Judaism Is Pushing Us Towards a War With Iran

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament puts Israel over all and demands Gentile nations serve Israel or they will be destroyed.

The Jewish state of Israel is not happy about the nuclear agreement between six major world powers and Iran. Just as Israel, the Israel lobby and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament based neocon movement pushed the US into a war against Iraq for Israel’s benefit by using unsubstantiated claims and outright lies about Iraq having nuclear weapons, they are now doing the exact same thing regarding Iran.

The US Senate, which has members such as Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer who is under the delusion that God chose him to be Israel’s protector in the US Senate, is working to torpedo the agreement.

Obama’s willingness to accept Congressional oversight on the nuclear agreement with Iran makes it very probable that Obama is not sincere in wanting peace and is just attempting to create an excuse to start another war for the benefit of both Israel and US politicians from both parties who benefit from the Israel lobby.

The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament puts Israel over all and demands Gentile nations serve Israel or they will be destroyed.
The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament puts Israel over all and demands Gentile nations serve Israel or they will be destroyed.

The state of Israel is based itself on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. It does not have a constitution because “of the alleged clash between a secular constitution and the Halacha (the Jewish religious law).”

Further evidence of Israel being based on the ungodly and brutal Hebrew Bible/Old Testament is found in the speeches of the Israeli PM Netanyahu.

For example, Netanyahu said regarding Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian East Jerusalem, “The Jewish people were building Jerusalem 3,000 years ago, and the Jewish people are building Jerusalem today. Jerusalem is not a settlement. It is our capital.”

Netanyahu must be ignorant of history and the Roman general Titus who smashed the Jewish revolt of 66-74 CE and removed the Jews from Jerusalem in 70 CE.

The Roman Army under command of General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish temple and removed the Jews from the remnants in 70 CE.
The Roman Army under command of General Titus destroyed Jerusalem and the Jewish temple and removed the Jews from the remnants in 70 CE.

Netanyahu’s Bible-based delusion is echoed by too many US politicians from both parties even on state levels.

For example, a resolution by the legislature of South Carolina states, “Whereas, Israel has been granted her lands under and through the oldest recorded deed as reported in the Old Testament, a tome of scripture held sacred and reverenced by Jew and Christian, alike, as the acts and words of God;” It’s sad and dangerous to have official government actions in the 21st century being based on ancient myths and superstitions of Judaism.

Even though it’s impossible to have a democracy based on any of the Abrahamic “revealed”/hearsay religions, Israel still pretends it’s a Jewish democracy. One telling fact that proves Israel is not really a democracy is the Jewish state’s “administrative detention” laws. These laws allow the state to silence Palestinians by detaining people without charge or trial for up to six months.

At the end of six months in an Israeli prison the detentions are often extended indefinitely. Israel applies this oppression to any Palestinians they want including elected representatives in the Palestinian Parliament. This is a violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the UN is asking the Jewish state to stop its illegal actions. Of course, the UN has been asking for years with no results.

To understand the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament mentality infecting the minds of Netanyahu and the Israeli regime all we need to do is study the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament itself.

Doing so we quickly see the ancient Hebrews/Jews who wrote it wanted not only their own needs taken care of by the Jewish people, they wanted Israel to rule the world. For example, they wrote (while claiming it was actually what God said) in Deuteronomy 28:1 that “the LORD thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth:” Verse 10 states, “And all people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the LORD; and they shall be afraid of thee.”

And verse 13 reiterates the promise the Hebrew/Jewish clergy claim is from God of Jewish/Israeli superiority with “And the LORD shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath;”

What happens if Gentile nations refuse to submit themselves to Israel? Isaiah 60:12 says that God said, “For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.”

Zionist Christians like con-men Pat Robertson and John Hagee never stop promoting to their followers the debt Christians owe to Israel and the Jewish people and the belief that Christians need to give blind and unlimited support to the Jewish state. This opens the wallets of millions of Christians who give to the self-appointed “chosen people of God” and Israel.

Perhaps if we could break the belief held by millions that the Bible is the Word of God and the Jews and Israel are God’s chosen people and nation we will be able to weaken the push for another religious war for Israel’s benefit. The Deist Albert Einstein wrote, “For me the Jewish religion like all other religions is an incarnation of the most childish superstition.

And the Jewish people to whom I gladly belong … have no different quality for me than all other people. As far as my experience goes, they are also no better than other human groups, although they are protected from the worst cancers by a lack of power. Otherwise I cannot see anything ‘chosen’ about them.” Now that Israel has nuclear WMD they have the power to make realities “the most childish superstitions” found in Judaism which is a very real threat to the entire planet.

