The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson

Is Satanism the religion of Washington?


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Some people call themselves whistleblowers.  When we look into them, who they are, where they were, what they really knew, some are total frauds, most are fabrications and the majority are “stooges” or “informants.”

Ted Gunderson was a senior FBI official who, during his career, investigated a number of famous cases.  In the process, one of two things happened:

  1. Gunderson stumbled on a secret satanic child murdering cult and included two American presidents, Reagan and Bush (41) or
  2. No such things exist and he is utterly irrational.

I have never met Ted Gunderson.  I have been told repeatedly, Stew Webb in particular, that Gunderson, who died in 2011, was a total fraud, every word out of his mouth a lie.  Then I began checking.

Gunderson checks out entirely.  Others do not check out at all.  Very real sources, close to the Reagan and Bush families, support Gunderson’s claims.  The video above has been around for some time.  I had been made aware of what was called the Franklin Scandal long ago when approached by a GOP state chairman on behalf of the president.

I have no evidence of any wrongdoing on behalf of the then seated president.  I am aware he was being blackmailed based on what was said to be photographic evidence of some kind.  I was told it was related to “rent boys” and senior GOP officials who had put the president in compromising position.  This is what I was told.  I didn’t believe what I was told.  What did I believe?  Does that matter?

A few weeks ago a witness contacted me about President Reagan, someone close to the highest levels of government.  I was told Reagan was a “degenerate pedophile.”  I believe the person who told me for a variety of reasons, access, credibility and this is someone who was otherwise favorably disposed to the Reagan presidency.  This was also someone that knew President Reagan personally.

Reagan had never been on my radar.  The issue, as explained by Gunderson, is that there are secret societies, satanic in nature, he uses the terms “Illuminati” and “One World Government” that run the United States, murder at will, rig elections, start wars, coordinate terror attacks.

When we go back to discussing the GOP child murder ring that was discovered in Nebraska and written about by former Green Beret, John DeCamp, so many things come together.  These stories are decades old, they are reiterated in the stories about General Paul Vallely’s command at the Presidio and less public stories about the Air Force nuclear commands, Minot Air Force Base in particular, and a sickness that begins at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and has infected that institution.

What is seen in every case are deep parallels between evangelical christianity, neo-conservatism, the Israel lobby and certain affiliations that begin before the First World War.  What is seen is nihilism, something expressed in the post war works of Herman Hesse, books like Demian and Steppenwolf, a mix of Hegelianism and social engineering ending in a strange marriage between those who purport to seek a better world through selective breeding and social control and yet turn out to be the exact same people who would burn it all down.

Last week, a former German defense official made public details on Germany’s covert program that financed Israel’s nuclear weapons development.   In ways the story reminded me of Al Capone, the famous gangster of Chicago’s “Roaring Twenties.”  Capone was never convicted of racketeering, murder or bootlegging.  They got him for income tax evasion.

The German story, the financing of Israel’s nuclear program led to a similar set of revelations.  It exposed, inside Germany, a Nazi “stay behind” network that not only survived World War II but dominated first the US then Britain and, eventually, the European Union itself.

We had always known that Britain was filled with Nazi collaborators and that sympathies for Hitler’s cause ran high in Britain among the nobility.  What we didn’t know and have so much difficulty understanding is why Hitler had so much support among the financial groups as well, the Rothschilds and other Jewish families, the ones we had always been told had pushed for open economic war against Germany in 1933 when Hitler had taken control.

We could bring into question issues of who Hitler was or the real nature of the holocaust but as we collect more information, it is almost entirely contradictory.  When proven facts are contradictory we are faced with another question, could reality be so far from what we imagine that our paradigm is useless?  It would seem this is the case.

If Gunderson is right, that satanic cults that cross borders, care nothing of ethnicity or “veneer” religions, which evangelical Christianity and most Judaism as well can and should be aptly described as, then the “prime mover” is a belief in the supernatural.

