WATCH: Israel demolishes more Palestinian homes

Residents walk through the remains of their homes in the unrecognized village Dahmash, Israel, April 15, 2015. (Oren Ziv/

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WATCH: Israel demolishes homes in unrecognized Palestinian village

… by Rami Younis and Haggai Matar


Flares were fired frequently to try to set the 400 year old roof afire.
Flares were fired frequently to try to set the 400 year old roof afire.

[ Editor’s note: While the world’s attention was focused on Yemen, Tel Aviv was busy destroying more Palestinian homes, contrary to a high court ruling. The radical Zionists have a long history of putting the hammer on the Palestinians when world attention is focused on another crisis like the Yemen war has provided.

I got my first exposure to this when editing out my first documentary on the Siege of the Church of the Nativity that lasted from April 2 to May 10, 2002 in Bethlehem.

The group that pulled the footage together knew they could not get it aired on commercial TV, and they had seen me do very critical material on Israel in my Jim Dean Journal public TV shows here in Atlanta, which I had been doing for a few years.

It ended up being a chore, as much of the interview footage was in Arabic and required a simultaneous over dubbing translation, which is quite a chore the first time you do it. While the Zios saw the TV cameras fixed on the church scene drama, I was shocked to learn from the last interview footage of the mayor that they had the chutzpah to seize several hundred hectares of Bethlehem land on the north side without a word of press about it.

When our new VT Radio expands to doing video, I will be able to show this archive material and some of my other treasures on the shelves behind me. The Zios perpetrate these community crimes for a variety of reasons, like purely to show their constituents that they can and that there is nothing that Israel critics can do about it.

They are also doing it to trigger retribution attacks, including killings, as that feeds their propaganda machine; the boot has to be kept on the necks of the Pals.

These militant Zios are some very dangerous people, and the continuing pledge of allegiance to Israel that all American politicians have to exude in both word and deed has been a long term cancer for America.

Unfortunately, I don’t think will be able to pry the Rad Zios fingers from our political body’s throat until we have major changes in that body itself. In the meantime, we will remain, to a large degree… their hostages, until enough people get fed up enough to really do something about it… Jim W. Dean ]


– First published  …  April 15, 2015

A bulldozer demolishes an apartment building in the unrecognized village Dahmash, April 15, 2015. (photo: Rami Younis)
A bulldozer demolishes an apartment building in the unrecognized village Dahmash, April 15, 2015. (photo: Rami Younis)

Israeli bulldozers demolished three structures in the unrecognized Palestinian village Dahmash, near Lyd (Lod in Hebrew) on Wednesday morning.

The demolition took place despite both a High Court decision that called for a mutual agreement and a demand by the Lod District Court that the State delay its demolition plans. The homes were uninhabited at the time of the demolition.

The demolition began at 4 a.m. and was accompanied by a large police force, which prevented residents from leaving their homes.

When the demolition was over, Joint List members Ayman Odeh, Bassel Ghattas and Dov Khenin, as well as head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Raed Salah, came to the village in a show of solidarity with the residents.



Over the past few years, the residents have been struggling against repeated home demolitions by coming up with their own master plan in order to gain recognition for their rights to live on their land.

Just last month, residents of Dahmash welcomed hundreds of Palestinians and Israelis for a solidarity festival featuring artists and entertainers from across the country.

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Photos from the Solidarity Festival held earlier this year

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  1. I hope the “favor” is returned by an entity equally more powerful.. if jooland has 20x the power of Pal-land then jooland can be attacked by something 20x more powerful than IT is.
    they scream SIX MILLION calling it “holocaust” when it wasnt even 300,000, most of which was caused by allied bombing of German supply lines, NOT a murder agenda. izrahell has killed millions of real Semites in Gaza and elsewhere, but it isnt a “holocaust” unless they say so?!

  2. I live on a street corner in a large twin home. I live alone as does my neighbor. Imagine a 2000 sq ‘ home in Palestine, maybe 20-30 family members living all together. I imagine my government telling me and my neighbor that we have to vacate in 2 hours because our connected home will be demolished to build an apartment for Jews. This is what I think about and what apathetic Americans don’t get.

    Of course Mary and I could go to family to move ourselves to safe harbor’. Where are the Palestinian families going to go since they are all one family living together, counting on each other. Where is their refuge? I have pointed out this analogy to more “righteous” Christians than I can remember. Occasionally I get silence, which is a good thing (they’re thinking) but the usual response is they are God’s Chosen Ones, therefore………………you know the rest. It’s an uphill battle every day for me.

  3. It would appear that the so called Israel collective i.e. cuckoos in the nest – are an anarchist state which does not even take notice of their own Law Courts… ça change?

  4. The hypocrisy of the Jews astonishes. First they hijack suffering with tales of their victimhood, their endless Anne Frank stories, and their franchised holocaust centers. Then they invade Palestine, having learned nothing from their own hyped up suffering, and immediately murder 700,000 unarmed men, women and children whose homes they have been steadily destroying from 1945 until today. Then they kill peace activists with bulldozers, blind quadrapelegic old men with helicopter gunships, the USS Liberty with jet fighters, have the Mossad kill 3,000 Americans on 9/11, snipe children from rooftops, and blow the arms, legs, and faces of 4,500 women and children with F-16s to cheering Jewish crowds. Far better for the civilized world to make arch enemies of the Jews. That makes them 100 % predictable.

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