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Gas Mask

… by Gordon Duff,  … with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

“There’s daggers in men’s smiles” — Macbeth

–  First published  May 3, 2015  –


In May of 2014, a high level informant tied to the US Department of Justice came to us with a story. He said that Germany has a decades long secret protocol with Israel, whereby Germany funds weapons research and production for Israel and supplies that nation with submarines specially configured for launching nuclear cruise missiles — and Israel, in return, gives Germany nuclear weapons.

At the time, the “why” of Germany, a NATO power, wanting nuclear weapons wasn’t clear. There had to be more to the story much more and there was.

What was brought forward was a bizarre tale of Europe’s strongest “liberal democracy” being something quite different, a nation ruled by a shadow government, infiltrated by “hold overs” from Nazi Germany, sworn to bring down the “corrupt West and its effete democracies.”


The issues holding the world’s attention this week involve not only the nuclear settlement with Iran, but Russia’s agreement to provide Iran with a “game changing” S300 air defense system. One glaring inconsistency that has been brought to the forefront is Israel’s nuclear program and why it is not subject to sanctions.

What if Israel’s nuclear program weren’t entirely their own? What if someone else was responsible? Not simply the French that supplied the technology, but another nation… or rather a highly dangerous rogue intelligence agency, a survivor of the conflicts and machinations of the 1930s and 1940s?

In a strange turn of events, a mysterious, even mythical organization, the DVD – something right out of a James Bond novel – popped to the surface. Anyone who speaks of the DVD is either ostracized as insane or ends up in prison or dead. We have decided, out of necessity, to take that risk and attempt to give context to our findings.


The Mysterious Article

Hans Rühle
Hans Rühle

Yesterday, Veterans Today received an article published recently in Die Welt, written by Colonel Hans Rühle, former Head of Planning for Germany’s Ministry of Defense. It was forwarded to us by a former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) investigator, a nuclear physicist. What it had to say was both startling and wrought with dramatic implications.

The title of the article, published in German is: Hat Deutschland Israels Atomwaffen finanziert?

Such a detailed and gripping expose written by a retired high level German/NATO official, one not only proving Israel’s illusive nuclear program to exist, but outlining broad criminal complicity by the German government should have resounded around the world. Instead, it was immediately forgotten, never translated into English and never cited by anyone, including and especially those whose job it is to enforce nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

The article is, in fact, a broad confession of German government complicity in a bizarre and sinister plot of epic proportions.


The Israeli Response

Almost immediately after publishing an annotated version on Veterans Today, the Israeli newspaper, the Israeli daily newspaper, Haaretz  published what we believe to be a response — an attempt to “spin” a very dangerous disclosure into an area that could be “contained.” Their article is titled: How Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor was concealed from the U.S.

Israel’s nuclear program was totally exposed in 1986 by Mordechai Vanunu, who was later kidnapped and returned to Israel, where he was held in solitary confinement for 18 years. The Haaretz story was hastily published, an empty and meaningless endeavor, because the article exposing the German/Israeli nuclear nexus is something far more than Germany arming Israel out of “war guilt.” Something very nasty is going on.


German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst

Michael Shrimpton
Michael Shrimpton

Earlier this year, a British intelligence analyst and author named Michael Shrimpton was sentenced to prison. He was convicted of informing the British government that a nuclear weapon smuggled from Bremerhaven, Germany was strategically placed within blast range of the Olympic stadium outside London during the 2012 games.

Shrimpton claimed in open court that a German organization known as the DVD or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst, a Nazi “holdover” from World War II with “franchises” around the world, was responsible.

Shrimpton was sent for psychiatric examination, pilloried in the press and clearly railroaded into prison on what can only be considered a bizarre “trumped up” charge. He was convicted on the basis of having made the threat himself. Thus, the author of Spy Hunter and NSA “asset” sits in a prison cell, silenced, allowed no visitors, no phone calls, no correspondence and no publishing privileges.

Shrimpton claims he was “railroaded” because he had exposed the DVD; the Nazi terror group he says runs Germany, but also runs the United States through the Bush family.