The American founder and Deist Thomas Paine wrote in The Age of Reason regarding the lie that the Jews are God’s chosen people:

Could we permit ourselves to suppose that the Almighty would distinguish any nation of people by the name of His chosen people, we must suppose that people to have been an example to all the rest of the world of the purest piety and humanity, and not such a nation of ruffians and cut-throats as the ancient Jews were; a people who, corrupted by and copying after such monsters and impostors as Moses and Aaron, Joshua, Samuel and David, had distinguished themselves above all others on the face of the known earth for barbarity and wickedness. If we will not stubbornly shut our eyes and steel our hearts, it is impossible not to see, in spite of all that long-established superstition imposes upon the mind, that the flattering appellation of His chosen people is no other than a lie which the priests and leaders of the Jews had invented to cover the baseness of their own characters, and which Christian priests, sometimes as corrupt and often as cruel, have professed to believe.

Einstein also wrote regarding the survival of humanity in a nuclear age, “A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.” I believe Deism is that new type of thinking that will prevent humanity from destroying itself and propel us toward higher levels based on our innate God-given reason IF we give Deism that opportunity.

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  1. In the creed of the Jews, the natural impulse to love another human, expressed through sex, became a prisoner of the counterfeit impulse to fixate upon, adore and worship an imaginary tribal deity. With emotional attachment, and its associated fears and anxieties, displaced from fellow humans to Yahweh,
    whose wiles only an elite caste of priests could interpret, the sexual drive itself was shackled to a bizarre assortment of imperatives, taboos and prohibitions.

    Sexual love became a beast to be corralled, harnessed, tamed and neutered. Procreative sex was reshaped into a religious and racial duty. On the other hand, unbridled sexuality might easily have undermined priestly supremacy. Certain sexual practices – masturbation, homosexuality, incest, etc.
    – were perceived as subversive of marriage and its procreative purpose. Sex, therefore, had to be within “divine” guidelines. Sexual dysfunction was assured, and the neurosis it created in the cult’s victims would provide the groundwork of a self propagating, male-dominated hierarchical social order.

    Judaism would bequeath this unfortunate mix of ignorance, misogyny and intolerance to a wayward faction of its heretics eventually known to the civilized world as Christians. The plethora of rules and regulations of the Jews, designed to restrict, repress and otherwise regulate sexuality in the semi-nomadic
    barbarism of the Levant, would pass wholesale into the new creed and bedevil a Christianized Europe.

  2. The Bible is a Jewish conspiracy. Christians are
    deluded under a powerful spell. Christianity is
    nothing more than a vicious program, with the
    goals of:
    Forcing the Gentiles to give up all occult
    knowledge and power so all psychic power is in
    the hands of select Jews for total control.
    Indoctrinating the the Gentile masses into
    pacifism and a slave-like mentality of servitude
    Encouraging the Gentiles into giving up all
    money and worldly goods which is funneled into
    the hands of the ruling Jews and their Gentile
    lackeys like Billy Graham
    Preparing the Gentile masses for a one world
    communist slave state with the ruling Jews in

  3. PTI,

    Bob Johnson….you should continue to read the remainder of Deuteronomy 28….you are referring to the promises made to the true children of Israel if they kept and observed the commandments of the Creator…verses 1 through 14….starting with verse 15…it is written that they did not….and what follows is what would happen to them for their disobedience….none of the curses that follows verse 15 has ever happened to the so called “Jews” of today or their forefathers….as stated in verse 46….these curses will serve as a “sign and a wonder” to who the true children of the nation of Israel really are…like so many today….you’ve picked 1 or 2 verses from a biblical chapter to support your position …and do not read the entire chapter to really understand the whole subject matter….

  4. As Christian dogma was being hammered out, the influential ‘heretic’ Marcion (140 A.D.) rejected the Old Testament and said Jesus had come to save humankind from the vengeful, unforgiving Creator of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible). He said there are 2 gods, and that Jesus’ God was not the god of the OT. Pagan Romans were fine with this idea. Now here speaks Jesus:
    “Seek not the law in your scriptures, for the law is life, whereas the scripture is dead…God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit… Was Marcion right?

  5. This is a link to the correlations. To study them is to study humanity. The interactions of neighbors with neighbors. The love of brotherhood and comrades. The knowledge of people and their thoughts.

    To see the correlations in genesis, go to articles and genesis template. Time is that which is done and cannot be undone. The future is that which is to be and can be determined by collective intention. The present is a picture. A capture of light. Man did not create periodicity.

