US Trained Force Joins Al Qaeda, Marches on Damascus


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Yesterday, a 1200 man force invaded Syria from Turkey, a force armed with American M16 rifles, the latest TOW missiles and advanced Stinger air defense systems.  The roads are strewn with burning Syrian tanks while the Syrian Air Force tries to slow their advance through the city of Idlib and into Syria. The armored brigade that invaded Syria was the first unit trained by the US under the command of General John Allen.

This unit was supposed to fight ISIS and Al Nusra.  Instead, perhaps no surprise to many, it immediately changed sides and attacked the Syrian Army, doing exactly what General Allen had promised the Atlantic Council would and could never happen.  Was this another American failure or something more sinister?


Marine General John Allen, slated to be NATO commander before sharing the spotlight with General Petraeus in a series of Pentagon sex scandals, had been tasked by President Obama to train a 5000 man force inside Turkey.  The force, whose initially units deployed to Syria yesterday, however has joined ISIS and Al Qaeda, American trained and armed to the teeth.

500 Tow Missiles from Israel

It was clear that American training had centered on the TOW missile.  These $60,000 weapons rained down on Syrian forces with great accuracy.  The preponderance of advance American heavy weapons was a surprise to the Syrians.  It shouldn’t have been, the TOW missiles had been shipped to Israel by the Department of Defense to be stored as an American stockpile, a huge weapons “slush fund” containing between $2 and $7 billion in bombs, missiles, even mobile artillery and aircraft, a “kitty” Israel can draw upon at need, a long secret protocol between the Reagan administration intended as an offset for the Iran Contra weapons that went to Iran.

Israel currently has remaining American owned stocks of up to 4000 TOW missiles, all unaccounted as military or foreign aid, missiles that have been entering Iraq and Syria for the past 18 months, killing both Iraqi and Syrian tanks and helicopters along with destroying fortified positions.  These weapons have been key to the success of ISIS and have been significant in destroying the morale of the Iraqi Army.

From the 1987 Iran Contra Report, President Reagan, during 1985 and 1986 alone shipped over 3000 TOW missiles through Israel to Iran:

1985 Aug. 6 : Mr. McFarlane briefs Mr. Reagan on the Israeli proposal to sale American anti-tank missiles to Iran through Israel. There is dispute on whether the President approved this sale. August: The President approves the shipment of arms by Israel to Iran, according to his initial statement to the Tower Commission. Later he says ”I don’t remember” when asked about approving the shipment. Aug. 20: Israel sends 96 TOW anti-tank missiles to Iran. Sept. 14: Israel sends 408 more TOW missiles to Iran.

1986 Jan. 17: President Reagan signs an order authorizing arms shipments to Iran in an effort to both improve relations with officials in Iran thought to be moderates and to bring about the release of the hostages. This order authorizes the C.I.A. to assist ”third parties” as well as friendly foreign countries in shipping weapons. Feb. 17: The United States sends 500 TOW missiles to Israel, from American stocks, for shipment to Iran. No hostages are freed. Feb. 27: Another shipment of 500 TOW missiles are sent to Israel, once again for shipment to Iran.

1986 May 23-24: 508 TOW missiles and 240 spare parts for Hawk missiles are shipped to Israel. May 25: Mr. McFarlane, Colonel North and other American officials fly to Teheran, carrying with them spare parts for Iran’s Hawk anti-aircraft missiles.

1986 Oct. 28: Another 500 TOW missiles are sent from Israel to Iran.

What is most frightening is that the thousands of TOW missiles that Al Nusra/Al Qaeda and ISIS have received from Israeli stocks are currently being replenished by the United States under agreements to replace expended military equipment used by Israel.

America’s Game

It is clear why today’s attack occurred.  The Syrian Army has, for some weeks now, been largely deployed to the South, in order to blockade the flow of jihadists and heavy weapons flowing in through Jordan from Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Israeli backed counter-attacks began with an air assault this week on the outskirts of Damascus, against Syrian Army units near Daara in the South and on military units operating near the Lebanon border well north of Damascus.

The combined assault, Al Nusra’s new American trained armored brigade crosses from Turkey, Israel ties down the Syrian Army in the south with air assaults while Saudi backed terrorists gain a foothold in Lebanon.  Though Saudi Arabia has given Lebanon $3bn for French weapons, ostensibly to strengthen the Beirut government against the militias, it is more likely their real aim to use Lebanon as an anvil as Turkish and Israeli forces descend on Damascus.  This is a more realistic assessment of what is seen than many want to admit.

C17 transports unloading weapons near Adana, Turkey
American C-17 transports unloading weapons for Al Nusra near Adana, Turkey


The America role is what is difficult to understand.  Despite rhetoric from Washington and an apparent break between the Obama administration and Tel Aviv, US forces have been training and supplying ISIS and Al Nusra at an accelerated pace despite the purported “Coalition” bombing campaign.