It isn’t hard to see that we are governed or “ruled” as it were by self appointed “supermen.”  A corrupt political system of a society in steep decline has empowered the weakest least survivable who find solace in depravity, perversion, eroticism and betrayal.

Does anyone disagree?

For the past couple of years, Britain has been trying to put the lid on a sex scandal that touches the breadth of the elites of that nation, police forces and spy agencies we now suspect have long been working for a Nazi secret society, a government of pedophiles, name after name leading to name after name with no one left out anymore.

Considerable effort was made to “get to” Ted Gunderson, to discredit him and silence him.  John DeCamp who was an aid to former CIA Director William Colby while in Vietnam, is similarly subjected to continual attack.

DeCamp is alive but silent, though very much “on the record.”  Their stories lead to the Bush family and beyond, from the presidency to the banking centers of the world, to the royal families of Europe and throughout the American military.  When we turn on our televisions the people we see the men, often bible in hand, spend much more time crouching before naked little boys.

The evidence is there, volumes, pervasive, proven and ignored.  Take a look at congress.  Would you allow any of these people to take your children for an ice cream cone?

I think not.  Instead of going after them, we have, for decades now, been fed an endless stream of pedophile priests.  When comparing the two, looking at the facts, the real evidence, the priests simply molest the children, they don’t kill them, or not so many anyway.  Was Adam Walsh a victim?

Where do these people come from?  Where do we get the people who love and support them?  Isn’t it about time we learned to consistently refer to our leaders and “heroes,” yes I am referring to the perfumed princes of the Pentagon, as Colonel David Hackworth used to refer to them as, in a more reality oriented context?

Hey, I’m voting for Senator XXX, you know the one, the guy who hangs out with Al Qaeda, you know, the one of has sex with kids then has his staffers throw their bodies out in the desert?

We’re really not referring to any one person.  We are referring to hundreds.


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  1. I never bought Webb’s story, the attack on Gunderson seemed a little too personalized, especially seeing as how Gunderson is not here to defend himself. Also Webb’s attacks were on Doug Millar. I know Doug, I don’t buy that either. I thought it was disinfo, unfortunately I was attributing that to the entire site. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Gunderson checks out for me as well, example:

    “Gunderson: We’re talking about Nazi, Germany in 1933. You know all of these shootings around the country, the one in Arizona, I think West Virginia, and Oregon that have taken place? In my opinion, I can’t prove it, these are mind controlled victims – MK-Ultra mind controlled victims. And, the whole thing is designed to destroy the 2nd Amendment and take our guns away from us.”

    This is a few examples of what has transpired since Gunderson’s death:

    “Bio-hacking Awareness interview with former CIA engineer Dr Robert Duncan & Tyrone Dew”

    As in “Extinction Event”.

  2. Ted Gunderson is another character of ALEX JONES!

    Look at their facial charactistics for god’s sake! Same actor wearig different makeup and affecting different mannerisms. The whole thing is a farce, as is the FBI for being a part of it.

  3. @ LC

    Gunderson and J. Edgar Hoover were in the same FBI club ; and Hoover was a little weird and remains an enigma . According to the Wiki article , Senator Harry Reid wanted to have the Hoover name removed from the FBI building . His proposal , altho a good idea , was soundly defeated . What did Reid know about Hoover that other senators did not ? Perhaps Rothschild & Luciferian Associates recently paid Reid an unfriendly visit at the behest of Sheldon Adelson and with the consent of George Soros .

  4. “” Most importantly how are we going to convince the majority of Americans about this criminal and evil sect
    without sounding like goofy conspiracy theorists? “”

    It may not be possible .

    Bohemian Grove allegedly performs actual human sacrifices . So where is the court admissible evidence of it ? ( hint : crickets ) . Apparantly , [ No Trespassing ] signs are sufficient to keep forensic investigators from searching for evidence of child murders .

