Breaking: French Attempt to Kill Syrian President Assad


Syria elected Assad in outside-monitored elections this year

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Reports received from Damascus only minutes ago cite an assassination attempt on President Assad.  There is nothing else available, VT Damascus bureau chief is meeting now with administration officials.

We did get this from sources in Syria’s security services.  While going thru the checklist of usual suspects, the period of “silence” came when naming France.  Few in the west are aware of the influence France has in Lebanon and Syria.  This region was awarded to France after World War I and the French language, culture and the French security services and their Israeli masters and Turkish partners haunt the shadows of Damascus like ghouls.

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Senior Editor
Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues.

Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.

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  1. If they were unsuccessful, given all those involved, most likely involved, then it stands to reason that those charged with the deed were incapable, or someone dropped a dime on them. Two were captured. Where are the others?


  2. I hope he’s OK.. maybe someone ought to return the “favor”, well gee THAT might be an act of war? then theres rottenchilds, why doesnt someone(s) start trying to pick THEM off?

  3. I find the report to be very believable. The Bulgarian born in France, Sarkozy, quarter-backed the NATO destruction of Libya and murder of Qadhaffi. He is reported to be regaining political power in France. One suspects that the CIA/MOSSAD have done some Alinsky community organization in France, seeking out marxist types such as Sarkozy. Focussing on Syria for a couple of years, and with their new army, ISIS, it is predictable that the CIA/MOSSAD will increase their on-the-ground subterfuge in Syria.
    The French folk are commiting a grave insult to themselves, permitting the Bulgarian Sarkozy, and any other traitors to France and Liberty, to again gain prominence in French politics. Sarkozy´s next move would be to attempt to entice a NATO hit on Syria. Considering the flammability of the ME, a hit on Sarkozy and similar treasonists to France and mankind, would make much more sense than a hit on Assad.

  4. General De Gaulle survived more than 30 murder attempts during his carrier as President with the help of his very capable and effective Sardinian Brigade. Later, he sent them to places far away in Africa to be save with regards to them. Some came into high official positions.

    The “culture” of assasination has a long tradition in french history, which is mostly based on their never diminishing love of “circles of influence”, which always plot politics behind closed doors. They don’t like publicity or even forms of public control and oversight. The Grand Orient Lodge (the sons of the Illuminists and the egyptian masonic tradition) together with the mother lodge Bnai Brith’ are the center of influence and power, mostly bankers power and big industrialists & military.

    The possible assasination attemp on the syrian president Assad is a logical outgrow of their principal way of thinking. And believe me, the Charlie Hebdo plot also was one of their “fruits”.

  5. at the roots of this
    “Few in the west are aware of the influence France has in Lebanon and Syria. This region was awarded to France after World War I”…… “awarded to” the government of France by French Rothschilds, lurking in the background, that way they have with full use of the military to protect and advance their interests….and we know what their interests are …. global swindlers, mass murdering parasites sitting on the stolen wealth of all nations… we have the power to stop this… please keep an update on this distressing news

  6. France is ruled by the Rothschild family. Giscard D’estaing, head of the European union worked for them. The Big French military contarctors like D’Aassault are all Jewish owned. They have geen gunning for Assad for a very long time and will kill him if they can and will certainly do all they can to cultivate the opportunity..

  7. I remember my father (WWII, Army Aircorp) saying that if there is ever another war, he hoped the French were on the other side. France and Frankfurt, Germany and Rome seem to be the power centers of the cabal, with U.S. military and congress its patsy. Reverse divide and conquer, with a coat of many colors camoflage and shapeshifting, the deed is hidden. Follow the money, not just where it comes from or where it goes, but its basis of value and existential consequences.

  8. The west sure has been gunning for him for a long time. Mossad asset Christiane Anamwhore (alias Rubin) puts Mevedev on the air dozens of times a day. She shows him a photo the audience doesn’t see and then she asks Mevedev if he condones Assad killing thousands of people, who are really foreign mercenaries. CNN has repeated this message at least 1,000 times in ths last month. Pure propaganda. Pure dog training. Typical Jewish big lie tactic. Just keep repeating the message endlessly until the dog or the sheeple believe it. I guess if they didn’t get him she should start watching her back.

    • Certainly the treasonist puppetry within the Pentagon, who planned to destroy seven Middle Eastern countries in five years, have planned for many years to take out the leadership of all seven nations.
      The collaboration of the Bush family with the Israeli leadership to execute 9-11-2001 certainly did not begin with the Bush family voter fraud that elected Bush Jr. to the presidency, 1999-2000. As reported by former general Wesley Clark, the plan that appeared in the Pentagon shortly after 9-11-2001, to destroy 7 ME nations in 5 years, was not an overnight creation. It is only logical to think that 9-11-2001 was the first step to implementing the 7 in 5 larger plan.
      Of course, the evil fairy tale that the 19 Moslem roudys from Saudi land flew twin-engine, cargo jets into the Twin Towers, and one into the Pentagon, was used to scape-goats Moslems, who only provided 19 patsies to Jeb Bush in Florida. Such tales continue to be believed by the naive and ignorant worshippers of the George H. W. Bush family. The debri of German Wings 9525 displayed the results of an airliner crash, which debri was not present at the Twin Towers or the Pentagon.

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