Are Zionists Space Aliens bent on conquering earth?

"World War Z": subhuman zombies (a.k.a. goyim) rush the wailing wall
"World War Z": subhuman zombies (a.k.a. goyim) rush the wailing wall
“World War Z”: subhuman zombies (a.k.a. goyim) rush the wailing wall

By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

They came from Planet Z. Their plan is total world conquest.

It sounds like a joke, a B-grade sci-fi flick, or an anti-Jewish canard. But it’s not. It’s the truth – at least according to leading Zionist-Kabbalist thinker Michael Laitman.

I would expect to hear such things from some homeless guy in a tinfoil yarmulke raving beneath the Wailing Wall, or a neo-Nazi skinhead on bad acid. But when someone with Michael Laitman’s credentials claims that he and the whole nation of Israel are mind-controlled by space beams from an alien planet, marching in lockstep toward total world conquest, you really have to sit up and take notice.

From Laitman’s biography:

Dr. Laitman closely collaborates with numerous international research institutes. He was invited to join the World Wisdom Council (WWC), a think-tank convened by the Club of Budapest and headed by Prof. Ervin Laszlo, a Nobel Prize nominee in 2004 and 2005. Other notable personalities in the WWC are former president of the Soviet Union Michael Gorbachev, Nobel Prize winner primatologist Jane Goodall and renowned songwriter and performer, Peter Gabriel…In recent years, he has participated in several international events with the WWC and the Goi Peace Foundation in Tokyo, Arosa (Switzerland), Düsseldorf (Germany), and in the Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey (Mexico), organized with the support of UNESCO …  he regularly meets with world leaders such as UNESCO Director-General Mrs. Irina Bokova, who called him a “true visionary,” and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro.

“Planet Z” appears to have infiltrated the highest councils of Planet Earth. Have they been landing star-of-David-spangled flying saucers all over the world and intoning “Take me to your leader,” then  following advice outlined in the Book of Esther?

But let’s step back and take a deep breath.

How are we to interpret Laitman’s claim that Zionists are mind-controlled aliens seeking to conquer Earth?

To put a benign spin on it, we might say that Laitman is just expressing a version of the perennial philosophy, according to which all humans are spiritual beings and hence profoundly alien to earthly existence. The “space beams” would then just be forms of divine guidance from God, angels, or whichever terminology you prefer.

But the perennial philosophy is universalist. Laitman’s lecture is entitled “Israeli Nation.” It appears to be directed to the self-styled “Chosen People,” whose belief in their own superiority, and the gross inferiority of others, has driven them to commit genocide in Occupied Palestine without even the faintest tremors of conscience or compassion…almost as if they were mind-controlled by a lower power, not a higher one.

The thesis that people like Laitman are serving Satan, not God, would explain a lot. Then the “beams of light” emanating from Planet Z, and directing Laitman and the Zionists toward world conquest, would have their ultimate source in Lucifer, the so-called “bringer of light.”

This satanic-kabbalistic doctrine appears to dominate the highest levels of freemasonry. According to illuminati defector Rahul Manchanda (listen to me interview him on Truth Jihad Radio) the freemasons say that as you get to the higher levels you receive more and more “light.” This luciferian “light” appears to be the same mind-controlling world-conquest-plotting “space beam” mentioned by Laitman (or should we call him “light-man”?)

Manchanda and other defectors from freemasonry say they are taught that this “light” liberates them from traditional moral constraints. That’s why freemasonic networks are implicated in pedophilia scandals – whether the Franklin Scandal in the US (see video below) or the more recent outbreak in the UK.

Dominating the police, courts, militaries, and other halls of power – above all, the international banking networks – the satanic freemasons, with a wink and a secret handshake, give each other carte blanche to rape, torture, and even murder innocent children. This is all part of the doctrine of “liberation” from traditional religion and morality, a “liberation” offered by the luciferian light-beams from outer space.

That would explain why the state of Israel – founded by the world’s richest family of satanic freemasons, the Rothschilds – is the world’s per capita leader in human trafficking. And it would explain why Israel targets children to be hunted for sport by military snipers…among a long list of other atrocities. Laitman’s “Israeli nation” is, as he suggests, a nation possessed by Satan, a nation guided by “light beams” from the Planet of Ultimate Evil.