  5. 1 and 2 form a false alternative, of course there is a third option which corresponds well with the point made by Gordon many times about operatives “sometimes you need to tell some truth to spread many lies”. That seems to be the case with Gunderson – 1 is true but used by him to gain credibility and spread disinfo.
    Very weird things happening lately at VT, including outrageous claims that “Clintons are clean” ?!.
    I reckon desperate times cal for desperate measures but this BEX won’t fly.
    Very sad outlook for the great US of A

    • This notion that the Clintons aren’t just as bad as the Bush Clan is VERY disturbing about VT to me as well. The fact that the throughout the Clinton Governorship to Benghazi is filled with dead, missing, suicided people in the ranks of hundreds including young boys that saw something back in their Arkansas days and VT never opens the Clinton’s dirty bag of tricks is troubling at best with these guys.

  6. I watched Ted Gundeson’s tape (“Ex FBI Head tells all”) and was surprized (and found it strange) to hear him repeating the tired old mantra that Osama Bin Laden (alias Tim Osman) and the Arabs were responsible for 9/11.

  7. [ Editor4’s note: I simply won’t stand for these *immature* cat fights. Please email us directly, or take it somewhere else. This is not Gordon writing this note, so please get off his back. ]
    Amazingly timed article

  8. If Franklin scandal was a “hoax” why did theWashington Post print front page headlines about underage prostitutes being in the White House one night? That was in 1987 and was then scrubbed from the news but it did happen. Also, Paul Bonacci, one of the child sex slaves in the book, filed a lawsuit against someone high up and was awarded $1 million as compensation for his suffering. Some hoax, wish I could think of a “hoax” that would make me $1 million.

  9. Len left his dental practice, only he knows why, to become a conspiracy fear monger about contageous viruses &

    He is a Hunan hyperbole.
    Don’t believe him.
    He’s like Kevin Trudeau, who is now in prison for fraud.

  10. It was gunderson who outed “bogeyman” tim osman, CIA money bundler, EXTRAORDINAIRE.
    Only after he was terminal with Marfan syndrome was he exposed as the “mastermind” USAMA BIN LADEN, TOO SICK TO ORCHESTRATE WTC COLLAPSE. CHENEY USED HIM BEFORE THE TOWERS FELL THAT DAY.
    Google the video.

    Keep dreaming, kidz.

  11. See John DeCamp’s book “The Franklin Cover-Up.” See also: Nick Bryant’s book “The Franklin Scandal.” Sex is only a small part of a much larger picture involving politicians, corporate executives, and government institutions. Corporate manipulation of government and judicial proceedings, of course, continues unabated. An understanding of Franklin will help explain Iran Contra and the collapse of the S&Ls. Note names affiliated with the various events. Follow the pointer from Nebraska, to Oklahoma City, to 9/11.

  12. I knew about Gunderson for some time before I met him at the Granada Forum. He was very straightforward, honest, and discovered the actual tunnels under the school after the case was closed up – too late. Interestingly, Gunderson was said to be the top agent in Memphis, Dallas, and Los Angeles at one time – the cities where Kennedy, King, and Kennedy were slain. Interesting guy. I saw Kathy O’Brien and her husband at Granada Forum as well – their case was supposed blocked out of the courts on “national security”. I’m not aware the Anthony Hilder knew Gunderson, but he might have had his friend Bob Fletcher act as a go-between to promote Hilder’s videos.

  13. Was it not true TG was married once to Diane Rively – ex-partner of Anton Lavey – founder of the “Church of Satan”?
    I had dealings with TG when he was allegedly in hospital – something about his knee, not long before he passed? I bought some DVDS etc. from his site, and was sent a load of rubbish – nothing like what I’d ordered, and items that were easily available online, put on previously blank Walmart dvds. Disgusted, I returned them for a refund after realising id been ripped off. Finally, after 6 months or so, and much beating around the bush by someone who claimed to be “one of TG’s assistants”, and later from a female who claimed to be his “secretary”, I got some of my money back. Whether TG actually knew about any of this I don’t know, but the money was sent to his L.A. flat, so whoever opened my mail mustve had access to that. I was also told at the time TG’s site was not actually in operation and would be closed, but it was still operating at least 6 months after my purchases and still offering numerous dvds etc, and bundles of such, which I don’t believe existed.