Christopher Story

Christopher Story
Christopher Story

In 2010, Christopher Story, known to many as Edward Harle, died mysteriously. Intelligence insiders believe Story was murdered by the DVD. From Wikipedia:

“Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 – 14 July 2010) was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is perhaps best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception.

Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians, was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada. In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specialising in intelligence and founded “World Reports Limited” that year.

Since 1970, Story edited and published International Currency Review, which has included the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers. Story became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and in 1991, a year after her resignation, he published Soviet Analyst due to his continued scepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.[7] Soviet Analyst was a respected journal whose previous editors included Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely.”

Christopher Story, longtime associate of my good friend, Lee Wanta, was an agent of Britain’s secret services, something not included in his official biography but true none the less. Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence told of an organization formed during the late 1920s, formed of a coalition between the Bush family in the US, then part of the Harriman/Rothschild banking cartel of New York/City of London, and the “Hitler Project,” so aptly written about by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush.

According to Story, this group which controlls the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world’s central banks, serves an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert. Story cited Hitler as a “puppet” of the organization that would later be called the DVD.  According to Story, British Prime Minister Edward Heath was a DVD operative, as was Prime Minister Tony Blair and a significant number of high ranking British politicians.


The DVD’s Pedophile Signature

Pedophile rings in both the US and Britain, such as those recently brought to light in the most recent of many, the Westminster Pedophile Scandal and, in the US, the Franklin Scandal, tying a national child trafficking ring to the Bush family, dozens of prominent American legislators and major corporate leaders, are an integral part of the scenario, call it hypothesis if you will, of the DVD.

It was the decade of the 1980s when the scope of the problem, the infiltration of the highest levels of governments, particularly NATO nations, by large scale organized pedophile rings came to light. The Bush family and DVD were brought to light by Houston-based journalist Tom Philpot.

Philpot’s 1981 documentary, Boys for Sale, traces regional child exploitation rings to the highest levels of US government and the center of what other informants tell us is the DVD. Philpot’s film is termed, “The Forgotten Documentary.”



Lee Wanta

Former Ambassador Lee Wanta
President Reagan’s Special Ambassador Lee Wanta

Wanta, a longtime friend, was a close confidant of President Ronald Reagan, whom he served as White House Intelligence Coordinator. Wanta’s biography, White Swan, Black Hat, tells of his colorful career in counter-intelligence and global finance.

Wanta also tells of the open war in Washington, at that time, between those supporting President Reagan and those allied with a European based group, headquartered in the city of Dachau, just north of Munich — the DVD. According to Wanta, the DVD dates back to well before World War II and involves the Bush family and other American “conservatives” who were allied with the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve System.

This is Wanta’s story.  While working for Reagan, Wanta accumulated a massive multi-trillion dollar fund intended to end Federal Reserve control of the US, pay off all debts and restore America’s infrastructure. While Wanta was in Switzerland under diplomatic cover, investigating DVD operations chief Hans Brand, also known as “Marc Rich,” longtime Clinton confidant, Wanta was kidnapped and imprisoned. Later Wanta was “extradited” to the State of Wisconsin, where he was sentenced to 22 years in prison for “tax evasion,” a charge now admittedly fraudulent, almost humorously so.

The funds held in trust in accordance with the Reagan-Wanta-Mitterrand Protocols were looted by DVD operatives working with the Bush family while Wanta was imprisoned. While the courts have ordered the Wanta funds restored, key DVD fronts have petitioned the courts to act as “trustee” to minimize the impact on “world affairs”, with this much capital being placed in the hands of a single individual.

What Wanta does confirm is not only the existence of the DVD, but that it was seen by President Reagan not only as a very real threat, but Reagan also cited the DVD as fully complicit in the 1981 assassination attempt by a Bush family friend, John Hinckley.


911 Redux

Dimona, Israel
Dimona, Israel

According to retired German Defense Ministry official, Colonel Hans Rühle, identified as a probable intelligence asset of an unknown organization, Germany went through decades of deceptions, including financing what they claimed to be an Israeli desalination plant nowhere near a salinated body of water, and a massive Israeli “textile” complex that never made a napkin. One project was the Dimona reactor, the other a weapons grade plutonium processing facility.

