Announcement: Army Agrees to Meeting to Dispel Jade Helm Hoax

Bundy sniper. Is he providing cover for Hannity or Alex Jones?

11q_299By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.[1] As a pathology, it is distinct from a belief based on false or incomplete information, confabulation, dogma, illusion, or other effects of perception.

Delusions typically occur in the context of neurological or mental illness, although they are not tied to any particular disease and have been found to occur in the context of many pathological states (both physical and mental). However, they are of particular diagnostic importance in psychotic disorders including schizophrenia, paraphrenia, manic episodes of bipolar disorder, and psychotic depression.

Advice for those dealing with Jade Helm advocates:

  • Do not reason, argue, or challenge the delusion. Attempting to disprove the delusion is not helpful.
  • Assure the person that s/he is safe and no harm will come.
  • Do not leave the person alone – use openness and honesty at all times.
  • Encourage the person to verbalize feelings of anxiety, fear, and insecurity – offer concern and protection to prevent injury to self or others.
  • Convey acceptance of the need for false belief

The US Army, in response to an internet hoax, is having a public informational meeting and presentation on Operation Jade Helm.  Everyone is invited.  I think one can safely assume, based on this move alone, that there will not be martial law and gun confiscations across the US as stated in hundreds of websites.

A white supremacist publication headlined VT as a “Jewish run publication” and cited how we were working with the US Army to seize America’s guns and imprison 10 million people in secret tunnels under Walmart Stores.

What is interesting, of course, is that the US Army has, for the first time in decades, a strong command structure that respects the constitution and is comfortable with being at odds with Israel.  The first time the military goes “America first,” they come under attack in a bizarre hoax easily traced to the Israel lobby and their “strange bedfellow” cardboard lothario “Jew hating” neo-Nazi friends.

Sometimes you can’t tell the players without both a scorecard and IQ above room temperature.

Will America’s lunatic fringe show up at the Backstrop County Courthouse for the pubic briefing on Jade Helm?  Will Alex Jones and company, Hannity and the gang from the circus at “Bundy Ranch” show up with guns?

Bundy sniper.  Is he providing cover for Hannity or Alex Jones?
Bundy sniper. Is he providing cover for Hannity or Alex Jones?  Point a weapon at the Army, you go home to mama in a bag.

Though they don’t admit it, the Army has to have considered that the militia groups being recruited by Jade Helm hoaxers, some with tons of mysterious cash, may well open fire on any American in uniform anywhere in the country.

What the Army has done, though they are also unaware, is save the alternative press.  The way things are going, with so many amateur bloggers, generally up to their necks in selling phony cancer cures, male “vitality” formulas and “prepper” gear, people who will carry any story that will promote their often useless and defective commercial garbage, killing the Jade Helm hoax may save some less careful independent news sites from meltdown.

What can’t be saved, however, are those who have jumped in with both feet.  By April 27, they either pretend they were just kidding or take lying to a whole new level.

Either way, they are toast.

Something to entertain our JH folks, 1980s fear porn:


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  1. Do you even know what the JADE HELM acronym means? It stands for Joint Assistant for Development and Execution (JADE) & Homeland Eradication of Local Militants (HELM). That right there should tell you that the only dissidents or militants they are expecting are we the American people! Wake Up Folks! You have been snowed by the very government that claims to be exercising so innocuously! Using Special Forces which are trained for Destruction or Eradication is another sign that this is just a bit more sinister than the official propaganda suggests. Good luck with your complacency for our Bill of Rights and Habeus Corpus have already been yanked out from under our noses! So are we supposed to sit back now and just be desensitized to the military operating so “quietly and inconspicuously” among the general public? I don’t think so!

  2. And here’s another thought: how many “troops” did it take to control all of Boston during the search for the patsies that didn’t do it? How many illegal searches on the basis of a crisis situation? Or how many did it take to keep most of NYC off the streets during the blizzard that wasn’t, on pain of draconian measures? It’s so circular to laugh at people for wanting to make sure that doesn’t happen again, because if it doesn’t happen again, it’s silly to think it might!!

  3. How VERY interesting that you should choose this particular photo to illustrate this article, you who were also a sniper in the past! Back during the Bundy dust-up, I read about just such a sniper that was found targetting the BLM et al..but was discovered to be actually NOT a member of any militia, but plain-clothes fed…and was kindly asked to leave at the point of a gun. The stand-off was MEANT to have ended with “federal folk just following orders brutally murdered by crazy militia”.. only the plant was found before he could shoot. All plants will be found this time too.

