“Lord Nazi-Hunter” Pedophile Scandal Sickens Britain

  • Damning new evidence reveals child sex abuse was covered up by police
  • Lord Janner will not be charged with crimes despite CPS having evidence
  • Ten-page witness statement details the ordeal of one of his alleged victims
  • All references to politician were removed from child’s social services file
  • He is accused of taking the boy to Labour Party offices and Parliament


The most damning evidence yet of how the Establishment hid Lord Janner's alleged child abuse can be revealed today 

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  1. Everyone is afraid of this guy? What record of his power to hurt others is there? Is this just implied power they fear? The Royalty are the peoples greatest enemy.

  2. hell I can even stomach reading the articles anymore, its just too much, but I’ll say it again that a parent or victim sure COULD execute the SOB. if his “dementia” can keep HIM from being prosecuted, “temporary insanity” should be just as valid an excuse for his executioner!
    I have zero pity for his defense lawyers and judges who let this FREAK walk about freely, they are also deserving of some REAL justice, street or otherwise..

    • She looks enough like Janet Reno to make you wonder if she’s gone butch, despite apparently having a husband and two sons. She’s a radical emasculo-feminist, whose agenda has almost nothing to do with bettering women’s lives and everything to do with decapitating native British male leadership and emasculating their men in general such that emasculated excuses for manhood like Janner can operate undermining and destroying Anglo-Saxon culture across every conceivable level. Economically, her kind help her people’s assassins by importing all those foreign workers to put British men out of work, destroy their marriages and families, and ultimately destroy them. This is the kind of genocide the Janners practice in countries where abject slaughter, as in Palestine, although sought, wouldn’t yet work out. I couldn’t make out the pendant on her necklace, but it might as well be a hexagram.

  3. And while we are at it, keep the heat on the other dirtbag…Alan Morton Dershowitz who abuses his stature as well as minors. Oh, did I forget Roman Polanski???

    Get out of jail free cards for the chosen few whilst we are locked up based on the reports prepared by the disgusting Lord Janner for questioning the lies of the extortion racket known as the holocaust.

  4. No need to resort to nonsense. Listen to the testimony of Yossi Gurvitz, a Talmud student in Isrsel, who calls Talmudic Judaism a religion of vengeance whose greatest sage, Maimonides, taught as halacha that if one were caught raping a three-year-old goy, the child should be put to death for tempting the Jewish pedophile. Gurvitz reveals that, whereas Judaics have no serious animosity toward Muslims–fighting them now merely over land–, the orthodox, once in power, intend on exterminating Christians. Every president since Reagan is photographed groveling before them and congress’ near worship of an orthodox fanatic like Netanyahu indicates their quite literal ownership of the US gubbermint in DC. It’s all part of a piece, and I’d guess Janner, a man with his own children that he’d protect with his life, was acting out of hate, envy, and vengeance as much as demonic lust in the most dehumanizing abuse of goy children imaginable short of blood sacrifice. The concealment for decades tells us all we need to know about who owns the UK gov, too.

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