Israel, the Jews and Zionism



by Katherine Frisk:

They blame the ethnic cleansing and the apartheid system in Israel on Herzl and “They ooze Maimonides quotes. Ah, but they do not represent “true Judaism,” we are told now.”

Being a “Jew”and following “Judaism,”is only relevant to the tribe of Judah:

 a tribe that was held in captivity in Babylon;

a tribe that regards the Babylonian Talmud equal to and on a par with the Torah;

a tribe the celebrates Purim, the Jewish holocaust of their enemies;

a tribe that built the Temple in Jerusalem

and a tribe that believes in the return of a bloodline descendant of David, from the tribe of Judah, the Messiah who will rule the world.

To date there is no archaeological evidence of the first Temple ever having been built and many of the Old Testament texts ascribed to David and Solomon are translations of older Egyptian texts and adapted to Jewish history.

What many scholars ignore completely is that the term “Jew”and “Judaism”does not represent Israel. Israel as it originated in the Biblical texts incorporates all twelve tribes descended from Jacob/Israel. Ephraim, the son of Joseph and the grandson of Jacob was blessed as the first born and therefore it is his bloodline that carries the weight of being the representative of “Israel,”not the tribe of Judah.

A true believer in the Convent and the Ten Commandments due to the first Commandment, did not support a monarchy under any single bloodline and did not support a hegemonic political structure under any specific tribe. This would been seen as idolatry. Israel broke this Covenant with God, and therefore no longer has or is entitled to a country of their own. They have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Steve Jones says “In the Blood, God, Genes and Destiny,”almost 75% of the world’s population today, can trace their genetic structure to these 12 tribes.

What Israel stood for is a federal structure where the highest authorities were the Judges, the holders of the Law, with representatives from all twelve tribes including women, (Deborah was one of the first Judges of Israel) a Judicial body of the people, for the people and by the people, in a united Republic.

This republic fell apart when the people demanded a king and turned their backs on their God. Their actions also resulted in Israel being spilt apart into the Kingdom of Israel, called Ephraim in the north and the Kingdom of Judea in the south. The animosity between these two groups is mentioned in Isaiah 11: 13, where the prophet mourns the split and looks forward to the day when they would be reconciled.

“The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim.”
This split played a major political role in the first century A.D. where the Essenes, the Teachers of Righteousness rebelled against the Temple, the Levitical High Priesthood and the Herodian Monarchy. They were massacred in 36A.D. at Mount Gerizim by Pontius Pilate with the complicity of Caiaphas and King Antipas. Theudas was beheaded and James and John Zebedee were crucified in 46 A.D. for defying the established order and leading their followers across the River Jordan to re-establish Israel as Joshua had done in the past. James the Righteous, the brother of Jesus,  was thrown from the top of the Temple in Jerusalem in 62 A.D. for defying the High Temple priests for the same reasons.

Today the descendants of Israel are the Samaritans in Nabulus, Orthodox Christians and the Muslims across the Middle East. Israel is the southern African tribe of the Lemba. Israel is also 75% of the world’s population.

Some Jews today might claim that “Judaism is not Zionism,” but the history of Israel; the split in the kingdom; the rise of the tribe of Judah after the Babylonian exile; the Talmud; and the building of the Temple are all the historical foundation from which Zionism, Jewish hegemony, the belief in the return of a Messiah of the House of David; the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and the justification of the holocaust of the Palestinians rooted in the celebration of Purim originate.

If “progressive Jews” and “Torah Jews” wish to dissociate themselves from Zionism, then a return to Israel, a return to the Covenant, a return to the vows made at Mount Gerizim and a return to a Judiciary comprised of the people, for the people and by the people from all the descendants of Israel , being Jews, Samaritans, Orthodox Christians and Muslims would be the most logical path to follow.  Whether you believe in “God”or not. Whether you are religious or not. This is an equitable, fair and balanced structure based on the rule of law, a Constitution and Bill of Rights, not on the rule  of Oligarchs, a priesthood or a militarized police state. Theoretically speaking, it would be a return of the kingdom and a return of the Messiah Yeshua/Joshua. If not in person, then certainly in spirit.

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  1. Thank you for the readers digest version of the big zionist lie and how they use it for profit and power.
    I’m sure the bearded philosophers would spit and click about the absurdity of the oversimplification because its not confusing and does not leave the victim, (student) in total awe after a long lecture filled with confusing language, wandering demographics, a thousand names no one can pronounce and no way of keeping track as they manipulate those names, dates and places in the same paragraph to purposely confuse the audience. I have to give them some credit. They spend their life confusing people out of a dime and convincing the duped to do overwhelmingly stupid things.

