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Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

by  Preston James

During the last two years as more and more the of the secret Worldwide structure and mission of the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) has been discovered.

These newly discovered facts which were never intended to be revealed. We know this because of the long term efforts to wipe them from the libraries and history, have been shared publicly on Veterans Today and other Alternative Media Publications.

We can now state that it has become unequivocally clear that the RKM is an incredibly evil, inhuman parasite that feeds of the enslavement of humanity using their two-faced criminally insane sociopathy to keep their limitless evil hidden from recognition by their victims and future victims-to-be.

We now know for certain that the markedly anti-human secret, but age-old Agenda of the RKM is based on the ancient Babylonian Talmudic cult some experts now call Frankism, Sabbatteanism, Bolshevism, NeoBolshevism, or most commonly Rothschild World Zionism (historically called “Sionism” before the Bauers appeared on the scene).

These Evil RKM Bloodlines go way back to ancient Babylonia and Babylonian Talmudism, Black-Magic and Baal Worship and child and mass-human sacrifice to (Baal aka Satan).

We now know for certain that all of the RKM top players are genetically related and continue an evil bloodline going all the way back to ancient Babylonia where members of these family lines learned and mastered what is called the “Black Arts”, Black-Magick, Babylonian Money-Magick, secret “disguised” assassinations as a main way of attaining or maintaining power, which is the art of manufacturing Counterfeit money and distributing it fraudulently to extract everybody else’s real wealth and the fruits of their labor.

We know that these core family RKM groups from which these RKM leaders emerge specialize in the ability to be two-faced, that is, able to project a fake people-oriented, caring, sensitive appearance on the outside (thus making them great confidence-men), while on the inside they are vicious anti-human snakes, parasites on humanity and perpetrators of child-sacrifice and major wars to kill of millions of humans as painfully as possible, while making huge profits from doing so and gaining more and more centralized consolidated power.

Other experts refer the top Chieftains of the RKM group of powerful, two-faced anti-humans as the “Synagogue of Satan”, Baal or Moloch Worshippers or “the Children of Cain”, or the Kenite Bloodline, which they have alleged is a “fallen angel” or hybrid bloodline with deeply inbred desires to enact incessant evil; this is a main characteristic of its genetic code, to be individuals with no human soul and with a complete inability for any human compassion toward humans.

Despite their incredible apparent Satanic Power, the RKM is going to be ganged up on by the whole World and eventually eradicated, because they are soon reaching the point where their top real leadership no longer needs them.

And despite all the incredible power they have because they now control all western nations and their internal Secret Police, Governments and officials, the RKM top leadership’s Kingpins and Cutouts believe they are untouchable.

However these Kingpins and Cutouts do not understand the power of the Internet, the World Populism it is producing and the fact that soon they will become a liability to the NWO Globalist Agenda and will no longer be needed. When this turning point is reached, much to their surprise, they will be sacrificed as the whole world is induced to gang up against them and eradicate them by numerous means.

Certainly the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts cannot survive if the whole world wakes up and comes after them no matter what the cost. They think this just can’t happen. They do not understand the power of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, which is breeding a new and powerful Populism all over the World that soon cannot be contained.

The true NWO Globalist Agenda is actually unknown to the Top RKM Chieftains and their lieutenants the RKM Kingpins and Cutouts and if they were told, they would not be able to believe it anyway because they are far too criminally insane.

At the final point where a NWO “good guy” impersonator is empowered to take over (if it ever reaches that point), he will sacrifice all of his top RKM Chieftains and will pretend he is the Savior of the World, when his intention will be to unleash a final Hellstorm destroying all of mankind and the whole world, probably by instigating a final nuclear WW3 that will make the earth uninhabitable by any humans.

Here’s what we know for certain about the secret Agenda of the RKM. Their plan is to dominate and decimate the whole World step by step by creating successive Hellstorms, using each one to set up the conditions that will foster the next one.

What exactly is a Hellstorm?

