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… by  Gordon Duff,   … with  New Eastern Outlook, Moscow


It's lock and load time again for Gordon. Photo: Vietnam, 1969
It’s lock and load time again for Gordon. Photo: Vietnam, 1969

[ Editor’s Note:  Get ready for another barnburner from Gordon below, and fasten your seatbelt. He takes us down the Yellow Brick Road of American political corruption with the writing technique of a Fellini movie.

The Ted Cruz material at the end, about his being a Christian Zionist whacko, compliments of his even whackier dad, is something corporate media has somehow managed not to find, even though it comes right out of the horse’s mouth. Or is it that they don’t want us to know — or was it that someone ordered them not to tell us.

As you might expect, this piece is a hint that we need to take the gloves off in the coming political season, as the various sellouts and bottom dwellers are paraded before us, as if there were real options for us among them.

So far, it looks like the usual political conundrum we face at election time — we are damned with either one on key security issues, and only have choices on the fluff stuff, with the exception of some of the economic issues. I hope that all the candidates have a campaign season like they have never endured. They have earned it, and so have weJim W. Dean]


–  First published  …  April 7,  2015  –

dr-strangelove_00337070The world is filled with extremist groups, both political and religious. One such group, “strange bedfellows” as seen by many, threatens nuclear annihilation of the planet.

This group or cult, centered in America and Britain, subservient to Israel, has both great financial and political power and access to several nuclear arsenals.

Some of this has been done through key individuals within the defense establishments of the US and Great Britain, others through nuclear armed terror groups in their thrall and more frighteningly, through their leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, the most dangerous terrorist leader in the world today.

Anyone failing to note the current set of conflicts, ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya, the death cult that has taken control of Kiev, Boko Harum, Al Shebab, all dancing to the same tune, would be remiss.

This is all the work of the “Masters of the Universe,” managed and controlled by an international network of blackmailed and bribed diplomats and military leaders, men like NATO commander General Breedlove or women like the State Department’s Victoria Nuland, aided and abetted by security services, with mountains of drug cartel cash and backed by occultist fanatics.


The Iran Settlement

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
EU High Representative Federica Mogherini and Iranian FM Javad Zarif in Lausanne, Switzerland

The response to this week’s announcement of a nuclear settlement with Iran was predictable. The world cheered, Iran faces a new political landscape and American companies are lining up for oil and gas contracts, filling Tehran’s best hotels.

Others, however, turn every incident to their purpose, one both dark and nefarious. In fact, likely as not, their fingerprints are on these incidents, be it shootings in Paris or Nairobi or the downing of an airliner in the French Alps. To those who worship chaos theory, a day without a disaster is a day lost.

With Iran officially disarmed, having agreed to a process that eliminates any possibility for the development of nuclear weapons, one must examine the rationale for the entire process, that of placing sanctions on Iran, that and the years of negotiations which, when examined in the light of day, were both time consuming, amusing and useless.


It Was Never Iran

Iran’s President Rouhani

Iran had, by every international standard, according to every intelligence estimate, every report, no nuclear weapons program at all. They didn’t have one, they hadn’t had one for many years and they appeared not to be seeking to begin one either.

All stories to the contrary were and are simply lies, easily proven, self-evident but not benign in origin or purpose.

The Armageddon Machine

As long as focus could be put on the purported threat from Iran, the real threat, that of Israel and her nuclear arsenal, could be ignored. That time is gone. Israel is a lynchpin for the “Armageddon machine.”

