Jade Helm Plot is “Oh so real” (updated)


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By VT Staff and a few lobotomized helpers

Veterans Today has learned that violent confrontations with American military across the country are being planned by terrorists pretending to be “former special ops” and planned/exploited by bloggers and extremist radio hosts.  Snipers are being sent out now to target American troops, whether Jade Helm or not.  The real threat will be from intelligence agents who will see to it that

Who is really being reached out to is drug gangs, violent white supremacists and radical elements who are being pushed into something that will really bring about martial law.  Whoever set up Jade Helm in the first place quite well purposefully knew this was going to happen.

Orders are:  Do anything to prove a violent confrontation.  Behind this?  The usual suspects, who got their practice run at the Bundy Ranch.   This time they are going to kill somebody.

11q_271By Gordon Duff


VT had it wrong, there is quite a story behind the Jade Helm exercises now “targeting” several small towns in America’s Southwest. We just didn’t know the whole story, not until we talked to those “in the know,” the “prepper” and “Stormer” communities that make up the heart of the Christian, Anglo-Saxon right wing blogosphere.

We are sure Jade Helm is a very real plot against America just maybe not the one some suspect.

To get background on the real threat of Jade Helm, a simple Google search of such terms as “UN troops in America” or “FEMA camps” will take you to hundreds of valuable articles. Some offer proof, dating back as much as ten years, that UN “Blue Helmet” troops have, in fact, taken over much of the country already. That nobody has ever photographed one of them simply means they are using “cloaking devices” or that they kill everyone they see.

From AboveTopSecret republished on PrisonPlanet/Infowars:

UN Troops In America

When the day of Martial Law comes in America, do not expect Fox News Network, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, BBC News 24, ITV News Channel or Reuters to give a full or accurate account of the truth. Mass genocide will occur like it has done in many other countries like Cambodia, Russia, China, Germany, Poland, Armenia, Georgia, Belorussia, Hungary and the Ukraine over the past 100 years.

The best option for a lot of Americans is to leave your country and go and live in Europe or maybe Britain. When the day of Martial Law begins the 6 million UNISF and UNMNTF troops in America and Canada will be deployed to round up, gangrape and kill millions of Americans whos names appear on the CIA Red Hit List and the CIA Blue Hit List.

Do not think it won’t happen, it most definitely will. You have been warned. The American Empire Pax Americana has come to an end and now the Thirteen Reptilian Illuminati Luciferian Families want to reduce the American and Canadian populations to a more manageable size and also want America to become a Fascist Police State under dictatorial rule. This obviously cannot be achieved if America stays the way it is. Only the people of America can stop the coming American Holocaust from occurring, so please, for Gods sake, wake up and do something to prevent this Luciferian insanity that will come true very soon all around you!

Remember that the US Government will issue D-Notices into the MSM to prevent any wayward journalists from even bothering to ask where all the poor families, the mentally ill, the physically impaired and those who are deemed as Patriots against the NWO and Reptilian Illuminati Families actually are located once millions of people are placed in FEMA Internment Camps and DHS Concentration Camps.

The One World Government OWG has its own agenda that is the NWO Agenda. The Ejército de la República de México or Army of the Republic of Mexico is already waiting at the borders of America as the Ejército de la República de México are under UNMNTF, UNISF and UNPKF Troop control. The Ejército de la República de México will come onto the streets of Americans towns and cities very soon because the Windsor Illuminati Family who control America are using America to destroy America from within and from without.

This was 2008. How could they have gotten so much, so right, just 7 years in advance?

In order to understand Jade Helm, as we have had it explained to us, you have to know the players:

