“ISIS Does Dallas,” Shootout at Nazi Rally

Hate monger Tommy Trento, GOP and PJ Media spokesman
Hate monger Tommy Trento, GOP and PJ Media spokesman
Hate monger Tommy Trento, GOP and PJ Media spokesman

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

At a Dallas rally organized by the Mitt Romney team and local Mormons, a more than slightly theatrical “event” took place.  When we ask “Who benefits?” the answer is clear, Gert Wilders and a broad coalition of right wing extremists closely tied to the Israeli security services.

Do the powerful backers of Gert Wilders have the power and influence to work with the FBI and Mossad to stage a human sacrifice to the god of racism?  The answer is “yes, of course they do.”  Should we appreciate that only two “marginalized” victims were chosen rather than a school full of children?

Yes, we should be thankful.

Two supposed ISIS shooters, one long under FBI “surveillance/supervision,” were killed at white supremacist rally.  Heavily armed police were on site.

The pair didn’t come from part of the reported death ray wielding, tunnel crawling 400,000 man ISIS contingent reported as part of the Jade Helm “hillbilly hoax.”  However, is there something wrong, is this a “false flag?”  VT gives it an 80%.

Gert Wilders is Israel’s flag bearer in Europe, perhaps one of the most effective neo-Nazi rabble rousers now building a coalition across the European Union from Scotland to Kiev.  Muslim and African immigration is their rallying cry, frankly a very real problem in Europe.

Muslim immigration represents much of the labor force in Europe, particularly Germany.  In the process, however, key cities like Rotterdam, Paris, Malmo and a dozen or more others have Muslim communities wracked with crime.   Unemployment here among young Muslims is more than 50% and there is opportunity or even public education available.

At the same time, however, Muslims and in particular Turkey, a “non-member” make up much of the professional and most vital economic factors holding the EU together.  The EU began as a failed super-state with an imaginary currency, a hodge podge of social welfare states, ostensibly to  be ruled by Germany in what was intended to be Hitler’s dream of a united Europe but with less marching and singing.

Wilders would have it otherwise.

That Dallas was chosen, not by ISIS but more likely the Mossad, is obvious.  This is home base for the Bush cartel, the Hunt family and the 3rd generation of plotters intent on overthrowing the US and setting up a brutal theocratic dictatorship.  Murder and hate has been the theme of Dallas since long before November 22, 1963.

To be quite honest, though Texans are, on the whole, a warm hearted band of misfits and fun lovers, there has always been an undercurrent there more tied to oil, big money and fascism.

What is also reasonable to surmise, based on real evidence and trying to separate out the mass of half-baked blogger fear porn that tries to pass for journalism, is that whoever planned this planned the Paris “Hebdo” event as well.

Nobody sane bought in on Hebdo.

Is there a worldwide right wing conspiracy, orchestrated by Netanyahu, Romney, the Bush family, the Bronfmans and their “alternative media” puppet in the US?

Do they stage false flag attacks to push forward their agenda?  Our answer is “yes.”

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  1. Gonna bypass Turkey, QATAR, Europe out of a pipeline deal? Bam ISIS! Not wanting to leave Iraq before its proper balkanization? Bam ISIS! Patriot act going to go away because it doesn’t have the votes? Bam ISIS ON OUR Borders!!!!!!! Mericans are the dumbest people on the planet, they deserve to live in fear.

    • Exactly, that’s it in a nutshell. Joe Sigur’s comments up in FB are spot-on as well…www.jimstone.is covered the Pam Gellar Mossad event in Garland, Tx really well btw.

  2. exactly.. “who benefits?”. set up some “white supremist nazi” rally to let the “anti-semite” screams fly, get a couple shot for the “see what happens!” example, and nevermind the false semites who have some of the nastiest racists on the planet, they’re EXEMPT!
    the way this is done and motives are never mentioned, that might be “anti-semitic”.
    IMHO, its a sick game of controlled opposition manipulation for subservience.

  3. [ Editor’s note: Only one crosslink per comment, please ]
    “Do they stage false flag attacks to push forward their agenda? Our answer is “yes.”
    ..has their agenda changed over time? a resounding “no”
    see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9rP8IbgUQk take a screenshot at 10.07 – 10.11 and compare it with the picture of the Baal “flagbearer” above…..lies given life ensure a steady supply of human sacrifice … our natural cycles necessary for life to flourish have been disrupted dividing and dividing, reversing growth to death…so very much more than seen, though felt … distracting and extracting, the theft of human life
    Time to progress and merge prepared

  4. Gordon, you might want to raise those false flag odds higher than 80%. I personally believe 100%. I will say this: look for false flags of all kinds, in cities that have Federal Reserve district banks. And look for people trying to disrupt major communications and steal (and other things), using these events as cover. We in Missouri are so fortunate (not!). We have 2 of the 12 Fed Res district banks. This is my own analysis, by the way. Everything I do is my own analysis, based on 27 years of experience. Thanks for the tip about Alex Jones, too. I never read his stuff. I don’t even have time for VT, truth to tell, and sorry for the insensitive remark the other day. I was busy, had no idea that people were actually panicking over Jade Helm (who is dumb enough to go up against the Pentagon?), and NO idea at all that I had stepped out into the middle of a firefight at VT.

    • “” who is dumb enough to go up against the Pentagon? “”

      Who in the US military is dumb enough to go up against 50 million armed citizens in a protracted guerilla war ?