Take these established facts into consideration:

  • Israel is proven to have developed powerful thermonuclear weapons, some 5 megatons or more, using uranium and plutonium stolen from stockpiles in the United States and reconfigured using data secured through the espionage of not just Jonathan Pollard but moles within the US Department of Energy, according to highly placed sources in both the IAEA and FBI.
  • Israel, in combination with India, has developed nuclear delivery systems capable of hitting any target in North America. Intelligence reports indicate that Israel has 3 fully armed silos with intercontinental ballistic missiles useful only for an attack on North America, armed with nuclear warheads capable of totally destroying Washington, Chicago and New York City. They will eventually have 7 more according to sources in India and Pakistan, stored in silos built by American aid dollars.
Kissinger and Netanyahu
Kissinger and Netanyahu
  • Israel’s “David’s Sling” anti-missile system, built entirely from American designs stolen through espionage, is useful only against retaliatory ICBMs fired from Russia, China, Pakistan or the United States. The system is totally useless against short range missiles or Hamas’ “bottle rockets.” Protection from nuclear retaliation is only required for nations intending a nuclear “first strike.”
  • Israel has, over the past 15 years, built both a large underground civil defense system and fully nuclear hardened command and control capability. Israel is armed and prepared for an Israeli initiated nuclear war, not the terror attacks, real or imagined, most clearly staged, Israel wrings it’s bloody hands over.
  • Associated with these facilities is a nuclear warfare capability using both ICBM’s and shorter range missiles capable of hitting Rome (a target Israel has publicly threatened in the past with nuclear destruction..Martin van Creveld), London, Paris and Moscow and advanced American aircraft given to Israel that are capable of delivering nuclear weapons.
  • Israel’s allegiance with extremist groups in the US, the evangelical Dominionists, a luciferian apocalypse cult tied closely to the Tea Party and Israel lobby, led by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, has given them access to not only tons of weapons grade nuclear material and detailed plans for weapons of mass destruction but moreover has aligned them with elements in the US capable of decapitating the American government as well, not for the first time as evidence by the murder of President John Kennedy, the truncated “elections” of 2000 and 2004 and other incidents less public.


Taking Down America

The all-consuming fire of "purification"
Propaganda and the all-consuming fire of “purification”

It has to be clear to all that renewing the Cold War through gangsterism and propaganda is part of a conspiracy. This is certainly no theory.

What is less clear is that the United States is far more a targeted nation than even Russia.

  • Continued manipulation of events has kept American military spending at or above Cold War levels with no visible enemy. Though some choose to ignore America’s role in 9/11, and its full and total complicity in every terror organization since the founding of the post-Nazi era Gladio groups of the 1970s onward, any reasonable analysis of events clearly shows America at war around the world with itself.
  • The systematic economic destabilization of America, beginning with “Reaganomics” in the 1980s, has left a nation with extreme class and economic divisions, little or no industrial base and no control over its own currency, banking or economic system — a recipe for disaster.
  • With the use of more and more radical genetically modified crops at a time when every major water source in America is under attack, aquifers depleted and poisoned by fracking, coastlines ravaged by massive oil spills, the Great Lakes increasingly contaminated, food supplies and even drinking water may disappear overnight — a process that may well have already begun.
  • The systematic subjugation of every American governmental process by groups, ostensibly representing global corporate or banking interests, observably with a dark agenda, including massive depopulation and climate change, is a reality of life for any politically-active American.


Ted Cruz

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is a US Senator, born in Calgary, Alberta, part of Canada or so we are told, who wants to be president. He is the current Republican front runner for president in 2016 and to those who fail to study, he has disguised himself as a political and fiscal conservative. He is anything but.

Cruz is the son and inheritor of Rafael Cruz, director of the Purifying Fire International Ministry, a “Dominionist/Reconstructionist” religious group. Cruz and his followers share the father’s religious ideals, but what are these “ideals?”

  • Elimination of the American state to be replaced by a theocratic dictatorship based on “biblical law.”
  • Elimination of all “impure” or “nominal” Christians, including the expulsion and imprisonment of African Americans or “deviants” who stray from traditional Christian values.
  • Cruz supports mandatory attendance at approved only churches. Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Mormonism and other forms of belief would not only be banned but followers would be sentenced to death by stoning.
  • “Reconstructed” America would then conquer the earth in a nuclear war enslaving non-believers and racially inferior types who would “serve the righteous.”

These beliefs are no secret, his father repeats these heresies and espouses these same minimally treasonous and more than insane beliefs to all that will listen.

Does he look a little full of he is "on" something?"
Does he look a little full of himself…like he is “on” something?”