    • I was there on the ground in the front. What I saw was an extremely disciplined group of militia and patriots that were armed but never pointed their weapons at the Blm. Conversely, the government mercenaries had their weapons trained on men, women, and children. I saw all of this with my own eyes, and could taste the fear of those ‘agents’ as they realized the poor tactical situation they found themselves in.

  4. Your comment in the article, “Will Alex Jones and company, Hannity and the gang from the circus at “Bundy Ranch” show up with guns?”, I can understand your reference to Alex Jones and Hannity… but the “circus at Bundy Ranch”? I don’t see how it was a circus – it’s about Federal encroachment and the takeaway of water rights. Read this please and respond:

    I have followed a lot of what went on at Bundy ranch a year ago – why was that situation a circus to you?


  5. People around the world have every reason to mistrust anything to do with leadership Even those who take little notice of what is going on around them.

    Politicians know this, the military know this.

    If the military is for real they wont object to families printing a sign similar to the following and placing it at the gate asking them to pass right on by.




  6. Posse Comitatus, anyone?
    As far as I am concerned military exercises like this exhibit a clear intent to breach this concept. They have NO business playing war games with US.
    Stand down, and stand up for the constitution.

  7. Maybe people are over thinking Operation Jade Helm. And perhaps its disturbing there is such little trust for either local or federal government. Then again, one can also ask if they deserve that trust in the first place due to bad PR, and management. Either way, here are my two cents on the subject. The military it seems to me, is training because. A) Preparation for invasion, cleary attacking mock build cities and towns, then securing POW’s. Training Urban warfare in real city enviroments, and B) Training against Blow back. Aka, dirt bombs, ectra. So no, i don’t think anyone that is a United States citizen has anything to worry about. Of course, this might just be all fear mongering, and securing profitable defense contracts is also plausible, but since the world is now.. to me, rather in flux, nearing the great filter moment. Its not unlikely the military is preparing for some rather unfortunate doom scenarios Since thereis a lot going on in the world, with Yemen, gulf-states, Ukraine, China and Philiphines, and Iran.. and Isreal.. i am not going to rule anything out.

  8. Mr Duff, why such scathing admonition of your readers who might not agree with you if not to bully them into thinking like you?

  9. Agreed, It is a mess! I have taken to writing as a lone wolf lately,, but in defense of the Military, US people that have risen to the occasion, seeking truth through research, along with VT, it is most difficult to trust anything after the infiltration of this country, through the corruption being slung everywhere..let us proceed,, hang in there,, ! MC

  10. That Bundy Ranch photo always looked fishy to me. The “sniper” angle through the expansion joint in the bridge doesn’t look like he could possibly be aimed at anything other than a photo op.

    The Jade Helm thing has certainly peaked lots of curiosity and your mind can take it to wild places. Always a slide of hand. What’s in the other hand? While we’re riveted to JH15 what are we losing sight of? I would like to see it fizzle and just go away like the Bundy vacuum.

    • Living in a nation taken into multiple illegal wars, stripped of civil rights and its constitution, rigged elections and, in 2008, the greatest economic disaster in over 200 years of American history and, just when things are getting on track, and they are…suddenly the “mole people” are kidnapping “right thinking conservatives” and dragging them into the deadly Walmart tunnel system.

      As Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this shit up”

    • I consider myself of the Old Right. Or call me a right-center libertarian. Do dare call me a theocratic anarchist (like Joe Sobran et al). You would have to shoot me dead in the head and drag me to Wally World. Same for KMart and Target. I do miss Sharper Image ..

  11. Never mind Alex Jones Gordon, you are also forgetting the Christian Zionist crowd, they are very good at fear porn, Steve Quayle, Hawk and the Hagmann’s who NEVER say ISRAEL’s involvement in 9/11

  12. the distrust of a population is a given. its not a simple dichotomy of opposing propaganda. i am surprised that people of such sophistication would even think it so. these views seem to come from advertising not military psy ops as i understand it.

    KGB method requires a new generation to be complete not just a few slogans. tabla rosa?

  13. This is funny. Duff hits one out of the park using one arm.. sorry to mr elmer fudd cant “kill da wabbit”.

  14. Does this mean that I will not get to see Russian troops on riverboats under the command of a vengeful Robert E Lee seize the Mississippi and cut America in half?

  15. @ Jim Dean

    OK Jim , I guess what you are trying to insinuate is that the US federal government was not overthrown by the JWO//(NWO)//ZWO cabal because the SSG and their covert operations department ( not the CIA but the financiers of the CIA black ops ) , which sponsored the 9/11 False Flag show , are still in place and still in power ; therefore , no status quo establishment powers were overthrown by the 9/11 event .

