Jade Helm: From PsyOp to MindWar



By Thomas J. Mattingly

Every day that Obama & Co. don’t declare U.S. Martial Law, Jade Helmsters dig selves a deeper hole.  Round & round they spin.  On proof-free, fact-free & source-challenged hamster-like wheels, powering public-perception shovels that bury them.  No Red Queen[1] needed, except to show dots & where to dig.  In final act of a tragi-comedic play, hype-full, hope-less, hysteria-full Helmsters in Right, Left, Alt. Media & military bury themselves.  When we need you the most, Michael Aquino, where are you?  At NSA, you say.[2]  R.I.P.

Jade Helmsters are right about one thing:  It’s all connected.  But not necessarily in ways that they think.  Yet Alpha & Omega are not Jade Helm. Obliquely connected to it, maybe.  But connecting unconnected dots doesn’t get you any weirder.  As Cheshire Cat replied to Alice:  ‘It all depends on where you want to go.’ Which way should we go? Mean wile, back at the SigInt farm,[3] Jade Helmsters fill NSA+ data collection coffers of all who gListen.

Pied Piper Alex Jones first played fluty music, beckoning Helmsters to the edge of a not-yet-existing abyss.  Then AJ retreated and let others take the helm & dig the whole.  When we have no Martial Law by September, will AJ & Disinfo Wars be last credible Alt. Media outlet standing?  No, that be VT – trumpeting warnings all along about Jade Helmsters and busting balloons & buffoons, Right & Left.  Another myth bytes the dust.  May ye R.I.P.

For those of us who still have eyes to see & ears to hear, let’s be or follow Alice, as she descends into the rabid-whole or into the hamster-whole.  And encounters the Red Queen.

Setting the Stage for the Jade Helm Hoax, PsyOp & Data Collection Tool

As per the “Request to Conduct Realistic Military Training (RMT)”[4] (which appears designed to be a Rorschach Inkblot Test[5] by & for create-a-conspiracy delusionals), the U.S. Army Special Operations Command initiated the Jade Helm 15 military exercise, which will involve “US Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets), US Navy SEALS, US Air Force Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Special Operations Command, USMC Marine Expeditionary Units, 82nd Airborne Division, and Interagency Partners.”[6]

As per page 4 of the document, Jade Helm “is a US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) sponsored exercise to improve the Special Operations Forces’ UW [unconventional warfare] capability as part of the National Security Strategy.”  One way that NSA+ & they are doing that is to collect internet & social media data on all crazies who come out of the woodwork, especially those advocating violence against the U.S. military.

What does USSOCOM do?  Amongst other responsibilities, USSOCOM “Develops special operations strategy, doctrine and tactics; Trains assigned forces; Conducts specialized courses of instruction; Ensures interoperability of equipment and forces; Formulates and submits intelligence support requirements; Monitors Special Operations officers’ … training and professional military education; Ensures Special Operations Forces’ combat readiness; Monitors Special Operations Forces’ preparedness to carry out assigned missions; and Develops and acquire special operations-peculiar equipment, materiel, supplies and services.”[7]  Is that all that they do?  What about Fort Huachuca[8] & CPAC[9]?

What’s not explicitly mentioned in “About USSOCOM,” but readily available,[10] is that USSOCOM now also has responsibility for PsyOps (unconventional warfare psychological operations).  PsyOps may have come in handy in planning the operations below the operations that we now know as Jade Helm 15.  As might PsyOps planning from NSA, etc.[11]  Nothing yet proven here, but this is our working hypothesis.  But think “Snowden+”.

A famous or infamous high-level practitioner of PsyOp arts was/is ex-Lt.-Col. Michael Aquino, [12]  commanded[13] by ex-General Paul E. Vallely[14] at Presidio (now a Fox-y tongue).  Unbeknownst to most, ex-Major & ex-Lt.-Colonel Michael Aquino is now General Michael Aquino – and still working with NSA+[15].  Approval of Michael Aquino to be elevated to the rank of General must have been approved in a closed Senate committee session[16], since there is no public record of Michael Aquino being considered to be a U.S. military General.

No discussion of the possible or probable “Red Queen” roles of NSA etc. in the Jade Helm hoax & PsyOp would be complete without mentioning DCI & later Prez GHW Bush[17], Brent Scowcroft[18], Henry Kissinger[19], Ed Snowden[20], Mossad,[21] Bibi Netanyahu[22] & NeoCons[23].  …Done.  Later VT articles may describe their Jade Helm roles in greater depth.

