Busted: Jade Helm Hysteria Peddlers


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

We had seen it all before in the Ukraine.  Video of Russian tank columns, doctored satellite photos, bogus witnesses to the shootdown of MH17.  Now it is being done here and it is the Jade Helm hoax, orchestrated by the same people who gave us the Kiev takeover, the marriage between the extremist right, the neocon-Tea Party alliance and the Mossad.

Our “gem” is the phony video of the FEMA “human remains storage” in “back woods Kentucky.”  They tried to take the video down but we saved a copy, we knew their game.  Kazaam!

We knew, as soon as they were exposed they would take down the video, it was just too good to be true.  The VT study group that began looking at Jade Helm rumors long before the edited and altered army slide show was released saw the hand of a false flag in the making.

We asked ourselves who could put together such a collection of “friends of Israel,” neocon acolytes and FBI informants?

The Jade Helm Experience, this is what we have to call it, is produced in Tel Aviv and is doing a road show across the internet, preying on the weak minded, the careless, the insecure and frightened, a classic psychological warfare operation as only our “to be admired” Israeli friends can do.  They reached into their bag of tricks, drawing on the hasbara across the internet.

In some ways, though the threat of Jade Helm is very real, and by “threat” we mean Israeli organized terrorism to be blamed on the army or a “lone gunman” who will open fire on American military.  Which one will they use and can we stop them by exposing them.  This is classic chaos theory as only Israel can play it, a nation of Nobel Prize winners.

From the beginning, Jade Helm had a smell.  The army document had no timelines or costings, had altered page numbers, an obviously doctored counterfeit that anyone who has ever worked with military powerpoints, and we at VT have years of experience, could spot in a minute.  Let us say this; the military doesn’t go to lunch without a timeline, without identifying every specific unit involved and without a detailed budget.  From a real operational document:

The army even timelines lunch...
the army even timelines lunch


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  1. Mission Accomplished. They’ve got people in this country too scared to read sites like this. Too afraid to comment. Too afraid to contemplate the bullshit official version of 9-11. Too afraid to really ponder what it means that this Rothschild Khazarian mafia did 9-11 and got away with it.. Too afraid to think thoughts that aren’t approved by their powerful “Jewish” overlords. There’s a friend of mine at church that’s now petrified to talk around a guy ( at church ) that audits accounting firms. He works for the govt. obviously. Home of the Brave my ass!

  2. Meanwhile the Bruce Jenner psyop has everyone else talking. Holy smokes folks and Lindsey Graham might be, you know, not heterosexual.

  3. There was a time in America when Americans prided themselves on not being like the people of National Socialist Germany. That would have been in the late ’40’s, ’50’s and early ’60’s. Obviously most people had no idea what the Germans were like. The image abroad was that some idiot called Adolf Hitler had mesmerized the nation, and then the whole country had gone berserk. Well, most of the attendees at the Texas meeting either were growing up at that time or were the children of parents who did. So we all carry around in us a little seed that say ‘don’t be like the Germans’. If the Lt. Colonel had yelled Heil Hitler some part of their psyche would have said to them, well, see I warned you! Do you now see the real and genuine origin of the constant alarm going out and about America? If you were a Hitler how would deal with that?

    • And here I was naively hoping that something big and game changing was happening here by the hands of the America Firsters.

      I really like how you summed it up on the more recent article you wrote. I would comment there, but you have (understandably) disabled comments on that story.

      Indeed, those two looked like they were lying through their teeth. It was so obvious, I thought it was intentional as part of a massive double-psyop against the Zionists. Guess I watched too much Burn Notice this last year.

      Their answers to a lot of the questions were so obviously stupid… Blue suit guy couldn’t stop fidgiting and sweating. The moderator guy kept stumbling over hiimself and gave a politically satisfying humble speech about how he never anticipated any public concern, and this is all his fault. But there is nothing the citizens can do to stop it now. But he couldn’t outright say that.

      And 27 years in the army guy didn’t help much. It will be on private property, but they will be blending in with the citizens of Bastrop. And being sure to dress like them.


    • No one knows the future with certainty. Last Friday thousands of Nepalese were looking forward to Sunday and never made it there. The San Andreas fault could let loose in June. Or a change of plans might occur in Washington; or McCain might get his desired WWIII. So even if we had some way of knowing now that Jade Helm were as innocent as lamb . . . it could transform into a wolf. Humans live with an unknown future which is why too much emphasis on safety ends up creating anxiety.

  4. I just watched the video of the meeting on Infowars. There is what appears to me to be an intentional edit to look like a malfunction around the 41 minute mark. I think this was to rile up their readers. Nothing significant was lost.

    The guy in the blue suit sure did look like he was hiding a lot. He became very agitated when the Infowars guy started asking questions.

    The only time I saw him take notes was when one nervous individual asked an obviously leading question to praise the operation. The only one that asked such a question. Looked to me like he was taking notes to debrief that rookie.

    So I think they are hiding something big, but this isn’t about martial law. That really makes no sense, and serves no purpose. I’m not a vet, but I doubt that military men and women would crap in their own beds.

    This entire thing is designed to expose the zios and trick them into trying to start a civil war that blows up into a massive national riot. But it’s a trap, as Admiral Ackbar would say. The zios behind the false flag will be caught and exposed.


  5. Also consider, the reverse double whammy , shadow puppet slight of hand good guy fading to the right and while you miss it, slips Walmart big bucks as they obscure the massive wage evasion. All the while getting new preferred locations and hassle free construction. Oh, and they still pay you embarrassment
    while collecting royalty. Follow the money. Dam good marketing move by Walmart, and bad spending on behalf of the taxpayer.