But can a nation of eight million people really be plotting world conquest?

Leading Islamic scholar and geopolitical analyst Shaykh Imran Hosein answers in the affirmative. He believes that just as the British Empire was superseded by the American Empire during the 20th Century, the Israeli Empire began with the freemasonic-Zionist coup d’état of September 11th, 2001.  He believes the Zionists will launch their world-conquest and planetary-depopulation operation – World War III – in 2016.

I hope Shaykh Imran Hosein is wrong. I hope Michael Laitman isn’t really saying what he appears to be saying. I hope I’m just being paranoid.

But just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

If you are an ordinary earth human, a.k.a. a member of that despicable group known to our “master race” superiors as the goyim, and to our freemasonic overlords as “the Profane,” it may very well be that somebody…from somewhere…maybe a planet of pure evil?…really IS out to get you.



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  1. This alien claptrap is just a lame excuse in attempting to justify their gross inhumanity to their fellow man.
    Now given it comes from a distinguished person just goes to prove that our world leaders are just a bunch of crazed psychos and no wonder the state of our world is akin to a nightmare made real.

  2. Rav Litman was for sure hiding under the bed when all the brains were being handed out. But look at his audience. My God! Maybe one semite in the whole bunch.

    I am sure I saw that whole lot at a Hollywood casting session, where they were trying to choose someone to play the role of the banjo player in the movie Deliverance.

    These are the guys that didn’t make the cut.

  3. If you have ever wondered how a IDF soldier can murder a helpless innocent child, or how generational families can sit on a hill and take joyful glee of destruction, as I have wondered, this first video will connect the dots for you..Please take the time to listen to this insane twisted man… I also understand the alan dersevitchs and steven spielbergs of this world….they have been indoctrinated into this insanity since birth..

  4. If you look at their role in murder, genocide, mayhem, deception, RICO crimes of immense proportions, they have every other group beat hands down.

    Then again there’s the constant attention they demand from the rest of us. We need to discuss their every thought, move, phobia, accomplishment, they literally suck the emotional strength out of all the rest of us, and because of their crimes need constant monitoring. It’s draining.

    If you really look, they haven’t created much for humanity, many of the claimed accomplishments were stolen from others and they’ve suppressed critical technologies like J.P.Morgan suppressed Nikola Tesla’s most brilliant inventions and set mankind back generations because of greed and selfishness. Their fractional reserve gold holding-lending, then fiat currency based programs have stolen billions of man-hours of actual labor from the rest of us and converted it into their own ownership of nearly every essential institution in the u.S. and elsewhere. These plans of mass-theft, acted on over hundreds of years don’t seem humanly possible. So from what origin does it come? Someone made a deal with the devil.

  5. posting these two videos together is a powerful comparison…Michael Laitman giving voice to it, they don’t bother to hide it now….. the gullible stupid “jew superiority” lie giving ear to the eradication of humanity he openly states as an alien agenda, their alliance that just drove home a clear Declaration of War in case anyone missed it. ..They have never claimed their G_d is Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and Earth, Allah, because their G_d is in direct opposition seeking to take the Earth for its own Luciferian kind … the Earth gifted to humans as custodians, within our jurisdiction to take charge… take back and give back all that is good for human life to flourish without interference…interference unabated now threatening our very human existence …as for armageddon take a good look , nuclear has happened, just not talked about, we are in the midst of war and looking ahead at what we face…time to combine all we have moving forward unrestrained… all who live and breathe this with urgency with more than an awareness moving through time …without borders or boundaries they have imposed upon us .
    War officially declared upon them…and signed off on… along with, and in addition to, their “principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places “ ……
    Sheik Imran Hosein……what a treasure, wisdom and insight

  6. Youtube Phil Schneider’s last lecture & Michael Houtzager interview of Al Bielek on the Life & Death of Phil; followup w/ Dr. Karla Turner’s 8/28/94 Art Bell radio show – previous week’s show w/ Dr. John Mack. Schneider-suicided/Turner-aggressive terminal cancer/Mack-hit & killed by a car.

