Nuclear War has Begun in Yemen


fff_137By Gordon Duff with Jeff Smith, Nuclear Physicist and former IAEA inspector


Even the cheap video camera picked up the proton bombardment from a neutron bomb, as seen in the scintillation after the initial fireball.  We expect Mossad and ADL trolls to be driven crazy by this one.  No one watching this video can have a second’s doubt that they are seeing an Israeli neutron bomb.  Israel is the only nation that openly deploys neutron bombs, there is no one else.

Neutrons overload camera
Neutron bombardment overloads camera

We will wait on the translation of the narrative, they could be selling cars for all we know.

There is nothing that can be said here, any doubts about the nuclear attack on Yemen attributed to Israel, as evidenced in two Israeli F16s shot down and forensically identified, are now gone.

A perfect nuclear fireball
A perfect nuclear fireball

Why are Russia and China silent?  Why is Alex Jones silent?  This is a great conspiracy, does someone tell him which things to report?  Why is InfoWars bashing Putin this week?  Is this what “mom” in Tel Aviv wants?

Who is silent on this story?  What do you have to do?  Where is Julian Assange?  Why the lack of condemnations after VT first broke this story other than in the Arab media, where every outlet carried the story to an audience of nearly 1 billion.

Fireball 1 by gpduf

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  1. The best signature will be the heat and you can plainly see it resonate upward as well as outward. Please post pics of crater and any and all debris, asap. Rocks and other soil types should give further verification or the heat signatures associated with such blasts. These people are cowards…….nothing more and nothing less.

    I have a feeling an accident is on the drawing board…..where and when? Just a matter of time.


    • If a nuclear “event ” is in the plans then recent articles here giving us neutron detectors on our iPhones ensures a whole army of mobile detectors to document the event. I’ve been following the internet buzz on Fukushima and other U.S. And European nuclear fallout in the alternative media. Chernobyl forest fire etc it could all be planned to wet the appetite. There is another whole army of truthers now with primitive geigercounters measuring Fukushima and WIPP and on and on. I was thinking since tptb don’t shut down all the madness on Fukushima tell all on building 4 etc it suits their purpose. NETC maps and Twitter call outs and other websites publish watered down values 24-7 to fuel the hysteria 24-7. Yes I smell a dual process in these nuclear info sites. Too bad we don’t get the real data.

  2. Thank you for bringing this heinous act against innocent civilian to the world. I really hope it gets the attention. These Nuclear attacks against civilians render the Nuclear Treaty worthless.

  3. The Israelis have certainly set a precedent for their own nuclear annihilation. They ddi it in Syria and now this. The middle east is a revenge based cultural cauldron.

  4. Aziz,

    I get what you mean. What I was especially thinking of was the fact, that a great shiite community lives in south Saudi-Arabia, right in the neighbourhood of the Jemen. If the Jemen people know, they know it and if they know it, the Iraki Shiites know it and the Syrian, the Lebanese and the Iranien Shiites.

    So, the next thing I’m waiting for, is a reaction from Teheran (maybe PressTV). If they shut up over this because of “tactical” considerations, I would get very suspicious of their official stands.

    So, I don’t think I’m delusional, but looking forward for things to come and of course, I hope they will come this time, because it’s so evident. I also hope that VT might get some “insider data” about this nuklear attac of Israel on Jemen.

  5. That explosion looks to be a small tactical nuclear weapon of not many megatons. If it were a type used on Japan, those taking that video would have disappeared in a puff of smoke.

    • You are off by six orders of magnitude with megatons – the warhead used was most likely in the 20 to 50 *ton* equivalent range, or approximately 0.1% to 0.3% as powerful as the bombs used on Japan at the end of WW2, or about 0.00015% to 0.0003% of the power of Castle Bravo.

  6. “suspected” isn’t accurate at all. they CAN tell by isotope-particle signatures where the fissile material originated, who it was sold to or stolen from etc. they can tell by satellite where planes take off from, their flight path destination and return. agencies not releasing information about this are accessories to the crime, same for MSM claims of a munitions depot being hit when there arent any secondary explosions seen or heard (more ground level and wider spread 2nd blast is what I’d expect, like a giant pack of firecrackers that spread each other sideways).

