Shocking: Obama to Disarm – Demilitarize Police

America's new "Clown Car"
America's new "Clown Car"
America’s new “Clown Car”

Swat team serving warrants for unpaid parking fines, somewhere in America (Photo above)

…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Did the Jade Helm hoax give Obama the chance to "de-Swat" the police?
Did the Jade Helm hoax give Obama the chance to “de-Swat” the police?

[ Editor’s Note VT is on an “I told you so” roll with the Jade Helmsters — the gift that keeps on giving. Their scam to use the usual summer American staple of small domestic military-training road shows and to morph that into the “martial law kick off ball” is burning down around their ankles.

They are running out of fall back replacement scams, as each get shot down in turn. VT has long editorialized on the moral corruption of American police forces, under the Bush plan to make them all Special Operations wannabes.

Not only would the taxpayers have to foot the bill via deficit spending, but the public itself would end up being framed as a hostile force to substitute for the non-existence of huge terror or Islamic cells, one of the infamous rallying cries of the “trailer park Right.” The FBI forever stained itself by cranking up sting scam operations to justify their extra couple of billion a year in imaginary counter terrorism work. The Justice Dept. worked hand in glove with them for the same reason.

As Gordon describes below, the current move to “demilitarize” America’s police does not quite jive with the Helmsters wishes actually — and that the FEMA camps and Walmart mass execution centers are not right around the corner as claimed.

Of course this all was being kicked off just at the start of the 2016 presidential race, with the Alternative media tried-and-true “invasion” spinmeister himself — Alex “the blowhard” Jones. If anyone has a higher score than Alex on these fear porn scams, please let us know in the comments. We are dying to know (forgive the pun)… Jim W. Dean  ]


…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Alex - Why does he really do it?
Alex – Why does he really do it?

In an announcement that hit fear porn mongers and the GOP controlled blogosphere like a hammer, the White House announced strict standards on federal programs begun during the Bush administration.  These programs not only armed police with tracked vehicles, high explosive grenade launchers and anti-aircraft guns but drones as well.

In a move restricting the capability of American police forces, the move is meant to bolster confidence in a nation victimized by highly organized propagandizing financed by the Koch/Adelson/Jones/Bronfman cartel.

Obama will highlight his new report during his visit to Camden, New Jersey, a city that has successfully overhauled its police and schools.

Obama’s report cites a failure by the federal government in reigning in police departments seeking military weaponry brought back from Iraq and Afghanistan.  A cottage industry has flourished in overarming police departments, which in turn bleeds departments in order to equip and maintain useless hardware.

Police standards for recruiting, training and supervision have plummeted, due to this factor and others, since the economic collapse of 2008, the greatest financial disaster in American history.

International arms traders and greedy “revolving door” defense contracting firms with strong political ties to America’s right wing have lined up, backed by congressional insiders and corrupt state officials, pouring junk and dangerous hardware into the armed “blue gangs” that prowl America’s cities.

Right Wing Watch

A carefully orchestrated barrage of race hate has flooded fringe media, GOP – Tea Party newsletters and the “tin foil hat” blogosphere.  All carry the same material, crime statistics attacking African Americans, stories of “white victimization” and warnings about Jade Helm, a small army training program that will bring 1200 troops into Texas for the summer.  Combined with existing forces in Texas, there will now be approximately 285,000 troops in Texas as opposed to 284,000.

The Department of Defense is the single largest employer in the state of Texas and has been for 73 years. From today’s Wall Street Journal:

The report that will be released Monday calls for a prohibition on federal programs providing certain types of equipment to law-enforcement agencies, citing a substantial risk of misuse. The list of prohibited gear includes tracked armored vehicles, weaponized aircraft, large-caliber firearms, grenade launchers and some camouflage uniforms.

Such equipment, which is seen as militaristic in nature, “could significantly undermine community trust and may encourage tactics and behaviors that are inconsistent with the premise of civilian law enforcement,” the report says.

More stringent controls for other types of equipment should be implemented, the report says. And law-enforcement agencies requesting certain gear will be required to seek the consent of local government and submit detailed justification explaining their need for equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles and wheeled tactical vehicles.

