The Most Reliable Way to be Assassinated In America


fff_119by Rand Clifford  for Veterans Today

George Carlin was one of America’s greatest peddlers of truth. Problem was, Carlin had a huge audience because he was such a fantastic comedian. His intelligence naturally led him to truths most people ignore. Carlin had the talent to tell truths most protected by the elite in a way too resonant with reality.

Please check out:

A Poisoned World: Why the illuminati Killed George Carlin [1]

So they might’ve killed perhaps the finest comedian ever to bless America. And they might have killed the greatest Universal mind humanity has ever been allowed…but is it possible that Banksters have not killed the spirit of Carlin, or the spirit of Tesla?

When they do, they have won.

[1] Magic of George Carlin



  1. Always trust your gut instinct, I always say. I don’t know anyone who thinks Carlin’s death was from anything other than natural causes. Yet, the second I heard of his death I just knew that he was killed. Also had the same gut reaction to the news of John Lennon and Michael Jackson. JFK Jr was a definite.
    There was no doubt in my mind that he was killed. They used that same dart on Adelai Stevenson, and how long ago was that? “If history has taught us anything, it’s that you can get to anyone”…… Michael Corleone.

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