Now that we’ve introduced the mostly-clueless & not-so-clueless military/intel/other players and set the stage, let’s move on to organizing the rabble into a holographically coherent force to help Right, Left, Alt. Media & U.S. military to bury themselves.  This should be fun.


Jade Helmsters Fall into the Hole that They Dug for Themselves

After Alex Jones wound up The Right, The Left & Alt. Media into a feeding frenzy about Jade Helm (ridiculed in mainstream media[24], for what that’s worth), other Jade Helmsters are now stepping into the hunting blind with the already blinded leading the even blinder by connecting irrelevant & nonexistent “dots” supposedly about Jade Helm.  Blind & Blinder.

With web pages about Jade Helm evils now at 1.4+ million (from 200,000 last week) & with YouTube videos & pages now at 240,000+ (from 20,000 last week), the Veterans Today Jade Helm Challenge is this:  Provide VT with one (1) undisputable shred of evidence that Jade Helm is intrinsically evil, and I’ll pay for your next VT subscription and personally make sure that President Obama (or whoever) doesn’t impose Martial Law.  How’s that?

The hole that new Jade Helmster pied pipers are digging for The Left, The Right, Alt. Media & U.S. military is getting deeper. Only last week, six competing Jade-Helmster helm contenders discussed & promoted injuring & killing American troops on U.S. soil.[25]  I was there, and the listening rabble roused has now risen to 16,000+ – some of whom may be even more insane than those who stewed themselves.  “Crazy is as crazy does.”[26]  Yet the putative, self-roasting Jade-Helmster leaders are now doubling down on their stupidity.[27]


There is sometimes if not often a powerful sense of ambivalence about issues of right & wrong, about truth & lies, and even about what’s B.S. & what’s not.  Unless we grab raging bull farts by their flatulence-emitting bull horns & don’t let go until we expose gasbags for the globally-warming fertilizer wannabes that they have become, they will only fester, grow, smell & engulf Jade-Helmster-embracing, self-burying Right, Left, Alt. Media & US military.

A tasty treat for The Very Few, but eschewed by The Very Many of America.  Be vigilant & watch closely as the chess-playing, multi-level, PsyOp Red Queen moves her pieces across the checkerboard that is America.  Whom she checkmates, nobody knows.  Will it be Left?  Right?  Alt. Media?  U.S. military?  ObamaCo.?  America?  All of these?  Or the Red Queen herself and those with/for whom she works?

Thinking that fabricating B.S. proof & connecting evil dots that are not (yet) connected to Jade Helm is academic freedom or free speech is just so much professorially “pretentious epistemological elitism.”[28]  VT usually prefers not to commit such verbal farts to writing.

The religiously extremist Right is eating Left Alt. Media while still alive.  Thanks to covert & not-so-covert funding for NeoCon-facilitating, Divide-&-Conquering Alt. Media shills, The Left is losing control of the few Alt. Media soap boxes that once were safe.  Actively & passively promoting attacks on the U.S. military & our government while on American soil was once unthinkable. Some Jade Helmster pied pipers have now crossed that Rubicon.[29]

Jade Helm Military & Civilian Leaders Follow Other Jade Helmsters into the Abyss

Of course, this is not to say that what the U.S. military & govt. have done abroad in useless foreign wars & conflicts is good.  It’s not.  War is still a racket,[30] a criminal racket for The Very Few, consuming the lives & wellbeing of The Very Many, here in America & abroad.

Jade-Helmster-embracing Right, Left, Alt. Media & military have now sucked in the weak-minded, the angry, and those with nothing left to lose.  And now a Texas Governor who has ordered his State Guard to “monitor” & follow Jade Helm soldiers while in Texas.[31]

Didn’t U.S. military brief Tex. Gov. on Jade Helm when Jade Helm was still a wet dream in the Red Queen’s eye?  Didn’t Tex. Gov. sign-off on Jade Helm long ago?  As he flip-flops, he’s trying to hide his participation in setting up & approving Jade Helm.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott helped to plan & approve Jade Helm from virtually day one.  Why is he now changing his mind (if he still has one)?  Was his flip-flop also planned & scripted?