Cruz, who heads the senate committee that oversees America’s courts espouses essentially a version of Sharia Law for the US. However the biblical laws Cruz is sworn to enact are of his own authorship.

He and his personal confidant, Christ himself, stand ready to pass laws and pronounce judgement “on the fly.” Compared to rule by Cruz and his megalomaniac henchmen, an alien invasion might seem desirable.

Cruz who heads the senate committee that oversees space research and exploration believes that earth is 6000 years old and that men and dinosaurs walked the earth together, believes this and states this with some regularity. To Cruz, all teaching of non-biblical history and science is the work of Satan and the anti-Christ, who he believes is Barack Obama.

Millions of Americans cheer when he speaks of silencing women and chastising homosexuals. What he says less often is that, upon the death of his father, Ted Cruz will assume the kingship of America, anointed by Christ himself, who came to Cruz and promises him eternal life.

If you want to know how America will fall, perhaps this man, Ted Cruz, may well bring that about. Gambling boss Sheldon Adelson has promised $5 billion to get Cruz elected. That kind of money can finance more than one 9/11.



When a pregnant woman is broken in half in Odessa, it is done by a follower of Cruz, of Netanyahu, a believer in the occult, a fantasist steeped in murderous delusion.

When children are slaughtered in Kenya, a plane driven into the ground in France and hundreds burned or beheaded across the Middle East or Africa, the “unseen hand” is not so unseen.

Never fail to note the satellite telephones, the anti-aircraft guns, the sparkling new $40,000 trucks and the tanks of fuel where no fuel exists.

Note how monsters walk the earth, both acknowledged and unseen, above the laws of men and their gods.


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues; and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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  1. McCain had a presidential eligibilty issue that was settled , in his favor , by the U.S. Congress ; then the Obama eligibility issue has been ignored and not really judicially settled ; now the Cruz eligibility is being ignored ; that is three consecutive foreign born issues of eligibility ( then there were the other presidential eligibility issues no one ever knew about ) . Unfortunately , It does not usually get more obvious than the fact that these eligibility issues are not coincidental and are being pushed by an unelected and thus unaccountable plutocratic ruling oligarchy to promote the JWO//ZWO//NWO agenda . The NAU is an intermediate step in the fullfilment of that agenda .

  2. Good points about the US currently being under a heavier attack than Russia. Cruz was interesting to read about, as a European one often lack that indepth look into Christian fanaticism in the US and it’s easy to think of it as monolithic. I wonder if Lady Gaga is a Dominionist..?
    I would also like to share a little, hopfully to inpire as I get from other contributors.

    Managed ‘and controlled by an international network of blackmailed and bribed diplomats and military leaders’, yes but not all.The Master of the Universe has his worshipers just like God, the righteous one and the most high on tenth dimension, has his worshipers. You bundled up the administrative class with the Command; those that control the former

    Their Command is a Two Headed Beast – as the Bible says – the Lucifarian Kabbalists and the Satanic Talmudi’s. These are not their backers but their heads.

    Regarding the US/West’s sanctions against Iran (a defacto method of war) and the negotiations that ‘were both time consuming, amusing and useless’, you’ve missed who the audience is. It is not the Iranians. It was never about porhibiting Iran from creating nuclear weapons, something that is HARAM and therefore would never happen. The audience for this is the rest of the world; a show about a (fake) threat that is to be consumed by mr/mrs Smith, Singh and Chong.

    Why? Because of what they’re planning for the future, and Kerry (IIRC) gave it slightly away the other day, implying that “now Iran is solely to blame for what ever happens”. You know the Western elites aim for WWIII and need a rogue state to blame it on, and now we are in a similar situation as with the WMD inspections in Iraq 12 years ago.

    I think it was The Learned Elders of Zion that ho stated that the AIM of the Talmudi’s IS the MUTUAL DESTRUCTION of ISLAM and political ZIONISM. Possibly they also spoke for the Kabbalists for surely they share that goal.

