Jade Helm: Another Neocon Hoax

Jade Helm terror killer (Navy Seal) in bunny suit brings Texas to its knees

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–  First published  …  April 18, 2015 

Jade Helm terror killer (Navy Seal) in bunny suit brings Texas to its knees
Jade Helm terror killer (Navy Seal) in bunny suit brings Texas to its knees

By  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


There may well be a National Guard exercise called “Jade Helm.”  Thus far, no one has seen anyone, nothing has happened and we can assure you this, nothing will happen.  The whole thing is a hoax, part of the grand “fear porn” game.

Anyone spreading wild Jade Helm rumors, originated as Zio-Neocon talking points sent out to their paid bloggers, is going to have to sit in the corner with a tin foil hat for some time. We are talking a dozen states with 1200 of our own troops.  Were it 60,000 we would at least see a rise in business at fast food restaurants and whore houses.

But, I did see Paul Watson, head shill of “DisInfoWhores” warning us of martial law and, of course, the giant ISIS training camp just across the Rio Grande. Why would people make things like this up?  What do they have to gain in attacking the US government?

By attacking our military, branding their training exercises as preludes to alien invasion and inciting people to abuse or even kill our own kids in uniform, the Neocon right and their Zio masters are having a good laugh.

This isn’t the first time we have had a phony crisis like this, no, we get one every few months.  When martial law isn’t declared, when our right wing nutcases, who are far more dangerous than an army of bible thumping FBI agents, aren’t locked up in the backrooms of shuttered Walmart stores, who is going to apologize?

Here is what I suggest; jot down all the predictions, martial law, the ISIS invasion from Mexico, gun seizures and even the alien invasion.  When its all over, and it may well be over already, let’s ask the geniuses who have connected the non-existent dots where, exactly, they got their information from?

We already know but this is just for fun. Here is what we expect at VT.  There will be a very small training exercise, just like the dozens run every year.  Troops will be visiting Texas, eating great chili and drinking cheap beer.

Those who still have their senses about them will remember that this is our army, that these are our kids, that some of them have been through hell fighting Israel’s enemies, and we are going to treat them with the respect they deserve.

Were Ted Cruz or that nutcase from Tennessee in the White House, I might have a moment or two, but even then I would use common sense.  Nothing has happened.  Everything I have seen in print has been preposterous, delusional and total crap.

Now, if you have nothing else to do, your TV doesn’t work and you can’t find your comic books, then do go hide in your basement until it all blows over.

Hey, thanks for listening.

Note from Editor Jim W. Dean: What we are seeing with this folks, once again, is an attack on alternative media. It is a textbook media psyops that goes by the term, “Poison the well.”  “They” have their hooks deep into Alt media, as they never could have let it remain independent and a solid counter to MSM. Do they every invite the likes of Gordon or I, or Mike Harris or Fetzer to debate their shills on their networks? No… never… and for a good reason. It would not work out for them so well.  But no dummies they, for short money (compared to regular media) they have shown they can drop stuff like this on us and it will take off like wildfire. Sure, their operatives are to blame, but so is the gullible audience, as there have been a long history of these.  I remember way back when, the militia story (ADL maybe) about 2000 “barefoot” African troops at a military base in SC, Charleston I think, in a warehouse complex of UN-painted armored vehicles… the “advance guard” of a black invasion under NATO. That was my real first exposure as to how stupid Johnny lunch bucket could be… off the charts stupid.  “They” used to use small fry, throw-away talent for stuff like this because there is an endless supply of them. But the evolution of Disinformation Planet and head psyops kahunaa you know who was ever more aggressive, as it showed they could even come out of the shadows to do this in plain sight. And despite their very spotty track record, the audience is still there. So the problem is not them, but the audience. Please share your thoughts as to why so many people could be so stupid as to believe this silly stuff. The worst part about it is when “they” view us as advanced plantation animals, who deserve the appropriate right for their real position on the food chain… they have some justification, due to these Pied Piper idiots. I think they should all have tatoos on their forehead… Jade Helm – 2015


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  1. > Please share your thoughts as to why so many people could be so stupid as to believe this silly stuff.

