Do You Think What I’ve Written Makes Me a Male Chauvinist?


modelby J. Speer-Williams


The traditional American family is being forced into extinction.

Since the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, broad propaganda designed to destroy the institute of marriage and the sanctity of the family has been clever, almost imperceptible, but always there.

The hard truth, however, is that women have been complicit in the destruction of our traditional family unit … or at least allowed it.

For ages, females among both the animal and human species accepted the sacred responsibility of keeping their families together. It was usually the males who left their families, only rarely the females.

This familial irresponsibility amongst males of the human race easily led to their bashing, especially the bashing of white males.

In addition to that, television, movies, magazines, and the mainstream media were filled with fictitious spin, biased reports, and some truths about the abused female and the abusive male. Mothers were told that their lives were unfulfilling and more than unjust.

Women were also inundated with false role models who were rich, glamorous movie starlets who had many divorces and were very happy about it.

TV sitcoms had women like Roseanne Barr making their husbands the butt of snide remarks, always followed by a loud five seconds of phony canned laughter.womens libe

American women have long been conditioned to compete with men, not to complement them.

The Women’s Liberation Movement was a bomb meant to explode and kill the tradition American family unit. This psy-op was controlled by the CIA and funded by tax-free foundations.

Women’s Lib was meant to get mothers out of their homes and away from their children.
The late Jewish filmmaker Aaron Russo quoted his friend Nick Rockefeller.

Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller
Aaron Russo and Nick Rockefeller

We, the Rockefeller Foundation, supported and funded the Women’s Liberation Movement. Why do you think we did it? There were two primary reasons for this: One was that before women’s right to work, we could only tax half of the population.

The other [reason] was so that with women going out to work it would break up families.

Women would have to spend all day at work away from the family. The children would begin to see the state and teachers as their family and this would make it easier to indoctrinate and control them.

What Mr. Nick Rockefeller did not say is that those of his ilk would ensure that mothers would have to leave their families in search of work because their husband’s income would soon be inadequate to support a family.

But the Controllers’ long pervasive campaign for Equal Pay for Women had nothing to do with enhancing womanhood or supporting families. It was the needed launching pad in order to degrade women into becoming poor parodies of men – and not always in mere burlesque ways.

Equal pay for women soon became equal everything for women. Today, we have women police officers, fire fighters, weightlifters, wrestlers, and boxers. Women are now even equally required with men to kill people in our criminal wars.

women officerThis is an ungodly offense against nature and the design for women to nurture life rather than to kill it.
In some quarters this is all called progress, especially in those gray murky chambers wherein human engineering is discussed, planned, perverted, and tasked.

The Greek word logos means God’s design, or the natural order of life. Logos is despised by the Controllers from the depths of their collective beingness.

Everything the One World Order globalists propagandize for humanity (including the Women’s Liberation Movement) is meant to produce as much chaos, entropy, and death for humanity as possible.

Sadly, there are many American women who have taken up Satan’s banner called feminism, most never knowing how they are in conflict with logos.

Rest assured none of this happened by accident; it was all planned, with many women fighting for their so-called rights.
The carefully planned and engineered Sexual Revolution greatly increased the probability of cohabitation between men and women instead of marriage and the fulfillment of a family unit.

Men, always ready for cohabitation, have never been much of a factor in building families – that divine calling and responsibility has always fallen to women.

Once women acquiesced to free love, however, the traditional family unit was doomed, and our society along with it, as complete family units are the strong building blocks of a healthy society.

In this sense, women have let down the family of man, as horrible as that may sound. You see, women were our only hope, as men never were.

Women have always been man’s only hope – without her strong positive influence man would accomplish little.
And these are the reasons women have been so attacked, unfortunately with few of them understanding the evil process.

If only … if only … women woke up to how they have been victimized, we would all have a chance to regain the kind of life for which the world once so envied us.

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Author Bio
Former Hollywood producer of live stage shows that featured various movie and TV stars. In Los Angeles for almost a quarter of a century, Jack had a front-row seat in observing the disintegration of the foundations of America society before he retreated to the woods of New Hampshire.

A graduate of the University of Florida, where he studied economics, Jack was also a running back on the Gator scout team, a member of the ATO social fraternity, Cadet Commander of the school's ROTC unit and president of the military honorary society, Scabbard and Blade.

After serving honorably in the US Army, where Jack earned his paratrooper wings, he began to see the folly and crimes attendant to the unilateral wars of American aggression. It was then that Jack embarked on a spiritual path; one he has walked for over 40 years. 

Content with his sylvan seclusion, Jack began writing of how to spot media propaganda; something he meant to be his legacy to his three grown children.

