France sinks liberty on Lusitania anniversary



By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

France has marked the 100th anniversary of the bankster-orchestrated sinking of the Lusitania by sinking “la liberté” – permanently.

As the New York Times’ screaming front-page headline puts it: “Lawmakers in France Move to Vastly Expand Surveillance.”


The Times story sums it up:

“At a moment when American lawmakers are reconsidering the broad surveillance powers assumed by the government after Sept. 11, the lower house of the French Parliament took a long stride in the opposite direction Tuesday, overwhelmingly approving a bill that could give the authorities their most intrusive domestic spying abilities ever, with almost no judicial oversight.”

The French government’s demolition of freedom is an Orwellian response to January’s Charlie Hebdo PR stunt, which sent five million brainwashed people into the streets, ostensibly in support of freedom. The “pro-freedom-of-speech” demonstrations were followed by the biggest crackdown on free speech in French history, as more than 100 people were arrested for political jokes and statements the government disapproved of.

The French authorities are panicking because the Charlie Hebdo affair has been definitively exposed as a joint operation of the French intelligence agency DCCI and the Israeli Mossad. (The DCCI perpetrators, of course, were neocon-run NATO agents acting against French interests, very much like their 1970s and 1980s predecessors who carried out Operation Gladio terror attacks under NATO command.)

The French authorities’ response to those telling the truth about the Charlie Hebdo false flag has been shockingly ham-handed – and has included brutal police state violence. Political leader Jean-Marie Le Pen was beaten up, and had his house burned down, shortly after he announced that the Charlie Hebdo and kosher deli shootings were a false flag by French intelligence agencies. And Hicham Hamza, the Parisian investigative reporter who has done more to expose the Charlie Hebdo false flag than anyone else, was apparently poisoned in retaliation and is currently recovering.

The French authorities want total police state powers so they can  beat up, poison, threaten, blackmail, or if necessary kill anyone who would expose their criminal complicity in the Charlie Hebdo false flag and its cover-up. They know that blanketing the country in “total surveillance” will impede any further exposures of the truth about Charlie Hebdo.

The book Francçois Hollande and the ADL/JDL don't want you to read is now available on Amazon
The book Francçois Hollande and the ADL/JDL don’t want you to read is now available on Amazon

When I travel to France to promote the new book We Are Not Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11 I fully expect the French authorities (the neocon wing of the security apparatus) to take whatever actions they deem necessary to try to prevent the information in the book from reaching a critical mass of the French public. President Hollande has already attacked me personally and called for banning “conspiracy theories” such as the facts I have helped uncover and publicize about the Charlie Hebdo operation. While I doubt they will kill me on French soil – that would corroborate what I’m saying and give the book a lot of free publicity – I fully expect the kind of low-grade harassment that many of us in the forefront of the 9/11 truth community are all-too-familiar with. (Vicious attacks on the book by the ADL/JDL have already caused bookstores to refuse to hold events here in the US.)

The French controlled demolition of freedom in the wake of Charlie Hebdo parallels America’s 9/11 neocon coup d’état and the destruction of freedom that preceded and followed it. In early 2001, the Bush Administration unleashed illegal NSA surveillance against wealthy or politically connected people who had been “profiled” as significant potential opponents of the coming 9/11 coup d’état. This uncontrolled blanket surveillance of Americans allowed the neocon wing of the police state apparatus to “neutralize” opponents who were deemed an “actionable threat.” Senator Paul Wellstone was just one of the reported hundreds of Americans – the majority from the military and intelligence communities – who have been “neutralized with extreme prejudice” to keep a lid on 9/11. Thousands more have been blackmailed or terrorized into silence.

Ironically, the French government is officially abolishing the last vestiges of freedom on the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Lusitania – the bankster-orchestrated PR stunt that prepped the American people for US entry into World War I. The Lusitania sinking was a milestone in governments’ plotting to mass-murder their own citizens in order to convince the survivors to give up their liberty and march obediently off to war…very much like 9/11 and that French 9/11 known as Charlie Hebdo.

"Sinking ships" is a popular false flag motif, from the USS Maine to the Lusitania to Pearl Harbor to Operation Northwoods to the USS Liberty to Patrick Clawson & Winep
“Sinking ships” is a popular false flag motif, from the USS Maine to the Lusitania to Pearl Harbor to Operation Northwoods to the USS Liberty to Patrick Clawson & WINEP (and let’s not forget the Gulf of Tonkin)

Listen to my “False Flag Lusitania” 100th Anniversary Truth Jihad Radio special with James Perloff

Are the French people stupid enough to buy “they hate our freedoms so we must give up some of our liberties to preserve our freedoms” ? Or will patriotic French forces mount a counter-coup and take back the country from the neocon criminals who are trying to use the Charlie Hebdo false flag to establish a total police state?

All over France, there must be a growing wave of liberty-loving Madame Defarges, learning the truth about Charlie Hebdo and sharpening their knitting needles.



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  1. Freedom cannot be taken from a freeman, for we are all free. It is only upon wicked men, with wicked designs, that they imagine themselves masters over freemen in chains of bondage economically, physically, socially, or most miserable of them all; psychologically. They are not masters, but guilty of the greatest of all crimes against humanity. If we do not oppose monsters, they will only become more monsterous; sadly, in the end, after much suffering, we discover, that these monsters are the weakest and vilest of creatures, and it was they who used our own inner monsters, against ourselves, and against one another.

  2. The sinking of the Lustania was a disaster that has still not been fully resolved. Our “leaders” then as now gave not one thought of all the lost lives so long as their vile plans went as scheduled.

    However Mme. Defarge was not liberty loving–she was a filthy, depraved, sadistic skank who relished her reserved unobstructed viewing seat at the guillotine so as to enjoy the murder spectacle of individuals and entire families. Watching the deaths of terrified teenagers or elderly was no problem for that iniquitous degenerate. Not that it meant anything to the victims of the Rothschild engineered take-down of France but finally she met the end she so richly deserved. Good riddance to trash.

    • LBC, you’re right. And all the real scientists at that time and even now know it. His tragic was his early death, otherwise he would have denied the original authorship of Einstein and his false “direction making” of theoretical physics more and more into a mathematical wonderland. I also know, from what I learned during my study in physics on University and later, that all was already laid out by him in very conscise and elegant way.

      My sister lived in France (Beaulieu Sur Maire) more than 17 years, but sorrily I can’t speak your language enough to be able to read papers, although I visited especially the Medoc 7 times in advance with my family in “Le Pin Sec”.

  3. Kevin, go to the Grand Oriental Lodge in Paris (the real head is Geneva, Switzerland) and ask who did it. They won’t answer you, because it was their order they received from the Bnai Brith’ lodge.

    Of course, Mr. Hollande is a proud member, always serving his masters. Ask the french trotzkyits, you one time and another worked for the bankster (the last coup was done during the last election). They are more than willing criminals to help perpetrate durty jobs.

    And ask Mr. Nethanjahu, who was the first on the scene to protest in cohort with all the agents of interntional monetary criminality, which are to this day called our leaders. They won’t answer you, because all know and serve their masters.

    This whole continent is politically wrotten to the core and each and every further “false flag stage terror plot” will prove it more and more. A revealing and needed article at this historical day.

    But wait, when it comes to Einstein’s 100 year aniversary soon. You’ll never saw anything like this. Jewish proud for fradulent science!

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