    This is very big-picture, but I think it must be at least part of the answer: our brains, the left hemispheres especially, are damaged (and please don’t say, “Speak for yourself;” it’s not as clever as you might think), due to a loss of the conditions that led to our rapid, epigenetic evolution of high intelligence in the first place. Details: http://leftinthedark.org.uk/

  2. “that nutcase from Tennessee”? Former VP Al Gore? Former POTUS Andrew Johnson, long dead? Or is it the Constitution Party guy who nobody knows by name? I think you have another southern state in mind?

  3. Uncle Gordie is not God….and he definitely could be wrong about vaccines or Jesus, our big brother,
    BUT he has been on target most of the time with the intel dumps on nukes and 9/11 and calls like like this about Jade Helm 15…so far it appears a hoax…I am sure the KM and their neocon cronies and mercenaries would be delighted it somehow they can manouvre this situation to act as cover for a coup against President Obama….

  4. Gordon, I don’t want to add another fear porn to the current one, but I read about some physical transfers of parts of the FED to Chicago recently?

    Is there anything you know about the background?

  5. Reviewing all the pros and cons about “our kids” and various reasons for their behavior, I am reminded of one of “our kids” who was certainly not the “average” of our kids. He and his brother were obviously very patriotically reared by very caring parents. Both joined the USArmy due to patriotic motivation. Due to patriotic motivation, one of them swiftly gained insight into the scam of the war in Afghanistan, planned to leave the USArmy and reveal the fraud of the “war” in Afghanistan. Did the sniper who stopped him consider himself to be an American patriot ?
    The Pat Tillman story displays all the elements of the foreign subterfuge that is destroying the USofA.

  6. despite all the fear porn, etc, if you could just remember one thing in times of despair, remember this: “whatever is anti-human and anti-earth will not last” – tanaath (referring to how things will be after our transition into 4D that is happening now).

  7. Sadly the special operations part of our US Military is still under the control of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens who also run DHS and FEMA. Their goal has always been to provoke the American People as individuals and groups to break the law so they can be arrested and/or murdred.

    For a long time these inhuman scum have had plans to provoke a second American Civil War. If they can provoke citizens to fire of these dumbed-down mind-kontrolled American Soldiers which are lied to and always used as cannon-fodder (compete disposables) for the KM and to fight Israel’s wars, wars Israel is far too chicken sh*t to fight themselves and far too weak.

    These bought and owned private DOD contractors going around and speaking to City Councils on Jade Helm should be immediately arrested for Sedition and espionage against America, which are potentially capital offenses. I am sick and tired of these KM/Israeli sell-outs using USG positions of power to psyop the American people and provoke them.

    Not only do these perps pushing the Jade Helm fear porn as a provocation need to be immediately arrested and detained in Quantanimo with full benefits provided, but I would like to see darned near the whole US Congress arrested for treason, war crimes, crimes against humanity, RICO and espionage on behalf of a foreign enemy that nuked us on 9-11-01 and for funding psyops like Jade Helm.

    • And you can be sure that if the Controlled major Mass media News Cartel, an illegal monopoly was ever broken up and all American troops were told the truth that all they have ever done is fight foreign wars for Israel on behalf of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and used as cannon-fodder, you can bet their mind-kontrol spell would quickly be broken, they would wake up from the spell cast upon them and would resign from the Military asap. And if the real truth was told about how all US Soldiers are mind-kontrolled, abused, poisoned and disposed of upon returning form Israel’s wars, that is, full informed consent was actually mandated for all recruiting, no recruiter would ever be able to con anyone to join this twisted, sick, demented military system which exists only for Israel and the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.

      Not only do Dual Citizens run our Military and now set the policies of most Police Departments to view Americans as Domestic terrorists to be murdered over any minor non-compliance (even women), they run DHS, FEMA and most of the US Military. It is high time for all Americans and the World to know that these same scum that run the USG and the Military also nuked America on 9-11-01 and must be brought to justice and final judgement with prejudice. If you doubt this is so, just ask yourself this question, why do American troops protect the poppy fields in Afghanistan and fly the processed opium into America using Global Hawks?

  8. I did not know that Gordon Duff was pro vaccine. Vaccines are problematic; and the notion of herd immunity is very questionable. What is not in doubt is the money they bring in. Vets love them. As do paediatricians. Hospitals. Pharmacies.
    Eat well. Do some Yoga. Exercise. Early vaccinations interfere with the immunity that mammals get from their mothers.
    In a society where money is the ultimate good people will do anything for money: lie, cheat, steal, murder . . . keep that in mind.