  14. I first listened too a Gunderson video about four years ago. I was impressed and even recommended him to others, I still do. The Abrahamic religions are at their worst their own definition of “Satanism.” We can see it in the majority of the Israelis, we can see it in the Wahhabi’s and Deobandi, and we can see it in the Zionist Christians, human devils all of them. At their best the Abrahamic religions are a placebo to ease the pain of their adherents whom must always be the victims of their own evil deity. They will never learn that they cannot win because instead of carrying the weapons used in the war against them they carry only the branding mark of their enemy. You can see it in the commenters here whom still think Plastic Jesus is going to save them…

    One other thing. If my senior editor is backing Hillary Clinton and comes out in a piece saying he does I don’t run a hit piece on the Clintons 2 days later in his own publication. Am I the only one who found that very strange?

    • Oh, for the people that like to quote that despicable book, quote this
      “But the word of the LORD was unto them precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little; that they might go, and fall backward, and be broken, and snared, and taken.”

    • Christianity tends to be a haven for the meek sheeple-like people who believe that life is about inheritance ; especially the New Testament divine promise that they ” shall inherit the earth ” ; and they are correct — the meek will inherit the earth — all six feet down into the dirt . They will not inherit the [ world ] with all of its wealth for being meek .

    • Yes Money, i always say the meek will inherit the earth, they will inherit the dirt they are buried beneath…

  15. Mr. Duff,
    Sir, I find in the Rothchild conspiracy to provide material aid to Nazi Germany, not contradiction, but the further development of the master plan. You may recall that in 19th century America a letter, declared spurious, which delineated a strategy for global control, fell into the wrong hands. The content of this letter outlined the project to destroy the Germanic race. Fast forward to the 20th century, and recall the words of Otto von Bismarck, who accurately predicted that WW1 would start with an act of idiocy. Look at the Balkans, and who was responsible for funding and organizing fifth column activities.
    The Rothchild banking empire was central to the setting up of the German people for a second time, and no one can say with a straight face that the acts of SAC during and just after the war, or the Allied occupation force in the post war period, or the ethnic cleansing of Germanic populations in Romania and surrounding states constituted anything other than a genocide of the Germanic race.

    • Rothchild bankers have been central in war and genocide for hundreds of years. Wherever the bodies pile up, the stink of Rothchild money is not far behind. Rothchild stole German treasure to fund the judeo-bolsheviks through their buddies the Schiffs, and in an illustrative note, Napoleon made that classic statement about priests and bankers. So little has changed.
      So, the bankers set up Germany for genocide, moving ahead with their world emperor fantasies on the backs of raped German women and dead German babies.
      Do we really have to wonder if these deranged abominations are human?

    • Finally, I cannot point out strongly enough that the Abrahamic religions arrived into the human psyche only after centuries of bizarre and toxic mutations. Abrahamic religions destroy the mythopoesis of the human imagination, they replace sublime reality with primitive morality plays that are sheer mockeries of morality. In the fake elevation of the unworthy, the Abrahamics create a psychic dissonance which at one destroys human potential and leaves the victim hungry for more.
      The sacrificial death cult that is the Abrahamic creed is nothing less than a virus of the soul, and that virus is terminal.

    • @ Mike Kay

      You may be correct about the Abrahamic virus . However , it may also be that if it is not that virus then it would be some other virus that must be identified and proscribed . There does not seem to be any way to completely avoid viruses of one kind or another . It may be an endless struggle for humanity against them .