  16. I am baffled. I thought (my ignorance) that more people went to sources to find out basic information. Think about this, veterans, today, right now. Is there any way you would imagine that there is enough man power to martial law the US ? Not even close. It is folly. Take the thought and plan it out for yourself. Add up the manpower necessary. And don’t forget to include the element of “home team”. I would love to see the percentages. What do people think, 50 %, 80 % of military would do this ? Not even close again.
    Orders are refused all the time. This one would be unfathomable and ludicrous. Go to the sources, they are probably eating dinner with you and carry your DNA.

  17. And we have not said they all would be wearing angels wings soon, but their has been a significant shift from the Bush-Cheney days, which these Jade Helms advocates pretend did not happen as it conflicts with their current agenda. The other branch of the alt media and political shiff websites have had an endless stream go out to profiled email addresses that Obama has been savaging the officer command to purge all the patriotic ones. So there are more than enough clues here that experienced VT readers could pick up on, as they are usually a suspicious bunch.

  18. So many obvious things are being ignored here. A lot of these citizens there are slated to “go bye-bye” are veterans and their relatives. A lot of the cops are, and the national guard. And all the anti-Vetnam war vets are not dead by any means. Also, missing in all the hype promotion is this government take over, like they are promoting, as a story as old as the hills…and never happened. What did was the unregulated derivates, mass mortgage fraud, a domestic nuclear terror attack and trillions transferred to the off shore war machine with more billions missing than anyone can count. So they already an operation that is working quite well for them. My conclusion?…they would need a Jade Helm like a hole in the head. They have gotten away with all of their mega scams, so why not stick with the program that has worked so well if they want to rip us some more?

  19. If fate should intervene that knotheaded Alex Jones and Sean p diddy Hannity will be among those coming to under a Walmart!

  20. …..about now would be a good time for the leaders of the 4 branches of the Armed Services to come forward and speak up. Do they swear to uphold the Constitution or do they suck Wallstreet / Bankster ass.

    Crickets…..gotta laugh at this shit show.

  21. Gene “Chip” Tatum provided a sound recording of a USG private contractor (former special ops) addressing the City Council at Big Springs, TX, telling what the JH15 operation would entail: very close interface with local people; find out who is supportive; get tips on who is not; etc. Big Springs is site of very large federal prison facilities and is familiar to Chip. We’ll see how the new briefing stacks up with this. Thanks for the report, and I hope your faith in the new high command is warranted.

  22. LOL….I think I just pissed myself. As for first last ……get a grip. Years ago I was less that 10′ away from AJ’s jack assed security wannabe’s when they were forced down by, lets just say, real folks serious about real truth…. Just my opinion but for me, he doesn’t pass the smell test. All aspects of that event were far worse than any carnival barker, past or present, could ever be. But I digress, surely you know that’s always the intent….little green men and all. lol


  23. …..and I am still confused and don’t know what to believe. Maybe I am spending way too much time on the Internet regarding Jade Helm. People are selling terrain vehicles, generators, and all kinds of survival gear to hide and live in the woods. Others suggest we leave the country.

    I am still to this day a proud Desert Storm veteran. I am also a service connected disabled veteran and can’t believe that the country I love so much, that caused me to be disabled because war is truly hell, would actually try to eliminate us veterans.

    Well I still am unsure about this operation and I am not running to another country, I will fight in this country if i have to and die in this country if I have to.

    • Yes Karen that is the unfortunate suspicion . Millitary personnel normally should not have to and do not concern themselves with unproven and usually unprovable conspiracies . After all , they are not political scientists . In this historic case , there is an enormous amount of circumstantial and some direct evidence of a powerful conspiracy to establish a One World [ despotic ] Government that could involve extermination operations against dissenters ( just like the russian bolsheviks programs ) . This conspiracy would change the fundamental premises of what otherwise is patriotic military service ; and such a change is not something that a veteran could normally anticipate prior to exposure and widespread public confirmation which does not yet exist .

    • Many of the sheeple masses that US veterans believed they were protecting or defending against predatory enemies either will not support veterans against the NWO conspirators or cannot support them since they have been subconsciously mentally programmed by schools and media to resist or reject deviating too much from the JWO//(NWO)//ZWO agenda that includes global population reductions — by hook or by crook . Veterans will mostly have to rely on each other because the sheeple mostly do not have the physical nor mental wherewithal to resist the covert fabian socialist tyrannical conspiracy .

  24. Uncle Duff: I feel like someone put a blindfold on me and spin me around a few times and now I am dizzy. And I am awake; now what for all the other people?