  • President Obama, who were told set up the operation at the orders of “the Jews.” Obama, a reputed “Negro” rules the US as leader of the “Mud People,” those of “impure race” whose existence is justified by a need to pollute our “precious bodily fluids.”  This is where it gets good, though Obama (and VT) are working for “the Jews,” Obama is also a Muslim.
  • Walmart Corporation:  This company has initially turned 5 stores over as mobile detention and execution facilities, we are told. White “prepper/patriots” will be rounded up and their leaders, possibly based on a complex formula (number of teeth, divided by IQ), will be taken to these centers
  • ISIS:  According to our sources, ISIS has a massive facility one mile south of the Rio Grande River (Yes, Rio means river in Spanish, we know). ISIS units in Toyota trucks, up to 200,000 have been infiltrated into Mexico for months to facilitate a Muslim takeover of America.
  • The US Army:  Over the past 6 years, President Obama has systematically fired loyal Christian officers and replaced them with clones, genetically engineered mutants loyal to Islam (not sure which kind, Sunni or Shiite, they will tell us later). These cloned Muslim officers, under UN command, will be collecting guns, aided by ISIS cadres, and entirely depopulating the Western United States to create a “Mud People Homeland.”
  • The United Nations:  According to our sources, the whole thing is under United Nations control. This is part of a UN move against Israel, a move to push Jews into the sea and place the holy land under Muslim control. We also remember that this is a Jewish plot as well. We have no difficulty holding these divergent beliefs, why should we, they don’t seem to bother our “prepper friends.”
  • Russia:  Up to 20,000 Russian troops, according to InfoWars, have been sequestered in FEMA facilities in the Mississippi basin. They will, as pointed out earlier by InfoWars, move up the Mississippi, perhaps on barges or stern-wheeler boats, cutting the US in half.

How Will it Work?

Here is what we are led to understand:

  1. This is going to be a pincer movement. The 1200 troops involved in the first wave will be joined by FBI/CointelPro operatives working for the Mexican cartels. A minor problem here, of course, is that the CointelPro operatives are also the same ones warning us about, you guessed it, “the CointelPro operatives.” I think this part is a “double fake out,” basically pidgin for “cover and deception operation.”
  2. Joining this group will be the massive ISIS army coming in from Mexico.
  3. The third wave will be UN troops, mostly from Africa, Ghana we believe, being held on Charleston Air Force Base in South Carolina, where Senator Lindsey Graham is stationed, 44, 000 of them according to InfoWars.
  4. The Russian then, as mentioned earlier, will bisect the US.
  5. From the White House, suspected “Negro,” Barack Obama, under the direct control of “the Jews” will order martial law and begin the systematic execution by beheading of every suspected Christian in America.

Did we mention gun seizures?

From a website known as “Common Sense.” As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this ‘stuff’ up.” Actually, as you can see, you can make this ‘stuff’ up after all:

Most researchers as well as my insider sources concur there is more to Jade Helm than the announced purpose. Although the drill is not scheduled to start in over 3 months, it actually began in Ft. Lauderdale with extraction of dissidents on March 27, 2015.

Is there a phase two to the Jade Helm 15 drill? The short answer is “yes”.

Phase One: Potential Dissident Extraction

Phase Two: Gun confiscation

Jade Helm 15 will not likely stop with two phases and I know for a fact that this list of Jade Helm 15 applications will grow. Not surprisingly, the United Nations will be involved every step of the way. Now that I have been provided with a two phase operation from trusted insider sources, can these claims be supported by publicly known facts?

Phase One: Dissident Extraction

On Friday March 27, 2015, I was interviewed by Nik Rajkovic, a news reporter for NewsRadio 740 KTRH in Houston. In the course of the interview, Rajkovic informed me that he had interviewed a Sheriff’s Deputy and was told that Jade Helm 15 was practicing “extractions of dissidents”.

A review of the events in Ft. Lauderdale on March 27, 2015, clearly demonstrated that a dissident extraction drill was indeed being conducted.

Did you ever think you would see this in America? This is an extraction of dissidents drill in Florida.

The Jade Helm Experts

In order to be an expert with inside sources, always a brother in law that is a cop somewhere, usually a mall cop or maybe someone who once wanted to be a cop. There are other things Jade Helm experts have in common, they are selling things:

  • “Prepper gear,” including water purification, disaster rations, all manner of good to support that long trek on the “trail of tears” that “the Jews” seem to have in store for us.
  • A history of support for medical quackery, whether “male vitality” or “homeopathic medicine,” if you aren’t sick, they will CONvince you that you are. Sound familiar?

The Politics of Jade Helm

OK, we know Obama is ordering it. This means that, though hated by Netanyahu and Israel, he is really working for “the Jews.” With him is the military, normally very “right wing.” Now they are working with the Russians and ISIS (I have suspicions there) and “the Jews” as well, though the Russians under Putin and “the Jews” don’t seem to be getting along so well either.

According to our “two step” blogger, Texas will be disarmed first. This will be done by the initial Jade Helm group, numbering as few as 200. From the Houston Press, a bit of disturbing fact at how challenged Jade Helm will be in Texas alone, the poll:

Deeper into the poll was a basic question: Do you or a family member own a gun?

Answer: Hells to the yes.

Nearly half of the 1,200 Texas voters polled, or a member of the polled person’s family, own at least one gun, results showed.