A Hellstorm is what the RKM’s occult invocation and raising of what they believe to be the “fires and destruction of Hell” on Planet Earth in order to consume as many humans as possible, as a large mass-blood-sacrifice to Satan (Lucifer). The top Babylonian Talmudic leaders of the RKM believe that if they do this they will be greatly anointed to run the whole World, own all its riches, and have the controls of all power and status. They also believe they must engage in periodic Satanic Child-sacrifice Rituals to maintain their special power, wealth, positions and status or otherwise they will be stripped of it all.

They also believe that if they stop this process of raising Hell on Earth by creating successive Hellstorms, they will quickly lose their power and will never be allowed to become “Eternal Gods of Mount Olympus.” Hows that for a criminally insane delusion, one that has killed hundreds of millions of innocent humans with incredibly painful, needless pre-engineered deaths?

Here is a a listing of the actual Hellstorms this criminally insane notably anti-human (probably non-human too) Satanic Cult the RKM has produced that we can prove beyond any shadow of a doubt:

1. They did it in Armenia and raped, tortured and mass-murdered about 1 and 1/2 million innocents Christian Armenians.

2. They did it in Russia in 1917 raping, torturing and mass-murdering about 22 millions innocent Orthodox Christians the first two years and then proceed to enslave and murder about another 80 million we know of.

3. They did it in Germany at the end of WW2 and raped, tortured and mass-murdered millions of innocent German Civilians and surrendered German Army troops, and violated numerous international treaties. We now know for certain that General Eisenhauer (his real Judiac name), Churchill another crypto Judaic and Stalin (also Judaic) created some of the World greatest crimes against humanity in how they handled the last two years of WW2 and starved so many innocent Germans. This of course has all been covered up until now and you will learn about it in the excellent video below called Hellstorm. Their reason, a deep malignant Judaic Triablsim based hatred of German Goyim they believed were essentially Christian.

4. They did it in Korea after WW2.

5. They did it in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia after the Korean war.

6. They did it in the first Iraq war.

7. They did it in the second Iraq war.

8. They did it in the war in Afghanistan which was staged to get the massive opium crop and use deployed American troops to guard it so it could be transported into America using frequent Global Hawk remote control operated pilot-less flights.

9. They have been trying desperately to do it again with a pre-engineered stage war against Syria and Iran, but so far President Obama has resisted. This should be an omen for the top RKM Chieftains of the major lane-change that is coming with the whole World turning against them. More on that at the end of this article.

10. Their fall back and final plan is to do it again by bringing a total Hellstorm to America like they did to East Germany after WW2, after using their attack on America of 9-11-10 and their Samson Option Nuclear Blackmail to transform America into GAZA II, the World’s largest open-air prison camp with all Americans, even their Judiac supporters included.

The RKM’s usual means of pre-engineering Hellstorms in nations of the World is to foment Color Revolutions; bust out the economies; deploy various forms of induced de-stabilizations covert ops; place incredibly abusive fascist dictator puppets in power that breed counter revolutions, racial strife, and police brutality; to stage Gladio-style False-flag attacks in order to produce synthetic terrorism which can then be used to convince the populace it is real terrorism and not RKM Organized Crime.

All these RKM induced problems are used to justify the acquisition of more and more RKM power supposedly to be used to solve these problems when instead they are used to add gasoline on them.

As more and more of the World learns this truth about this secret, hidden RKM Agenda to turn the whole World into a Hellstorm nation by nation, the whole World will organize against the RKM and eventually attack it from all directions.

As more and more Judaics are waking up to how they have been mind-kontrolled, conned and used by the RKM, an interesting new conflict is arising within the Judaic communities all over the World.

It has been a breeze for the RKM Chieftains to mind-kontrol and con mainstream Judaics. Why? Because the RKM Chieftains control all the “money” and can print or issue as much as they need. These Chieftains have acquired control over the University System, the Major Mass Media, the American Medical System, the Legal Profession, the Judiciary and most large International Corporations. This places them in the driver’s seat and they can pass out these rewards to “fellow Judaics” like giving candy to a baby.

This makes many Judaics very desirous of all the power, money and status that these RKM Chieftains have and motivates them to serve these Chieftains and do everythin possible to become like them and gain their favors. The result? Mainstream Judaics who have thus attained high levels of success in the RKM System, stick together and are completely committed to their malignant Judaic Tribalism which unfortunately includes believing the sick, twisted paranoid group Judaic racial delusion based on imagined racial persecution that all Goyim are their enemies and want to eradicate them.