  7. john,

    you must remember that these people who occupy Palestine are not the people referred to in the scriptures just remember “what goes around comes around”

  8. Isn’t it just a threat to China to cut the bankers et al a deal on the currency reset or else? How do you contain a bully that owns the nuc industry? And Fukushima was bad enough already.

  9. How about the banksters stick you in a bombing campaign for almost two months and we’ll see how your psyche copes with it… -_-

  10. If this aren’t terrorists, what are? Throwing (little) nuclear bombs on completely innocent folks, women and children . . . This (in the video) is a nuclear bomb, all right. They used to test them in sparsely inhabited areas, evacuating the inhabitants. (remote other folk’s coral islands, for instance)

  11. Israel is nuking Yemen under certain Saudi proxy. If this isn’t a screaming wake-up call for humanity, what would be?

  12. If the A teams aren’t moved into position in several global locales the chance might be left to a fissile of a chance.

  13. To help clarify what a battlefield explosion looks like in real time one can go to this web site to read all about the Davy Crocket missile as it was in 1962.This is a fantastic starting point for the reader to begin to understand the mini capabilities as compared to the much larger nuclear explosions.After reading this articel it will give you a much broader understanding of what VT is attempting to get people to be able to evaluate correctly.

    • Larry

      We have had several obvious nuclear weapons. We have several criteria:

      1. A single explosion without secondaries, with more power than could have been delivered conventionally by deployed aircraft.
      2. Crater size…when we have access.
      3. Scintillation or ball lightning…absolute proof.
      4. Nuclear fireball.
      Jeff Smith has a longer list…but then this is what he does.

  14. ”Now I am become death, the destroyer of Worlds”…. fools would dismiss this, unless they have a seat at its table… the likes of Saudi Monarchy, Rothschilds boys over there in Occupied Palestine…..Murdoch, Hollywood, Tavistock all with a seat at the table… people have already been primed…pitching reality as entertainment and entertainment as reality
    What drives this will not leave on its own accord… utilize every ready resource, a combined task force supported internationally moving together freely above UN and advancing… VT paves the way forward in support our brothers on the ground,the majority muslim, who just happen to be all thats keeping this Destroyer of Worlds at bay for the rest of us right now…lets go

  15. After a vibrant and bustling Japanese city was needlessly obliterated in a matter of seconds and its murdered inhabitants instantly reduced to smoke, a sleazy “science” writer described the destruction in terms that bordered on giddy.

    Letting our “leaders” get away with that one scot free was bad enough. But at least the various populations in those days were truly in the dark as to the DC vermin who dressed up in fancy, taxpayer funded–or rather ripped off–suits, acting all dignified and concerned while destroying everything they touched. What’s the excuse today? How many of these filthy weapons must be used before even the most cowardly media concubine realizes that this is not really about the people of the Middle East, but about the psychopaths who control us?

  16. Dear Gordon,

    I will vote for you for President.

    Meanwhile, I wonder if you are getting my point: Your perspective is not being understood because your expertise level is too high. If the truth of 911 is hard for people to digest, the thought of tactical nukes being employed ramps the feeling up a good order of magnitude farther into the stratosphere (for most ordinary folks). I have done “saturation reading” on your site, many books, and many other sites – thus the nuke suggestion is as believable as most anything I have come to understand as possible as a result of well-founded distrust of these malevolent types… so I am only suggesting that perhaps you could slow the video down for us a bit, explain a little more, and perhaps even talk about the history of the deployment of small nukes in earlier wars?

    • I do not believe that it is a matter of intelligence, education, or technical understanding, but rather closed minds due to social conditioning. How else would so many educated persons who are competent in technical professions swallow the garbage from KZM whores such as Rush Limbaugh?

      Or the so-called liberals and progressives who feel smug about jumping on the Politically Correct™ bandwagon, and shouting down people with false accusations of “conspiracy theorist” and “antisemite”?

    • The message to Iran is to acquire nuclear weapons on the black market as a deterrence against attack by Israel or its US lap dog.