    • Money,
      The description of the abrahamic pathogen as a virus is, in my view, correct. Consider how the ideology of the abrahamics turns its adherents away from any genuine path of knowledge. The salvation of humanity lies in humanity remembering exactly what it is, which is knowledge. Abrahamic ideology blocks this path with fear and forced subservience.
      Only a true pathogen works against the harmonious function of an organism. A virus mutates and bonds itself to the host within cell nuclei, becoming part of its host organism while continuing to fill its role as a pathogen. This is exactly how abrahamic ideology infects the nous of humanity.

  16. Hello! i am new to the forum I watched this youtube video and having just read “Tranceformation of America” by Cathy o Brien and Mark Phillips I too was wondering why Gunderson never really mentions her but he talks about alot of the same stuff. Is there a reason he doesnt mention her book at all?

  17. It takes courage to bring out accurate information about the constant patriot, Ted Gunderson. My impression for years has been that a well-contrived, disinformation program against Ted Gunderson showed up about the time he began to support the findings of the tremendous patriot, John DeCamp. The Washington Times headline, June 29,1989, and story was adequately documented by credit card receipts and subsequent, reports by individuals. The information on the issue that had amassed by that date left NO doubt that the headline was creditable. The VT article on Darlene Novenger ( is very revealing. One man, who with his offspring, have inflicted as much or more subterfuge and treason on the USA – and the entire world – as the Dulles brothers with “Operation Paper Clip,” 1945-1952, which secreted +-20,000 NAZI into the US.
    Only due to his skills as an investigator, and experience with the FBI, was Ted Gunderson able to hold out for thirty years after retirement, before the NAZI, pedophile types poisoned him with arsenic.
    Congratulations and thank you, Mr. Gordon Duff, for your enlightened and courageous revelation.

    • So we have numerous celebrated persons exposing pedophelia and satanic rituals ; yet look how few are ever prosecuted and convicted of those crimes . The exposes may be mostly ILLuminati psy-ops to keep the sheeple afraid and docile .

  18. FD, based on your anecdote, it appears that the insane Frankists and Sabbateans are everywhere. This reminds me, when Leonard Nimoy died a few weeks ago, I watched a short video of him explaining where he got the idea for the Vulcan salute in Star Trek. Nimoy said that he saw it as a child, in a synagogue. Some visitors were putting on a performance, and they did that hand sign, using both hands, with the 2 thumbs touching. He had no idea what it meant, but he was told that it was a blessing. To me, 2 hands together doing that salute looks like the Roman numerals VI plus IV (6 and 4) which together would make 10. Anyone know what it really means?

    I have no reason to doubt Nimoy, who seems to have been a nice guy. But I wonder about that “blessing”. Why does that blessing look identical to the salute being given by the devil in The Devil card of the Tarot? Can someone please explain that?

  19. I would be cautious regarding the witness who said Reagan was a pedophile. If it’s true, there will be others who are able to corroborate. Then there is the issue of what people mean by “pedophile”. For some people, that would be anybody who sleeps with jailbait, even if they didn’t know they were dealing with underage teens. When it comes to Hollywood, Pasadena, the early JPL guys, and a few other locations in California, where there were/are several brands of satanism, degeneracy is certainly not just possible but probable. And then we have the “free love” people of the 60s-70s, some of the weird religious cults that preyed on kids. And crazy things went on near/on military bases and secret installations; California has its share of those.

    And then we have the Hugh Hefner crowd of funloving guys, at Playboy parties where theoretically all the girls were of age. I say theoretically because there were a lot of lies told, and who is going to bother to check out every birth certificate? Reagan and other Hollywood stars would have been invited to these types of parties. Were they compromised? Probably. Does that make them pedophiles? Not necessarily.

  20. Deception and lies are the ‘stock in trade’ of the Lord of [F]lies, satan. God’s Word says that you will be known by your ‘fruits’. If you produce garbage, then it should be pretty clear who you work for. Truth does not have 50 shades. Oh, by the way, anyone who shows up at Bohemian Grove isn’t there to praise the Lord , Jesus.

  21. I am going to re-post my Facebook comment here as I feel they are relevant to Ted Gunderson’s character and the goings on.