This extreme racial delusion produces fear and hatred of Goyim and justifies pre-emptive aggression toward them including staged wars, gladio-style False-flag attacks like 9-11-01, and engineered economic collapse, plagues and diseases. Over time the abuse toward Goyim that this Judaic group racial paranoia produces become a “self-fulfilling prophecy” and Goyim begin to see that these malignant Judaic Tribalists are trying to asset strip them, destroy their society and mass-murder them.

Obviously at some point the Goyim become so provoked they will act against these malignant Judaic Tribalists. This will soon likely occur because the whole World is now ganging up to attack the criminal Apartheid State of Israel for all its staged wars, mass-murder, war crimes, theft of Palestinian Lands, Apartheid against Palestinians and for attacking America with nukes on 9-11-01. Believe you me as the World finally connects all these dots, payback against Israel and these RKM Chieftains is going to be a real bitch, far more extreme than most could imagine.

Many Judaics who now suffer from a group psychological disorder, best called RKM induced malignant Judaic Tribalism are waking up. They are beginning to realize that they have been mind-kontrolled to carry incorrect beliefs that have induced them to have a serious group mental disorder which makes them dangerous to humanity and the whole World.

This notable and dangerous group mental disorder is best characterized by a notable paranoid racial persecution delusion that has been and is now being used to justify hatred, abuse, asset stripping, oppression, tyranny, massive land-theft and mass-murder of what they define as “Goyim.”

This is what they have been doing to Palestinians and by creating an Israeli Apartheid against Palestinians and by attacking America on 9-11-01, they have actually sealed their own fate which will result in their eradication unless they immediately wake up and reject all these incorrect beliefs instilled by their RKM Overlords who have suckered them beyond belief to do their dirty work in exchange for money, high positions, status and power.

Can you handle the real truth about the end of WW2 and why General Patton’s assassination was ordered by President Truman. In the Nazi forced labor camps about 290,000 died from cholera and starvation, induced by the Allies by needlessly extending the war and bombing the supply lines, official red Cross figure show about 200,000 of these were Judaics. Compare this to the now estimated 55 million innocent civilians mass-murdered during WW2 and now described as merely “collateral damage” from the Allied Air War.

This Hellstorm was created and run by the RKM secret Crypto Judaics Churchill, FDR and Stalin. General George Patton knew the truth and was going to tell all America about it upon his return since he couldn’t get any where trying to convince the American High Military Command who were all run by the RKM. By the way, when was the last time you ever heard any Malignant Judaic Tribalists ever mention his real Holocaust, the Armenian Slaughter or the Babylonian Talmudism behind the Bolshevik slaughter in Russia in 1917? The answer is NEVER because if they ever  studied the facts it would forever break the spell of their RKM Mind-kontrol.

Note: Popular Author and renown Artist Jim Kirwan must be credited with some of the important content of this article. He has been on the forefront of many of the discoveries about the Rothschild World Zionists which I refer to as the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM). The actual term Khazarian Mafia was coined by Veterans Today Financial Editor and “Short End of the Stick” talk show host Mike Harris, and in my opinion is by far the very best description of this criminally insane inhuman group of enemies of the whole World and all of mankind.

How tragic for the World that these powerful individuals that create money from nothing and charge pernicious usury to folks to use what should be their own money have been able to operate in abject secrecy so long. And how dehumanizing for the RKM to secretly refer to humans as their Goyim, that is their cattle to use, abuse, asset strip and slaughter as human sacrifice to their evil god Lucifer (Satan, also known as Baal or Moloch).

The following performance is by the artist Joe Bonamassa, now recognized world’s top Guitarist and the hardest working, best performing musician on tour anywhere in the world right now.

Author Details
Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.
<br. A book by Preston James entitled "The New Gutenberg Press" has just been published and is available at

32 Replies to “Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

  1. Patton, like Gaddafi, made the fatal error of allowing his private thoughts and intentions to be known. The first step in assassinating Patton was to relieve him of his command…after that he was pretty much at their mercy.