What about U.S.AZ.Sen. John McCain (who approved the PsyOp before it became known as Jade Helm)?  What is McCain’s role in all this?  Is he writing the scripts?  Or taking orders?  If so, from whom?  Why is McCain silent on Jade Helm?  Maybe because Jade Helm hysteria is now collapsing – dying before we can kill it (again).  Kinda like the almost undead Jade Helmsters (Right, Left, Alt. Media & military).

Tea-Partier US.TX.Sen. Ted Cruz may soon abandon Jade Helmsters. “Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Ollie,”[32] now says one half of the ‘Abbott & Cruzello’ dynamic duo.[33]

Given pro-Bibi[34] Tex.Gov. Greg Abbott’s Jade Helm flip-flop, Helmsters claim victory, hailing rabid Abbott as a national folk hero.  Why let principles stand in your way, when untold ‘cartel’ riches, Jade Helmster votes & visions of sugar-plumpers now dance in your head?  World War 3 & Wal-Martial Law beckon.  9/11 déjà vu all over again?  Or piggy err.

Any conspiracy, no matter how stupid or insane, is always ‘right,’ right?  That may be the motto of Jade Helmsters.  However, let’s see who laughs last & who’s still standing when the Farts of War & Jade-Helm Wal-Martial Law have lost their smell.  Veterans Today stands virtually alone against the Jade Helmsters of Right, Left, Alt. Media & U.S. military.  Known by enemies that we make & keep.  And proud of them.  Better sooner than later.

“Strategy of Tension”[35] phenomena in America ebb & flow.  Now flowing through the varicose veins & addled brains of Jade Helmsters (Right, Left, Alt.Media, military & others).  May soon visit a brain near you.  Watch, listen & consume B.S. for long enough, and you become the B.S. that you consume.  You are what you eat.  And you are what you think.

Jade Helm, almost a brilliant PsyOp.  Too evil to be good, too good to be evil.  Just right.  And write they did.  And speak.  And video.  Almost Jade-Helmed to death.  A few may be, if Red Queen, Jade Helmsters & others have their way.  Tapping a demographic of those who have lost all ability for logic & reason.  Must be treason.  Sliding down the slippery slope of a de-evolutionary ladder: Limbaugh, Fox, AJ, Helmsters, etc.  Round & round, down & down, the Helmsters’ hamster wheel spins.  Where she stops, nobody knows.

DCI Bill Casey said: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”[36]  With Jade Helmsters (including U.S. military doing Jade Helm), the Red Queen’s PsyOp disinfo programs appears to be working.

Jade Helmsters are White.  No Blacks, Browns, Yellows or Reds (except for the Queen).  Most if not all Republicans (OK, red too).  Mostly Christian extremists.  With those recently jumping onto Jade Helmster rollercoaster bound for the bottom, have extreme-Right Jade Helmsters now reached out & ‘uni-punkified’ the fruit-loopy Left into joining the ride down?

American cities are hot & on fire this Winter, Spring & Summer.  Ferguson/St.-Louis, New York, Baltimore & others.  How hot will it get?  Is this all part of a Jade Helm PsyOp?  No proof yet, but it could be.  Especially if Jade Helmsters & their Queen get their way.  Only plausible scenarios here.  Although they are, Jade Helmsters don’t confess to being stupid.

By actively & passively advocating killing & injuring U.S. soldiers on American soil, Jade Helmsters may be precipitating the very Wal-Martial Law that they say that they fear most.

Jade Helmsters are white trash loafers & looters in the woods, waiting for soldiers to maim & pillage.  “Death to U.S. soldiers!  Death to Amerika!”  Jade Helmsmen cry in unison with fake-Muslim criminal extremists in Mideast & Africa, covertly nurtured by the same pro-Bibi, NeoCon-oriented, Red-Queen-loving foundations, think tanks, individuals & groups.

Jade Helm is one sophisticated PsyOp.  Too stupid to be stupid by accident.  Jade Helm is a gem, a diamond in the rough, waiting to be polished & ground – into the ground.  Uniting the anti-government Right and the anti-government Left.  Neo-Nazi types, militia types, anti-war types, anti-Obama types, anti-Bush types & anti-Clinton types.  Whom did I omit?

