Syria Smashes Al Nusra Leadership, Israel Admits Saudi Alliance (video)



… by  Gordon Duff with Nahed al Husseini – VT Damascus


Today, two Qatari and 6 Turkish officers were killed in a commando style raid by an elite Syrian Army special forces unit.  These officers were commanding al Nusra units that entered Syria in the past 8 hours from Turkey.  In addition to the Qatari and Turkish officers, two dozen senior al Nusra military and political officers were killed, the core of their command structure.

Stories in the press over the past 24 hours have cited American and Israeli complicity in training and equipping this invading force.  With the intelligence collected after today’s raid, however, there is are broader issues to consider.  First of all, al Nusra is a listed terror organization, an Al Qaeda “franchise” on every prohibited list, American and European, in existence.

Any aid or affiliation by any individual, government or organization, aiding this group, inside Syria or elsewhere is, according to legal opinions and operational guidelines established by the United States and NATO, to be considered guilty of material assistance to terrorism and subject to direct military attack no matter where on earth such an entity or organization might be.

Now we have inexorable proof that the government of Turkey, a NATO power and the government of Qatar, a treaty partner of the United States, are operating inside Syria on behalf of a clearly admitted terrorist organization assumed to be a “clear and present danger” to all nations, not just Syria but the United States as well.


Over the past 24 hours, significant military forces have entered Syria from Turkey.  Here is the hard intelligence we have received from sources inside Syria:

Two columns entered Syria, one commanded by officers of the Qatar national army in uniform, the second by officers of the Turkish Army.  Columns had new vehicles with heavy weapons including:

  • American TOW wire guided missiles/latest configuration
  • Kornet missiles, part of a 2008 purchase not publicly admitted but verifiable

Last night, Syrian time, a Syrian special forces unit, working in concert with intelligence and reconnaissance commands with advanced sigint (signals intelligence) combined with thermal and SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery located the Turkish-Qatari-al Nusra combined operations center.  An attack was launched.  The following communique from the Syrian Army High Command comments on that action and the exploitation thereafter (translation):

A Great Victory

Our military has surprised the world.  The myth that our army did not even Maldih time reveals a quarter of strength and valor has been written of. The legend of our Army plays a skillful tune.

Today at nine o’clock evening for the first time since the start of the dirty on the ground war the unity of our very own very, very correctly termed Shock and Quiet Liquidation Forces (literal translation) and then exploitation and monitor intelligence professional has scored a significant success.

The implementation of a complex process led by Colonel (Rommel) Antique, who led the attack personally along with 22 men killed or captured 31 leaders of the Al-Nusra Front.

This included two Qatari officers and six Turkish officers.  Military secrecy requires that we not indicate if they were simply killed or captured.

Martyred during the attack was one officer.  The operational commander and all but two of the special unit (martyred) returned safely including Colonel “Rommel.”

May Allah grant us victory.

Recaptured from Al Nusra in the last 24 hours:

  • al shougour bridge

  • four villages in edlib

    مفاجآت جيشنا التي ستذهل العالم.
    للنشر يااخوتي …………..جوزيف احمد
    قلنا ونقول…..
    أن جيشنا الأسطورة لم يكشف حتى الساعة ربع مالديه من أوراق القوة والبأس. وأنه يلعب على حافة العالم بمهارة العظام.
    اليوم وفي تمام الساعة التاسعة مساء ولأول مرة منذ بدء الحرب القذرة على أرض سوريتنا الغالية.
    قامت وحدة من قواتنا الخاصة جدا جدا جدا تسمى (قوات الصدم والتصفية الهادئة) وبعد متابعة ورصد استخباراتي محترف
    بتنفيذ عملية معقدة قادها العقيد (رومل)بحرفيته العتيقة مع رجاله ال 22 تم خلالها القضاء قضاء مبرما على 31 قيادي من جبهة النصرة العهرة بينهم ضابطين قطريين وستة ضباط أتراك نتحفظ عن ذكر مصيرهم لأسباب استراتيجية.
    استشهد أثناء العملية ضابط فذ وقائد مشهودا له.وجرح عنصران وقد عاد رومل وكامل أبطال العملية سالمين مع شهيدهم والجريحان الأشاوس.
    انتظروا مفاجآت جيشنا التي ستذهل العالم.
    وماخفي أعظم.
    إن ينصرنا العلي الأعلى فمن غالننا
    انتهى البيان
    جسر الشغور في /27/4/20

 The Video

The video above, in English, Arabic and Hebrew, provides more than ample proof of Israel’s close alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states.  The initial speaker is Professor Asher Susser of Tel Aviv University who describes the context and motivations, including Israel’s need to keep Lebanon as pro-Israel Arab State.

Background on Professor Susser:

Esra Magazine – How we envy Asher Susser’s students

Professor Susser was born in South Africa and immigrated to Israel as a youngster fifty years ago. He has been teaching modern Middle Eastern History at Tel Aviv University (TAU) since 1980. A Fulbright Fellow and visiting professor at a number of American Universities, he has written extensively on Israeli/Palestinian issues and was selected Tel Aviv University’s Humanities Outstanding Lecturer. He is currently Senior Fellow of the Moshe Dayan Center, TAU, of which he was director for twelve years.