  2. If we would only read original Jewish sources, written over a period of the last 250 years at many divert places of originally Europe, but now also America, we could easily learn about their “great revenge program on holy ground”. I would recommend the self biography of Nahum Goldmann, the former president of the world Zionist organization and much more (this book is – to this day – somewhat hidden from the public, because he was a little bit too open/proud about motives and aims).
    If you simply read chapter 4 of this book, called “I, Adenauer”, you can learn so much more about how this long time game is being played out.
    Too many people think, we only should use sources like Eustace Mullins, Reed and many others. Wrong, total wrong, because it’s all in their own writing. This is also for future times one of the greatest treasures, which makes it possible for good historians to come closer to the historical facts, that drove so many wars and revolutions in the past. Read Karl Marx’s early works, where he directly speaks about his sincere fight with his inner devilish demons (his father was a famous German rabbi, this education at home disturbs the young brain of everyone).
    That are only some small additions and recommendations; I would add to your writing and thoughts.

  3. Historians marvel at how the Byzantine Empire could prosper for over a thousand years. But all you need to do is research the legal and cultural structure of this civilization. They recognized the destructive nature of jewish culture and refused to allow them to enter into their culture. Jews were not allowed to attain any office of government, nor acquire monetary hegemony. This arrangement gave the government the latitude it needed to prosper without becoming a vassal state.

  4. Mr. James, just sent you an email through the system re: this subject in antiquity – that you may like to explore. Powerful … Thanks so much for this current expose’ trend on the real Mafia ..


  5. the treasonous bush-clinton dynasty sure needs retribution for what they have done to this nation, GHWB “if they knew the truth they’ed hang us from the nearest lamp post!”.
    NAFTA-GATT, hillary-China-Walmart, repealing Glass-Stegall, bankster bailouts, illegal wars, forming NSA-DHS-TSA-FEMA etc, consolidation of a CMMM and more.. so whats the deal? are people REALLY so brainwashed and dumbed down they cant comprehend who did it?

  6. As a “You can’t make this stuff up” entry, and as if the co-presidency under the Clintons wasn’t bad enough, KM stooge Ted Cruz just announced in so many words that, if elected, his would be a co-presidency with the prime minister of Israel. Dees should do a cartoon of Cruz as a ventriloquist’s dummy sitting on Bibi’s knee.

  7. Would you please provide/identify specific-irrefutable evidence or information (sources) that provide conclusive evidence proving ‘beyond any shadow of a doubt’: that 1 to 1/2 million Christian Armenians were deliberately killed by the RKM.

    1. Now this man is gone crazy, but formerly he did some remarkable work about especially this historic tragedy and which groups instigated and put into work this more than 20 years long systematic erasement of the at that time higher class of educated and very intelligent – as well as beeing firmly based in their christian religion – Armenians, who served for the Ottoman empire. They were somehow the functional basis of this state, this man is Christopher Bjerkenes. Read his PDF book and you learn, where the younf turk plot originated – it was Saloniki – as a greek outpost of the masonic structure that lead all “revolutions”. The center was Mazini in Italy, the willing agents were sabbateans, called Donmeh jews in Turkey. To this day, they play a great rule in turkish politics and are one of the main forces, that always led turkish politics to be closely aligned to jewish interests in the ME. That by itself is one of the main reasons, why the zionists don’t want any official uncovering of the sad truths about the armenian genozide come to light – it would blow up their own big holocaustianity lie. There are much other sources, but this this one is very precise and chronological with many sources, you can check.

  8. Dr. James, In these perilous times, it is your well-researched information that give clarity as well as solutions to the many ongoing crises we face.

    I also like your great taste in music which “lightens our load” of response-ability…Thanks for sharing!

  9. Great comment Thomas Lowe. You are another example of the incredibly astute well informed readers we have at VT. You have connected the dots well.