  9. Why are there so many suckers? And for that matter why am I having so much trouble finding VT Radio lately? And even when I do I get error signals. Formerly there was a tab on the top tool bar of the VT site–but that has vanished a week or so ago. Also there seem to be about half a dozen different sites for VT Radio.
    Part of the problem most people have is that all their information is minimally second hand. And most experts and professionals seem intent on using fear in their programs. For example, giving a dog raw meat is not endangering its well being. But yesterday two persons, intelligent and well educated, told me they would cook the meat . . . where do they get this information that they are not about to surrender?
    People lose their intelligence rather easily.

  10. The key to the solution lies with us parents – I have three sons ages 25, 23 and 12. My kids know all the ways the shadow government/wealthy families manipulate events behind the scenes. My 12 year old has so much common sense and logic that he could win a debate against all Presidential candidates. This is vitally important – once you as a parent have awakened to the truth about how the world really works, you must teach your kids. Then there will be no more dumbed down generations. We need to be parents instead of passing the job off to babysitters, schools, the TV & video games.

    • Same here, my kids know just as much as anyone on this site. Heck, my 22 year old has even published a novel about NWO conspiracy, teotwawki, and the take over of America. Our whole family, young, old, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, everyone’s kids all across this nation are all awake, and have been since the 60’s. Each branch in different regions have their own plans. And if it ends of turning to The End Of The World As We Know It, we all know of One place to meet up

  11. Gordon you obviously know more about these events than you can or will say.

    About a year ago with the ebola thing you seemed certain it was a pandemic. I commented that it moved too slowly and had too few victims. You told me to get my head out of my ass. I hope this time you get it right.

    I thought you were fear mongering an obvious false flag and said so. Maybe you just sincerely believed you were on track, if so my apologies to you. But events prove you were wrong.

  12. MORAL COURAGE is lacking in many places of our society, but I do not see that on the pages of Veterans Today, nor from the writings of most whom post here.

    Debate should always be welcome, but application of logic and statistics seem to be absent from the realm of inquiry today.

    I see many men and women at VT Stand and be counted while deception does it’s best to cloud the information.

    Few men are willing to brave the disapproval of their fellows, the censure of their colleagues, the wrath of their society. Moral courage is a rarer commodity than bravery in battle or great intelligence. Yet it is the one essential, vital quality for those who seek to change a world that yields most painfully to change.
    (Robert Kennedy)

    • ,I agree, the indoctrination starts with the parental signing of a birth certificate… we are asked to believe in a system, in faith of doctrine for survival prior to our use of input and logic. John Gatto… for the job of reinventing EDUCATION !!! Much of the overt propaganda would cease in short time with a truly informed populace. As for Military, I believe the John Wayne era worked, it worked on me.

      I choose to redefine my own relationship to power rather than criticize an accepted business plan of the society around me which got more than a wink and a nod from; finance, religions, social engineers of further chaos, false academia, energy concerns, monarchs, and (oh) worth repeating FINANCE! Kids for the most part – do what they are told.

      Chemistry, hormones, power, the need to defend… they all enter into what I would call the Society of War.

      I have a 17 year old way way way smarter than me… I have more faith in our youth
      (when informed) than many I guess… What choice to I have if I believe in a thing called Future?

      And you know what if this JH thing went sideways, if it were real… A few of us, as always will take care of it.

  13. you can lead a horse to water…

    “A commercial company enslaved a nation comprising two hundred millions. Tell this to a man free from superstition and he will fail to grasp what these words mean. What does it mean that thirty thousand people, not athletes, but rather weak and ordinary people, have enslaved two hundred millions of vigorous, clever, capable, freedom-loving people? Do not the figures make it clear that not the English, but the Indians, have enslaved themselves.”

    (Leo Tolstoy in his letter to Gandhi)

    • I was born and brought up as a christian . Now , with more than half a century of life on this planet , I just recently discovered [ via the internet ] that people we call ” jews ” ( in particular talmudic jews not the less numerous torah jews ) have , for thousands of years and to various degrees , been conspiring to enslave nonjews//gentiles//goyim since presumably given divine permissions from God in the Old Testament . Who and where were our parents//(social or religious stewards)//guardians warning us of those people prior to the www internet ?