  3. Well written, Mr. Duff.
    The great Valentinus wrote that men should be careful of the Gods they worship. Apparently, this critical observation is lost on the current crop of would be world emperors.
    It seems clear that these Gods are demanding the kind of payment that should be alarming to anyone who is not demented or suicidal.
    Israel can build all the bunkers and facilities they can get America to fund, it will not improve their chances of survival. Worship of Death tends to ensure these things.

  4. Nice work, Gordon.

    I was wondering when anyone would get the word out about Ted Cruz and his Dominian Theology. You hit the nail on the head.

    As a Christian, I find Dominion Theology to be a totally corrupt theological position diametrically opposed to the message and mission and experience of Christ, and the Early Church ,,,

    Very dangerous (for all of us) if it ever that becomes a guiding force in politics.

  5. The illusion of choice. Reminds me of an old Jerusalem Post headline: choosing “The Evils of Two Lessers”. …As the bumper sticker says, “Don’t vote. It only encourages them.”

  6. Sounds like Cruz is a poster boy for the oedipus complex….wants to kill his dad so he can be “king”, creepy psychological undertones with this creep

  7. wow. the cruz family & rest sound like they are all 12 tacos short of a full platter (not unlike net-a-yahoo). why did this planet end up with most of the universe loonies & rejects?

  8. I see more than a hint Jim, more screaming action now…. the Christian Broadcasting radio and television networks are functioning as Israeli espionage fronts feeding the Israeli agenda.. the usual jargon, war with Iran, hate President Obama, America will never do enough for israel ,all muslims are enemies (to justify the slaughter in Americas’ name)…. convince the “flock” to support Israel at all costs, American soldiers, American blood for lies…lies that cost nothing to them …. they preach Armageddon, a nuclear arsenal planted, their planned act framed as an “Act of God”….…people reading this way more than an article can visit preachers and ministers , demand to know straight up where they stand on Israel with a quick education…put them on notice the spotlight is on them….voice their stand…….standing with Israel is not only anti-American it is anti-human , the evil attached to it has held us in a stranglehold for too long … how can they support this anti everything Christ taught which was simply the way back to our human Source we have been diverted from through lies and cunning…stealing life…truth sets us free and its time to be set free…open the church doors that the people have paid for to the homeless and suffering vets, that would be a start

    • You’re right. The evil attached to support of Israel is inimical to Christianity in every way imaginable, as is the servile adulation afforded Talmudic Judaism incomprehensible when the latter expressly teaches the annihilation of Christianity and the extermination of Christians. We need to very calmly call out clergy, hierarchy, intellectual leaders, and putatively Christian politicians on this, and if they persist, accuse them to their faces or in writing of complicity in heinous crimes against the children of God. What to do wasn’t that clear in my mind until I read your comment, and thanks. As for nukes, I feel like a lone voice pointing out the likelihood is greater for planned chemical and biological depopulation of this country, although nukes might set the stage.

  9. It seems US UK and NATO leaders or coming leaders only want one thing a war to end all wars. And everyone is watching dancing on ice or some crap on TV . Totally disinterested in our demise.

    • To be sure , ” a war to end all wars ” would mean the complete and deliberate extermination of all humans and their predatory facsimiles involving the suicides of the perpetrators . Obviously , a ludicrous fantasy .

  10. Well lets see…Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush or Hillery Clinton…? As Dr. James wrote yesterday; most of this is directly attributable to the MSM and its consolidation, again thanks to Ronald Reagan, into six corporations (ostensibly answerable to their share holders but as Mr. Duff points out here in actuality a synarchaist tool of the mentally unstable who have already decided on a Malthusian solution for the incredible stupidity, a product of their own social engineering, of the rest of human race). Seizing the media will be imperative if anyone does actually intend to avoid the self for filling prophecy of the Abrahamic religions. They have all, every last one of them, promised the human race annihilation at the hands of the angry Jew god. Don’t think for one second they don’t intend on delivering…

    • “An angry Jew God ” that hates the goyim and likes the Jews ( “but he must not love us enough since he hasn’t destroyed the goy for us yet…oy vey..” ) is exactly what the Pharisees turned God into.. When they realized Jesus was a powerful spiritual leader ( and maybe even from God ) but one that made it clear that He wasn’t here to serve them they decided to have Him murdered…Banning Judaism ( a Luciferian cult masquerading as a religion ) and Mormonism? If only..The arrogance of the Pharisees hasn’t left them, anyone who isn’t pleased to serve them couldn’t possibly come from God the Father..