  5. Russia’s May 2014 anti-revisionist law from en.kremlin.ru documents section, May 5, 2014
    “The Federal Law aims to oppose attempts to infringe on historical memory in relation to events that took place during World War II.
    The Federal Law makes it a criminal offense to deny facts recognized by the international military tribunal [ Nuremberg ] that judged and punished the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, approving the crimes this tribunal judged, and deliberately spreading false information about the Soviet Union’s activities during World War II.”
    I’ve been struggling with this and many of Putin’s WW2 comments since.

    Putin’s latest anti-revisionist statement that you refer to has Kevin Barrett’s VT article headline, “World War II myths fuel Western crimes”, backwards – I agree with Kevin.

  6. Thanks for the book suggestion. I’ll check that out. I also usually wince when “nazi” is used mainly because the word seems to have no meaning except as an negative epithet and therefore is useless for critical arguing. I use it in quotes to point that out, however, I think I’ll quit using it altogether. It is often used as a hate term. I remember the losing Argentina team calling the winning Germans nasty nazis just because they had a cute totally fun-spirited victory ‘chant-dance’. Curious? Ask, I’ll explain.

  7. I haven’t watched Alex Jones for years so I don’t know which side he is on, on any issue.

  8. We are lucky to precisely know, where and when Gerd Wilders from Holland made his tight connections with the Mossad and the Likudniks. He simply was too lazy to hide his longer trips in the past and now it’s long time too late to not see, whom he was and is serving. The Amsterdam Jews like him very much – but not openly, that would be too obvious. I have good musical friends there, they told me about his development. Thanks Gordon, this stunt in Texas needed to be uncovered, the usual instant patsie killings included. These stunts are getting boring more and more.

    The whole german “NAZI” scene is – from the beginning – a coordinated enterprise of 1. the MI6, 2. the Mossad (now including the black clothed autonome’s and anti germans – their own name from the supposedly left, but too easy to decifer), 3. the CIA and 4. the BND. That’s, why no one can persecute them, they have been (since Adolf Thadden till now) from top to the bottom infiltrated and directed by Zionists and secret services – including killings and more. The whole scene is a big stunt. The connections to the KKK and other international organized weapon, women and drug trafficing organizations is handled primarily under tight grip of the CIA. There is nothing like a NAZI movement in Germany, there are some dummies with no hair and too much useless muscles and then already comes the Gladio style international organization. All intelligent people in my country knew this already 10 year ago.

    • Detlef, I think it’s very similar here. There are a few really loony neo-nazi organizations out in the boonies, plus some militia types, and then the jihadis, ex-prisoners, etc. I lump them all together as extremists regardless of supposed ideology. I haven’t seen evidence of any eco-terrorists lately, although I’m sure they are out there. It looks like most of these cells are funded on the cheap, the ones living in trailers.

    • Js, militia types? You wouldn’t have a forum or have been born for that matter w/o ‘militia types’. Channeling Holder? MSM brainwashing…….

      “Some day this war is gonna end.” A great movie quote, but in reality, you won’t be a victor in a war you’re not even aware of. Your outlook precludes any victory of any type, anywhere, anytime. And it’s in your back and front yard Sir. Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat is all I ever see from this ‘programming’ that permeates everything I see and hear in America these days. It’s insidious and dangerous to all….

  9. There were a lot of admirable things about Hitler and it looked good, at first, but he (and his gang) was a bloody fool monster, too, who almost united Europe under his totalitarian dictatorship. At least he didn’t work for the talmuds, like this Geert Wilders asshole.

  10. There are alot of secular Turkish Muslims in Germany and they seem to have adopted the German way of life without much friction. But then they have been good German allies since Gallipoli. The Croats get along too. The Germans don’t seem to toss their old friends under the bus.

    • I spend considerable time among Europe’s Islamic communities. Simply put, having a huge number of hopelessly unemployed young people, whether subject to radicalization or not, creates mistrust. It goes further, not all that Wilder’s says is wrong…just that he twists facts like Alex Jones has been doing with his attacks on African Americans on behalf of our very “out of control” police.

      Oh, you didn’t know he changed sides after Ferguson?

    • Ron Hubbard was military intel or ex-intel of some kind, and those California hills have always bred strange groups anyway, ie Charles Manson, OTO, etc. I think Scientology and other new age cults are a real danger, and I would never live near Clearwater, Florida. But I was very slow to realize that some of the end-times fringe Christian groups are a problem too. I thought they were a joke; never took them seriously myself. Hats off to Gordon Duff for outing them. I had never heard of Dominionists until he mentioned them. If anyone else had said that Presbyterians could be a problem, I would have laughed. But I have learned that I better pay attention to Mr Duff, and I don’t laugh.

    • LRon Zenu was a fraud of the highest sort. HIs military history is all lies. He was not involved at all with Naval Intelligence whatsoever. His absconding with 50k of JPL founders money and wife were par for the course. Later he said he was there to break up Parsons fait and habits by an intelligence apparatus, pure horseshit. His FBI file, the real one is redacted for a reason. He had been gotten to long after Parsons and Crowley. Think Guyana and Jamestown……

      Grannie was OSS and before she died, she answered all kinds of questions. Especially about Hitler. Everything you have been told your entire life is a lie.

    • Dirtus, that could be. I am not Intel. Mine is public service of a different kind. Communications for the Weather Service, and then first responders (if needed). Tornados, hurricanes, floods, quakes, hazmat, etc. I am basically retired, too old to be running around in a field.

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