For what purpose?  Who benefits as & when the Jade Helm hoax & PsyOp burns to the ground (figuratively or literally)?  Hillary & Jeb, if they stay above the fray (which they will).  Anti-Obama types in the military (and there are some if not many left).  Those who want to destroy America.  There are some if not many here & abroad who would like to do so.  International Banksters (who love seeing the U.S. destroy itself & go deeper into Bankster-favoring debt, until Martial Law finally declared if as & when U.S. banking, monetary & economic systems collapse due to taxpayers’ inability to pay interest on debt or due to BRICS’ & foreign Banksters’ unwillingness to loan more money).  Do you see how jade Helmsterism works?  Many benefit.  Not all visible.  Even to us at VT.

The “real” Jade Helm may well be the hoax & the PsyOp – not the military exercise.  The U.S. military may well be stupid – but not that stupid.  Jade Helm appears to have been designed by idiots.  Idiots stupid enough to plan, write about, leak to & brief the public on Jade Helm in a ham-handed, incompetent, suspicion-eliciting manner.  Too stupid by half.  Dumb like Fox.  Dumb like Alex Jones.  Dumb like GW Bush.  Dumb like Paul Vallely & Michael Aquino.  Need I continue?

9/11 was bigger than Jade Helm.  Or was it?  What if Jade Helm events now unfolding in real space/time are bigger than 9/11?  Are you seeing this stuff?  Was it good for you too?

“MindWar” – Not Just Hoax & PsyOp

This is a war for your mind.  A “MindWar.”  If you’re not understanding this stuff, then you’re losing that war.  Your mind is not all there.  Or here.  In an insane world, only the crazy people CAN be sane.  Believe me; we know.  And now, so do you.  However, Jade Helmsters don’t understand this stuff.  They think that they’re sane.  You know better.

A seminal document to understand Jade Helm possibilities is “From PsyOp to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory”[37] by U.S. PsyOp warriors General Michael Aquino & Foxy-tongued commander/commentator Paul Vallely.  Along with U.S. Army SOCom Jade Helm “Request” & Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” it’s all there.  Or almost.

Jade Helm is not only PsyOp & hoax on Right, Left & Alt. Media but also PsyOp & hoax on military, MSM, Congress, ObamaCo. & America.  Virtually none of them see it.  Except for VT. That’s how ‘good’ Jade Helm is. That’s how well Jade Helm was designed.  By whom?

When we need you the most, Michael Aquino, where are you?  At NSA+, you say.

Conclusion & Action Items (3)

If/Since we at VT are correct, then you may finally be seeing the depths of the PsyOp abyss at the edge of which you & we are standing.  And the hoax, data tools & MindWar.

VT doesn’t have all the answers.  More questions than answers.  For now, that’s okay.  This is a somewhat flippant but still very serious essay for serious policy makers and decision makers.  “There are some things so serious that you can only joke about them,” Einstein said.  Charmed Quarks & Jade Helm may be two of those phenomena.

Cancelling Jade Helm would not be a victory for Alt. Media, Right or Left – much less for U.S. military, ObamaCo. or America.  Blowback would be public perceptions that U.S. soldiers on American soil can’t be trusted.  Not good for U.S. soldiers, not good for U.S. veterans & not good for America.

So, Jade Helm must or should proceed.  But not as designed, not with the same idiotic planners, and not with inmates running the asylum & the PsyOp that Jade Helm was and/or has become.  Reset necessary.  Action Items:

  • Let’s do Jade Helm. Do it right. From square one.  So we don’t do ground zero.
  • Let’s ‘do’ the Red Queen, whoever he/she/they are. ‘Fooling’ mother America isn’t nice.
  • Let’s do America. And do it right.  Democracy or Republic, not now.  Think & Re-Think.

[1] As used in this puzzle piece, the evil Red Queen is loosely based on Red Queen characters of “Resident Evil” (http://residentevil.wikia.com/Red_Queen_(Anderson)) and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” (by Lewis Carroll & others).  Any resemblance to Michael Aquino and/or Paul Vallely is purely (un)intentional.  That would be an insult – to the evil Red Queen.

[2] But see “Highest Ranking Lt Colonel in NSA was Church of Satan Member” at www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/1ocnd1/highest_ranking_lt_colonel_in_nsa_was_church_of.

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[28] To me personally, a certain Helmster professor made this argument – virtually in reverse.  In other words, saying that Jade Helm is intrinsically evil, because others & he can prove that evil exists in America, which must somehow be connected to Jade Helm.  Therefore, anyone not allowing others to publish what they want at Veterans Today is guilty of stifling academic freedom & free speech and covering up for the now ‘proven’ evils of Jade Helm.  Hip boots, please.