  10. Regarding Herbert Dorsey’s comment about the Vatican. Originally the Rothschilds (Bauers) were the Vatican’s Bankers, known as the Hofjuden or “Court Judaics.” They claimed to insiders they were anointed with the teaming power of Lucifer (aka Satan, Baal, Moloch). Over time they infiltrated the Royal family and fathered royal children in secret. A time came when they attained equity with the Vatican Clerics and even the Jesuits they were supposed to be working for. Their real bosses never were the Vatican but those “Old Black Nobility” (i.e. Satanic families) that controlled the Vatican and the Jesuits. In time they attained parity with these families and began to surpass them because they ran the day to day operations of this “Ruling Satanic Cult.”

    Yes, the Vatican is still powerful, is filled with pedophile and satanic clerics and the top Jesuits are believed to be hard core Satanists. Source? Father Malachi Martin who exposed this and wanted it cleaned up. But the nexus of Satanic World Control right now is the RKM centered in the City of London and Denver. The jury is still out on the new Pope. We can all hope he works to clean all the corruption and filth out of the Vatican.

    1. Preston, your fact about the Hofjuden of the Vatican are right, but they weren’t the first ones. For several centuries, the Genova and Venetian bankers (also jewish) were the money lenders for the Vatican. If you go deeper into this, you might learn something more about the real “Black Nobility Families”, their names and their old, old history – going back deep into the beginnings of the Roman empire. They later started the first stock market in Belgium and the first financial bank in the Netherlands, which itself was the fundamental beginning of the intrusion into the english throne by the treaseneous Oliver Cromwell and so on… up to this day. The Rothschilds were formerly eastern european (Khazarian or Galizian) Goldsmiths, reaching in Frankfurt nearby Hanau (the real hidden nest for all the important but rather unknown Frankists). They startet the international project, we all suffer from to this day.

  11. Mussolini cured Italian communism with castor oil –

    From “Black Magic” –

    “The castor-oil cure was administered for distributing communist propaganda, openly insulting the king, treating soldiers offensively, refusing to salute the national colors, displaying the Red Flag or singing the communist song. At times it was used as a cure for drunkenness and immorality.

    Prominent communists who received the treatment were frequently ridden up and down the main streets of their native cities in motor- lorries with signs calling the attention of the populace to the fact that he had just taken the oil cure. No man can be a martyr because he has had a quart of castor oil forced down his throat. The very thought of such a thing brings a sort of delight, rather than pity, to those who hear of it. The communists wilted perceptibly under the oil treatment.”

  12. Quote – “the Children of Cain”, or the Kenite Bloodline, which they have alleged is a “fallen angel” or hybrid bloodline with deeply inbred desires to enact incessant evil…”

    Chapter 4 “About the race of giants” S.C.Malan -“The Book of Adam and Eve” says –

    “…..Certain wise men of old wrote concerning them, and say in their books that angels came down from heaven and mingled with the daughters of Cain, who bare unto them these giants. But those wise men err in what they say. God forbid such a thing that angels who are spirits should be found committing sin with mankind…….if it were of the nature of angels that fell, they would not leave one woman on earth undefiled….”

    The “angels” were the children of Seth who dwelt high up on the mountain and were lured down by the children of Cain and transgressed and begat “giants”.

  13. Great article Dr.James and yes the Jews never have stopped worshiping Baal. Its obvious when one traces their pre Colombian footsteps (the ones they have tried so desperately to hide) in America with just a cursory examination of names of the gods they worshiped. You will also find references in Revelations about those who eat meat that has been sacrificed to demons, these are addressed to Jews who bleed out an animal before eating it. I don’t know what it was called then but now its called Kosher. And great picture too Dr. That is exactly the way most politicians and media pundits need to end up if what we see happening now is ever to be prevented from happening again. We need to stop teaching our children about a holocaust that never happened and start teaching them what happens to those who abuse the infra structure of an entire civilization for their own nefarious purposes…

  14. My thoughts are overwhelmed by Hellstorm. I see Henrik Palmgren in the credits, and highly recommend his site and podcasts on Red Ice, even if some New Age-ish topics are, in my view, self-defeating. To Gail Evans, for her malevolent tu quoque in the FB comments above, it can be answered that were it not for the Jewish press, the Jews of Hollywood, and the stranglehold over all Western governments by Jewish money and bankers, neither WW would have happened. You can no longer hide Jewish genocidist crimes against Europe and Euro-Americans by pointing to their lackeys, whose subservience to Jewish power is bursting forth from the historical record with Biblical effect. Even a man like Rand Paul, whom so many of us had high hopes for, reveals himself to be just another Jewish lackey, itching like Churchill or FDR to inflict a new Hellstorm of unspeakable human suffering on countless defenseless men, woman, and children to further the exterminationist Jewish wars against all peoples of the world, and not least against those who are like Rand Paul himself.