The position of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, all led by Israel, directly contrary to stated US policy brings into question the nature of US leadership and asks serious questions as to whether the White House is in day to day control of both the Army and the CIA.  The US position in the Ukraine has long since demonstrated that the US Department of State is capable of grandiose and absurd behavior with no visible oversight from Washington.


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  1. I remember watching General Allen on TV discussing “moderate Syrians” who oppose Assad. Not ISIS. Maybe that was another trained group but the intention of the training and supplies was to overthrow the Assad regime with or without ISIS. He discussed Syrians opposed to Assad that were willing to fight their own people.
    I think this was before IS was launched. Shortly after the FSA was getting trounced and Syria was getting back to stability. In other words, the Saudi/US alliance lost too many battles.

  2. Gordon – something rather unusual in a mainstream British newspaper today – (The Independent) –

    “Iranian General says that 9/11 was planned and executed by the US itself – a false flag engineered to provide an excuse to invade and take over the Middle East.”

    I like the way they write it 14 years after the event – as though nobody had ever even considered such an impossible scenario. All the same – it is a start!

    • It is apparent that many British mainstream journalists are not happy and are understandably uncomfortable about the fact that this talmudic supremacist paedophile, Lord Janner, is being let off scot free because of his tribal connections. The tribe is above the law – of course. I wonder if we are seeing a revolt by these ideological serfs – against their jewish employers and overlords?

    • There is a big difference. Whilst you and I might already have been alerted to what has been said on these matters – it is almost never reported in the mainstream western media to the public at large. The Independent is a major newspaper with a large following. This will have been read and digested across the land by many people – who previously had not even considered this. Ordinary people – who are utterly dislocated from geo-politics – will wonder how a General came to this conclusion.

    • Interesting to see the strength of feeling on this one point. I suppose that the subject is naturally discussed in New York more often for obvious reasons. I scan the UK mainstream media regularly – which can often be a carbon copy of US news – where geopolitical narratives are concerned. I do recall hearing in the UK about those walkouts from the UN but having it somehow associated to Ahmaddinejad’s apparent call to wipe israel off the map. (In fact a horrific misquote of his actual words, I know). To see this recent article reported here without too much spin in a mainstream UK paper struck me immediately as rare and unusual I have to say. Obviously I am aware of what Iranians have been saying themselves for many years from VT and Press TV commentary. I clearly stand corrected with regard to the US – where perhaps it is reported in order to generate hatred for Iran.

  3. Again proves what hopeless Gordon’s hope in obozo. I fail to understand on why Gordon ever had hope with obozo. May be Nobel peace prize :-/
    Btw, all these me wars has just one purpose – erase all archeological history. With enough proof accounted showing fake Moses and fake Old Testament it was time to shake hands bw vetican and bankers (aka chosen people) and erase everything that can prove Old Testament and Moses a big propaganda and nothing else.

    • By ext even Islam a fake.! Though have to on why interest was declared haram driving a dagger into heart of merchant moneylenders. But why most of mind kontrol tricks of torah was retained confuses me. Was it political compromise or was Islam just a good cop version of Torah :-/

    • KM ziojews do not care what political system ( eg. communism , socialism , fascism , capitalism or any other ism ) is in operation so long as they — jewish tribal members — dominate it . Thus , so-called [ controlled opposition ] could simply be a genuine forum for discourse to provide information for the KM tribal rulers in determining what political [ ism ] they need to be currently implementing . Gordon could easily be an opposition agent in that context . Ultimately , the KM tribal monopoly on global political economics must be displaced by a democratic socialism that permits a rational distribution of private ownership of resources .

    • @adil: It has been scientifically proven that the Old Testament – at least partially – is a copy of European records, just with names of people and places changed. It does not help to destroy the heritage of Pharaos and Tsars. This happens out of jealousy.

  4. then again, we have commenters so stupid they think you can drive across the Mediterranean.

    get a map idiot, it is also 200 miles east and 400 miles north…35.25’24 east as opposed to 36.15’01 east….

    I do so love it when the rude are also uninformed and careless.

  5. Gordon, your pondering is unnecessary. The policies of America are entirely consistent with the MO of organised crime. This evil is done for bankers and career warmongers, no-one else.

  6. Right. “Actions speak louder than words,” “talk is cheap,” and all that. There’s no way some drama with Israel over Iran trumps continuing the KM’s objectives in Syria, Ukraine, Yemen, etc.

    Again, wake me when Obama actually throws the Emperor into the Death Star.

  7. Dear Gordon, Yesterday you praised Prince of Peace for stabilizing the mideast. Today you are not sure that this is a grand stroke of Prince of Peace and his little princesses (generals only do what they were told). It was reported by you that Syria army used Kornet to destroy rebel’s tanks (where did they get them again?). Now is pay back time. A good chess game needs two equal opponents and cheerful audience.

    We are all 13 tribes of Israel.