Further Improvements Ordered

Obama’s report calls for increased use of body cameras along with services to police officers themselves, many of whom are exposed to job related stress, not only from community hostility but working for departments where corruption and incompetence has long ruled.

In a controversial move for pro-union Obama, changes to be implemented may well dissolve police unions, many of which have long been controlled by organized crime.  This is what was done in Camden, shutting down a local police department and consolidating a county wide department with no union.

Sources site that police unions protect the worst officers at the cost of those who refuse bribes and refuse to brutalize citizens.

Why Right Was Silent on Police Extremism?

Right wing extremist bloggers and race baiters have been, in recent weeks, on the attack against the US military over imaginary threats of martial law.  Curiously, however, militarized police departments that kill mostly veterans and African Americans have gotten a pass from such groups.

This is despite the fact that police departments are serving minor warrants with armored vehicles and swat teams, or as Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

With police in nearly every town in American using Israeli phone jammers and communications interception/spoofing equipment, all illegal even for police, why has there been a wall of silence?

Who is being paid?  Is it the Israeli’s that make millions playing “divide and conquer?”  A quote from Benjamin Netanyahu from a Defense Intelligence Agency recording during a 1990 investigation for espionage and trafficking in nuclear material.

Across the table from Netanyahu was an IAEA inspector, now a Veterans Today editor who verifies this as a true transcript:

“If we get caught they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do, America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control.

Why? Because it’s god’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.”

Is there little doubt that the fear porn merchants of America’s right wing are taking their marching orders from this man?


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  1. Why cops always have been on the take or had the “best” drugs, who’s in charge of the evidence lockers. Recall if you will the stamp act; one of our loco I mean local jurisdictions experiments was to issue tax stamps for the drug dealers. The corner sales persons got hammered as they always have not being able to afford stamps. We know who the supply comes from so why worry about paying taxes. Only a run up to fore- stealing. Helps to purchase helicopters you see.

  2. police here get to investigate themselves to always find “no wrongdoing” and they know they can do whatever they want. “asset forfeiture” like dropping a teeny baggie of soap or baking soda into your car that their “lab” will call drugs, play along or be killed as a hostile! they can wrap your cadaver’s fingerprints on a drop weapon just as easily, this isn’t paranoia when it happens every day for decades now.

  3. According to the completely mathematicly defined and scientificly derived Universal Law of the Standard Normal Distribution of virtually anything and everything , neither the Vatican nor the RKM could possibly own everything or most everything . However , since widespread mathematical and scientific illiteracy among the sheeple middle-income masses of the world makes that Universal Law null and void ( ie. democraticly inapplicable ) , the Vatican could possibly own everything via the intellectual default of the sheeple masses and collusion with the RKM chiefs of the Vatican Bank .

  4. “submit detailed justification explaining their need for equipment such as unmanned aerial vehicles and wheeled tactical vehicles.”

    And those submission’s need to be put to community referendum

  5. Now all that’s needed is a block on Israelis training any P.D. Take their toys and train them properly otherwise they’ll still shoot first question later.

    • So long as the US Federal Reserve System is controlled by RKM chiefs and the Big 6 Media monopoly is controlled by RKM chiefs and US federal level government is controlled by RKM chiefs then any presumed remedies for political or governmental aliments are either DOA or will be promptly subverted to oblivion if a remedy is antagonistic to RKM chiefs .

  6. demilitarizing, diffusing and normalizing a great move by President Obama … celebrate the wins

  7. Alex Jone is just another in a long line of carny barkers mostly from the deep south. Fifty years ago you met them at circuses selling you a chance to see the fat lady and the two headed goat. They moved on to tabloid newspapers and TV where you still got to see the fat lady and two headed goat but with a psychiatrist on hand to put a sympathetic spin on their conditions , so as not to offend TV advertisers. Alex has just grabbed the old carny barker baton and has run with it to the internet. They say one is born every minute but in Texas it must be a few hundred per second. That’s his audience, whether they be rolling on the floor in church, or lining up to see the two headed goat.