    • here is something to consider: Look at the photo above. If you were a drone operator, would you kill this asshole?

      Do we want drones operating over the US looking for hoaxter driven maniacs like those who have said they would start hunting down our military over JH?

      Who benefits?

  25. why not just post pone this thing until they have the peoples trust? that would dispel disbelief and throw the provocateurs off balance.

    the population is generally distrustful, what ever happened to hearts and minds? this thing is overwhelming in its size and weaponry. scale it down some.

    move slowly and respectfully. this is a rehearsal not a combat op right?

    in vietnam the only successes i know of in psyops worked that way, along with propaganda and winning over the hamlet chiefs etc. you don’t park a tank outside and tell people your their buddy. this is from my own personal experience. with respect gordon

    • Is an exercise like Jade Helm really needed? For what exigency? There are arid areas of Europe that the south west might resemble–Spain, Greece, etc. In which case . . . ? Well, Australia has similar looking folk and environments. I think the reason people are uneasy is that they see no valid point in this exercise. And the American citizen really has every reason to suspect their gov of being up to something they should not be. I am glad to hear the military is now America First but how are people like me supposed to confirm that except by waiting and seeing? No, I am sorry but will withhold judgement till some genuine confirming evidence is produced. I do not know Gordon personally so have no good reason to take his word as gospel.

  26. I do not have enough information to conclude anything. Unfortunately the American citizen has been lied to so often and fooled on so many occasions that it is rational to be sceptical of what the government says. A best recent example was the “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq. This was a case where the UN inspectors said no, and I believe the CIA as well, so they on that occasion were so to speak the alternative press. I have a little trouble seeing how a “meeting” proves anything much at all except the military wanting to defuse rumours.
    I personally would need a great deal more information to confirm your position. Hopefully you are right but without cold hard factual proof I have to remain a sceptic as is my usual position on most things. I am something of a David Hume fan!
    As far as I can see Jade Helm is a big waste of money.

    • @ William St. George.

      Your comment to the old man once again explains much of american attitude.

      Sure, all this should be tested on someone else. On their ‘sovereign land’.

      For the sake of the ‘race of men and women’ worldwide, we need to build that fence to keep you and your zionist controllers penned up.

      We will be civilized and let you exist and just maybe you will learn from that experience.

      What am I saying!: “I’m an american, I’m a god damned american. We shoot to kill and then ask questions”.

      Was there ever a wild west? Shit!

  27. Has General Dempsey made a comment about JH?

    It seems that with the Jade Helm strife, Iran and Israel seem to fade into the background. I have to wonder what the other hand is doing. What are we not keeping an eye on? I would be very interested in what the general might add to the mix. I for one am a bit more concerned about what our dark allies might have nestled in some of our cities.

    • will have to be zombies..Jade Helm is gift from the gods, it pulled out zio lobby assholes and, in a few days, has kicked their asses

      it has also burned out a few total fools as well…but then it was time for them to be kicked to the curb anyway

    • Maybe this is one of those “sophisticated psyops” Gordon mentioned that we are supposed to be launching against the Zios. It does make controlled oposition alternative media look stupid.

  28. I am sorry I have been such an asshole. I have been drinking, taking drugs and watching porn all day. I am going to catch a meeting and grab a burger.

  29. The real American Militia have no desire to tangle with the military, or others invested in the status quo. They don’t want a gun battle…no sane person does. Have you noticed how cordial people are when they all have guns? Everyone bleeds. What the militia are concerned with is agent provocateurs infiltrating themselves into their groups and firing the first shot. This was seen at Bundy Ranch with the people like the Miller’s who were carefully inserted along with their supporting media assets. The careful observers have noted who ‘ran cover’ for them and tried to facilitate the Miller’s staying on the property, and who funded their stay in a nearby hotel room when they were ultimately kicked out…by who? Ah yes, the militia. Those same elements who literally funded people like the Millers are pushing various ‘3 percenter’ and ‘militia’ and ‘patriot’ memes like the Oregon gold mine situation. I smell another setup. So much theatre and so much to be amused with, but the Watchers are indeed watching and keeping score.

  30. It has officially reached hilarity. You do not have a good chance at winning the lottery, and martial law is impossible to enforce. Go to the army base nearest you, they will have tours and visitor passes. This will be a lesson in discernment, and hopefully we all get back to real issues. Don’t let Walmart get away with this purposeful act of punishment, the union haters created. The poorest of the poor just got slapped by the ultra rich overlords. They are using the savings to overspend on bad paintings for the gallery. Walmart has destroyed the family businesses in your community. Don’t be distracted ! Classic sheep reaction. gets em in the pen every time.

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