Vatican officially recognizes Palestine, while Israel fumes

The activist pope has put some fire back into the Church
Zionism will be cast out, one Zionist at a time - Painting, Francescon Hayez
Militant Zionism will be cast out, one Zionist at a time – Painting, Francescon Hayez

… from  Russia Today,  Moscow

One step at a time
One step at a time

[ Editor’s Note Zionist Supremacism takes another blow today with the Pope finally getting on board the Palestinian freedom train. Will the Zios begin terror attacks against church property and people inside Israel? They have before.

I have chilling documentary that I edited many years ago on the Siege of the Church of the Nativity for my Jim Dean Journal show on Atlanta Public TV. During a dawn raid on Bethlehem, those unfortunate enough to get caught out on the streets ran for sanctuary, with IDF troops shooting at them. The deaf church bell ringer took a fatal shot in the back as he showed up for work, the first to die.

Despite Zionist claims the church people were being held hostage by militants, the Vatican ambassador refuted that as a ploy by the Israelis to pre-stage a hostage rescue assault. Crane-mounted machine guns fired down through the old wooden roof knowing the bullets would bounce around the stone interior.

Night after night, flares and flash grenades were used to try to set the roof on fire, but were unsuccessful. A Palestinian priest described how when he walked by a window, a bullet would whiz by his head, missing by inches. Those killed were left to rot for over a week before being allowed removal for burial.

Israel needs to be told by the Catholic community that if they are attacked there will be hell to pay for it. The Vatican might turn the other cheek, but the rank and file folks need to stand up to the beast. Militant Israelis have nothing but contempt for those who bow before them, considering them traitors to their own people.

Please pass your thanks on to the Pope through local channels, as the Catholic community needs the boost. Their churches are almost empty in Europe, as are the other faiths. We thank them for their leadership and for not being Christian Zionist supporters of Israeli state terrorism against the Palestinians Jim W. Dean


Siege of the Church of the Nativity
Siege of the Church of the Nativity

–  First published  …  May 13,  2015 

The Pope finally takes the big step - God Bless the man
The Pope finally takes the big step – God Bless the man

The Vatican has become the latest country to recognize the state of Palestine, after a new treaty was finalized on Wednesday. Unsurprisingly Israel has hit out at the move, saying that it damages prospects for peace in the region.

The treaty, which was agreed, though has yet to be formally signed states the Vatican has switched its diplomatic allegiance from the Palestinian Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine. It was finalized days before the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is due to visit Pope Francis.

Abbas is traveling to the Vatican to attend the canonization of four new saints by the Pope, two of which are Palestinian nuns. The move to grant them sainthood has been described as a “sign of hope” for the region by the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, Vatican Insider reports.

The Vatican has been unofficially referring to the state of Palestine for over a year.Pope Francis visited Israel last year and the Vatican’s official program referred to Abbas as the president of the state of Palestine. During his visit to the Holy Land, he called for peace from both sides.

A spokesman for the Vatican, the Reverend Federico Lombardi confirmed the news saying: “Yes, it’s a recognition that the state exists,” AP reports.

The decision has brought condemnation from Israel, with the country’s foreign ministry saying it was “disappointed” at the move.

“This move does not promote the peace process and distances the Palestinian leadership from returning to direct and bilateral negotiations,” the ministry said in a text message, AP reported. “Israel will study the agreement and will consider its steps accordingly.”


The activist pope has put some fire back into the Church
The activist pope has put some fire back into the Church

Vatican Foreign Minister Monsignor Antoine Camilleri said the move was not politically motivated, but was simply in line with the Holy See’s position.

In 2012, the Vatican welcomed a decision by the UN General Assembly to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state. However, the latest treaty is the first legal document between the Vatican and the state of Palestine, which can be considered as official diplomatic recognition.

The treaty in question concerns the activity of the Catholic Church in Palestine. In April 2014, a Catholic Monastery was vandalized not far from the Israeli capital of Jerusalem in a hate crime carried out by Israelis. Slogans condemning peace talks with Palestine as well as graffiti disparaging Jesus and Mary was daubed on the walls.

This is not the first time that Pope Francis has made a diplomatic decision that was not to everyone’s liking. In April, he honored the 100th anniversary of the slaughter of Armenians by Ottoman Turks and called it “the first genocide of the 20th century.”

During a mass at the Armenian Catholic rite at Peter’s Basilica, the Pope said he had a duty to honor the innocent men, women, children, priests and bishops who were murdered by the Ottoman Turks.

“Concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it,” said the pontiff.

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  1. Let’s make no mistake about this. The Church has always been and remains today the only bulwark against the reign of Satan in the form today of Zionism, and regardless whether Zionism’s adherents call themselves believers or atheists, we know them by their fruits as those behind each and every of the real holocausts and world wars of this and the last century; the defilers of every culture and people they infest, their arts, morals, ethics, education, and entertainment; as economic parasites who through usury and collusion asset strip and impoverish people everywhere. Zionists intend on bringing about hell on earth for the rest of humanity, and those useful idiots who attack the Church on such ludicrous grounds are aiding and abetting an enemy they say they oppose. If the Church fails, the Protestant sects will collapse in its wake like houses of cards, and those opposing such ontological evil with reason alone, as they fancy, devoid of the metaphysical grounding of truth and meaning in the Church, will reap the whirlwind. We also know our political class by their fruits, which are indistinguishable from Zionism in any meaningful sense.

