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Pedophile “Lord Janner” and the Golden Brick Road of Hypocrisy

Famed Nazi Hunter, "Lord Jenner" evades capture...

VA memo ordered false health care claims to cover up backlog

Another veterans scandal hit the Obama administration Wednesday with the emergence of an internal Veterans Affairs memo that allowed bureaucrats to cook their books and assert they were answering diligently President Obama’s call to reduce the backlog of veterans’ benefits claims.

Breakaway SNP strikes fear into Westminster parties

The SNP (Scottish National Party), is scaring the daylights out of Labour and Conservatives

Why Lincoln Still Matters Today

In the spirit of Lincoln ~ Integrity of character and moral fiber of their being are the two determining qualities with which we should judge our leaders as well as potential leaders ~ which, at the present time, leaves a somewhat barren political landscape in America.

The “Khazarian Mafia” Plotting Another 9/11?

Gabi Siboni, director of (INSS) inTel Aviv: "I strongly believe that the next 9/11 will happen without suicide bombers aboard the plane with box-cutters but will occur because of a cyber incident perpetrated by a terror organization."

The Epic Fail of Wikileaks and Assange

Mossad tool bites the dust

Your Radiation This Week

... is premeditated random murder, in my opinion and others.

Hebdo Cockroaches: The War between Kevin Barrett and the “Charlie” Trolls

They're trying to "poison" this explosive new book. Don't let them get away with it.

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