Canadians, before you vote, remember the Liberals

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It is a federal election year in Canada. The 2015 election is unpredictable and could be a game-changer. Here is my advice to Canadian voters.

There is no point replacing Harper with a brainless twit who will continue to drive Canada in the same direction. Trudeau is no Trudeau, when it comes to Canadian independence and fundamental values.

Trudeau is the continuation of the new Liberal line: Paul Martin, Stéphane Dion, Michael Ignatieff …

Martin destroyed the party by infighting to veer the country clearly towards US interests and increased integration into US geopolitical designs. Dion was a lame attempt to present a facade of reason, without any correction of direction. Ignatieff was a pathetic Harvard boy brought in like a hand puppet to manage the Martin take-over.

Canadians soundly and rightly rejected the Harvard boy. That would have been too much. But the boys in charge are clearly the same with Trudeau. Trudeau is pro-war, pro-Bill C-51, pro-integration with US foreign policy of destruction and intimidation, pro-foreign-owned capital and corporations setting the rules, and so-on.

Trudeau’s entire strategy is to maneuver into your vote. There is no principle, no direction, no plan to make Canada work for Canadians, nothing other than photo ops, double messages, superficial posturing, and middle-class bribes that will dissolve quickly if they are ever implemented for the sake of short-term political advantage.

The Liberal party is a has-been for good reason. It no longer deserves the trust of Canadians.

There are still 30 (of 105) Liberal Senators. What have they done to oppose Harper’s selling of Canada to US oil interests and US military adventures? I haven’t heard a beep out of them. They know the workings of the system, yet they have not spoken to public opinion.

If you know a candidate in your riding and trust that candidate then vote for him or her. Otherwise, if you are looking to the party leaders and to the party history for change towards a strong and independent Canada that works for Canadians, then abandon the Liberals and vote strategically to not split the vote.

The NDP is far from perfect and far from uncorrupted by corporate influence, but it might find a desire and a backbone, given electoral power, to give Canada back to Canadians, all Canadians. It could bring us back towards some sovereignty and away from US criminality.

Canada needs the world, and could be respected by the wold, if it moved away from the self-destruction of having only the US and Israel as allies.

A new world is emerging, with a strong Russia-China-India alliance that cannot be intimidated. Canada and Europe can work together to talk some sense into the US-Israel desperate madness of domination by force, while preserving its sovereignty for Canadians, all Canadians.

Don’t vote Liberal. That would give a very predictable and bad outcome. Vote for a chance at a better model and a better future.

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{p}Denis G. Rancourt was a tenured and full professor at the University of Ottawa in Canada. He was trained as a physicist and practiced physics, Earth sciences, and environmental science, areas in which he was funded by a national agency and ran an internationally recognized laboratory.{/p} {p}He published over 100 articles in leading scientific journals. He developed popular activism courses and was an outspoken critic of the university administration and a defender of Palestinian rights. {/p} {p}He was fired for his dissidence in 2009 by a president who is a staunch supporter of Israeli policy. He is the author of the 2013 book “Hierarchy and Free Expression in the Fight Against Racism”.{/p}
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  1. Some complain of the two party system which has dominated the corporation of the united states for over 200 hundred years or so.

    Canadian and/or Canadien politics, with the allusion of a multiple party system, is nothing more than a construct of what goes on in “British” politics.

    Unlike the US, Canada is a Dominion with all provinces and territories having, should they desire, full control of the Parliament in Ottawa. In Canada there IS NO FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CONSTRUCT!!!!

    The collective dominion was created to take care of borders with other nations and the collective defense of those borders. That means trade with other nations. That means defense of those resources. That means OUR OWN CURRENCY which was taken out of the hands of the Dominion of Canada in 1965.

    The Provinces and Territories HAVE the power in Ottawa. The so called Prime Minister is nothing more than a selected servant of the Dominion.

    For those that have a desire for the US political system with all it’s slave system, MOVE to the US.

    The British North America Act was and still is as “The Constitutional Act of 1982” the law of Canada according to the British Crown.

    Unfortunately the British Crown has been in foreign hands since about 1100 AD or so.

    Canada IS the last true beacon of freedom. Unfortunately the flame is being extinguished.

    “When your roof is on fire the structure below is gone.”

  2. When Justin Trudeau was going to be crowned king merely because of his last name, he informed the gathered journalists that he neither read the news nor even saw it on tv. When they asked how he knew anything about current events, he replied: “If anything important happens, one of my friends will tell me.” Paul Martin Jr. would also be a nobody if not for his father’s name, Paul Martin sr. would be rolling over in his grave. Stephen Harper would be a nobody, if not for being mentored by Preston Manning in the ‘Reform’ party (and my ‘Tim Hortons vs Starbucks’ election campaign) Mr. Manning must be crying in his beer now.

  3. Yes please don’t vote liberal.
    As I am sure you know Justin Trudeau is the son of Pierre, but not many know that Pierre was one of the biggest traitors Canada ever had as a PM, or biggest puppet.
    Pierre Trudeau is the reason we are no longer using our national Bank of Canada to issue our currency and credit, instead in 1974 he signed that job over to private international commercial banksters which charge immoral and usurious compound interest on everything we borrow. Since that date our debt has sky rocketed to where we see it today, and we lost our democracy in Canada at that every moment.
    How many Canadians are aware that they currently pay up to the tune of 136 Million Dollars every single day in interest to these private banksters?

    “Once a nation parts with the control of its currency and credit,
    it matters not who makes the nations laws. Usury, once in control,
    will wreck any nation. Until the control of the issue of currency
    and credit is restored to government and recognized as its most sacred
    responsibility, all talk of the sovereignty of parliament and
    of democracy is idle and futile.”
    William Lyon Mackenzie King
    (1874-1950) Prime Minister of Canada

    • Brother Nathaniel has a good article on his web site explaining how Jews took over Canada during the Trudeau years. He connects the dots pretty well.

      Power Corp, the Trudeau families power base, has always been a holding bin for nut cases like Maurice Strong.

    • Pierre Trudeau was arrested as a Jew spy in 1948. It’s in his own autobiography.

      His “home riding” was Mont Royal, which is the most heavily Jewish riding in all of Canada, or was at the time he was PM. But this is the same with Stephen Harper’s home riding, heavily almost overwhelmingly Jewish.

      Just a coincidence, I guess.

  4. What you say is true. The problem is there is no one in any party worth voting for which is the same problem facing all democracies around the world. Mulchair has already tosssed Palestine to the wolves to get the Jewish money. His street beggar hand is stretched out as far as the hands of Harper and Trudeau. Elizabeth May has lived in magic mushroom land for too long. There is nobody to vote for.

    Politics in a democracy is the fast track to riches for anyone willing to sell out their constituent’s interests to the highest bidder.

    If a way could be found to make the vote more valuable than the campaign contributions then maybe the problem could be solved.

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