According to the poll, 19 percent of the gun owners had just a single gun….but single guns are for wimps. If you’re going to be a gun owner, then be a gun owner: 44 percent owned from two to five guns.

Twenty percent — one in five Texan gun owners — packed more than five guns. Most ominously of all, 17 percent of those polled answered “prefer not to say.” We assume that last group also has an impressive collection of beans, jugs of water and many non-perishable foods.

Why do they own (so, so many) guns? The poll showed 44 percent cited “protection” and 19 percent hunting or sport shooting. Fair enough.

But let’s do some extrapolating. There were 13,646,226 Texans who voted in 2012.

The poll says 44 percent of Texas voters, or a family member, own a gun — that would be a little over six million people. (Yikes.)

Of that 44 percent, two percent — a little over 120,000 Texans — said the reason they own a gun is “Second Amendment right,” to quote the poll exactly.

Rough math would have the Jade Helm crew outnumbered somewhere between 100 to 1 up to 10,000 to 1. Of course then there is the other problem, Texans are generally armed, on a one to one basis, far better than Navy SEALs. Texas is a big market for the VT custom shop.

VT's 24 Inch "Texas Plinker" in 7.62x51mm
VT’s 24 Inch “Texas Plinker” in 7.62x51mm

We have this other issue, “the Jews.” VT and in particular Gordon Duff, Senior Editor top the ADL’s list of most dangerous threats to the Israel lobby in the US. Of course, the Jade Helm folks, none of whom are mentioned whatsoever, are starting to claim that Jade Helm is a VT and “the Jews” plot, with Obama of course added in, the “Mud Person President” who is hated by Israel but secretly working for them as part of a grand scheme that nobody can quite put together.

So, we have VT, Duff, “the Jews,” Putin’s Russia, ISIS, Walmart Corporation, the United Nations, Ghana and a billion Muslims standing against the Stormer Crowd, InfoWars, the “prepper” community and the entire listenership/viewership of Fox News.

Do I have that part right?


Some of the materials quoted here are many years old, warning of Jade Helm well in advance. It reminds me of the self appointed economists who continually warn of the collapse of Americas markets.

This began AFTER the real collapse in 2008. While this gang pushed their followers out of the markets, the markets rose 285%.

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  1. As we are being bombed with chemplanes = slow kill. Making us too sedated and brain dead to fight. They can turn up the heat easily . At least China shot down a CIA chemplane spraying the bird flu virus.
    One wish = a endless fleet of fighter jets to do the same.

  2. “So, we have VT, Duff, “the Jews,” Putin’s Russia, ISIS, Walmart Corporation, the United Nations, Ghana and a billion Muslims standing against the Stormer Crowd, InfoWars, the “prepper” community and the entire listenership/viewership of Fox News.

    Do I have that part right?”

    You forgot the Russian troops on riverboats seizing the Mississippi and cutting America in half; my favorite part…

  3. the situation is far more fluid now. gordon seems to be backtracking somewhat. but everyone is changing their position on this as it develops. stubblebine thinks it is the real thing, so too chip tatum. could it be a maidan, a color revolution in the good old isa. talk of provocateurs, snipers etc now surround this thing. vt is trying to turn down the rhetoric admirably. a drill turns from a reality play into reality happens frequently in the us these days. there is a large non military force available even if the us military would not do as they have announced. contractors

  4. I sure hope you are right! …..
    With Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s Harbinger and with all the blood moons and of course 9-11! (And too, for us who have some beliefs in The Bible)

    If there is any truth to this becoming a nightmare than too, each and every one of our U.S men and women involved, should remember their oaths!
    (They (OUR U.S Troops) are either with us, or their with the Nazzi Satanist Terrorists!) They’d better SERIOUSLY remember that!

  5. I am personally very very upset that the SS Zombie Nazi squad was not included in this list. They are an integral part of every mass take over and should be respected and feared by all flag waving patriotic SPAM eaters. Alone, this one group can terrorize entire continents and control two without any effort and not one mention of them is in this otherwise fine dissertation. Shame on you VT.

  6. This isn’t a newspaper and you don’t have any ads so there is no reason to fill the space between the ads with crap like this.

    • This a satire, a long used tool in political and ideological battlers to shake people out of their stupors…which we see as a big problem for many as the Net has subdivided the mass audience into a large variety of cattle pens where they have been tested to learn what stimuli they will respond to most dependably, and how how cheaply a manipulator can pull this off, including the use of “dummy volunteers”.