Today, however, Jack invites all others to read his non-partisan observations of national and international events. 

According to Jack... Those of us stuck deeply into the engineered left-right paradigm have no desire to be objective, and are thus blinded to all truth that does not reinforce biased opinions.

Remedial work in geo-politics will not open the minds of such people, as they are badly in need of spiritual remedies; nevertheless, facts are facts, and some are available to truth-seekers, the subject matter of my writings."


  1. I think that one thing that as not been said is the feminist movement is really a lesbian movement. I don’t think many straight women gravitate in that direction. There still are feminine women around.

    What I don’t understand about women is their need for drama, doctors shows and romance TV.

  2. The thing that bugs me most about women is how easily they are conned into buying into unnatural things such as becoming women soldiers. Why would a woman ever want to become a soldier?

    If they strip and look in the mirror they would see they are designed for giving life and not for taking it.

    Also alot of women now confuse bitching with strength. TV licences them to believe they are “empowering” themselves when they complain endlessly. All it really does is force men build work shops – so they have a private place to hide.

    Have things improved for women? No! The numbers of women who choose to become slaves by working in the Jewish controlled porno business and in prostitution is exploding.

    Lots more self made slave women around today than in the sixties.

    • “Why would a woman ever want to become a soldier?”

      If gangsters for capitalism are bearing down on you, fighting may be preferable to being a hapless victim. Besides, technology is the great equalizer. Firearms, armored vehicles, aircraft, drones: Physiological advantages men have over women in combat are not as pronounced as they used to be.

  3. Hmm – I wonder just which ‘feminist’ came up w/ the current Wonderful Pistachios commercial now airing – the one w/ a real-life Dominatrix cracking her whip to open the shell. I frankly have no idea how I would explain this imagery to any small children viewing such – and pretty sure it was aired in what would be considered ‘family friendly TV hours’ – definitely not late night.

    “The Wonderful Pistachios TV ad, featuring a dominatrix cracking open the shell of the nut with her whip, has not been banned by the ASA.

    Seven complaints were made about the ad, which had the words ‘Dominatrix do it on command’, before the strapline ‘get crackin’’ appeared on screen with a picture of the product.

    The complainants suggested that the ad was offensive and unsuitable to be seen by children because of the dominatrix theme and whether the ad was inappropriately scheduled.”

    Time to jettison the subtle male vs female discourse – just another Divide & Conquer manipulation. We should all be majorly concern about the not so subtle conquering of human morals & values – to sell nuts for cryin’ out loud!

    • “We want to get some sizzle out there,” says Dominic Engels, vice president of global marketing for Paramount Farms, the largest grower, processor and marketer of pistachios in the world.

      So a GUY is behind this overtly Sex Sells marketing – a strategy endorsed by Al Silverstein:

      “Of course, no company can guarantee its campaign will go viral. That only happens to about one in 100 advertisements, says Al Silverstein, senior vice president of innovation and strategy at Active International, which specializes in digital consulting.

      But the powerful elements of offbeat humor, provocative celebrities and sexual imagery can help, he says.”

      So, which Protocol does this tactic fall under . . .

  4. We’ve seen the mind control from every quarter but failed to understand it. Most could not identify what “going with the flow” really meant. Sadly we don’t communicate well. Dysfunctional families have always existed as have healthy family units. So yes both the parents working as conditions necessitate and or playing go in debt for stuff game we’re constantly steered toward is difficult on the human family structure. In the wildlife you find the female lion hunting far more than the males. Wolves have alpha males and females in their pack structure. Creatures like Rockefeller are bunched up strange-lings.

  5. Certainly a lot stated here is true & has been observed as a tragic reality. But it’s not the whole story.

    Growing up in the 50s, my mailman dad did w/o a raise for 8 yrs thanks to Pres. Eisenhower. Had my mom not worked part-time as a telephone operator, we would never had a decent vacation or other ‘extras’ beyond bare subsistence. How many waitresses/telephone operators/store clerks/teachers/nurses etc. during the 50s were single young women just biding time till Mr. Right came along? And what was a mother of multiple children to do when hubby decided he wanted a younger/prettier model or should be indulged his serial cheating – esp if said mom had nothing more than a high school diploma? How many women of color worked 2 or more jobs to keep their children fed? Their men had already had their sense of pride severely crushed making for less than optimal spouses/fathers.

    Ever watched Say Yes to the Dress? I’m so envious of the many engaged couples who sing the praises of their intended & how they feel they do indeed have the ‘right one’! And it’s true, the vast majority have lived together & even had kids, but still want to enter into matrimony. The institution of marriage is still highly valued & desired – and w/ as great a partner as one can hope for.

