Strange Bedfellows: The Nazi – Israel Nuclear Partnership




… by Gordon Duff, … with Jeff Smith


The interview below discusses recent revelations from the German press tying that nation to the covert funding of Israel’s nuclear weapons program. The organization discussed, the DVD, was brought to light during the Thatcher government when her economic advisor, Christopher Story (Edward Harle) helped place them on the radar. Similarly, in the US, President Ronald Reagan’s Intelligence Coordinator, Lee Wanta began intelligence operations against the DVD.

From a classified White Paper on the DVD:

Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst

Christopher Story, longtime associate of my good friend, Lee Wanta, was an agent of Britain’s secret services, something not included in his official biography but true none the less. Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence, told of an organization formed during the late 1920s, formed of a coalition between the Bush family in the US, then part of the Harriman/Rothschild banking cartel of New York/City of London, and the “Hitler Project”, so aptly written about by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush.

According to Story, this group which controlled the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world’s central banks served an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert. Story cited Hitler as a “puppet” of the organization that would later be called the DVD. British Prime Minister Edward Heath was a DVD operative as was Prime Minister Tony Blair and a significant number of high ranking British politicians.


The interview:

Gordon:  What does the IAEA know about the relationship between Israel and Germany?

Jeff Smith:  The Israelis make the nukes for Germany and Germany gives them subs in exchange etc. Dimona was built by France and Germany in exchange for stolen US nuclear weapons technology smuggled out the back door of the US by Israel.

Michael Shrimpton
Michael Shrimpton

Gordon:  You have watched Michael Shrimpton’s case from the beginning. Do you believe he was railroaded?

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Jeff Smith:  Mr. Shrimpton was on to something much bigger that involved Israel, the UK and Germany over a secret German clandestine nuclear weapons program, and they had to shut him up. He got set up, just like the Boston bomber did. It looks like he got off lucky with only 1 year in jail. I hope the book he writes while in jail is a good one. (Dr. No Take 2.) The squeal.

Gordon:  What is the back story regarding Fukushima?

Jeff Smith:  The Fujitsu-mu power plant disaster in Japan was probably done by Mossad to keep the covert Japanese weapons program under their control.

Gordon:  If Germany and Japan have covert nuclear weapons programs, what is the IAEA’s secret list, you know, other than Israel? What nations were sold stolen nuclear pits taken from the Pantex facility?

Jeff Smith:  Most likely there are several other countries that are involved in this nuclear conspiracy including the Ukraine, Koreas N and S, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Saudi, ETC. It starts to put the context on the stolen US nuclear pits and just how big the operation was or is and why they took out Roland Carnaby in Houston. Israel is the open back door (the elephant in the room) to getting around IAEA NNP. They bribe everybody with small tactical nukes to keep them in line and vote against the Palestinians.

Gordon:  You say Israel uses tactical nukes as party favors? Who are their stooges in Washington, not just congress, but those involved directly in the theft of nuclear weapons?

President Clinton with Bill Richardson, then US Secretary of Energy
President Clinton with Bill Richardson, then US Secretary of Energy

Jeff Smith:  This is why they will never sign the NNP treaty or ever allow inspection. Richardson’s role at DOE under Clinton is now becoming more interesting. Along with Tom Countryman’s head of NNP at State. This explains why the FBI watched him so closely.

Gordon:  You had said that so much nuclear material was being stolen that “the lobby” openly pushed to stop the MOX fuel program?

Jeff Smith:  Since all records of pit disposal pre Salt 2 or pre 1993 no longer exist, there is no way to determine how much material has been correctly disposed of versus being smuggled out the back door. That also explains why they stopped the Savannah River MOX fuel plant from being completed. It was quite openly stopped by Israeli lobbying in Congress, a virtual admission of complicity in the theft of nuclear material.

Gordon:  With 350 primary pits taken out of the Pantex facility – as we are dealing with two-stage thermonuclear weapons – are the “secondaries” being threatened as well?

Jeff Smith:  Good point. The next bigger issue is all of the secondary nuclear boost units stored at Savannah River. There is actually less security and paper work on them than the primaries at Amarillo. Each secondary hydrogen bomb boost unit has as much as 24 pounds of Pu in a hollow rod shape inside of it, along with the lithium-6, more than enough to recycle into one or more weapons.