  15. Thanks Preston,
    Man, Churchill was a real piece of shit. Sadly he was one of many.
    What happened to all of the money and assets of the hundred of thousands that were killed in Germany at that time? More collectivism? There needs some town hall meetings for people to see films like this and discuss our fraudulent history and how to protect ourselves as humans as a whole from these sewer rats. We all need to address the real history and that those monsters are still around just wearing new faces and they want to kill and steal just as bad. Just look around the Ukraine and Northern Africa. The internet helps Break the compartmentalization but there are still lab rats that follow the mainstream narratives. No matter what country you are from we all have the same problem. A group of elitist pirates that share the goal of making sure the you have nothing when they’re done. Every countryman of every country need to understand that the enemies are not from the common man of any country but likely the rot wreaking from the elite of every country. The pirates are using any means necessary to get your shit! All of it from all of you! So stop doing their dirty work.
    Thanks for the video Preston. Very eye opening.

    1. Another astute incredibly well informed VT reader proves it with an excellent comment.

  16. No doubt that the ww internet is a powerful medium for truth . However , do not count the chickens until the eggs are hatched unless there is a fully capable and funded resistance group that is committed to keeping the internet open and running for popular consumer use . Scientists are now warning that the internet may become jammed up from overcrowding ( translation : corporate rulers will refuse to upgrade internet capacity ) . Furthermore , the internet is sustained by ISP corporations that are more than any other entities ultimately controlled by the RKM central banks and its other corporate holdings ( including the UN ) .

    1. In other words , the RKM JWO cabal could obliterate global consciousness of their historic criminality by preventing information about it from reaching the masses as it did with the US 1913 Federal Reserve Act when they acquired control of all major media of that era . Consciousness requires continuous and uninterrupted streams of info . The Banksters know that .

    2. Yes, point well taken, however their are deep fractures in the US Military as more and more US Soldiers find out they have been sued as Israeli cannon-fodder fighting Israel’s Mideast wars of aggression and they have not served the People of America or America the Republic at all. They have been suckered, lied to and used. Remember what happened in Vietnam at the end of the war. Numerous fragging of stupid, stubborn new Lieutenants who tried to use their troops as cannon-fodder.

      You probably never heard about the Black Barracks rebellion that could not be contained. Many American soldiers and DHS agents are very disheartened and have lost all respect for those leaders who have betrayed their Constitutional Oaths. Many will rebel and turn on their leaders if illegal, Unconstitutional orders are given. Bet on it. If not We The People will rise up and fight to the death in mass to wipe out these foreign espionage infiltrators and hijackers of America, the RKMers.

      Remember armed Americans, hunters, vets and gun enthusiasts are the largest Army with high powered weapons anywhere in the World. They are a sleeping giant just beginning to wake up that hates DHS and the PIP “Pimps in Power” more and more each day as more and more American jobs are exported under all the illegal, Unconstitutional Treasonous and Sedition so-called Free trade treaties. once awake the RKMers will have hell to pay because payback will be a frenzied bitch.

  17. Very happy to see this film. I was 8 years old in 1940. The same generation of many of the kids who suffered and died. We had glimpses of some of the horrors of WW2 and subsequent years. But we were brainwashed by “the news”.
    No surprise many WW2 European theatre veterans have never talked about their experiences with their families. One told me “we never knew what was going on.” He was with army engineers.

  18. Thank you for the great article. It’s time to turn the Rothschild’s New World Order into the people’s New World Order.