According to Rühle, this decades long deception that has brought the world to the brink of war time and time again was done by Germany out of “war guilt.” Like the phony Haaretz story that followed the translation and “framing” of the Die Welt story, the claim of “war guilt” as a motive for Germany building an illegal nuclear arsenal for itself using Israel as a “straw man” lacks credibility.

Germany, represented in blackmarket technology sales by Prescott Bush and Company (brother of President George H.W. Bush) operated a weapons grade nuclear enrichment facility in South Africa as late as 2003, and was implicated in the sale of weapons grade centrifuges to Libya. Their “agent,” DVD operative Johan Meyer, was arrested in South Africa in 2004 but has disappeared.

Location of  friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis
A Saudi-Israeli operations group, Fort Lee, NJ — Location of friends, Mohammed Atta and the dancing Israelis

In 2014, US Department of Energy documents from 2003 were released proving categorically that 9/11 was a nuclear event. Subsequent leaks of investigation files from the FBI/Able Danger group establish not only a Saudi-Israeli operations group working out of Fort Lee, New Jersey, as directly tied to the destruction of the triple towers, but cites Israel and key Bush family operatives as key to the planning of 9/11.

As with the German motive of “war guilt,” the motive for 9/11 is generally believed to be the oft-quoted PNAC (Project for a New American Century) call for a new “Pearl Harbor” to justify an American takeover of the Middle East.

And, as with the German “war guilt” motive, the “Pearl Harbor” motive is both insubstantial and overly convenient. America could have been pushed to war with a car bombing or assassination. It wasn’t necessary to stage 9/11, which was perhaps the most complex military operation in history.

Few remember that the supposed motive for “bin Laden” to have staged 9/11 was “distress” at the fact that American women had served in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield/Storm, and that their presence somehow defiled the holy places of Islam.

Now we may well have another direction to look. Was 9/11 revenge for the systematic murder of over one million Germans by the US between 1945 and 1947 under the Morgenthau Plan? Was it simply slaughter for the sake of slaughter done on behalf of an organization that craves entropy and is sworn to serve evil?


An Apology

Ben Fulford
Ben Fulford

Many times Benjamin Fulford or Michael Shrimpton came to me with evidence of the mysterious organization called the DVD. Both seem at times almost fanatical in their opposition to something no one has heard of. Is it just them or is such fanaticism a natural response to endemic evil?

A cursory examination of available intelligence on the DVD shows it to deeply parallel the Council on Foreign Relations. For years, intelligence organizations have stumbled over mysterious secret societies, cults, cabals and cartels. In order to add a sense of unity and structure, terms were developed — Khazarian Mafia, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, Black Nobility and many others including Dr. Preston James’ SSG (Secret Shadow Government).

What is known is that what we see — ISIS and its magical unseen allies, a world of rigged elections, manipulated economies and leaderless “empty hat” governments — cannot exist without a DVD. We know it isn’t about money… there is nothing left to buy.

Could or would a group exist only to dominate and destroy? Is there some inherent reward in entropy alone? Consider Bush or Blair, consider Cheney or Netanyahu. Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?


Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War who has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues; and is a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


  1. Mike Kay when it comes to ETHINIC STOCK all Europeans come from the same stock.
    The only ones that survived the WORLD FLOOD, was Noah his wife and three sons with their respective wife.
    one of his sons name was Japeth and it was from him where the European stock or nations were formed.
    From His son Shem is where God created back in the Old and New contract with humanity ( TESTAMENTS). His chosen people first the BIBLICAL HEBREWS, who after more than 2,000 years he spoke to them and guide them spiritual including the muslims, who also came out of the relationship with ABRAHAM AND HIS FIRST SON HE HAD UNDER THE NAGGING OF SARA HIS WIFE, LATER GAVE BIRTH TO ISSAC, AND JACOB/ WHERE JESUS CHRIST FOLLOWED, AFTER GOD DIVORCED HIMSELF FROM THE HEBREWS DUE TO THEIR ARROGANCE AND DEFIANCE TOWARDS GOD.CHRIST CAME TO DELIVER THE GOOD NEWS OF SALVATION (NT)WHERE WHOMEVER BELIVED IT AND REPENTED ASK FORGIVNESS, WAS TO RECIVE SPIRITUAL SALVATION THE ASHKEnazi jew are not part of any of God’s spiritual agenda.