Tom Countryman, Dept. of State
Tom Countryman, Dept. of State

Gordon:  We had learned earlier that the Dimona plant in Israel, the one paid for by Germany, had a serious accident around 1990. What is the value of that facility now?

Jeff Smith:  Dimona is basically a covert nuclear weapons refurbishing plant that is worth a lot of money and power to Israel. It is their covert foreign policy of nuclear blackmail started under Yahoo and Sharon. The entire war on terror started when Yahoo became Prime Minister of Israel. Like Bush and Reagan, maybe Yahoo took out Sharon and Begin.

Gordon:  The recent article exposing German financing of Israel’s nuclear program, perhaps accidentally, reveals a multi-generational conspiracy of massive proportions. It also brings the DVD into focus, an organization once thought of almost as an urban legend. Are we possibly seeing a cascade of events that may put light on the real “bad actors?”

Jeff Smith:  This is the other shoe dropping on 911. More things are coming into focus all along with a much bigger picture of the operation and the special relationship of Germany and Israel. This now includes Siemens / Crypto-AG and the German Wings crash, MH-17, MH-370 and why the cover up.

Gordon:  Who do you see as the DVD’s major players in the US?

Jeff Smith:  Bush / McCain/ Romney are all probably part of the DVD, and Shrimpton’s claims are not so wild any more. The DVD is probably a secret US, German / Dutch, Israeli intelligence operation started by Prescott Bush back in the 1930’s.


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  1. RA, I’m not sure why anyone who dislikes Nazis would be considered anti-German, or would be considered to be demonizing Germans? The majority of Germans detested the Nazis at the time, and it’s to their credit that the Nazis weren’t elected. Yes, that’s true. The Nazis were NOT elected. They were appointed, by President Paul Hindenburg, on the advice of his son Otto H., who had not even bothered to read Mein Kampf. Hitler was a very good politician, very wily, and tacked like a sailor as often as he needed in order to reach his objective. Notice that I did NOT say he was a statesman, but he was a very good politician. All of this can be said without demonizing the German people. At the end of the day, this much is true. Germans were the main victims of the Nazis (whether that was intended or not, that was the result) and they did NOT elect those bastards, so there should be NO shame in saying those guys were bastards. And they were a wacko religious cult, too, as my own research has proved.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful work.
    Beautiful! I have hoped for years that this DVD nut would crack!
    Wow. Thanks, guys.
    This should serve as food for a few well deserved pyres.

  3. Sweetliberty,
    About freedom…
    “If there’s no hatred in a mind
    Assault and battery of the wind
    Can never tear the linnet from the leaf.” — W.B. Yeats, “A Prayer for my Daughter”, written Feb. 28, 1919, during the Irish War of Independence, one of the many storms that followed WWI.

  4. The title mentions Nazi rather than DVD, although they are not at all the same. Mr Shrimpton is a stickler on that point. He says Nazis were a political party, and not that smart. He says the DVD is an Intel organization, very smart, formed towards the end of WWII, and that they took over from the Abwehr. So if the DVD existed in the late 1920s as you say, separate from the Abwehr, that is news to him, I think. If you have more info about that, I’m all ears, as Ross Perot likes to say.

    • Gerry, I don’t believe he hates anyone, as of just before he went into prison. Maybe he hates a few people now, though.

  5. You might be right Sweetliberty, she could be a plant. Not only no charges, but she also got in in the first place. The creeps do have a habit of controlling the narrative.

  6. Whenever I come across the idea that Hitler was a puppet I hesitate. Perhaps so; but it seems unlikely. Germany was easily the most advanced Western nation during that period. I imagine their intelligence was quite good. I would like to see this worked out in detail rather than simply presented as a fact. I also incline to the opinion that the Rothchilds are over rated as the bogey men. There always seems to be someone around who is even more in the know and more powerful as well as more secreted. Until we finally resort to an esoteric explanations involving inner plane entities, benign or malignant. Which ought to bring up the idea of free will and to what extent these malevolent individuals even have it and are not the pawns of historical forces.