      It looks as if being conned and systematicly entrapped is called [ self-enslavement ] by members of the Synagogue of Satan .

      Ignorance is not a crime ( unless perhaps it is willful ) and should normally not be a justification to exploit and enslave normal humans by non-informing , dis-informing , mis-informing , mal-informing or otherwise known as fraud . Exploitation and enslavement of those whom are geneticly mentally deficient is not the issue here .

  14. Chip Tatum is sending his view that this is the beginning of martial law, FEMA roundups etc.. Are you saying you disagree with him and why if you do? I admire that man of few words. If Gordon is wrong we lose the farm, If Chip is wrong we are just more prepared for an eventual event. Think about it
    Some are saying that Gordon may have had a change of heart of late. I don’t know, I admire that man too
    These drills often turn into false flags as you well know. Could be more gov bs.
    But you have got to know the timing is suspicious.

    • I love Chip (and to a much lesser extent “Stue”) like a red-headed stepchild. The organization doing this is the US army. There is no one in the Army at this point planning anything against the US, quite the opposite. Right now, all we have as a hedge against the Israeli -Jones-Police State cabal is our army, one that has, for years, been cleaning out traitors and malcontents.
      Problem is….most of our army is still traitors and malcontents, at least our officer corps, some of the dumbest assholes on gods earth.
      Stupid..this is the threat. We have the numbers, we have the guns, the problem here is that the most armed populace on earth still takes orders from the Zio run NRA or American Legion or watches Fox News.
      These groups are the threat, not the Army as screwed up as it is.

  15. Yes, it’s just a coincidence that “Jade Helm 15” is due to wrap-up about the same time that China will open her books and declare the amount of gold she’s been acquiring.

    Which should be around 9/11/2015.

    Either way, we’ll have a front-row seat!

  16. “I have tried, in these chapters, to explain the place of propaganda in modern American life and something of the methods by which it operates – to tell the why, the what, the who and the how of the invisible government which dictates our thoughts, directs our feelings and controls our actions.”
    Propaganda, by Edward L. Bernays – 1928
    “In this reality you may well glimpse the ‘truth’, which is that you have been in an invisible prison all of your life.”
    “The foregoing excerpts serve to demonstrate the mistake most researchers make in not identifying an arcane system as being primary, as opposed to the sinister cabal of Houses that maintain, and modify it and who use ‘bloodlines’ as a decoy.”
    Ireland Land of the Pharoahs, by Andrew Power

  17. “By attacking our military, branding their training exercises as preludes to alien invasion and inciting people to abuse or even kill our own kids in uniform, the Neocon right and their Zio masters are having a good laugh.”

    Neocons and the KM don’t do anything for a “good laugh.” I don’t think they really know how to laugh. I would never “attack our military” but they aren’t supposed to be doing ANY “training” in our cities! Never mind they think that the “authorization” to ignore Posse Comitatus was legitimate. It wasn’t, and that should be our real argument, not whether it’s 1200 or 60,000 “kids who are tired of fighting Israel’s enemies” violating the law in letter and spirit.

  18. oh oh … rumor is the bunnys have tunneld to the bundy ranch… oh sh&#… someone tell wiki before we get sorchad..

  19. creating stories without substance, given voice, carried, repeated and believed.. bringing illusion to life.. orchestrating chaos through fear…they need us to believe we are powerless, fear disables…relying on us to act on what’s not real, while they steal, kill and destroy everything that is…..the machinations of decrepit sick and twisted old men in alliance with evil…. needing us to live in fear

  20. The problem lies in the educational system, which like the movies is selling associations, and not supported facts and promoting fuzzy “isms” instead of clear definitions.

    Logic is not taught.

    If you want to watch a failed education system in action just keep an eye on South Africa as that nation devolves into complete and utter chaos.

    • We can thank the then US president clinton , pope john paul , guerilla leader mandela and catholic bishop tutu for being the top global proponents of the SA regime change and blessing what would lead to chaos and then collapse of the SA Republic .