  2. “” the truth being too depressing for an anglosaxon to live with.””

    That seems to be true for patriotic americans also who prefer the feelgood false histories and tend to not want to know the real and whole truth of ww2 . After all , according to the only religion to be recognized by an Act of the US Congress — Christian Science — evil is not real ; it does not exist .

  3. Sure enough __ LC ; just like the highest ranks of ILLuminati may be a secret society with unpublicised ranks within the secretive freemasonry society as 33d degree freemason Albert Pike mentioned the need for such greater secrecy ( after all , planning three world wars is a peculiarly sensitive matter ) .

  4. Since the 1870s, Jewish controlled banks have decided German policy, and have regularly looted and impoverished the German people. It sounds a little odd to read that all of a sudden, the Germans run Jewish policy.
    Mr. Shrimpton was clearly an Anglophile, and his anti-German stance had all the hallmarks of that plan that worked so well in Britain, the one that conveniently overlooked the fact that most Brits and most Germans come from the same ethnic stock. Social engineering via self hatred. An old card still overplayed by “them”.
    No doubt the gov’t we see is far from the gov’t. we get. That should be quite clear to anyone who has more than cursory dealings with gov’t., however, unless these secret organizations occupy the highest reaches of the world wide control complex, which includes all manner of politics, energy, economics, and war, they could not exercise the control necessary. So, if indeed there is some secret German organization, it could hardly be simply German, it would absolutely have to be world wide itself.

    • Exactly . After the ww2 allies nearly exterminated Germany and the Nazis whom were most certainly defeated , now we are to speculate that the Nazis have performed a Phoenix miracle and are again at the apex of global power rather than the undefeated RKM JWO//(NWO)//ZWO cabal . DVD responsibility for Israeli nuclear weapons shenanigins sounds like a talmudic judaic IZCS alibi .

    • Money,
      I think I detect a plan that attempts to diffuse the potent moral order of the Nazis. First off, Hitlers’ objective was to get the banking system back under German control. We have much evidence of this. Yes, the jewish banks did provide material support for Hitler in the early years of his regime, but it could be argued that this was because Hitler played ball with them, and helped them to settle Palestine with a well heeled core of jews. Remember that pesky Balfour agreement.
      Now, let us all recall that Hitlers’ personal driver was a jew. Let us recall that at least 150,000 jews served in the Wehrmacht willingly throughout WW2, and some were much decorated. Was the Third Reich truly a jewish extermination machine?
      Germany was destroyed a second time by the idiot servants of a demon of the outer dark. Mr. Duff wonders if the point of evil is to serve evil. From my perspective, the point of evil is to destroy all potential and possibility wherever it may find it.
      The current “constitutional” government of Germany is neither. In all respects, the Reich never surrendered, it was conquered by those deranged savants. This is something no one wants you to know, because it makes null and void all German responsibility for their blood and treasure being siphoned away to create the criminal fiction of Is(?) real.
      At some point a true discussion should be aired concerning genuine, and not hoaxed Nazi morality, but the world of deranged savants could never stand it.

    • Yes, Mike and Moneytalks, I’ve let this evil DVD concept brew for awhile in my (dare I say) adequately-enough endowed brain. Detlef asked a pertinent question as to why Rühle’s article now and to what purpose. I said, perhaps the “why now” is because Israel is now under world-wide condemnation and the “holocaust” narrative is crumbling. The purpose is to re-direct and re-demonize Germany with new accusations. Moneytalks added another motive, an alibi or patsy for 911. Much evidence and logic has been presented to make Israel suspect #1, and equally as much evidence and logic is needed to sway me to a new suspect.