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[32] See “Another Fine Mess” at www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIPfEBuA7HY (quick non-JH-mess compilation).

[33] Jade Helmsters of Right, Left, Alt. Media, civilian govt. guys. & U.S. military are wittingly, unwittingly, semi-wittingly & witlessly attacking ObamaCo. & undermining U.S. military.  Now a Republican Tex.Gov., who has never met a ‘cartel’ funding source that he didn’t like, is sending armed state guards to “monitor” U.S. military exercises (approved by him), because he’s afraid that Prez & Co. are trying to put Texas under Wal-Martial Law – after Jade-Helmster Republicans threatened to impeach Prez for doing his job.  If you’ve had enough of Jade-Helmster PsyOp attacks on U.S. military & their mostly-benign exercises to protect U.S. & others, then please speak out & stop Jade Helmsters from burying themselves & America under their load of B.S.

[34] RepubliThug Tex.Gov. Greg Abbot (often worse than the DummyCrooks): “President Obama and the Democrats are wrong to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Do you support Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu’s right to address Congress?” at www.GregAbbott.com/do-you-support-benjamin-netanyahus-right-to-address-congress

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  1. Actually, Jade helm 15 is more of a constitutional privacy war.
    Those 1200 troops are not training as martial law gun confiscators. They are playing the roll of insurgent guerrilla fighters to test the capabilities of raytheons JADE2 AI quantum computer.
    The jade2 system can track the movements of all human beings via cell phone metadata and cross check that with the users identity, calls, texts, travel habits, reading habits, social media, associations, friends, family, daily routines, etc.
    It crunches that data in real time to predict threats and formulate countermeasures in a fraction of the time needed by a group of generals sitting around a table, basically eliminating the inefficient human element from a response to threats.
    Google “Raytheon JADE2” and start reading ( you’ll have to sift thru the tinfoil, but it’s a real thing) level9news reads it strait off Raytheon literature.
    Jade helm 15 is not about martial law. But if they ever do have martial law, the jade2 system will be used to implement it. It may even be used during everyday “normal” activity as we speak (?)

  2. From “Alice in Wonderland” (Lewis Carroll): “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

  3. Anticipation, if heightened for a length of time , almost always leads to an anti-climactic result. That said, I would adjust the schedule and be mindful of Aug 12 – 22. It’s tempestuous this year and prone to rumor driven hysteria. Other than that, I think the whole thing has had positive effects in many areas. A while ago, there was mention of the “Worm Has Turned” and look at how things have gone since. The arrests in NY have been greatly positive, and the attention directed at police mentality are reverberating throughout. It is a year of potentially great strides in human development. The people of Texas need to be reacquainted with the concept of humility. Army guys have the biggest hearts, if they can’t win the minds, then it might be best to protect the troops and fit em all with nonremovable kevlar underwear.

  4. Never turn your back on a sniper, thats what my mom always told me . knew them then , know them now . ‘ Mr. Duff ‘ is in his prime , and trending , thank the God’s , go ahead , espouse your philosophy in serious sounding composition with real sounding meaning ,with PHD nomenclature and great guys to back you up , hardly anyone ‘LOVES’ people nowadays . So many people make a good living popping the boils of humanity ,very few creative solutions , i will give Mike Adams @ Natural News my vote in any case , and VT folks, albeit they are Human ,which we need not forget. I scan the ” media ” for creative positive solutions , some great thinkers are at work , however , some one in a powerful Hierarchical position must ‘bell the cat ‘ , pull the trigger , take a hit , suck it up , show some spiritual awareness .

  5. I just googled this Aquino, and the second hit was a Wikipedia article about something with the church of satan. Lol!

    So I watched AJ speak for the first time today. Been reading that site for years to observe what I believe is obviously controlled opposition. I never bother to watch the videos or listen to the audio recordings of this guy AJ.

    I watched something about Jade Helm, and he is a very awkward person that makes a lot of strange, dramatic gestures with his face. He would do well to use some cue cards, because the long pauses in his speech are jarring. I think the strange dramatic facial expressions are hiding his inability to look into the camera.

    And then he said something like “artificial human AI”. About half way though. Bizarre choice of awkward contradictory words. Referring to the collective consciousness of the helm-hysteria folks as a human AI.

    And then he had all this “evidence” on his desk. And they kept cutting to a panning camera above his head showing all this mountains of evidence he kept using as a prop. They were all printouts of stories on his website. Lol!

