Britain: Lord “Nazi Hunter’s” Pedophile Cover Up

  • CPS boss Alison Saunders said Janner is unfit to plead due to dementia
  • But the CPS has pursued other suspected paedophiles with illness
  •  Two months ago Roy Shaw was unfit to plead but put on trial anyway
  • Teachers, fathers, scout leader and others with dementia also convicted 
  • CPS now accused of ‘double standards’ for not pursuing case 

 Case: The CPS has decided not to prosecute Lord Janner over alleged child sex offences but 19 others with dementia have been pursued in recent years

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  1. Zaguero, As I see it, ROME went into England twice & never came out.
    They linked arms that stretched around the world.

  2. Is Alison Saunders the person who was sent from New Zealand to deal with these cases. If so this makes me sad.
    However all members of the BAR Association pledge an oath to each other within the NWO.
    Get the cases OUT of the fictional LEGAL COURTS (Law of the SEA, (holy SEE) and under our REAL LAW, Law of the land.
    To me these warped individuals are guilty of killing children before their bodies die.
    This particular chap is capable of writing a letter to ensure he keeps his job & I believe is still making decisions over the lives of the masses to this date. No excuses please, he must be sacked & tried in Court.

  3. court justice (deliberately!) fails, street justice might not, lets hope for some!
    the paedo’s, the “judges” who let them walk, and whatever other criminals aiding criminals.

  4. Everything I’ve read assumes as a matter of fact that he’s guilty because accused and that hypocritical Zionism is relevant and material. His position is indeed suspicious, however, because with wealth and powerful connections, you’d think he’d want to fight this to the last for the sake of his family if innocent.

  5. The whole of British “nobility” is infected with this, and will stop at nothing to keep it covered. They should be publicly bled – everyone of them, along with every Rothschild that infected them. See Greg Hallett for the real history of the Royal’s genetics in England.

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