“Israel is now a strange partner with the Sunni Arabs against the Shiites and Iran…”

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  1. I hope they put their heads on pikes near the Turkish border,
    with a sign that asks “do you see what will happen?”.
    they have been trying to portray Assad as the monster while doing all kinds of monstrous things to Syria and its people, SO WHY NOT? “anti-terrorist laws” are a joke when insane McCain can have a photo-op showing he personally supports terrorists and is not arrested.

    what use are those same laws when izrahell terrorized millions in Gaza for 50+ days bombing the hell out of them, killing and maiming many thousands..? they claim bibi was re-elected! the IAF bombs inside Syria, treats wounded mercenary terrorists posing as “rebels” so they can go back to kill more Syrians, I know I would be tempted to bomb izrahell’s hospitals, just like izrahell did to Palestinian hospitals! same “justification”. izrahell DID light off a nuke near Damascus, but that event was magically erased?

  2. Thinking that ones activities reflect ones belief system, for me, Erdogan´s more recent political, military and religious “posturing” poses two questions for me. How much of his funding comes from the Israeli-manipulated NDAA, and is Erdogan a secretive MOSSAD agent just trying to “fit in,” while accepting funding from all directions ?

  3. National borders are increasing used by the rulers to give the population a sense of belonging and security. Really only a method of creating structure for administration. Differing systems of government are used to make people gather around the flag. Most countries leaders are very friendly towards each other despite what we see on the world stage. The only solution available for those of us that have general elections is to run for office ourselves or support those that really do better represent our best interests. Not voting is what allows this lack of responsible government to continue.

    • Every border translates to ‘money for nothing’ for the elite morons that run the world today. Visas, passports, import duties are the small potatoes. Selling weapons and uniforms to all sides and provoking war is the big money.

  4. Great News
    Great reporting
    Good on Syria
    Good on VT AND GORDON
    Well sure such stories cost – to do as in the Syrians
    To get such as in VT/Gordon
    I WANT MORE !!!!

  5. Dear Jim and Gordon, Thank you for your teaching 🙂 I knew that when I was probably 10. We come here to do our parts, but it is true I used to rush to get things done.

    You and Gordon are blowing the horn everyday. I am just hoping you would elevate yourselves a little bit. I believe there are “messengers” among us that will save the world (I call that faith). They are not angels, not watchers, not nephilims, not alien blood-line (like Noah), not high priest/rabbi, not psychic…. but simple humans with good souls that would sacrifice themselves for the greater goal.

  6. Dear Gordon, Thanks for your reply. Now, if I were ignorant of those would I ask you. Show some real inside scoop, not those fake Holly-wood magic/Tolkien made for movie novels.
    You saw the magnificent Baalbek. What’s the real meaning? I am just a little human asking question.

    • According to some supra-luminal sources Baalbek was built for keeping “results” of some genetic engineering attempt to recreate Nephilims at one (secure) place. Project has gone wrong producing some sort of giant deviants, I guess – so a big container called Baalbek was built to keep them separated from outer world. By the way Nephilims are giant “aliens” and statues on Easter Islands represent them… FWIW

  7. Except for the deaths involved in carrying out the operation, I am cheered by this news. I hope to see similar victories for Syria soon.

  8. Yea, I am more interested in “Lord of the Ring” and nibiru. I heard they eat their captives alive. Maybe your “contacts” do not care of them.

    • Yeah, “bored of the rings” works for me. I browsed in a San Francisco bookshop on a cold rainy day once. I tried, really tried, to get into The Hobbit, and couldn’t do it. Fantasy is boring, even if loosely based on real world. Thank God for the movies, which are tolerable.

  9. Dear Gordon, Bravo, bravo.

    Here is a simple way to describe so a simple man like me could understand.

    It is like a football game:
    Grand commentator: Honorable Gordon Duff
    Referees: no impartial referee allowed, referees can only root for one team or the other.
    Audience: humans from different tribes: tribe New Atlantis, tribe Caucasus, tribe Celtic, tribe Aryan, tribe Mu (the Rising Sun), tribe Far East, and etc…………..
    Organizers: Prince of Peace, Prince of War (aka Bibi), Prince of Russia (rumor goes that he and his family were assassinated and he was replaced by an imposter 10 years ago), King or Arabia (he had 150 sons, and daughters do not counter, omg how many times he has to do it every night), Grand Ayatollah Khomeini (rumor goes he is MI5 agent and supporter of King Shah), and etc…………
    Teams: From tribe Babylon- team Sunni, team Shite, team North Africa, and team Israel. (team Israel beat all-star team of teams Sunni, Shite, and North Africa in 1967 in 6 days).
    Rule of game: kill the other team amap, awyw.
    Price: winners become hero of history, loser goes to human sacrifice to gods according to mayan.

    Sorry Gordon, too much violence and killing in your military stories. Good bye.

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