Defying “The Vulture Consensus” on Syria

Graphic by Professor Tim Anderson
Graphic by Professor Tim Anderson
Graphic by Professor Tim Anderson

I am reproducing an article that was posted on In Gaza on May 19, 2015, because I think it will be of great interest to Veterans Today readers. Macro-elements of the underlying critical analysis are corroborated by a recent RT interview with front-line war reporter and veteran ME-expert Jürgen Todenhöfer. More recently, Prof. Tim Anderson’s August 10, 2015, article “Why Syria is Winning: Advancing Towards a Strategic Victory that will Transform the Middle East?” is of note. Ramsey Clark’s August 11, 2015, report on the situation on the ground is also relevant (HERE, at 13:52).

I also posted the In Gaza page to my social media wall with the heading “Canadians, you are condoning murder and illegal war. Think and learn about Syria.”

“There is only one way in which the calculus on the ground in Syria truly changes, and that is the implementation of a No Fly Zone and “humanitarian corridors” and this will not happen without a massive change in the position of Russia and China which, to this point, seems unlikely. The Syrian military knew they were not simply going to be allowed to destroy the terrorists and win this war outright, they knew a counteroffensive was coming. And if this is it, then it is weaker than I thought it might be.” –Eric Draitser (highlight)

Here is the reproduced post:

Interesting FB discussion, prompted by Eric Draitser ( ) sharing an article [Syrian Regime is Going Down in Flames] and asking, particularly from Syrians, for feedback. He gave his own critque of the artilce afterwards. —In Gaza

Max Syrian (a Syrian analyst living IN Damascus, also an NDF soldier):

1- Mr. Lvov starts his whole article on the arguable idea that what’s going on in Syria is a “civil war”, when only an ignorant person wouldn’t know that what’s happening (military-wise) is a war between Syrian Army (and allies, local and not) one one side, and multinational death squads coming from more than 80 countries around the world, getting direct support from Turkey, KSA and Qatar, and indirect support from NATO (U.S.A mainly).

2- Mr. Lvov claims that the Syrian regime in Damascus seems to be “crumbling”, and offers no actual evidence to support that theory, while at the same time he clearly states that the Syrian Army is scoring one victory after another.

3- Mr. Lvov’s “signs of the actual collapse of the Syrian state” are no where to be found in the article, but who cares? a Ph.D says so, you listen and believe!

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