Bombing Ends (Or Not): Houthis Get Sophisticated Weapons and Saudi Arabia “at their mercy”

Anti-Aircraft fire over Yemen
Saudi mortars shelling Yemeni desert from their positions inside Saudi Arabia
Saudi mortars shelling Yemeni desert from their positions inside Saudi Arabia

Nahed Al Hussaini for Veterans Today (Special Report)

Saudi Arabia has announced it is ceasing its bombing campaign against Yemen.

“The Houthis have in their arsenal a variety of missiles including long-rage Fatah 110 and Sam7, anti-tank Concors 72, anti-armored vehicle Tofan and Stinger, which can probably upset the military calculations of the Saudi-led coalition.”

Saudi Victory is Achieved as Houthi’s Hand Them Their Asses on a Platter


Damascus (VT):  The Press Office of the Secretary-General of the European Department for Security and Information, Ambassador Dr. HAISSAM BOU SAID, underscored that the Houthist have the ability to invade Saudi cities without a significant resistance by using far-reaching weapons, according to a military data revealed by the DESI.

Anti-Aircraft fire over Yemen
Anti-Aircraft fire over Yemen

He added that the escalation of rhetoric between the various political factions in Lebanon, namely between the Iran-backed Shiite “Hezbollah” and the Saudi-backed Sunni Future party will cause imbalance in the Lebanese society. Therefore, we call on all political parties to deviate from the regional conflict and take into consideration the interests of the Lebanese society and stay away from the axes involved in the regional conflict.

The Secretary General pointed out that the situation in the Yemen will put the entire region on the volcano crater and the European States look with great concern to this accelerated rhetoric.


Ambassador Dr. BOU-SAID said “the situation in Yemen cannot go on this way, and a political solutions must be found. He praised the call made by the Lebanese Speaker of Parliament Nabih Bari for a political solution to bring to an end to the unjustified war against Yemen.

Saudi Brigadier General Ahmed al Asiri is quoted as saying:

The coalition has ended Operation Decisive Storm based on a request by the “Yemeni government” and “President Abdrabbuah Mansour Hadi” (who is in exile in Saudi Arabia after resigning his office and fleeing the country)

The Houthi rebels who continue to rule the majority of the country are, according to Saudi Arabia, no longer a threat.  Saudi Arabia has praised the courage of their pilots and sailors who have had considerable success in bombing unarmed civilian populations and destroying as much of the infrastructure of Yemen as possible, aided by pilots from the Israeli Air Force, US Air Force refueling, missing planning and intelligence and a US naval blockade.

Saudis Fear Overthrow of the Monarchy

Saudi fear that internal opposition would join with rebel factions in Yemen has pushed the Kingdom to turn to carefully vetted troops loyal only to the Royal Family.  Some analysts believe that the Saudi move to side with ISIS and Al Qaeda in Yemen and its history of religious and financial support for these pro-Wahahi institutions, may help bolster the flagging popularity of the much criticized monarchy.

From Al Jazeera:

The coalition announcement came hours after Riyadh said it was preparing to send its elite National Guard to reinforce its border with Yemen.

The National Guard is regarded as the country’s best equipped military force, and until now has not been involved in the campaign.

Led by Miteb, the son of the late King Abdullah, the unit is recruited from tribes that have traditionally backed the Saudi royal family.

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  1. Yes, indeed. I am looking forward to the fall and annihilation of the Jewish house of Saud. More than this, I hope to see the dissolution of the pariah state called Israel. And more than that I hope to witness the executions for treason of the Jewish
    PNACers and Bush cabal HERE.
    I also hope to see the scourge known as Rockefeller burned into the grass of the American plains, and their undeserved fortune used to fund education and public projects.
    This day may yet come.

  2. “Saudi Arabia has praised the courage of their pilots and sailors who have had considerable success in bombing unarmed civilian populations and destroying as much of the infrastructure of Yemen as possible,”

    Got some real brave and courageous folks out there, we aught to feel safe and proud we are looked after by the insane.

    • These Houthi “tribes” are facing the most military hardware money can buy, paid for by the Bahrani people who had their revenue stolen from them like we do here. Saudi Arabia has its own MIC and its very very impressive. But, money doesnt buy success, it just makes the attempt look more professional.

    • Always the destruction of infrastructure, always, and way above what is necessary. It seems like the prime directive.

  3. The US, along with cooperation from the exiled President of Yemen, made an agreement to confiscate, (buy back), weapons the Houthi tribes have collected over the decades in exchange for money, political clout, and more of that stuff their chewing on. I read this 4 months ago before Saudi Arabia wanted to play lets take a Nation. I’m guessing they knew this was coming and gave them the old outdated non working equipment to make more room.

  4. Everytime, a war is staged somewhere, prefereable in the middle east, I’m looking at other places. The game theory warfare includes permanent distraction from important happenings elsewhere.

    I found, that the US nave is very active in the Pacific. They just started a big manoeuvre near the Phillipines, Obama spoke some aggressive words in the direction of China and they already answered.

    Look it up, it doesn’t sound peaceful. By the way, Obama just stated that Europe has to manage the refugee “thing” alone, implicitely saying that the US has nothing to do with it.

    • The refugee problem is based in Libya. It was Steven Harper and John Baird who got the RCAF to take the lead in the destruction of Libya, to help Libyan oil companies owned by such people as Bob Rae’s brother (ne Levy) so essentially Canada is largely responsible for Europe’s refugee problem. Canada should now pick up Europe’s expenses at handling the refugess problem.

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