    • Who exactly are the main participants of the March Against Monsanto? Who do you think are out there doing everything in their power to obtain healthy, organic food – including raw milk? Are not MOTHERS on the front lines of these movements to protect the health & well-being of their children! I personally know some of these mothers – married BTW – who are going to great lengths to ensure their children are not only getting healthy food, but have also taken on the task of home schooling to preserve the family values that they hold dear.

      Matrimony & motherhood is far from dead. The best thing the males of this country can do for both is to recognize the absolute biggest threat to family life – pornography. Maybe that should be the subject of the next article.

    • House Hunters on HGTV also showcases couples/families on the search for new homes. Almost all consist of college educated partners w/ viable jobs purposely pursuing meaningful, contented lifestyles esp when children are a part of the family dynamic. Often, the females are stay at home moms but there are a lot of times when it’s the mom working & the father takes care of the kids. Overall, there is a lot more hands on parenting by fathers than was ever evident in the 50s. I honestly feel families like this have the welfare of the family uppermost and the fact that one or both parents work doesn’t compromise the situation. And should the main provider become incapacitated, better hope the other parent has the education/job skills to keep the family afloat. Nurturing has not gone extinct.

    • Say Yes to the Dress? House Hunters? Reality should not be gauged based on what one sees on the idiot box. “Marriage from a Child’s Perspective” is an older study, yet it sufficiently shows that the number of single-parents, unmarried mothers, stepparents, and cohabiting relationships taking care of kids has generally been on the rise.

      No-fault divorce, same-sex marriage, the hook-up culture, and other Huxleyan/Orwellian measures have weakened marriage so much that people need to debate the question: “What is marriage?” The doublethink is that prevalent.

    • @Poppadop
      Anything appearing on mass media has to be taken w/ grain of salt & discerning eyes can perceive ‘the script’ – but the people on the shows mentioned appear to be genuine & video of subsequent weddings are featured as well as families settling into their new homes/locales. What I do notice: a preponderance of lavish Jewish weddings & that the cities/countries in which homes are being sought are generally portrayed as w/o problems that might give one significant pause. Fair to say that both programs promote spending for weddings & real estate in the generally accepted Matrix although budget consciouness is not absent. Many times people choose to go over budget while others settle for less in order to live within their means or to save $ for other things that are important to them.

      My own children noted that they were among the very few among their peers who did not have divorced parents & they have gone on to marry persons they consider forever partners. This seems to be true for many of their friends as well – they take marriage & parenting very seriously. The wedding industry in my locale seems to be thriving – bridal fairs being jam-packed w/ young women planning for the day of their dreams.

      Word limit requires 2nd post –

    • @Poppadop cont.
      That being said, reading the Metro section of my local paper always includes the continuing social deterioration of neighborhoods – usually young persons of color meeting untimely deaths or sentenced to prison. Drugs & drug addiction is not just an urban black problem, but is in suburbs & small towns everywhere – and unwed motherhood is certainly evident as part of the scenario. It’s become socially acceptable just as the F word is now part of the common vernacular. And so many babies/children being murdered at the hands of either the biological father or the unrelated new boyfriend – no longer an aberration but an ongoing tragic reality.

      Read the Protocols & it’s clear how family & country have been successfully targeted. Normal people still aspire to love, marriage & happily ever after – all of which is being taken away via the boiling frogs methodology. Plus, how many people are truly capable of grasping that everything they ever believed to be true is actually a lie? The key element to keeping the Matrix intact.

  6. I don’t think it makes you a chauvinist, but , it is not quite that simple. I do not give any group credit for the empowerment of the women. It is a natural cycle and the adjustment is awkward. Matriarchy is not something we are used to and the outgoing Patriarchy was quite brutal. Religion has much to do with that. I like my women strong and independent. As for women going after abusive dudes, the industrial age men were submissive to society, the rebel was the attraction. From the primal perspective that teaches us much. Now we are waking up and look how hard it is to get men to do the right thing. Rosa Parks was a woman, I’d say she had a memorable impact. 5,000 women marched on Washington in 1913 to get the vote. Just as men will need time to learn inter-gender diplomacy, the girls will be awkward leaders for a few decades. It will be a shared venture.

  7. Sorry, but the contention that women are nicer or more caring than men is a myth – they just show nastiness in different ways.

    Second myth of feminism is that women want men that behave better, while the truth is that most women run after the very worst men – smooth talking, arrogant, and eventually controlling and abusive sociopaths. A man that behaves the way feminism calls for is called “single”.

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