  8. Well now….here’s the perfect time to bring in the “Federal Police Force” aka Homeland Security. King O will just transfer all the toys to the Feds. Sheeeesh, anyone could see this one a mile away. Al Sharpton will be happy.

    • Bingo. This is just like how the Syria false flag was transferred from chemical weapons to ISIS.

      Still waiting for Obama to actually throw the Emperor into the Death Star.

  9. It is great that Obama did this and interestingly enough, speaking of the Right constantly talking about Afro-American violence and the denigration of the family in the Afro-American community, it was with such irony that a story came out in Gawker and elsewhere about the man who speaks out about this, Bill O’Reilly, harming his own wife. O’Reilly was accused of domestic violence in a custody battle. This may be just rumor, but with all of his attacks on the Afro-American family, if true, O’Reilly’s issue maybe comparable to the negative he accuses others of. It is sad that this happened, but this seems to be happening more and more that those who spew negative angry talk are really the perpetrators of what they have been saying others do. This coming out and being addressed is a very good sign that justice is prevailing. I did also see a very cute Facebook video with police officers in Delaware holding up signs saying “Free Hugs” I believe. That was actually a nice change, perhaps good things are happening before our very eyes.

  10. “Supporting Obama” is a bogus charge and always has been, a sports jersey comment. We support him on the things that make sense and don’t when it doesn’t. We have always been against the obvious plan to serve Israeli and Saudi interests in carving up Syria, but praised him when he canceled the air attack over the false flag poison gas scam, where we put our evidence right on his desk, via the Pentagon. A lot of people impose all their personal pet peeves in this stuff, too. We have them about Bibi. We like Putin an Lavrov, not because we are sports fans, but admire their statesmanship compared to the phonies in so many other countries. Would Romney have done these demilitarization, Bush(43), Jeb…and how about Hillary? So when Obama does it, what do you expect us to do, pee on his shoes? That’s not how we roll.

  11. From the first time I saw him and info wars, Alex looked more like a huckster than anything else. He likes to sell. Never trust a salesman.

  12. Funny thing, the Helmsters will all claim that they are the ones that prevented a martial law takeover, and all NRA, and Fox news watching, right wing talk radio listening, self proclaimed libertarians, the self proclaimed “awake” people, bible thumpers, that think Obama is a dictator, and not done one thing right, will shrug there shoulders blame Democrats in congress for everything when Jeb is president.

    • They might claim it but they will never debate VT. Plus, the police forces can’t do such a thing. The Helmsters always claimed a federal plot, with Alex Jones onboard everyone that has come down the pike that was a hoax. Any real journalist would have been crucified careerwise, a sign that Alex has special sponsors.

  13. Well Obama has done nothing here. The crime syndicate that has controlled the western world will just bring in another plan to move the agenda forward. What agenda you say! Look at the quote int the article above. This has been a 3500+ year plan by a bunch of misfits that could not get along amongst themselves in what is now known as Yemen. Seventy or so scribes invited to the library of Alexandria to translate those peoples “history” used the opportunity to use the Greek language of interpretation and bring forth a distorted local tribal thought process and create something that has now slaved so many that have been hoodwinked. Knowledge is power. They get that. Enjoy your self inflicted prison.

    • Knowledge per se is NOT power . It must be acted upon to demonstrate power . Look at all the powerlessness of americans to do anything significant about their national political situation where most all have received at least twelve years of expensive knowledge paid for by taxpayers .

  14. Unfortunately the unions have to be broken but every member knows the leadership of every local is compromised. Maybe before the thin blue line gives all the toys to the scrap yards of time; perhaps they could use one of those aaa on that A. Jones blimp.