  11. Ew, It now makes sense that the students were forced to attend his big announcement.
    This guy might be better for the comedy industry than Palin.
    The “batch” just looks awful.

  12. I didn’t know about Cruz’s religious beliefs, but I have an issue with any Cuban-American (left or right) running for President. I don’t forget that Cuba was and is a huge Cold War problem, and it never seems to end. And I don’t forget that Cubans were a big part of the JFK assassination in 1963 and the 1962 Bay of Pigs that preceded it. And then Cuba again, in 1970, building a Soviet navy base on Cazo Alcatraz island. Cuba again, was going to start WW3 between the US and Russia by bombing Macy’s and other megastores at Thanksgiving, while their own leaders thought they would escape into their bunkers in Cuba. And we still have Gitmo on Cuba. Etc. Etc. I say we take a pass on ALL Cubans running for the top job, for the time being.

    • Sorry, I meant to say Bay of Pigs invasion 1961 and then Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, followed by the JFK assassination in 1963 which involved quite a few Cubans.

    • The ‘Bay Of Pigs’ was a CIA Operation sanctioned by JFK’s predecessor ‘Ike’…..JFK knew nothing about it till the SHTF……Dulles was duly sacked.

    • I might add resulting in JFK’s alleged statement: ” I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces “

  13. Wow, Gordon, great stuff. . . another stunning piece of the puzzle.

    Hey, is VT going to publish anything about the nine-state military exercise Jade Helm 15? Surprised to not see a single post on it.

    • Get this straight from Jim. W. Dean. Jade Helm is a complete hoax. Fear porn brought to you via the NRA and Infowars ..

    • no such thing, an invention of Alex Jones….

      which I think we all know by now

      funny thing, 50,000 troops and half a million russians and nobody has seen or photographed one of them.

      that Jones….funny guy

      not “ha ha funny”
      the other kind

  14. Bush family lies about Iraq? Saddam Hussein? Sanctions against Iraqi people that killed thousands of innocent people who couldn’t get medical supplies. Nutrition for their babies? Clinton’s bombing an aspirin factory killing people as a distraction? More Bush family lies about Osama bin Laden? WMD’s? CIA activities against foreign leaders? I am not well-schooled on all this but lies everywhere. Is this the “rule of law” President GHW Bush spoke of? This new world order looks like the law of the jungle to me. Congress deserves these terrorists right up their ol’ wazoo! So does this president and the Bush/Clinton regime. This nation deserves it, while we sit idle and hope it is not us. The Dzokhar/Boston Bombing trial is another reason why we deserve the blowback. We finance them, and permit our leaders to run rampant over us and other people and remain silent. That in and of itself is approving it all, and we had better keep alert for local terrorists to unleash on We the people. We are cowards!!

  15. Not to worry. When advanced science is allowed to demonstrate that scarcity is and was an illusion, all financial systems based on Ponzi strategies will collapse, all religious beliefs will be rendered useless and unnecessary, and people everywhere will be free to enjoy a peaceful and prosperous existence. The only variable to this scenario is the timetable.

    These absolutes are based on possibilities – even as evil resists the elimination of its cruelty until its death, which it knows is inevitable.

    • “” When advanced science is allowed to demonstrate that scarcity is and was an illusion,””

      Surely a joke . That statement is ambiguous . For example , non-religious empirical science cannot demonstrate an absence of scarcity during the many lethal famines where millions of humans perished from lack of sufficient food . Such famines have been recorded throughout history and the world . It is true that advanced sciences can overcome existing scarcities but that is not the same as claiming that scarcities are illusions . A Christian Scientist typically uses that kind of religious jargon which is closely related to political rhetoric .

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