    Who WERE the skygods of ancient cultures – who told the Dogon about Sirius. Who were the Elohim & how about the Sumerians – youtube Mauro Biglino’s The Unexpected Bible for this fired Vatican translator’s take on what the Bible REALLY says! Are we still spying Elohims’ RUACH to this day? Or is it Yahweh’s KEVOD? John Keel made note of the burned eyes of people w/ real UFO encounters.

    BTW – Keel called them transdimensionals/cosmic jokers & tricksters. In eminent UFO researcher Richard Dolan’s book, High Strangeness: Hyperdimensions & The Process Of Alien Abduction, coauthored w/ Laura Knight-Jadczyk, she describes these cosmic interlopers as hyperdimensionals.

    Hyperdimensionals are alledged to be bi-density entities, creators of biorobotic greys & can manifest as absolutely anything from fairies/leprechans to the Virgin Mary & MIB! Have these entities purposely brought about the proliferation of psychopaths along w/ their rise to top positions of power to wield worldwide control/fear over us lowly peons? And how hard is it to entrain a psychopath to commit atrocities just for the fun of it?

  7. Kevin, I never thought I would be allowed to be whitness of a mind altering initiation ritual. But I was obviously wrong. This whole thing was staged from start to end to bind the minds of the participants to the totally deranged thoughts of their “teacher”, which I would rather call “master of the stuhl” (means: chair).

    This initiation was done completely ritually: 1. They only asked questions; 2. no one would ever allow himself to speek freely, but totally directed by verses; 3. He, the master of the herd, has the total authority (and so it was not hard after 45 minutes watch to lern, that his most often used word was “no, no” and then “correcting” the person).

    If anyone is willing to partizipate in such session over a period of time, his mind is already altered and the poison has already successfully put into the brain cells.

    Now I begin to understand, were all this Mason thing really originates from. Total sujugation under a singular will of a “master”, what a great concept!

  8. Laitman,..This is a common story heard in many cultures. Here, it is delivered by someone who is clearly suffering from exceptionalism. In such a short time, he discredits himself spiritually.

    Exceptionalism, is a common illness that comes with the realization, that a profound spiritual connection has been made. It is a personal connection and carries with it, the voice of support and love. It makes the receiver feel special. To move beyond that point is difficult for most, as it is the sort of feeling that triggers deep desires. The key to moving forward from that is humility. Not a submissive humility, but a sovereign spiritual oneness, the realization that it takes many trees to make a forest. Religions prevent this, else they themselves must also follow that path, which leads to reinvention of the self.

  9. The problems the Jews face, and this is a chiseled in stone fact, is inbreeding. They have been bonking their first cousins, sisters, daughters, mothers and pre-menepausal grandmothers for so many generations that all their double helicals are tied in knots. Even Einstein, the poster boy for Jewish intelligence (?), a man who only ever came up with a theory and not a single fact in his entire life, married his first cousin. Sheeeeet man! That does damage. And thjat is the problem. Not space aliens but serious mind altering (for the worse) genetic damage.

  10. BEAMS of light from another galaxy, their home galaxy. It has been said giant black holes are at the center of all galaxies. However after some contemplation I conclude his home world must reside in a galaxy with a giant butt hole instead.

  11. Excellent article and unfortunately this is what the top Zio Kabballists secretly believe. This man is so arrogant that he cannot help himself, he must brag about his evil, rationalized beliefs. What Dr. Barrett lays it out is probably accurate and this would explain a great deal of the mystery of this two-faced, evil Death Cult. But because they are two-faced and so utterly rationalized they neglect to tell the truth that their secret mission is to “rid the earth of all Goyim “Cattle” after using them up as slaves and serfs and stealing everything they ever acquired. This is none less that Sabbatteanism, Frankism, Kabballism, ancient Babylonian Satanism, Babylonian Talmudism, all are basically different names for their Death Cult that ministers death to the populace to gain complete control.

    Never in the history of man has there been a more evil, two-faced group of evildoers, liars and killers, just like their true father Lucifer/Satan who is condemned to judgement and final destruction. What this POS is not disclosing is that without the child sacrifice and constant blood sacrifice by RKM engineered wars, they believe that Lucifer/Satan would remove their anointing and cut off their power, wealth and status. “What does a man gain if he masters the whole World but loses his soul?” The real question here is did these homicidal sickos an anti-human species that never have a soul in the first place? Or are they as some have claimed the “Children of Cain” bloodline?