  2. How strange then that the traditional Catholic Priests are still being ex-communicated and otherwise driven from the Catholic Church under Pope Francis. The traditional Priests who are being ejected from the Catholic Church are those who reject the non-Catholic post-Vatican doctrine and perform the true Latin sacramental service which firmly casts out ‘Satan’, Something in this acknowledgement of Palestine Statehood does not jive. The Post Vatican Catholic church is based on a the same documents that created the USSR, the communist manifesto, with a few words changed, as Father Malachi Martin exposed in one of his books. When Pope Frances announces that Catholics should start to think about martyrdom, is he warning us about something that he himself is part of planning?

    • Superb observation . Everything political and religious has been hopelessly jumbled up to facilitate the establishment of a JWO//( NWO )//ZWO One World Government . The Popes do not adorn a jewish skullcap for the fun of it . So what if the Vatican takes over Jerusalem ? The Jesuits are not trying to get primary control of the origination of money ; and that adorned jewish skullcap clearly insinuates what and who trumps all in this world .

    • disambiguation of the above comment —

      “” control of the origination of money “”

      …………………………………………………………… should be

      { control of the [ technology for the creation ] of money }

  3. Let’s hope the Arabs will be next in recognizing the State of Palestine.
    Thank you Your Holy See.

  4. “Israel needs to be told by the Catholic community that if they are attacked there will be hell to pay for it.”

    What about all the non-Israeli Zionist Jews that provide political and monetary support to the State of Israel? They are as much, if not more, responsible for the crimes of Israel as the Israelis are.

    • There doesn’t need to be a next time. We already have Israel’s crimes of 9/11 that are MORE blatant, need atonement, and are accruing interest. Payback with extreme prejudice is warranted, deferred yes, but No absolution was/is/or ever will be given. Same for the others who acted with treason against us.

  5. I’m a recovering Catholic yet I’d be delighted to contact my local parishes to thank the Pope’ for his support of the Palestinians!

  6. David Odell: Just read St. Luke 20 and following.. To recognize Palestine it´s the step in the right direction of the Gosspel, of course, if you believe on the words of Jesus.
    Don´t skip the many works of the Church throughout the centuries and not its sins, as you hope to be judged at the end of times.

    • I don’t think the vatican has much sway in this matter. It is illusory. If I watch a man steal from a child, I do not need to read any words to understand what just happened. If a man killed one of your loved ones with a knife, would you then make knives to hang around the necks of your children ? Would you have pretend ceremonies drinking the blood of your loved one ? The pope is neither caeser nor the stone.
      If the old book is exposed, the new book cannot be kept. Thats why they burned all the paper and killed the elders. But hey, don’t worry about that, just turn and walk away. People have no clue why the year starts Jan 1, and no idea what that does. The entire world goes by this, and it is the # 1 dogma on the planet. he says a few kind words and everyone cheers. I judge myself.

  7. Isil will do double duty to shift blame because, you know, they have not been labeled terrorists.Which means they can come and go as needed.

  8. Dean: For most of the World Jerusalem its not Israel´s capital. UN resoution assigned Jerusalem a tripartite (Christian, Moslem and Jewish) condition which Israel doesn´t comply to.

  9. BRAVO!!! Wishing the best of all possible outcomes for the long-suffering & most deserving Palestinians…

  10. The vatican is employing its ‘boiling frog’ diplomacy in the M.E. to tweak the Israelis for unleashing ISIS on Christians in the region, thus devastating the collection-plate returns. Rome believes that Jerusalem should be a city-state like itself, London, and D.C.

  11. I consider this a bandwagon move. There are so many things the vatican could do to right their own wrongs, it seems an empty gesture. I have carefully watched this outfit for years and opportunistic is a label that would be the kindest I could use. The move to install a south american was monetary based.
    There is a very interesting reason why the last one resigned and this one has already hinted at such.
    There is a thing coming, and they know it. The latest efforts are a “grab as much as you can” because soon the flow of money will stop. By studying time, it becomes obvious bibi’s visit (date changed) and the popes installation, (hurredly done), have a common link. Something has been stolen and its return will end the era of the black robe. Why start the calendar Jan 1 ?

  12. This article gives hope, that the so called “Jewish-Christian Alliance” – a pure propangandistic term, used for subjugation under zionist rules – might fall and bythis bring up a new fom of mindful “Englightemment” of the people, which might eventually bring them in coherence to the actual realities in this world.

    The Pope even said some more things, especially directed to the youth, which could make some big bankers start to tremble. He referred to the growing hopelessness especially in the youth under the current economic and social situation, which he described as driven by never ending greed and injustice for the suffering masses of the people.

    May be, even the pope was impressed (as supposedly even John Kerry lately) by the imposant and totally peaceful victory day in Moscow.

    We are hungry and rightly so for every good signal or news.

  13. I emailed all of my local Catholic churches my thanks.

    I am a Deist, so I don’t communicate with local churches normally.


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