    • William,
      German Army Intel asked Hitler to infiltrate the NSDAP after WWI, and Hitler morphed it into the Nazi party. According to Mr Shrimpton, the Nazis were controlled by German Intel (because Intel controlled the funds), UNTIL Hitler found his own funding sources and got away from them. Exactly when that change happened, I don’t know. It’s probably all in Shrimpton’s book, which I haven’t looked at lately.

  7. Perhaps now you all will look at the many tentacles of the SMOM, rather than fixating on the Khazarian fantasy, driving the world for approximately a millenia now? Or is this still tabu to bring up on VT?

  8. In fact Lee/Leo Wanta can hardly be called a long time associate of Chris Story. Here is a page taken pretty much at random from the World Reports archive:

    You will read here that not only is Russia firmly in bed with Germany (DVD), and Mossad, but that Mr Wanta is considered by Chris Story as a financial terrorist.

    Chris Story, in my view, was murdered for his courageous campaign to shed light upon the deepest and darkest criminality; Probably, in humanitys’ history.

    • the Chris Story references you are making were written after his death. suggest you look at the Story references using “Tim White” as a reference, a “global intelligence expert.”

      Check Chris’ education and then see how they are written in broken “Amerikun” english.

      We investigated this, White, Heneghan and others. There are NO ties between Heneghan and Wanta.

      It is all fabricated and you’ve been had.

  9. What we really need, is a concise and historical true record of nuclear armament and proliferations since the beginning, and that’s about 1935 in Germany. There is no such record for the interested to this day. Too much threads? I don’t know, but I would really like to get some deeper historical record about all this from Mr. Smith, because he obviously knows a lot of these things through his former engagements.

    I also want to let us openly discuss all the main political interests involved, there are many in a lot of diverse countries. Blackmailnig as a political weapon is an effective way, but it needs corrupt politicians and not all are or have been corrupt. So this is only part of the play and does not in any way explain, why many of the same countries have the guts to now openly oppose the economic strangulations of the IMF and the world banksters. This simply isn’t coherent to me.

    These are only some major points, I could go on for a long time. I hope we get some answers.

  10. The conglomerat of nations, Jeff Smith mentioned is rather interesting, because many of them are part of the BRICS states. I’m not convinced at all, because there are so muchdeep contradictories, which have to be discussed and logically solved, before attempting to construct such overwhelming allegations, which are simply stated but I have no proof of existence at all.

    1. I can’t believe, that there exists a deeply hidden DVD since the late 1920th and no one knows about it, especially in the intelligence circles. Which was often mentioned by Mr. Shrimpton, was the fact that no one woud openly do that because of threats (they are the best plotters and killers…).

    2. Again, most of what Mr. Rühle stated, and I’m convinced it’s true, was already stated in a large Spiegel article in June 2012 and many of the then stated specific facts were simply rewritten by him in it’s Welt article. For me, he is no expert at all and that’s why Kohl obviously dismissed him. One significant fact was not rewritten by Rühle and that is, that the first two submarines for Israel were totally build in England. Why did he left this out? You can get an 8 part documentary about all this in the Spiegel archives. Let’s begin the discussion.

    • Detlef, I’m interested in the info about the first 2 subs for Israel built in England. Do you have a link? Also looking forward to your better translation of the Ruhle article.

  11. It’s the tenth key of the tarot, round and round goes the wheel, where it stops nobody knows. Or do they? Anyone who doubts Mr. Duff or Jeff needs to do some research. Its nothing like you think it is, none of it. You could start with this

  12. Some Questions?

    1) Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t the USA and its allies have the chiseled in stone legal right to spy on and monitor all German intelligence, in perpetuity, according to laws established at the end of WW2?

    2) In other words isn’t the DVD just the very tightly controlled branch of a CIA/western intelligence vassal state, or has it now become a loose cannon freewheeling on its own?

  13. One more thing. In Germany there have been rumors for years in the gossip rags that Merkel is Hitler’s daughter by Eva Braun’s sister. It is also believed by some researchers known that Hitler was the illegitimate child of Baron de Rothschild.