  2. I was tempted to let the author do herself in with this piece, however this course of action would not directly illustrate the pathology of the Abrahamic religious virus.
    Central to understanding this pathology is the concept of doing exactly what “God” wants you to do. Abrahamic adherents always assume that there is a purer, better, more correct, more holy, and ignored interpretation of the dictates of this “God”.
    Thus, in this mind set, true believers are always in the gutter. At the same time, Abrahamics foster an egocentric hubris, an elevated state for the adherent of already being “saved”, knowing the “truth”, which places them above the unwashed masses. Such a condition of polar opposites encourages a state of cognitive dissonance, a state wherein critical thinking, personal experience, and evidence no longer matter.
    Cognitive dissonance is not limited to Abrahamic faith, but it is epitomized by the ideology of subservient superiority.
    When examined, the arguments used to support the ideology of the big three are found wanting in all important spheres, thus empty claims, like 75% of the world population descending from abrahamic roots.
    I once hoped that humanity was ready to leave its adolescence behind, and with this step, retire its faiths that are based on an endless array of laws, rules, and dictates.
    I once hoped that humanity was ready to assume full adulthood, and with this, grasp both its destiny and its responsibility.
    Yeah, right.

    • Ultimately, the abrahamics, that is, judaism, christianity, and islam all demand a certain personal negation. Similar to the role of a child, the devotee of these faiths must simply accept that others make up a series of somewhat questionable laws, edicts, geases, and so on, which are presented as beneficent. However, these “beneficent” faiths are at the forefront of the suicide of Homo sapiens.
      The return of a jewish presence in the middle east has done nothing to improve the human condition. The abrahamic gift of genocide and widespread murder continues unabated into the 21st century.
      The pathetic assertions that any of the abrahamics have any kind of direct line to God leave one with two possible conclusions:
      1) They Lie.
      2) Their God is a murderous, genocidal maniac.
      Frankly, the argument that the abrahamic ideology is an alien religious virus designed to destroy humanity makes far more sense than the reams of self justifying nonsense that issue forth from true believers every day.

    • “” Frankly, the argument that the abrahamic ideology is an alien religious virus designed to destroy humanity makes far more sense than the reams of self justifying nonsense that issue forth from true believers every day.””

      Amen . A talmudic people called ” jews ” whom are the self-chosen executors of humanity when there is definitely no scientific basis nor actual historical basis for their presumed divine status is an unequivocal formula for the ultimate extinction of mankind . Surely the goyim will realize that and act accordingly before it is too late .

  3. A very thought-provoking article, the kind of thing VT does well. I have given links to VT articles concerning Israel to ‘elders’ within the Bible Student movement, probably one of the oldest christian/zionist groups that exists. They are routinely ignored or dismissed out of hand. Nothing must be allowed to challenge the pre-ordained narrative. It’s amazing how much Charles Taze Russell and John Hagee agree on Israel.
    As one who has left both the evangelical church and a ‘high demand faith group’, there is no convincing the hardcore believers to look again at 9/11, or to question fidelity to Israel. It appears that in christian/zionists dogma the zionist side of the equation is more important than the christian side. Members are free to disagree on much christian doctrine, but no deviation whatever is allowed on zionism. It makes me tend to think that many of the teachings of christian zionism came out of the Talmudic ‘think tanks’, in order to snooker good hearted christians into the labyrinth of zionism, thinking that they are doing the right thing. More and more of us are waking up, and each one who leaves the falseness of christian zionism undermines support for the rotten structure. May it fall in our time.

  4. here, here on your concluding paragraph….although fair, balanced and equitable is not in the vocabulary of Zionism…. a global move will enforce it

  5. It looks like ” Pawns In The Game ” is the original whole NWO conspiracy theory . It has the ring-of-truth and the faded criticisms in the pdf text cannot stand overall against it . The book should have been a record breaking nonfiction best seller .

  6. We now live in the times of the Internet, book, hidingand destroying burning alone isn’t any longer enough to hide the truth. It’s already out of the bottle for those who are willing to find. As a starter I would encourage you to read Jack Heart’s latest article about the Skinwalker, this might open someone’s eyes to some bare and cruel facts.

    The Muslims will bring up more children, but those also will want to learn more about the word ad later about real history, including the origins of centralized religions.

    May be, it’s not already recognized, but those ancient stories are not any longer that important as they seem to be, especially for very religious people. These stories already contradict so many findings, which can no longer been hidden from us. The narrative about this is still pure fiction and mostly lies, but time is running out for the controllers of the struggled minds.

    I’m no prophet, but it could be reality already in two or three generations, that the powerful grip and bondage, exercized by monotheistic religions might already have turned into some conglomerate of moral principals, which are accepted by everyone because it simply sums up a possible righteous way to live.

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