    • Connie,
      The main problem with assigning a leading role in jewish affairs to Germans, is the simple fact that jewish control of German money, culture, and media has always followed an agenda in defiance of German interests.
      If indeed, this so-called dvd does everything its branded as doing, then it is not a legit German organization, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT REPRESENT THE INTERESTS OF THE GERMAN PEOPLE.
      On the other hand, jewish agendas are always clandestine, hidden, and employ copious helpings of vicious and anti-human strategies and tactics.
      It would be perfectly within character for a jewish dvd to pretend to German authority, while raping both Germany and the world of blood and treasure with the kind of casual disregard we find in the writings of Trotsky, and other jewish “intellectuals”.
      Mr. Shrimpton is on record here at VT calling the USS Liberty attack a “mistake”, and I don’t have to reiterate the words of on duty senior officers regarding that analysis. He repeatedly asserted that the jews were the “good guys”, overlooking, as do all good abrahamists, the jewish terrorism of the post WW2 years that is widely documented. To this very day, organized jews have yet to answer for the tens of millions they murdered when they hijacked the Russian revolution. To this day, they pretend that their hack into the May revolution never occurred.
      All this and more is critical to remember, when we are commanded to resurrect a favored boogeyman.

    • L.C.
      You reveal some very relevant information regarding the current international banking empire that has the blood of tens of millions upon its hands.
      However, according to my own research, it appears that true jewish control of the banking system occurred post 1859, the year Europe took the step that the byzantine Empire was too wise to ever take-allowing the controllers of the money unfettered access to the halls of power.
      If one follows the documents themselves, international bankers seized control of Germany less than 20 years after the so-called “emancipation”.
      Germans bemoaned loosing their arts, their culture, their businesses, and their properties to vicious bankers who delighted in the theft of their hard earned wealth.
      I ask you, sir-what has changed?

  5. Two lines into this article I said, ” Oh oh, where is Shrimpy when you need him”. Then you hit me with this bombshell. All this time I thought Shrimpton was a bit of a screwball, always with the Germany did it. Now I see how wrong I was about him. Nothing is as it seems so they say. This is HUGE. I don’t think I have enough gigabytes in my brain to process all of this. But I’ll try.

  6. Whole article is based on that dvd wants nuke made in israel. Why they cannot do it openly?

    I think they can just like France and uk. I suspect the article is to save zionists banksta paradise ie israel.

  7. There certainly is such a thing as evil for evil’s sake. Just as there is an OVERT impetus to bring about the INVERSION of healthy society everywhere. Everything that was and is good or noble is rubbished, ridiculed or even criminalized – whilst at the same time everything that is deviant and unwholesome is promoted and even protected by statute. This has not happened by accident – and the failure of the Holy Church to loudly CONDEMN this diabolical progress clearly demonstrates how the Church has allowed its government to become inveigled within that spider’s web of satanic illusion.

    If the organisation of which Gordon speaks mirrors the council on foreign relations – lets not forget what the late and great Aaron Russo discovered about that group. It contained the inner core of evil but that core deflected attention from itself by scattering innocent dupes among its wider membership. The ‘innocent’ members nonetheless all had to fanatically believe in the same diabolical plan as being ‘good’ for the world.

  8. LC, your list is quite right but please don’t leave out Karl Ritter, one of the most influential theorist of the later growing fascist movements in Germany. He was a professor, writing his tractats at the same time as Karl Marx, because 1848 and the previous masonic (initiated from Bavaria masons) was the ferment for all that came later.

    The Grand Orient Lodge in France, Spain and Portugal were and are today the main playing grounds behind the scenes for many major political development we saw and see today. Trotzky and Lenin themelves were members, Rakowski and many many other were and are. It’s more than a simple Council of foreign relations. It was the place to forment wars and mayhem to mankind. Their planning goes far beyond times lines we are used to think of.

    In comparison now, the actual influential lodges in Germany are malevolent as usual and Merkel, Von der Leyen and most others in Television (the list is endless) are members, because nothing goes without it. But the great lodges worldwide are the Scottish Rite and the Grand Orient lodges, and above all BnaiBrith’ the real Illuminati lodge. Mitterand, Merke, Schröder, Kohl, Blair, … – all have been officially been honored by this lodges of all lodges and they all proudly smile into the press cameras, proudly showing their medals in their hands.

