Saudis angry over not being able to defeat Yemen: Analyst

A "lightly defended" checkpoint in Yemen
A “lightly defended” checkpoint in Yemen

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     … with  Press TV,  Tehran

You can view the 2:30 minute interview here.


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veterans Today in Atlanta, to discuss Saudi Arabia’s fresh airstrikes on Yemen.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview

Press TV: Well we see now two months into this assault on Yemen and the Saudis continue their aggression with civilians dying and still not very much is being said from the so-called western community or international community. Why is that the case? What will it take to actually get the Saudis to stop this aggression on the people of Yemen?

Dean: Well really I do not know, the West is getting a little antsy about this. We see ISIL starting take advantage of the chaos by increasing attacks internally and then we have had the recent counter-attacks that the Houthis have at least managed to launch some counter attacks on the border which Saudi troops immediately retreated and abandoned their post, which is very big embarrassment to the Saudi military.

So we are seeing that the situation is still out of hand and that is very dangerous because the Saudi military and officials, they can overreact which they did yesterday on the Iranian supply boat to prevent that from landing in the port in Yemen.

We heard from Caleb Maupin yesterday that the port that was going to receive those goods, transloaded onto another ship, was bombed not one time but actually eight times.

All of the people that were preparing to receive those goods, the dockworkers, lots of civilians were killed and really eight strikes on a port was really sending a message that Saudi Arabia still has a lot of cruelty that they are willing to [shell] and the anger of not being able to defeat and bring the Houthis to their knees as quickly as they thought.

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  1. Saudi’s angry, I don’t know….. the whole world is looking at them with complete disgust, ashamed, cowering begging for the ground to cover them one would hope…if they were human….criminals wearing crowns, not one on this planet wearing it is worthy…not one

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