    • On the question of souls. It is the repetitive capture of individual soul entities both embodied and disembodied (when the soul is seen as a spiritual vehicle of self perception) which has driven millenniums of human spiritual bondage to the thought density of Zionist rule on Earth.

      In other words…these aliens must capture souls which they recycle on Earth to feed their lower spiritual natures which require blood sacrifices, wars, power, greed, terror, agony, grief, etc. They feed off of negative human emotions. They have disconnected through their own wills, from the higher values which comprise the totality of polarity within the Creator source or spirit.

      There are no “chosen ones” in terms of spirituality within the universe.
      Each individual has the capacity through free will, to choose between polarities at any given time and does not need an external source to establish continuity with the Creator source. That freedom of choice to have a direct link with the Creator is exactly what the Zionist ideology purports to negate and obscure from human beings.

    • Michael laitman ? look whos talking Preston. At least laitman is somewhat enlightened to the human condition.Have you ever studied Kabbala? I presume not from your comments here. Kabbala is directed at all humanity. The information contained within is for the entire planet. All of you need to understand that by attacking the “Jews” you are in fact part of the problem , as you are continuing the propaganda and illusion that we are separate, an “us and them” – Opposites are in fact the same thing separated by degrees. Its an illusion. This is what kabbala teaches

      The Totalitarian matrix you all fear, you are helping to create with your dualist views – victim/ruler , us/them, winner/loser

    • [ Editor’s note: Please feel free to email your concerns directly to the author, if needed. ]
      Preston: I’d like to post a supportive response.

    • [ Editor’s note: At the top of VT’s home page is a pull-down menu that reads, “Editorial Board/Staff”. Use that, and it will bring up a webpage listing VT’s writers and editing staff. ( By clicking on the desired name, an email window will pop up. Hope this helps. ]
      I would MUCH RATHER email my concerns directly to the editors, but I don’t know their email addresses. You know mine and my cell phone number with my VT registration. Reach out to me.


    • Thank you, that was simple. I admit some embarrassment not knowing that. Many sites don’t make it so easy to email the writers.


    • @Roy Gordon one has to be certifiable crazy, or a cretin, to make a statement like what Laitman made, Kabbala or not.

  12. Stop the euphimisms. Do like Bro Nat does. Talk about Jews. He may be all hat and no congregation but he hits the nail on the head. Once again the world has a Jewish problem and this time, its time for a final solution.

    I must say, now that Hirler’s speeches are being translated into English,that I’ve become disappointed with him.Not only do he make sense but he seems to be a decent human being.

    While I do not believe the six million figure, I do think, that now that its on the table why not leave it there.

    • The self-appointed Jewish leadership has created a religion for secularists called The Holocaust™, with Hitler substituting for Satan as the embodiment of pure evil – while of course, in real life Hitler was a complex figure with his actions being many shades of gray.

  13. Truth is that these “aliens” have been trying to conquer human beings on Earth for millenniums.
    The problem is that this particular Zionist “group” of alien ideology is seeking to control humans with lower motivations—–like total economic control of nation state governments, religious control through organized world religions, endless political wars to enrich their “elite”, and falsely assumed supremacy of being, etc. —–in the totality of the Universe in all densities and/or dimensions of existence.
    The practices of these “Zionists” are inverse illusions of the design of unity dictated by the creator source ( whatever name one assigns to that concept) which is predicated on universal love and free will choice for all beings occupying human form.

    These are not the alien forces that Earth occupants (all to include the Planet itself) should allow to dominate the planetary occupants as it is their express mission to destroy Earth and the majority of beings thereon.

    Therefore; each individual needs to make a free-will choice to either accept the illusion of life existence that the “Zionists” are attempting to force on Earth; or to reject it and their ideology completely. They are predicating false universal doctrine which is violating higher Universal laws as established by the source creator of a multidimensional universe.
    It is a simple choice between love and hate; and the true answer to the collective dilemma lies within each individual.

  14. The bible confirms, (this beam of darkness) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

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