24 Months Ago: Syrian Navy Destroys Israeli Submarine



Syrianews managed to confirm the news we received a couple of days ago that a Syrian Navy boat destroyed an Israeli submarine off the Syrian coast at 150 meters depth on 02 May 2013 around 2 – 2:30 am. We were not told the type or size of the submarine but we were confirmed it was destroyed.

In the details we managed to get: the enemy object was detected and orders were given to one of the nearby boats to destroy it which they did with a torpedo (not told which type), then it was monitored sinking until landing on the seabed off the coast. A heavy movement of Syrian Army helicopters was observed over the site where the submarine was destroyed.

It’s not the first time Syrian Navy engage with enemy and hostile objects. At the very beginning of the Syrian crisis, the Syrian Navy spotted a German navy ship on a reconnaissance mission and harassed it away, a German minister then complained of the Syrian Navy acts claiming the ship was not spying, just listening and collecting information!

Syrian Army
Syrian Arab Army

A high number of Israeli spying balloons are seen over the Syrian coast and the Zionists started booby trapping the balloons so they’ll explode when reaching the ground if they’re shot down by the Syrian Army.

Worth noting that Israel with US blessing carried out a raid against a chicken hen house and a weapons depot near Damascus on 5th of May 2013, 3 days after this submarine was destroyed. The raid was in coordination with ground terrorists from Nusra Front attacking 19 different SAA checkpoints around the Syrian capital very early in the morning.

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  1. The Israeli sub(s) attacked by the U.S. was a response to either U.S.S. liberty or 9/11. Much, much more needs to be done, steadily, relentlessly, and UN-ending in dedication to their DE-fanging.

    But the Syrian attack against the malicious subs from Israel were justified also, they’ve had illegal attacks by Israel for years, the Israeli attack on a supposed nuclear reactor a few years ago is just one example, every attack by Israel is in complete violation of International Law, BUT the result was Israel used a NUKE against Syria afterwards May 13th, 2013?.

    How is this NOT talked about, condemned, action taken, and stories run across the World?
    In addition, they may have used NUKES against Houthis in Yemen. Another MAJOR violation.

  2. So there were 2 submarines that bit the dust? I know for a fact that Mr. Duff said once that the submarine he tought was sunk by the syrians was actually destroyed by the US navy. So they actually lost 2 subs now?

  3. didnt know about izrahell spy balloons but another act of WAR by them is no surprise. its just another “favor” that ought to be returned, we know izrahell would scream bloody murder if there were balloons in or near their airspace that would explode on the ground if shot down. their “right to exist” as a global terrorist nation is wearing awfully thin, I hope it is addressed soon.

  4. At least attacks on chicken hen houses leave a positive signature – more feathers than a pillow fight.

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