    We won’t be micro-chipped. We won’t be slaves. We will have liberty, rights, and tolerance. People can not fear death – there is no need to since there is a spirit world after this life and eternal life in heaven – otherwise the Rothschilds have you in their grip. The way they control us all is through our fear of death. Once we stop being scared and do what we know is right – fighting for liberty, speaking up when necessary, and loving our neighbors – then the “RKM” is done. RKM is well on its way out, its time for the rest of the world to awaken and begin OUR New World Order.

  19. Dr. you have laid out a linear time line of how the RKM has done their craft. I just wish the cutouts can wake up to the way they will be burned down once they are no longer useful. thankyou for all of the valuable service you’ve done for humanity as I can only guess at the safety protocols you put in place. And you’re right, people are coming around to the truth. Did you hear the EPA has told water companies to dial back sodium fluoride in drinking water? What are your thoughts?

    1. Yes, it is good and it is a response to massive unrelenting public pressure, in the hope they will go away. When a RKM “Triple Citizen” foreign espionage agent (so-called “scientist”) formerly from the Soviet Union finished turning wheat rust loose in the red River Valley in Minnesota and attempted but failed to set up a pedophile party house in South Minneapolis to compromise MN officials thanks to local teamster Union Members who functioned as American Heroes, this POS was hired to run the LA Water works. His first official action was to double the amount of fluoride in the LA City water to allegedly dumb-down the residents and reduce dissonance against the government. It didn’t slow down the number of Zetas armed by the BCC/CIA moving into LA, however or their crafty ways to extract money from the system selling drugs.

      The only way I would believe these claims of any true reduction in Fluoride would be by actual verified impartial water testing and close supervision of all public water works by an independent council of citizens from all classes and no ties to the RKMs or the government in any way.

    2. Two relatives on my spouse’s side have spinal stenosis.

      From the Weston A. Price website – Fluoride: Worse than we thought

      “Fluorides are cumulative toxins. The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that US law requires the Surgeon General to set a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA. This requirement is specifically aimed at avoiding a condition known as Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis (CSF), a disease thought to progress through three stages. The MCL, designed to prevent only the third and crippling stage of this disease, is set at 4ppm or 4mg per liter. It is assumed that people will retain half of this amount (2mg), and therefore 4mg per liter is deemed “safe.” Yet a daily dose of 2-8mg is known to cause the third crippling stage of CSF.

      In 1998 EPA scientists, whose job and legal duty it is to set the Maximum Contaminant Level, declared that this 4ppm level was set fraudulently by outside forces in a decision that omitted 90 percent of the data showing the mutagenic properties of fluoride.

      In 1991 the US Public Health Service issued a report stating that the range in total daily fluoride intake from water, dental products, beverages and food items exceeded 6.5 milligrams daily. Thus, the total intake from those sources alone already greatly exceeds the levels known to cause the third stage of skeletal fluorosis.”

    3. “Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces in the spine which causes pressure on the spinal cord and nerves.”

      “The early stages of skeletal fluorosis are characterized by increased bone mass”

      Fluorides are cumulative toxins. The fact that fluorides accumulate in the body is the reason that US law requires the Surgeon General to set a Maximum Contaminant Level (MCL) for fluoride content in public water supplies as determined by the EPA. This requirement is specifically aimed at avoiding a condition known as Crippling Skeletal Fluorosis (CSF), a disease thought to progress through three stages. The MCL, designed to prevent only the third and crippling stage of this disease, is set at 4ppm or 4mg per liter. Yet a daily dose of 2-8mg is known to cause the third crippling stage of CSF.

      In 1998 EPA scientists, whose job and legal duty it is to set the Maximum Contaminant Level, declared that this 4ppm level was set fraudulently by outside forces in a decision that omitted 90 percent of the data showing the mutagenic properties of fluoride.

      In 1991 the US Public Health Service issued a report stating that the range in total daily fluoride intake from water, dental products, beverages and food items exceeded 6.5 milligrams daily. Thus, the total intake from those sources alone already greatly exceeds the levels known to cause the third stage of skeletal fluorosis.

    4. Two of my spouse’s brothers have “spinal stenosis” i.e. skeletal fluorosis. They are unaware of what they really have and what caused it.

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