  15. Things are getting better not worse. Ferguson and Baltimore have trimmed the policies of monetary based policing, and now it will spread and glare when exposed. Add to that the ever growing knowledge of the monetary based prison system. We are 5 days past the 30 year anniversary of the bombing of a house in Philly and this needs to be prevented from happening again. May 13, 1985 Philly. 65 houses ! houses !
    “From a Pennsylvania State Police helicopter, Philadelphia Police Department Lt. Frank Powell proceeded to drop two one-pound bombs (which the police referred to as “entry devices”) made of FBI-supplied water gel explosive, a dynamite substitute, targeting a fortified, bunker-like cubicle on the roof of the house. The resulting explosions ignited a fire that eventually destroyed approximately 65 nearby houses. The firefighters, who had earlier deluge-hosed the MOVE members in a failed attempt to evict them from the building, stood by as the fire caused by the bomb engulfed the first house and spread to others, having been given orders to let the fire burn. “

  16. Now on Barry Soetoro. I give the following quote 99.99% validity:

    “One week after inauguration, Barry was the beneficiary of a $1 billion Vatican bank account, as promised when he was selected, not elected. If the Kenyan squatter is not a victim of a renege or bail-in, he will be fortunate. He is by far the most expendable president in US history.”
    — Dr. Jim Willie CB, Ph.D, The Hat Trick Letter, “When QE Goes Away With the Great Reset, Gold & Silver Will Be Released Like Rampaging Horses!” (May 4, 2015)

    I believe this is via Willie’s own “Deep Throat.” He calls him The Voice. Willie has some very influential clients, and they do talk.

    So Barry would appear to be a broken clock. And for some reason, he starting to give the correct time ..

    • Dear nameless “klaatu”

      You have “Fetzered” all of this..meaning….made it all up. You are talking like a billion is big money. Willie is another “aways wrong financial scamster” who has been advising people to buy gold and sell equities while gold has plummeted and equities are up 285%.

      Big clients? With that kind of advice, a “big client” would also hire a “big gun” and a backhoe.

  17. I log in with Twitter, because the FB pluggin just doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter what browser.

    “Is there little doubt that the fear porn merchants of America’s right wing…”

    Seriously Gordon, have you not heard of Hegelianism? Not heard of Dr. Antony Sutton? Let’s also mention Sutton’s buddy, Eustace Mullins, shall we?

    There was something called the Old Right, and it was no friend of Israel. (State of, circa 1948).

    When the “left” screams about the right, I take Sutton’s advice and ignore them both. I listen more to Jim Rogers than Soros, simply because Rogers makes more sense. And Rogers simply does not talk to Soros anymore. Wonder why. Is Soros for dissolving the FED and the IRS? Not the last that I checked.

    LBJ and especially Nixon. Were they for reestablishing the constitutional gold and silver standard given to us by Roger Sherman? If we didn’t like what Sherman et al gave us, then why oh why did we never amend it, with 2/3 majority of the “states” consent?

  18. WOW! Thanks Gordon and VT. If this really comes to be, it will be a major game changer for the losers who have been in control of our country, and lives, since the coup d’etat when President Kennedy was assassinated in broad daylight in Dallas…..maybe they, the loser idiots, were in control even before that.

    If our President actually follows thru with this… I will heartily applaud him.

    “The times they are achangin….” Slowly….

    • If a GOPer gets in, they will turn this all around. Only a lame duck would try to restore constitutional rights in the US…as public apathy makes it in insane act.

      After all, martial law and debt slavery has “made us safe.”

    • @ GD

      That is why the US political system is a democratic farce . The elitist Republicans are generally closer to the SSG ILLuminati rulers than most Democrats and thus can arrange to get themselves elected in order to counter Democrat action that ostensibly goes against the JWO//(NWO)//ZWO agenda . Then the Democrats are allowed to win ostensibly for reversing unpopular Republican actions that never seem to get sufficiently reversed . Political kabuki theatre .

    • moneytalks, yes.. two wings of the same fascist bird that pass the baton (and blame) back and forth as the real agenda’s always continue forward.. sums it up very well. they and their media will not allow a 3rd party, its rigged from bottom to top when there are registered voting cadavers and an “electoral college” deciding. if the majority doesnt vote (none of the above!) they’ll carry on with the results of the minority (cadavers inclusive!) to put in who-what they want into office at near any level… or just appoint a felon as secretary of state hahaha..

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