  9. “Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?”
    a real alliance with evil not only exists, it flourishes, soaked and sealed in blood, set in stone……a real alliance seen only by the discerning with overpowering urgency, at stake humanity itself….the pride of man a stumbling block

  10. @sweetliberty I read the article, “Hat Deutschland Israels Atomwaffen finanziert?”. Long removed from college days, I admit my German is not as good as it used to be. For what it’s worth– I cannot find any mention of any “DVD”. All it claims, basically, is that Adenauer set up payment with Ben-Gurion to finance “development of the Negev” atomic-powered seawater desalination plant. This project never happened even though money kept going to Israel for “industrial and infrastructure projects” with 3.6% flat rate loans. So it is suspected the money has been used for construction of Dimona with the French delivering the reactor and reprocessing plant. Then Haaretz claims that German defense minister Franz Josef Strauss had made 500 million German marks available to finance the reactor in Dimona. Strauss had taken unauthorized “Reptilienfonds” [slush funds] from the German government. “For these claims, there is still no evidence.” the article states. “Germany made a wider reparation to Israel contributing to the protection of Israel against the dangers of the future.” said Strauss. Strauss resigned (forced, I gather). I could not find any talk of Israel giving Germany nukes in the article.

    • Connie, thanks for mentioing Struass. He was – at former times – been secretary of defence and he then fall over the Spiegel-Affaire of Augstein, who was temporarily put in jail for his whistleblowing.

      Strauss always was an “undercover man”, working for many sites. He loved to make his ditydeals with all kinds of dictators and also especially with influential and powerful jews of any flaw, including the most political right hardcore-zionists, the jewish led “Devisen-Wizzard” Schalk-Kholodkowsky, he met with the Stasi-chief several times and made the deals with the communists to let the DDR people do their slave work for western wall mards like Neckermann, Otto and others.

      He always wanted german – from the beginning – german grip on nuklear armament, not only under NATO control. So, if someone would like to dig deeper, this person and his suroundings in the military a central. He was defeated politically and failed to get chancellor, but I am convinced, that such forces in the background exist to this day, they couldn’t and can’t work in the open, otherwise they’re finished.
      The contradictions are deep in this country, because Augstein itself has filled his Spiegel – under english tight control – with many, many old NAZI’s – isn’t that funny?

  11. In relation to revenge, I definitely know that this motive was a strong one during the Jugoslawian war in the 1990th and it was specifically aimed against Serbia. Genscher’s totally unusual pushing for Croatia was the other part of this and it is part of official policy to this day (he was the elder stateman who officially made a public show about Codorkowsky’s arrival in Germany!). What especially struck me at that time, was the fact that even the social democrats strongly wanted revenge (which they draftfully mingled in total lies about Milosevic and the serbic military actions then), which was the outcome of this criminal enterprise with the first german participation in civil bombing after WWII.
    I have no clou whats’oever, even after reading Mr. Shrimpton’s book, haven been constantly reading the open analysises of Christopher Story and seen his critical video’s and also after reading Gordon’s article now, about the DVD (by the way: ‘Deutscher Verteidigungsdienst’ would be right language).
    If such a thing existed until now and is acting internationally, it can only do so with the quiet “ok” from some major other intelligence services. What I learned, is that the major effort to bring massive amount of money outside of Germany at the end of the war, was the work of Bormann. He was the man behind all the long time planning then. Gehlen and Canaris were also involved, as was the vatican and Argentine, Chile, Uruguay, Syria and Egypt then, where most of the top NAZI’s fled over the famous rat lines.
    If we want to make a rational analysis about Jade Helm, which I prefer to do, we also should not speculate, but look for evidence. Where are the bombs, under who’s command? What type of nuclear devices are they stored and how can they technically manage al this? I have no clou at all.