  6. Numbers is 36 chapters and is validated by the sequence of the contents of the text. It is the 36 decans and is not meant to be taken literally. Exodus is 40 chapters and is the 20 days twice round to teach the progression and changes of the 20 days when overlapped with the solar years. Genesis is the only text which is preserved with minimal obfuscation to illustrate the precision of the 20 days and the knowledge can enable a student to know what day it is without the stability of the count. Naturally some actual events were utilized in the writings but are exaggerated. Illustration of periodicity is the causation and purpose of the text.

  7. In Genesis, the 36 decans and 20 days are woven together to form a story as a delivery system. The chapters are precise and the verses are precise.
    The numerical order is precise and the correlation is precise. If there is a person or group who has claims to the authorship then let them speak now and claim the knowledge of the 36 decans and the 20 days. They must come forward with validation and that is obviously not happening. To preserve peace and let man solve their differences with dialogue and agreements is why they are given the sacred duty of caring for and preserving life in all forms. War and destruction is yesterday. Lawyers and doctors indeed are charged with this.

  8. Hi Bob,
    It is generally accepted that Isaiah began his ministry mid-8th Century BC, perhaps around 740. The House of Judah, the Jews proper, split from the House of Israel in 975 BC aover 200 years earlier, something Isaiah could not have failed to notice. Isaiah makes it clear 2 verses later at 60.14 that he is adressing Israel, NOT Judah. The Jerusalem he describes is called “The city of the Lord, The Zion of the Holy One of Israel.” This is none of the Jews’ business. They left already, having tried, unsuccessfully, to extort excess taxation and subject the ten tribes to forced labour under whip-lash. True Israel has dispersed over Europe and America and has not yet settled to establish an idyllic example of ethical decency, so there is a sense in which Allen Heart is correct. Its main obstacle is the psychotic avarice and imperialistic arrogance of the Tribe of Judah, who need another slapping!

  9. years ago, I wrote a short story, in which one of the characters, a teenage girl, in a religious discussion said that her impression of Yahweh was that he was a demonic monster. She also said that Joshua was the first terrorist. I had no idea that Thomas Paine had already said something to that effect: “such monsters and impostors as Moses and Aaron, Joshua, Samuel and David.”
    I, too, was raised Catholic, until I began to see contradictions in the Bible, beginning with Genesis and Exodus, and wrote my first composition to Sister Mira exposing some of them, in grade eight. I graduated from a Catholic college, but I knew I could never be Catholic, or even truly Christian. interesting article, Bob, thanks.

  10. Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.

    Zionism is an ideology while Judaism is the practice of faith in God, the righteous one and the most high on tenth dimension.

    A constitution is man-made laws and to think that a creature on third dimension has the wisdom to equal himself with God’s experiances…. Well, after millenia dumbed down as slaves we have some decades of schooling and presstitutes and now many of us have become mini-gods. My ego is not that big to say that I know better than one who has climbed seven dimensions.

    The Talmudi’s and Kabbalists of Israel cloak themselves in Jewishness. But the Talmud is filled with paradoxies, and God, the righteous one, is not paradoxical. Kabbalists are Lucifarians.

    Watch the lectures of Shlomo Sand, professor in history at the University of Tel Aviv:
    1) The Invention of the Jewish People – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX_xXMsg9BI
    2) Challenging Notions of a Jewish Pople – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EmvANgw9Mk

    Professor Sand problematizes Jewishness as an essentialistic as opposed to a constructivist categorization.

    Actions commited in the name of X or Y does not mean that X or Y had anything to do with them. The author seems to argue the opposite.

    • “” Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism.””

      That statement is a stretch ; it is prima facie false .

      The ziojew enterprise called Wikipedia has this to say about Zionism —

      ___The word ” Zion ” first appears in the Tanakh ( Hebrew Bible [ jewish Old Testament ]) in 2 Samuel 5:7 .

      ___ ” Zionism ” was coined by the Austrian jewish intellectual Nathan Birnbaum

      ___ Zionism as a political movement [ ie. going beyond the bounds of the strict jewish theological theme ] was formally established by the jew Theodor Herzl in 1897 .

      There is a further multitude of judaic related Zionist information in the many Wikipedia articles that makes it blatantly obvious that Zionism is inextricably related to judaism .

      Zionism has to do primarily with jews and judaism has to do primarily with jews .

    NOT THE EVIL TERRORIST STATES AND COUNTRIES.peace and justice for ALL . mylo

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