Cavusoglu: US Agrees to Air War on Assad



…by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


In statements made publicly, reported by Reuters, and in private communications with foreign ministers across what had once been the Ottoman Empire, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu tells of a US agreement that goes well beyond the lines set by President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry and General Allen, placed in charge of US operations against ISIS.

The US has long held the line against military action against Damascus but Cavusglu has publicly pushed the US to that line and privately confirmed the US has agreed to cross it entirely.

From a Reuters story, Cavulglu speaks about how US trained anti-Assad forces are to be aided:

“They have to be supported via air. If you do not protect them or provide air support, what is the point? There is a principle agreement on providing air support. How it is going to be provided is in the responsibility of the army.

Turkey has said that any support program must be part of a comprehensive strategy which includes battling forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.  Cavusoglu reiterated that while fighting Islamic State is prioritised, the ‘regime must also be stopped.'”

The official US position has been quite different with official State Department sources viewing any attempt at establishing a “safe zone” inside Syria as an act of war.  However, sources across the Middle East have Cavusgoglu promising not just a “safe zone” but US pilots engaging in air attacks on Syrian Air Force bases and against “infrastructure targets” intended to weaken and collapse the Assad government.

Turkish Leverage, Obama Weakness

The error the US made is clear.  The US meetings with the Turkish Foreign Minister outlining US positions and limitations was organized, not by Secretary of State Kerry or even Vice President Biden but rather Undersecretary Victoria Nuland, architect of US policy that has led to a full scale civil war in Ukraine.

Sources indicate that Nuland’s representatives, working at cross purposes to the Obama administration, pointed out the president’s weakness as a “lame duck” and cited America’s lack of credibility in the region after an American backed reconquest of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, failed to materialize as promised.

The US/Turkish agreement was made including “handshake” codicils, knowing well no American military operations could be mounted without congressional approval.  Even normally hawkish Senator John McCain, long a supporter of Al Nusra, has indicated unwillingness to allow any direct US support against the Damascus government.

Dirty Hands

Over the past month, 6 Turkish officers, major and above, have been killed or captured inside Syria as have a number of both Saudi and Qatari officers as well, according to a Syrian National Security advisor.  Names and photographs of some of those mentioned have been published, including a Turkish chemical weapons expert killed in a raid on a facility where hundreds of barrels of household cleansers were stored, precursors for making chlorine gas.

Where Turkey and the US differ inexorably in policy is motivation itself.  In truth, Turkey is picking Northern Syria “clean as a Safeway chitterling.”  Entire factories have been hauled away into Turkey along with valuable antiquities and millions of barrels of Syrian oil.

Though this is openly admitted and curiously overlooked, one factor that is overlooked is perhaps more a threat to Turkey than it is to Syria.

The looting of Syria by Turkey is far from national policy.  It is the personal policy of Prime Minister Erdogan himself, along with his family, close friends and business partners.  They receive and market the oil, the antiquities and the factories assemblies, machine tools and inventories.  This is about high level corruption in Ankara and Erdogan’s rule by cronyism.

Offsetting Russia

Russia is being leveraged as well.  With sanctions against Russia tied to the annexation of Crimea and attempts to dislodge Russia’s energy stranglehold on Western Europe, Russia has turned to Turkey as a partner in a “southern route” gas pipeline that would terminate at the Greek border.  This move is seen to potentially divide the European Union and, eventually, “peel off” members whose need for affordable natural gas would make “debt slavery” to Strasburg and Brussels even more unattractive than it already is.

Egypt just announced a $2bn purchase of advanced Russian combat aircraft.  Russia is looking on Egypt as a hedge against Damascus, should Syria fall to the Turkey, Saudi, Israeli nexus.  At some point, Russia will either have to bring military forces into Syria, dooming economic partnerships with Turkey, or watch Syria fall.

Putin watchers predict a Russian “stand down” on Syria as Russia’s economic challenges have pushed Putin closer to his Israeli “kitchen cabinet,” a group long critical of Russia’s interest in Syria.

US Silence

While Cavusoglu’s pronouncements, in direct contradiction of all official US positions, reverberate across the region, the US remains silent and is predicted to remain so. Was Secretary Kerry’s “hands off” approach to these critical negotiations with  turkey needed “deniability” or was the US outmaneuvered?


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  1. “Turkey’s Foreign Minister “mission creeps” America into declaration of war on Syria”, … Here we go again… sung to the tune of “Thank you very much; thank you very much” from Scrooge with Robert Finney the Musical:

    Ladies and gentlemen
    On behalf of all the people who have assembled here
    I would merely like to mention if I may
    That our unanimous attitude
    Is one of lasting gratitude
    For what our TURKISH MINISTER has done for us today
    And therefore I would simply like to say
    Thank you very much! Not
    Thank you very much! Not
    That’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for me
    I may sound Double-Dutch
    But my delight is such
    I feel as if a losing war’s been won for me
    And if I had a flag I’d hang my flag out
    To add a sort of final victory touch
    But since I left my flag at home
    I’ll simply have to say
    Thank you very, very, very much! NOT!