    I was fortunate enough to be at a Mind Control Conference in February 2002 and have Ted Gunderson share a ride with me in my car to a protest we had in front of the Federal Building in Los Angeles. I still have the tapes of the talk he gave at the conference somewhere. The evidence and data he had collected was was voluminous and very scary to me at the time. He was a very real person. In 2002, I wondered about him because he was a very serious person who was very intense in a quiet way, but very determined to tell his story on the information he had. I will see if I can find the videos I have and convert them. Here is something I found of relevance that may provide more background if readers are interested and you have to scroll down to the bottom to get a better understanding of the infighting.…/ted-gunderson-head-o…/

    Much talk was going on back then about Ted and whether he was a setup/plant. The other people who were accusing him seemed more disingenuous and had less to stand on. Ultimately they were the ones that broke up the conferences and created in-fighting which divided the Mind Control community. This hurt everyone involved as we were actually our protesting and opening eyes to what was happening. History tends to repeat itself.

  22. In the world of magic there is cooperative and forceful. Cooperative is an agreement with the elements and based in love. The forceful is assertive and akin to theft without agreement. Indigenous children have been targeted because it is well known they have an elevated spiritual bond with the earth. 450 victims in one case alone approved and financed by the jesuits. This filters into politic the same way money does. Fear based religions and false belief systems keep people from learning many things that were well known around the globe for millenia. Spiritual sovereignty, is the management of our own invisible aspects. Know your thoughts.

  23. Even when we shake a persons hand we are forming an agreement and creating a bond. The reason a pedophile is conducting these bonds is to form a theft and stable source of energy. There are threads between people formed by various actions. There are people who can see them. When the phallus is inserted anally it is next to the spinal cord ,it creates a negative bond of theft through the emotional center of the victim. It is a spiritual act. There is no such thing as satan, santa, saint, but there is a planet Saturn who eats children and is often related to skin ailments. This is why victims often have acne. If the priests lovingly mate with a woman, it would weaken the bonds previously formed. Releasing the victim.

    • “” There is no such thing as satan, santa, saint, but there is a planet Saturn who eats children and is often related to skin ailments. This is why victims often have acne . “”

      Surely you jest but that is not wholly intelligible . You cannot prove that claim about satan . I saw santa last december ; and there are more than a Billion catholics that say there are saints . You do not have a leg to stand on with such assertions .

    • Moneytalks, Catholics drink blood to get a ticket. The archetype of saturn in astrology perfectly fits the commonly held notions and characteristics of the Satan. Santa comes on Dec 25 which is Rope , a decan ruled by Saturn. Job is a book which illustrates the 4 warning decans. Of these only Job is ruled by Saturn, which is Falcon decan. This correlates perfectly with several systems. check the image of Rope decan from 500 ce Hindu origin, and this matches many cultures.
      on and on and on, the catholics keep satan, else who would they need protecting From !

  24. [ Editor’s note: Only one link per comment, please ]
    The “finders cult” is another child abuse/sacrifice story by the same perps and that has been much covered up:

    However really is being this text, contributed a lot of facts about these groups:

    and the we have Hillary and her collegue thesis about a satanist…

  25. The higher up it goes the weirder it gets. The Lucas/Toole case was weird, also the nauseating Cosby case that seems to have evaporated. Just like that Malaysian plane. Truly we are governed by screwballs.

  26. “ the “prime mover” is a belief in the supernatural”… along with a common thread – obeisance to Israel,or the representation of it … children sacrificed on its altar, staggering numbers of stolen children caged, warehoused, trafficked, enslaved, raped, butchered ………please remind me, where are our military and what are we fighting for again?… in the midst of a planned destruction of all that is good in a world where no child is safe, to say Mr Gunderson and his contribution was anything but real is downright wrong

    • Don’t forget about stealing their organs while alive and without anesthesia, to allow the elite a few more years to “work-their-magic” on young boys or girls.

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