  6. 2 things. 1 This has been well publicized , meaning well distributed in advance. 2 They have even gone to lengths to hold press conferences to answer questions. Did this happen before 9/11 ?

    Perhaps , entertain the notion of public reaction if the military wanted to re-establish contact with the people. There is an open hire for this exercise. The door is open. You can go and be in it. I highly recommend it. Report all. This is a rebonding with the people, and a huge lesson in discernment.

    There is a sacred bond between the people and their defenders. There has to be an agreement that we will not ask their lives needlessly. Meet them, and be involved. Please.

  7. William, the context of these couple of line are never included. With the Sandia Lab report, information on bomb designs that could be used by bad parties was not used, or that would identify certain people…which some would call lying by omission. Also, real sources often have to be protected. This comment is the most used by the Israel troll brigade that has been assigned to VT. They usually work Facebook, often through blind accounts, the kind where you click on about, or photos and their are none. These people then become “sources” for internet sleuths, who are often anonymous themselves. This con was once used to trigger the formation of the “militias” which were later deemed to be a domestic terror threat. No one bother to trace the timeline of that back to the beginning to find they were started by the Pentagon with a tiny budget with the stated purpose of creating temporary replacement national guards due to the heavy deployment of the Guards in Gulf War One. There were no background checks on who came in, so even felons were joining. And to keep the cost down they were encouraged to provide their own weapons with special permits. They were supplied training ammo and some automatic weapons were distributed. When Gulf War One was over the plug was pulled on the program that was run on a singe colonel and guess what

  8. None of the Jade Helmsmiesters seemed very interested in contacting the military, any of the respective states military liaison people to get any quotable input from them. Even our own writes were using “internet sources”, where all of these scams originate long after the ones who have started it pack up and go home. Seriously concerned people would have been contacting their state legislatures, attorney general and governor’s office and getting them on the record with comments. What we saw was the usual internet hysteria being stoked like so many times before. We have seen in alt media that when readership is down websites will jump on anything they think people will respond to with fear porn in vogue now.

  9. Thanks for the update, valuable info we all need desperately, and it may well save many lives.

    And again we see the same players, how can one group (Neocons and Friends of Israel) cause SO much suffering, anxiety, death, destruction, instability?

    P.S. I’ve started calling the neocons, the nosecones, somehow it fits with those big proboscis’s.

  10. If I were in a position to assign projects I would have all the officers study Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck. “Colonel Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck (1870-1964) was remarkable among military commanders of the First World War in that he served for the entire period without ever having suffered defeat. Often compared with the better-known T.E. Lawrence – Lawrence of Arabia – Lettow-Vorbeck similarly was a master of guerrilla warfare, this time in East Africa. With a force never great than 14,000 in total – comprised of 3,000 German and 11,000 Askari (native African) troops – Lettow-Vorbeck ran rings around Allied forces (for the most part British and South African) that were ten times larger than his own.” I doubt the USA has ever had an officer of comparable skill. As you might guess his Budget was extremely slender.

    • My Reminiscences of East Africa is the Colonel’s own book. And there are others written about him worth taking in. The USA emphasis on money and fire power seems to put intelligence and skill down the list too far. Belisarius is anther great military man worth reading about. Or perhaps since the military budget is mostly about feeding money to the Oligarchs, good officers would not spent years somewhere getting nothing done but killing civilians and destroying the buildings and roads. There are a lot of things money can’t buy besides love.

  11. The meeting in TX this morning was fairly innocuous. The purpose of Jade Helm still seems rather vague. The USA managed to make it through two world wars, the Korean & Vietnam Conflicts as well as the last 25 years of humanitarian interventions(?) without needing to bother the citizens with military training exercises spread over a large section of the nation. So apart from spending tax payer moneys with a still very weak economy Jade Helm seems unjustifiable. Meanwhile the USA can only donate 1 million dollars to Nepal! How much will this exercise cost? The Colonel proposed that Jade Helm was about protecting us which might have been intended as a joke? On the whole this mornings meeting was a waste of time though at least inexpensive! Jade Helm goes some distance to proving the military budget is way too large.

    • I agree that we were left with a vague explanation that doesn’t completely support the initial intention given of needed to blend in with the locals.
      A.) trainees will be identified with orange colored bands while observers (specialists) will also be designated separately.
      B.) I heard them answer more than once that this blending in will occur on the private land setup for training and with role players who are military??

      Hence, this makes zero logical sense in regards to any objective or outcome of taking military training off of federal designated training areas in order to learn how to blend in as they are easily identifiably flagged, apparently will never be off the designated private training areas and are blending with their own hired?? military role players.

      Please feel free to correct my flaw in understanding the real purpose of this.

  12. And what is the psychological effect of people believing they can be rounded up and disposed of quite easily ? They empower a non-credible threat and see themselves as underlings. This allows limited power to be inflated and appear much larger, a common tactic used by animals who puff themselves up to appear larger and threatening. Cats arch their backs and hiss, the dog will most often hesitate or stop.
    The fact that it is nearly impossible to convince people that the threat is overstated, means this is self actuated for the most part. A mass delusion without any substance or example. On the contrary, the example of Ferguson just showed that the DOJ supported the people and protestors, leading to an overhaul of the local power structure, and more importantly, putting cities on notice that revenue based policing is unacceptable. Also civil Forfeitures are exposed and now being eliminated.

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