his teeth.

    It took months before the hard core back peddlers made their limp wristed confession, that the building had been “pulled”.

    I was immediatel banned from blogging this information at the National Post, published by Sheldon Adelson lobbyist Paul Godfrey, when I tried to put this information on their blog site.

    The National Post’s behaviour simply confirmed that Israel did 9/11, and as such that Israel has made a formal declaration of war against the United States. The is no doubt about it. It is chiseled in stone.

    They had a guy there named Johathan Kay, who devoted his life to trying to discredit Sabrosky, but all he ever did is discredit himself. I think he has now moved to Walrus Magazine and has thus discredited it as well.

  7. JS, three questions. Have you thought about backing off your plan to “provide them with insight,” which might
    motivate them to remove you from their list of friends ? If they do not subscribe to VT, are you wasting your effort and energy ? Have you considered bringing the Pat Tillman assassination to their attention ?

    • I plan to keep it simple and personal, and tell my friends how I feel. I figure I’ll probably get brushed off, but I have to try. These are friends, and they will stay friends. I have 1 year before he graduates from school, so there is time yet.

  8. The Truthers should have organized into a legitimate and peaceful but radical color revolution and overthrow the government.

    • “A revolution is not a dinner party, or writing an essay, or painting a picture, or doing embroidery. It cannot be so refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is an insurrection, an act of violence by which one class overthrows another.”
      ~ Chairman Mao Zedong

      The KM is not going to let Truthers or anyone else just walk off with “their” country, you know.

  9. I only hope that those involved are taken “off the street” and disposed of as they should…legally. I hit the cognitive dissonance early at 17 when JFK was murdered. I have watched and educated myself all through the years, listening well to my Vietnam Vet friends (none of whom are still with us) and through all the dirt and scandals throughout the decades. 9/11 really hit home, having a close friend whose husband died in the Pentagon who may have been part of Able/Danger. Afterwards, having seen this country brought so low… a longer process than 14 years, I know…I remain frustrated and baffled at the apathy of so many of my generation, and their unwillingness to see what I believe is obvious. VT was my first hope that this ship won’t go down with all aboard, and thinking all the while…How much time do we have?? And will I live to see this laid to rest, and turned around? All of us who have children and grandchildren in this era are surely wondering the same. The “usual suspects” will not change until they are forced, and will the military really do what needs to be done? I pray it will, and wonder when someone will kick out the News shills and broadcast the truth across the world. Thank you, and all VT writers and editors.

  10. Re Uwe hans comments in Facebook section. If you look at the pictures of the 911 smoking ruins, before any cleanup work had begun, you see the cutain walls splayed out and no sign of the central core, just a hole in the ground. That central core was made or massive box sections. For it to vanish must have required a gigantic amount of energy.

    Whether or not you believe it was nuclear or thermite is not the point. Something, somehow made thousands of tons of six and four inch steel plate vanish. I don’t know how it was done, but I know it was done.

    • You would think such a basic physics concept like the law of conservation of energy would be well understood by everyone, yet Orwell was right:

      “In Newspeak, there is no word for ‘science.'”

    • There were 47 of these massive steel columns in the core, and they were surrounded by heavily reinfoced concrete. I can’t find out the total mass of material that vanished, but it must have been many thousands of tons.

      It is hard to understand how even non-technical politicians can think this was a result of the collapse.

  11. Three questions for Gordon D:

    You said, “According to an eyewitness, three members of the National Security Council were present during a handoff of nuclear pit data to a foreign agent — one a former Secretary of State and another an editor at Veterans Today, who recorded the transaction for Able Danger/FBI investigators. The third was Paul Wolfowitz.”

    So the eyewitness who spoke to you, and the VT editor, must be . . . the same person? And that person is also a former NSC member?? And, by “recorded,” do you mean he took notes, or he went to the meeting with a recording device???

    Sam (who has no intel background or credentials except reading VT with strong interest)

  12. It normally takes expert professionals about a month ( excluding the many hours needed to purchase and transport highly regulated explosives ) to wire a wtc7 size building for demolition . WTC7 was ordered ” pulled ” by the owner Silverstein way less than twelve hours after the first tower explosion//hit . As they say in New Joisey — go figure .

  13. Gradually the noose tightens, Cameron and the others sense it, feel it, they know those in the real Truth Movement aren’t falling for the distractions, the mis-direction. It’s really disconcerting to them that there are those out there (us) who will not be misled or compromised, deterred, and slowly but surely a mountain of evidence is seeping into the global consciousness.

    The numbers are adding up each day, each week, the tide is working against them, and those like Cameron who chastise us are only afraid of the consequences for their involvement in 9/11 and other treachery.

    We need the global populace to help us on this, to keep the pressure on until every last one of them is dealt with. 9/11 was an attack on everyone and everyone has an interest in solving, prosecuting and sentencing the treacherous, treasonous participants. If NOT more will surely come.

    We will come for you Cameron, Netanyahu, Silverstein and the others, now, just sleep-tight, pleasant dreams.

  14. If it’s true that the CIA has cleaned house, then there shouldn’t be anybody left for Netanyahu to meet when he arrives. I hope the rats get rounded up soon, before we lose more good kids. I just got back from an Easter visit with friends in another state, just a lunch, I believed. But no. I was greeted with an announcement by their son, a junior in high school. He plans to become a US Army Ranger, and is going to start training right away. He portrays it as an educational opp. Others congratulated him, but I did not. I was pissed, still am. I had a great great grandfather who was Zouave light infantry in the Civil War (yes, the idiot actually volunteered) and he was nearly killed by explosives. But because it was during training rather than combat, he was denied a pension. He died too young, and no pension for the widow and kids either!

    I am still trying to figure out how I’m going to tell my young gung-ho friend and his idiot parents, that he is going to be screwed by the government (that’s the best case scenario), or turned into a vegetable (worst case, worse than death).

    • yup JS, I was jaded same way seeing Vietnam on TV as a child, and a stepdad who did 3 tours to get injuries and Agent Orange afflicted. it’s easy for them to get recruits now with our economy they deliberately sabotaged, and easy to hire them as mercs when they come back to find there still arent enough decent paying jobs.. while they wait to die of Depleted Uranium cancers and who-knows-what kind of slow kill “standard immunization” injections so they dont live long enough to figure it out OR collect social security. its all so mind boggling for anyone uninitiated-uninformed “American Dream cuz you’d have to be asleep to believe it!” (G.Carlin)

  15. Gone are the days when the guilty can feign ignorance, and the knowing can remain inactive.
    People like Uwe Hans up in facebook have become little more than an irritant begging for emotional response.
    The “I haven’t had time to look at it” response from lawyers and politicians is ringing hollow.
    Anyone still towing the line of the establishment, are nothing more than parrots and fools.
    Gently but Firmly, the issue presses upon the necks of those who must act. What sort of plague infects the minds of people who would witness murder and say nothing ? The reluctant are experiencing a slow but strong suffocation as the hand of self evidence closes around their necks. The game of “what is good enough”, as they try to manage reactions, is a stalling tactic and stubborn denial.

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