  21. I agree Infowars is largely fear-pandering hyperbole, in my opinion meant to instill acedia rather than inspire action, and is known for blatant gatekeeoing. On the other hand, a lot of their articles are well sourced and accurate, while I see nothing here but awkward sentimentalism and lack of counter argument backing the assertion Jade Helm is a hoax. I’ll nonetheless provisionally agree with you because the conclusions drawn are unwarranted by what is so far known. Military posse comitatus on American soil, however, remains a grave concern for us all, as previous military joint ops with foreigners makes clear, as well as your constant reminders about Northwoods, etc.

  22. The Easter bunny was a nice touch, I imagine all the people reading info wars and the articles on BIN looking like the little girl scared to death and waiting and waiting and waiting, for it to hit! The hoax isn’t that it’s not happening, it’s that it’s not what “they” say it is. If you want to be afraid go read William Enghdal’s article on NEO about the economy going to [email protected]@#. Or like the author says “go hide in the basement til it blows over ” Only 3 months till the drill kicks off! Lol

  23. MileHigh: Call dumping Sarin into the New York subway “unprecedented.”

    Do this: Tell me exactly what the plot is then. Go ahead. Then tell me where you stood on the last 20 of Alex Jones’ plots.

    Not credible.

  24. As waves of discernment are applied, each one is accompanied by a new horror of what we should have known. I have often heard the argument that Jones has awakened a lot of people. But this doesn’t hold if the knowledge that people are waking up anyway is applied by understanding there are many nets being cast to catch the awakening masses. No human thing is waking people up, it is organic. But the traps being set to grab them as they search about finding whats up, are numerous. They are tailored for all mindsets and areas of interest. It is not diffi-cult.

  25. Its a heck of a situation, Mr. Duff!
    I am surrounded by well meaning people who refuse to believe that any weather events can be normal any longer. OMG, snow in April, in the Mts!?! how can that be normal, just because you’ve experienced it since you were a kid!!!!!?
    At the same time, fracking fans declare that injecting massive amounts of radioactive toxins into the bedrock is beneficent to the ground water, and even though geologists have issued supported conclusions that injecting lubrication into faults creates earthquakes, we have legions of self appointed experts who know better.
    Couple this with the US forest service screaming maniacally through their shills that the best way to restore a forest is to log it to the bare earth and then burn it to cover the evidence, and we all have a picture of institutionalized depravity and derangement.
    The question is, is there really anything left of America to save?

    • Dr. Elhaik described this wonderfully when he exposed the “God gave the land to the Ashkenazi Jews, who only have a smidgen of semetic DNA, the evidence of which was slam dunk and no one has laid a glove in it. He said of the detractor’s theory, “They shot the arrow and then drew a bulleye around it”. Ah…how we love good wordsmithing. What he meant in less creative language is they cherrypicked what they saw was “info” supporting their claims, and ignored everything that did not. For the “Johnny Lunchbucked…How bout dem Jets” sports fans this is fine, but for Phd level geneticists it is professional fraud. We are seeing a version of this in this Jade Helm story, and this is not just an opinon of ours. We have a long history of these hoaxes which are conveniently forgotten about by “the belivers” as soon was they are debunked. And then you see them jump on the next scam as a replacement hoax as soon as it comes along. Why? Because they want it to be trure, to wash away all the times they got suckered. And as for embarrassment, they don’t have any. We run into this not only with readers getting head scamed, but in the miltiary and even Intel communities where versions of this go on. Our phones are ringing every day with people wanting to know “is this a scam”. And you would not believe it if we told you who some of them are, as many are calling because they don’t trust their own networks. Feeding bogus Intel into the pipeline is a major issue these days.

  26. Hey Gordon, aren’t those also our kids who are flying daily sorties over our skies aerosolizing us with toxic heavy metals and poison? Aren’t those our kids who shelled Irag with white phosphorous and DU? Aren’t those our kids who are groping and grabbing us at airport terminals? I could go on, but you get my point. You know the psyop game as well as anyone; it is incremental and meant to instill fear and indecision. Jade Helm is another chapter in desensitizing and normalizing aberrant behavior.

    • Do remember that VT represents the 28 million veteran families in the US along with the 2.1 million military families.
      We are them. When you go after them you go after us. If America has raised monsters then punish the parents first.
      Oh, you mean “the rest of you?”
      Give this a thought.

    • Ok you say parents are brainwashed, what is jade helm going to do to the public. Brainwash them into believing military on the street is normal?

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