    • In the Jewish Catechism, a hand manual for how to mistreat Russians in their own native country published in Tele Aviv in 1958 (basically a “protocols of Zion” manual for ordinary observant jews) it says:
      ” A final piece of advice. Be vigilant. The Spanish Inquisition and German fascism (emphasis-German fascism was real, it wasn’t fake opposition to fulfill Pike’s three world war scenario) must not be repeated. Nip in the bud any attempts to put society in opposition to us, and destroy any anti-Jewish tendencies at the very outset, whatever shape they may take. Fascism is not an accidental phenomenon. It arises in places where we underestimate the local people’s efforts to be the owners of their own land.Fascism develops secretly in all nations. Luckily for us, different nations arrive to it at different times and under different names.”
      So I don’y by the ,likely, Jewish disinfo that Hitler worked for the bankers and not against Jewish world power- I have to say, VT is all over the place in this regard and I have to wonder if that is intentiomnal

    • Yes Preston, you ever heard of financing dis info with unlimited resources- that’s what we are up against and the logic behind making Hitler a Rothschild and an agent means if you buy it then Hitler wasn’t fighting the NWO which he clearly was and the US was on the wrong side of course they were ruled by the wrong side so….. you do know Hitl;er was a “good guy”- don’t hedge on me now …..

    • Stalin was rumoured to have had a Jewish father as well. I am not sure how to treat these tales? Perhaps they appeal to the imagination and seem to offer an explanation of the various persons’ behaviour. The fact though is that some humans simply are primitive in all or some respects. As we know or ought to know a person may have a high IQ and yet lack certain important human faculties like conscience. In the West we tend to lack a complete philosophy unless we go back to Plato and other Greeks. For example, reincarnation fills many gaps and accounts for the behaviour of people which is otherwise unintelligible. The West’s reluctance to believe psychic phenomenon is another gap in our understanding. Spiritually the West is a bit handicapped.

    • Jsigur, obviously Hitler had a falling out with the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and he felt they set him up and turned on him. But it is a fact that he was a British Agent the whole War, was sired by a Rothschild even though he came to hate and blame Rothschild KM World Zionists that infected German society through what he thought were socially perverted Judaics who declared war on Germany in 1933 in a newspaper headline. Remember, Hitler allowed the British to escape at Dunkirk and had planned to form an alliance with them and at the War’s end he was rescued and taken out of Germany by Ian Fleming and his Commando team upon British High Command orders. Hitler never needed to go to war with Russia or anyone else. He could have bought up the whole World with his German economic and technological might.

      Many experts who have studied his war strategies have claimed he made ineffective decisions and went against the advice of the World’s best Generals. The German Army surrendered, but the Nazis never did and a top portion of them in Intel and science were fully accepted by American Intel upon order by President Harry Truman. The fourth Reich remains as the private secret Gladio-style left-behind army and Intel of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (some experts call it the DVD). They work hand in hand with the Mossad which is another arm of the KM.

  14. This is outstanding work here that fills in so many blanks. It is now easy to understand why so many nations
    suck up to Israel. Either they want to buy their nukes, or they feel threatened with Israeli nuclear blackmail. Finally we understand why Prescott Scherf came to America and was sheep-dipped with a new name “Bush” on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters. If as Otto Skorzeny stated on his death bed is true that Prescott Scherff was Tesla’s secretary and was there the night he was smothered with a pillow, this fills in even more of the blanks. This means there is a Fourth Reich (DVD) was set up and is controlled by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters as every other ‘ism including Bolshevism, Fascism, Naziism, Maoism.

    • there is one reference to Prescott Scherf on the internet as there is one reference to Albert Pike’s 3 world war plan- you need more than that to run with a theory. No there is no 4th Rerich and if there is a DVD it’s part of the Illuminati. The Reich did not win the 2nd world war, the Jews did and do you think it’s really fair to tarnish all those of the Reich because of a few bad actors? 🙂 That’s called German hate speech!

    • Sorry, jsigur, but you are wrong. This is the way it was according to deep cover insiders I have had contact with. Prescott Bush was sheep-dipped as Prescott Scherf. Forget the Internet on this one, we have the Intel file reports.

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