Israel’s deliveries of weapons to Ukraine to increase death toll – Putin


VLADIVOSTOK, April 18. /TASS/. Supplies of lethal aid from Israel to Ukraine will only deteriorate the standoff in Ukraine and increase the death toll, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Saturday in an interview with Vesti v Subbotu program host Sergey Brilyov.

The journalist asked Putin to comment on statements that Israel could start supplying weapons to Ukraine in response to Russia’s decision to lift its own ban on supplies of S-300 air defense missile systems to Iran.

“It’s the choice of the Israeli leadership, they are entitled to do what they deem expedient,” the Russian president said.

“I think it’s counterproductive if the talk is about lethal weapons, because it will only lead to an additional coil of confrontation, an increase in human victims and the result will be just the same,” he said.

“As regards our supplies to Iran, these are purely defensive weapons, and they do not undermine Israel’s defense capacity in any way,” Putin said.

S-300 deliveries

In addition, Putin said that signed a decree to lift the ban on S-300 deliveries to Iran. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said April 13 that Russia’s voluntary embargo on deliveries of S-300 missile systems to Iran is no longer needed due to progress in the resolution of the situation around Iran’s nuclear program.

Lavrov said that initially, the decision to suspend the implementation of the contract, which had already been signed and come into force, was made in September 2010 to support consolidated efforts of the six international negotiators on Iran’s nuclear program to stimulate a maximally constructive process of talks.

This year, Lavrov said, the six international negotiators on Iran’s nuclear program (P5+1), after a regular round of talks with Iran, stated on April 2, 2015 in Lausanne, Switzerland, “substantial progress in settling [the problem around] Iran’s nuclear program.”

The P5+1 is the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, and France – plus Germany.

Prospective deal in Iran-P5+1 talks

Iran says it needs nuclear power to generate electricity, but Western powers led by the United States claim Tehran’s eventual aim is to create nuclear weapons.

At a meeting in Vienna in November 2014, the P5+1 and Tehran agreed to extend the deadline for a deal in the talks on Iran’s nuclear program to June 30, 2015.

The latest round of talks between Iran and the P5+1 in Lausanne ended April 2, 2015 with the conclusion of a joint comprehensive action plan on the Iranian nuclear program, to be adopted by the end of June.

As the plan is being implemented, all political and economic sanctions are to be lifted from Tehran. Meanwhile, on April 9, 2015 media quoted Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as saying that if sanctions are not lifted first, Iran will not sign the nuclear deal with the six international negotiators.


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    THINK… What that monies sent would do to employ Americans as our cities crumble. An Israeli form is building the US/MEX Border fence – Who else to build a Security Barrier then those who have 700 miles of Prison Walls?
    Who else to train US Law then a Occupying Army that has for decades enforced crowd control upon those within that S̶e̶c̶u̶r̶i̶t̶y̶ ̶W̶a̶l̶l̶s̶ PRISON?

  2. @MoneyTalks.
    Israel has 2 Marketable Air Defense systems.
    After requesting nearly $500 Million for the Iron Dome system we now learn that as Million’s of Americans are Jobless, Homeless, Starving and while 22 Veteran’s a day commit suicide that DWELL on $3.2 Billion of SSRIs for PTSD related thing…. THAT


  3. Israel is not a country. Its gang quarters for Jewish organized crime whose goal has alway been to take control of Russia’s resources.

    That will not stop until Israel disappears. I think Putin knows that and while offering sweet words is also pulling the trigger first before cocking the hammer because that way he can do it quietly.

    Its either Russia or Israel. Russia already went through hell once before with the Jewish controlled communist party that trashed Russia. Putin knows this. He is no dummy and he is decisive. He kills bibi or bibi kills him.

  4. If Israel and the overrated Mossad have any brains they will stay away from Ukraine and Russia. If any brain free Israeli military types get busted in a fight that is really none of their business they should be canned until this is over and then publicly traded like horses. What idiots. They’re soon to be kicked down the stairs by the NWO and instead of protecting their own families they opt for East European street fights.

  5. How true…every word. Russia needs to get more aggressive with the Khazarian Mafia’s puppet govt. in Kiev. IMMEDIATELY take all of Eastern Ukraine, utterly destroy the Ukrainian army and/or force it’s surrender. Ship everything they can to Iran to deter an attack by Talmudia or it’s American puppet. Step up it’s assistance to Assad in Syria. The Anglo-american zio axis will back down. We only try to beat up countries that can’t fight back….It’s all bluff.

  6. clarification of the above comment —

    “” Israeli-American politicians “”

    ………………………………………………………………………. should be

    [ Israeli-American NWO politicians ]

  7. It is not surprising that Israel is the foremost weapons developer since they have total access ( via computerized espionage capabilities that supercede most traditional spy activities ) to the western military-financial-security-industrial complex ; thanks to dual Israeli-American politicians for protecting our USA assets .

  8. Given its rage against Putin, it is unlikely Israel will stop at only lethal weapons to Ukraine. If and when the S-300’s arrive in Iran, Israel will doubtless launch a multifaceted and mostly covert effort to make Russia pay. As Ukraine escalates its siege of Novoryssia, Israel will escalate behind the scenes cutting a thousand wounds into Russia. Russia must be on top of the game.

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