  12. Some things don’t fit for me, as I already wrote in a comment to the Rühl-Article on VT, this is:

    1. The Asia Times brought this article in whole (jewish owned paper, as most all “Times” newspapers) and in english. So, there is an international reaction, but small. This Asia article was titled “The Samson option”.
    2. The Spiegel wrote a very large article about this matter in 2012. All what Rühle wrote, was already mentioned in that article and much more. So, this is simply a “wanabe” rewrite od it. What needs to
    be analyzed is why this article now and to what purpose?
    3. The first german submarines to Israel were assembled in whole in England. Why is this not mentioned by Rühle but in the former Spiegel article. This fact alone may contradict some broader assumptions, Gordon made in his article. My questions, already formulated then, had no reactions at all. Therefore I formulate them here again.

    • Hi Detlef, you say “What needs to be analyzed is why this article [by Rühle] now and to what purpose?” I wonder this too. Perhaps the “why now” is because Israel is now under world-wide condemnation and the “holocaust” narrative is crumbling. The purpose is to re-direct and re-demonize Germany with new accusations. So what is Rühle’s angle?

  13. “Is evil for evil’s sake alone so farfetched?”

    Not at all farfetched but rather the basic cause and motivation of the powerful.
    It became clear to me when I watched the entire Hellstorm movie link in a recent Preston James article.
    I was 10 in 1940 and the movie provided details answering my many questions I had since getting only bits of information during and after WW2.

  14. Guilt is easy to impose upon a populace, but not a credible source of “owner type” action over a long period. The power is the game. Pedos do not crave money. Revenge, likewise is a short duration motivation. One thing we do know, is the warnings of AI. Germans are endowed with engineering. Would it not be simple to suppose that the goals of ultimate AI finding flaw within the human race also exist within the human mind at the point of ultimate engineering ? Indeed we have case reference. However, the problem I have with Germans being behind it alone, is that engineering requires input. Thus, the tandem of Isreali-German influence makes sense. All mythology talks of twins. We have found tracks, now lets find the perp. and surely the open air discussion has no causative affect without action.

  15. What German war guilt? If, as the facts bear out, the Holocaust and the notion of “six million” Jewish victims is a hoax inspired by organized Jewry, there is no comprehensible motive for the German-Israeli nuclear deception outlined in this article. This especially true since we know that Germany did not start WWII.

  16. The RKM & Associates helped put the Hitlerian Nazis into power and now it is well known that the JWO cabal owns Germany regardless of appearances and contrary propaganda . It is easy to surmise that the RKM JWO//(NWO)//ZWO cabal intended to use Germany as a patsy for their wtc 911 false flag show . The cabal did not acquire legal ownership of the major half of the world by taking blame for their luciferian conspiratorial sabotage operations against noncooperative nationstates . It seems that whenever anyone gets too close to the truth of the Synagogue of Satan nexus they pave and bait another bogus path leading away from it ; the sheeple will happily go to their new and safer pasteur in the kabbalist controlled matrix — after all , resistance for them is futile .

  17. One of your best, Gordon. Background on the DVD can be found in Shrimpton’s novel Spyhunter. His contribution to exposing the DVD as the real-life SPECTER cannot be underestimated. Thank you for recognizing this.

  18. Or maybe it has to do with how countries/regions/BORDERS were drawn, including and excluding certain populations arbitrarily by the victors, where certain natural allies were divided, sort of like how in the U.S. certain populations are gerrymandered, so that votes can be stolen, manipulated, twisted to engineer certain results, despite the public/voters intent.

  19. Yes, Long term reasons for revenge, without reward, where NO clear present day motive seems to come to mind is possible. A long held hatred, forgotten in time by all but them, but still held deeply, is possible.

    Is this enough to keep a group going? Yes, I guess, but still they need funds, need access to critical information, access to the latest technology, especially as related to weapons (Nuclear also) have to be silent about their plans, be able to acquire them, plant them, use them, without getting caught. It must take some real, long term motivation and dedicated individuals, to carry this along for many decades. Where’s the reward, payoff,…9/11, other false-flags before and after, leading to the downfall of the U.S. and other winners of WW-2, is that it?

    Don’t understand, maybe that’s the point.

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