    I always thought AJ must be this charismatic guy to fool so many people. Found today he has no charisma. Guess the people that believe this BS are truly damn stupid people.


    PS: I like to speculate here and there that this is part of an op to free us from zio control, but that’s just wishful thinking. Never have thought the military would attack their own people.

    • Paul: Yes, you need to be desperate or gullible to go to AJ for news. Knew this in mid-2000s. See “Alex Jones & the Temple of Doom” with/by Fintan Dunne at http://www.breakfornews.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1841 (with audio at http://www.breakfornews.com/audio/NextLevel070209a.mp3) (2007).

      However, AJ is much more charismatic in large live speeches (e.g., when first meeting him & having small lunch in NYC in 2005, where he sat next to me even after I asked him to get out of my seat).

      The problem with AJ is that he is sometimes if not often just plain wrong. Over time, my conclusion is that it’s intentional. AJ can’t screw up so badly by accident or just ‘cuz he’s plain stupid. He’s not.

  6. Regardless of the suspicions about the planned Jade Helm military operation, by simply looking at the masses of totally hysteric and utterly frightened people in the internet gives me a very unpleasent glimpse about what might happen, if the situation really gets worse and matters of internal politics are going to change into a direction, many serious people already predicted in the past.

    What I primarily learn about this mass psychosis, which is developing now is that it’s supposedly not a great task to bring people up to this level of un-rationality and in some cases real forms of insanity.

    All, that has been said here at VT so far is to be watchfdul and calm. As far as I’m awary of, no one ever stated to know everything about this operation and no one denied any sinister possibilities. After hearing the utter hysterical long time speeches of the now “VT dissidents”, I’m more and more convinced through the actual developments, that 1. this all was a deliberately planned mass psyop; 2. I could have the intention from the beginning to shut down great parts of “alternate websites” once and for all; 3. to make a live test in the most vulnerable, under educated and wildly anti govermently (at the same time not beeing well informed or having any real clue about things) oriented people in the US.

    What I don’t know is, if the state of Texas was the right choice, but it seems to be so.

    • Detlef: You are right. We need to start acting like total assholes around here. Yeah, that’s the ticket, make up crazy shit and start spewing it everywhere.

      Why didn’t I think of it?

      Imagine all the water purifiers we could sell, not to mention assault weapons, which we actually do sell.


    • Detlef: For now, vigilance & mindfulness are best options & strategy. Not wading mindlessly into ocean depths that they know not (especially if they can’t swim).

      Agree on much if not all that you say. For Jade Helm PsyOp & MindWar, Texas IS the right choice. With Bush, Abbott & Cruz at the helm, what could go wrong?

      Gordon: VT not right site to sell water purifiers. Tesla-type-powered desalinization plants might be better. Decision makers & policy planners are our true target market. They don’t know what we know & discuss on an almost casual basis (with good military intel). Think upscale. And utilitarian.

      Jayadeva: Despite your Chicken Little reference, the sky is not falling. Tell the Helmsters. OK?

    • Thomas M…. Will notify all Helmsters that they should put their hammers away and that not everything in the world is a Nail… Do you happen to know the address of their windmill??? Don Quixote has friends!!! … go figure…

  7. I don’t know what the intention of Jade Helm is; and I suspect you do not either. That is a lot of verbiage above attempting to prove something, oh, that those who are suspicious are utter fools. Personally I do not spend much time dwelling on it. I do think that it may end up being cancelled. Americans have good reason not to trust their government. Perhaps you buy the official tale of 9/11 and believe the Gulf of Tonkin was a real event? I do not know what you believe to tell the truth. However, I think it is probably unwise to put too much trust in what anyone says about anything. And by the way what did happen to the WMD in Iraq? I have a friend who says they went to Syria. Should I believe him? And finally what about Osama bin Laden? When did he die? I think it is fine to challenge those who think Jade Helm is definitely the precursor of martial law; but it should done seriously. And after that time for a vacation.

    • William: We certainly know what it isn’t.

      What American’s don’t trust is Texans. Never drop the soap in Texas, what my mom always told me.

      I never knew why but am learning now.

      Something is very queer around there. (no offense intended to actual humans)

    • Texans are OK ….. but their politics are on par with the thoroly corrupted Wash DC politics . The US needs Texas more than Texas needs the US ( because of the monopolized and crucial world oil technology capitol of Houston ) ; and Texans know that and bank on it .

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