  8. all this “illegal covert warfare plausible deniability” CRAP is so disgusting to me, just because THEY deny it doesnt mean it isnt happening. false claims of fighting against ISIS to bomb the hell out of Syrian infrastructure, izrahell bombing to defend-protect mercenary terrorists posing as “rebels”, giving medical attention to the injured mercs so they can go kill more Syrians..

    whatever it takes, it needs to be stopped! I dont care how many criminals need to be hanged.
    they get caught doing it and arent ever stopped, because the “United NAZI-ons” will NOT look at it for izrahelli or District of Criminals blatant LIES and “veto power”.

  9. Turan maintains that Abdul Wahhab’s grandfather, “Sulayman” was actually “Shulman”, having belonged to the Jewish community of Bursa in Turkey. From there he settled in Damascus

    The Assad family originates from “Sulayman” al-Wahhish, Hafez Assad’s grandfather, who lived in the northern Syrian mountains in the village of Qardaha. The locals reportedly nicknamed him Wahhish, which means Wild Beast in Arabic

  10. Thank You Gordon, once again, for making some sense of it ,, you are all pumping out some great info, around the clock.. I am still confused on the Jade Helm thing , but waiting for more info.. looking for it.
    I agree on the fear porn at alternative media, but after neocons bombing the mid east to kingdom come, and Obama making deals to set up relocation for these displaced people her in 190 US Cities, (the Las Vegas meeting, if I have my facts straight), and of course they will get all benefits as illegals, it seems we Americans will be having some Hostile company ,, as at the border,, This whole thing from the beginning, after 9/11 is just so wrong,,, my head is spinning but I know the Bush, Israel, Saudi,Vatican connection has caused enough destruction. for all involved. Americans feeling helpless, toward the people dying out there and at the same time, what they have created here is a backlash for asymmetrical warfare, bringing it home, the UN wants to disarm us, at the most turbulent time I have ever lived to see here at home,,, staying glued to VT.. ! Thanks for all that you guys do ,,, I am trying to write on my own, with other issues regarding the global mess, but it all comes down to the same people everytime.. I got into this by researching the perps,, and cannot believe how it has accelerated.. no one knows from day to day how far these people will go. I suspect as far as they can before they are stopped… MC

  11. “Washington” sealed and held hostage… ransom with no release ……a different kind of S.W.A.T. needed

  12. Well, the Syrian side reports as of 26.4. nothing out of the ordinary, they executed airstrikes destroying dozens of Al-Nusra vehicles in several convoys trying to advance toward Idlib. The Syrian Army routinely killed large scores of the garbage spilled into Syria. No mentioning of TOWs or other extra ordinaire stuff. For now, obviously, the US is content with the situation having Syria and Iraq neutralized and weakend. The possible immediate outcomes of a sudden collapse of one of the two is largely unpredictable even for the masters of chaos and destruction so they are content for the time being with the situation. However, if the totally deranged will take office again things can of course change to the usual uglier than ugly.

    • Your information is totally wrong. You obviously don’t have any direct sources. On the other hand, I do and received reports from the Syrian army this morning.

      The Syria army also reported the use of Kornet missiles as well.

      Suggest you go back to whoever you talk to. You know, if you have such good sources, perhaps you shouldn’t be at VT. Hell, we could just read your crap and save ourselves time. You know, the Syrian army could do the same thing.
      Hey, I like that.

    • Regarding Idlib, here is the link to a story that can easily be found.

      Here is text from the article: “Al-Nusra Front and the Islamist brigades … took control of almost all the city,” Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), told AFP news agency.

      “Government forces fled. Thousands of rebel fighters are in the city. Clashes are continuing in some neighbourhoods where soldiers are attempting to break out.”

      It is also interesting to note that the “IAF struck missile bases in Syria” at about the same time, in the last few days, according to news reports, and you can look that story up as well.

    • RavenKnight not only quotes the Qatari propaganda outlet, Al Jazeera, but includes guff from SOHR, an outlet og British MI6. Complete hogwash. Go to syrianperspective for acerbic comments — and Syrian sources, whose record is impeccable over 3 years, or Ziad’s son at almasdarnews. Don’t fall for MSM hype.

  13. You know what? Given the winner take all struggle ongoing between the US and Russia, the ratcheting up of the war against Russian interests is not such a big surprise. But Turkeys role I find, makes me feel queasy. Countries that play both ends against the middle in a showdown between superpowers tend to get burnt. Badly.

    • How is it that that the I.A.F. can just decide to bomb the shit out of people in Sovereign countries (they are NOT at war with) any time they want, killing people and destroying critical infrastructure, like it’s NO big deal.

  14. Mr. Duff you are truly a ‘voice in the wilderness!’ Old Contra-chickens come home to roost, TOWs in hand. What will Assad and the Russians do now? Will this newest, insane blow-back break through to the MSM? Or is this the end-game-nail-in-the-coffin for Syria at the hands of the Israeli / USA neo-con-job Cabal?

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