  7. Being that so many fall under the dissident category, how many troops on the ground would it take to subdue a single state, much less the country ?

    Way more than we got. With power transfer comes responsibility. There is no cause for fear in this area. Go worry about vaccines and fallout. Plastic bags and thermal paper is above this type of concern. Stop GMO and reduce military spending by 80% , then come talk about this. It will not even come up at that point.

    • Who says that you have to subdue an entire state ?

      Simply capturing a few blacklist dissidents in each state would be disastrous since it would demonstrate the power of the tyranny to capture anyone , anywhere .

      Did the Soviet politburo get Nuremburg trials for their dissident extermination programs ? Did the communist chinese exterminators of political dissidents get Nuremburg trials ? Did ww2 allies get Nuremburg trials for their civilian extermination bombings ? Were the exterminations of an armed cambodian population stopped before hitting the 500,000 mark ? And so on .

    • moneytalks, we are among the most informed, well armed people on the planet. Why would we bomb Yemen ? The US population is well under control. Jade Helm is an opportunity for the mobile.Go to the cities and get photos of the armbands.

  8. Infowars says Russians will move up the Mississippi? Has someone told him that the British tried that in the War of 1812? And that Andrew Jackson fried their butts in New Orleans? Who in their right mind would try to go UP the Mississippi? The Army Corps of Engineers, maybe? The Coast Guard? Anyone else would likely end up in the Atchafalaya swamp. Any article suggesting such an idea must be considered satire.

    • Up the Mississippi? That means another Battle of New Orleans! And Johnny Horton’s dead!

      I clicked my Mouse, but the stupid kept a’ comin’,
      Sees like twice as many as there was a while ago…

      I’ll sleep on it.

    • Yes, NortonSmitty. “Old Hickory said, We’ll take them by surprise.” I loved that song as a kid, knew every word.

    • @ Zugero

      Why would anyone with half a brain imagine that a conspiracy is not possible and that we are not watching a real world geo-political global JWO kabuki theater production ?

      { All the world is a stage } — Shakespeare

    • @ Zaguero:

      Moneytalks has a point with Shakespeare. Who said that these “Russian troops” are even acting under the Russian government? Maybe they’re just mercenaries from an ex-Soviet country [my money’s on Ukraine] pretending to be Russians. Average Americans would not know the difference, and this would poison the well with Russia.

      This may or may not be the case with Jade Helm, yet something to remove/silence “dissidents” is necessary if the KM wants to widen WW3. Remember how their last false flag push fell flat due to those “dissidents”?

  9. Yes it is a joke. Why would anyone contemplate imposing martial law when the people are so utterly clueless? The people in power are laughing at the bovine stupidity of the American people at this stage, They do not have to do anything just send out a couple more liars to deliver the pathetic and useless fear porn message and the problem evaporates in a whirlwind of ignorance and stupidity.. The American people, by and large are dealt with very easily by deploying pieces of crap like AJ and PS and all the other lying hucksters of the fear porn industry, and are still so awesomely ignorant that many whine about a “Muslim takeover”. Pathetic.

  10. Dave Johnson,
    I hear they’ll make us play soccer and eat broccoli in the fema camps!

  11. Preppers. Aren’t these the people who were putting their life savings into gold when it was over $1,800 on the guarantee it was headed for $10,000? Higher, maybe! Bury it in the back yard!

  12. But in addition I foresee a box office hit: Jade Helm–a futuristic film in which Jade Helm is a luxury woman’s store with the most exotic jewelry and clothing. Turns out though that the Chinese have created microscopic listening devices in the jewelry that the Washington, D.C. wives and girl friends zealously purchase and which relays to the Chinese all sorts of valuable Intel. However, the heroine of the film figures this out and sabotages this plot with the aid of her partner, a transvestite boyfriend who is a hacker whiz. This is just a brief sketch of an amazingly intricate and complex plot that almost no one can follow . . . so the above hardly amounts to a spoiler. A one point a veteran’s website clues in the heroine who occasionally writes a column for the site and who was at one time a Navy Seal or so the rumor has it. Don’t miss this one as it is loaded with all sorts of classified info though hidden well. Free popcorn for vets also.

  13. Jade Helm: helm is protective head gear; since jade is typically not used for that purpose, jade must refer to the color, usually a green. So Green Helmet or Green Headgear. Green Helmet is not very potent or scary sounding whereas Jade Helm brings in the Chinese and there is a helm in Lord Of The Rings. I think that about does it.

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