  2. seems to me Assad should send out hit squads to take out turkish-izrahelli-saudi leaders.
    heck, I dont care if Russia China or whoever gets the job done, they can hire mercenary terrorists and deny hiring them the same way the evil axis has done to Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so many other countries. the world prettymuch knows izrahell is a terrorist nation the district of criminals fully supports. anytime they say “peace” they only mean the peace of the graveyard, IMHO the “favor” ought to be returned.

  3. Cavusoglu this, Turkey that, USA the other, Russia does wot-not… nah, I don’t buy it.
    Quotes from Occult Theocrasy by Lady Queensborough Posthumously published C1930…
    “There is but little doubt now that the B’nai B’rith seems to be the supreme body, shaping and directing, for the attainment of its own ends, the policies, whatever they may be, of all Freemasonry beginning with the Grand Lodge of England, The Grand Orient and Scottish Rites, and ending in the O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis), which is Illuminism under another name.”
    Also of interest:
    “About Mormonism and Masonry, Blanchard makes the following remark: ‘The two institutions are morally and legally the same.’ ”

    • Another interesting tid-bit from Lady Queensboroughs book quoted above…
      “…Italy, if one follows its history for the last hundred years, give a sequence of good illustrations of such possibilities and affords us a chance to follow the progressive stages of masonic centralization and imposition of Internationalism upon nations, as conceive by Mazzini, Pike, Palmerston and Bismark.”
      These creeps work on a long forward schedule, they’re probably planning at least one or two generations ahead and then working towards the goals set. Most people out there are probably planning from pay-check to pay-check… it’s no contest unless people turn off their televisions and stop consuming the jollies provided to keep the masses comatosed.

  4. I really wonder if Russia will abandon Syria and allow the NeoCon West/ISIS to win because the pipeline is so solid in Saudi/Qatar/Turkey/Israeli hands? This will allow the West to feel the power vacuum from what the people for the most part have been ignoring, although Russia will have a lot to worry about as well in the Caucuses perhaps they really do not care any more and would be OK with us reaping what we have sown over the last 13 plus years since 9/11/01. Perhaps they can say they did their part with the leak of documents, and there has always been the Israeli “kitchen cabinet,” operating in Putin’s Russia with W and company as good friends. It seems pretty much like we will be soon facing what Yemen is now, mini-nukes and war here by the end of the year. Perhaps I am being too pessimistic, but it really seems like we the people have been so thoroughly setup, there is almost no turning back. Sorry to be so pessimistic there just seems to be no hero on the American people’s side. Interesting how Russia and Egypt partnered with America being OK with the coop. The war is against the average person to provide the elite with an income for basic needs of the people. They, those in power, do not want a free people anywhere. America is a sitting cow right now.

  5. We can’t let Victoria “the butcher of Eastern Ukraine” Nudelman make US foreign policy. Nuland and Kagan’s families have been at war with Christian Russia for a thousand yrs. Hopefully Russia won’t sell Syria down the proverbial river. Putin’s Russia didn’t veto the Anglo-American destruction of Iraq, the destruction of Libya. wonderful, the bad guys have a plan and the good guys are self-obsessed cowards.

  6. Makes me proud to be a ‘Murican. We can finally “fix” Syria like we fixed Iraq, Trashcanistan and Libya. We still got a little fixin’ to do in Ukraine though….

    When we gonna fix “Murica?

    • We damn well better get off our lounge chair and hit the streets. Our government is totally corrupt and have the hots to start World War III against Russia and China. Ukraine and all those Middle Eastern nations are just a warm up for the BIG ONE!

      Not only is our government corrupt, it is controlled by psychopaths who have absolutely no morals or ethics. Make money. That’s it. Kill people, bomb cities, invade sovereign nations, pay for Israel to kill all the Palestinians they can—no problem.

      The government of the Unites States must be changed. This can not be done on some election day. You only get to choose between two evil greedy creatures who you know will screw you as they have been doing for decades. To make any changed we have to get angry and stop the machine that is grinding up the working class.

      We gotta get mad and stop business as usual. The government will heed what we say only after we get them scared of us. We are the 99%. They are the greedy few. Take ’em on!! We the people are ALL the working class people.

  7. The potential gas players are US, Quatar, Iran, Russia. The future will bring Syria, Israel, Turkey and Greek into play. Each and everyone tries to play with partners, alliances have changed in the recent past (see Saudi Arabia) and will continue to change in the further development of the conflict.

    1. I always thought that Russia might have simple strategic interests in Syria. This is enforced through it’s new military relationship with Egypt (even during the Yemen war of the Saudis).

    2. May be not now, but in the future, there will be conflicts of interests between Iran and Russia. This is played out a) between those two countries through military, oil, gas and atomic technology deals and b) more and more through the US and Iran with the help of the negotiations about canccelling the sanctions and getting Iran involved in the self made conflict in Irak/syria.

    3. Together with the ongoing behind the scenes fight in Brazil, this breaking off of Iran and the conflict in South Africe one might come to the concusion, that there is a tight connections, called: BRICS.

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