    • There are other ways to destroy a country. Nuclear bombs are like pin pricks by comparison…….The world will not stand by and allow a country to be openly nuked. This example here is closely guarded and you can bet, heavily monitored for public reaction…..Nukes are supposed to scare people, I’ll give you that, but at the end of the day, do they really achieve such? I’m skeptical as hell……..surely they’ve other wmd’s in this day and age…


  17. Yemen is truly terrifying and ugly, but may not be the opening salvo of nuclear WWIII.

    Sort of a “Same pew, different church” off-topic question, but did VT ever make a pronouncement or determination on the February 8th, 2015 Donetsk, DPR, mega blast? Certainly appeared that it could have been nuclear, also. Said to have left a 70m crater and had a fireball which was visible, and apparently photographed, from space. Passed off as a hit on a chemical plant, but the fireball looks to be a primary, not secondary, explosion.

    Video can be viewed at this link through Zero Hedge:

    Who could possibly have provided this “toy” for Kiev to play with?

  18. This is a lot to swallow. Why use atomics at all? Why so openly against such a low urgency target? Much more to this I think. Will wait and watch events.

    • I agree. It may be that the expertise level on nukes is so high at VT that they cannot discover their own blind spot that most of us wouldn’t know a nuke blast from an M-80. We wouldn’t know! Same goes for 911… while I agree… it is a very important observation – if there were any court to adjudicate – if nukes were used in that event… from a first principles point of view however, if it is established that our own people murdered our own people, why is it so deeply important to establish whether they used one technology over another except perhaps to gauge punishment? For example, a knife attack may be considered more _aggravating_ a circumstance than a gun due to its intimacy. But as to convincing the public, I’ll tell you what: Informing them of nukes involved is never going to work at the outset.

    • Why? If you are psychotic enough, why not? What is the message here and to whom is it directed? We know they are batshit crazy (rabid dog), but what is the point (if any). just to rub our nose in it. A warning? Are they really that brazen? or maybe desperate?

    • Calvin,

      It might just be a moderate conventional explosion that took place inside a highly specialized container containing uranium and plutonium configured to explode releasing a massive fireball and lots of nasty neutrons.

      Otherwise, you can guess that they hit an ammo dump like the Los Angeles Times says but with no secondary explosions and only one big nuclear explosion.

      See where this goes?

    • Why did they used depleted uranium and napalm on Iraq? They are probably testing the new hardware and Yemen is as a good target as any.

    • Peter: You use them because you have no aircraft capable of carrying a large bomb unless you use a nuke. Israel only has attack aircraft, not B52s or B1s, etc.

      As long as people think no one would do it, it will be done continually and as obviously as this. You are looking at something that can’t be anything but a nuclear weapon and you are having trouble accepting it because of what you hear on television.

      Welcome to number 3, where we nuke each other all the time.

    • Gordon: That is good info that I never realized. Makes perfect sense to Pyotr’s question. Never considered that they don’t have bombing aircraft and they have to use small tactical nukes on F16s, etc. I also questioned the use of a nuclear weapon so openly and against a low priority target.


  19. This is evil!

    No doubt, this one as well as the May 20th explosion are tactical nuclear weapons, dropped at Jemen, defenseless against such monstocity of war crime and destructive nuclear power.

    If the arab world already knows, we should expect some formidable reactions and uproar.

    But if we see nothing or only small protests and reactions, we are forced to realize that the wahabbi virus already successfully spread through the arab world.

    Your doubts about Russia are absolutely justified. On the other hand we should carefully watch the coming steps they take. As you, I’m not shure what these might be, how could I.

    We are at the brink for a possible greater nuclear war, ready to spread over several countries. If this war crime goes unnoticed, Israel is clearly invited to repeat dropping nukes even on Syria, Irak and in the end Iran. What I do sense, is a moment of a dangerous uncertanty on behalf of Russia and China. This can’t go on for ever if – as you mentioned – the arab world already knows about these atrocities.

    • @Detlef Reimers
      “If the arab world already knows, we should expect some formidable reactions and uproar”

      Ha. What delusions.
      After the secular Arab republics were torn to shreds and others still bleeding, the remaining ‘arab world’ has denizens more interested in their wealth than their health and those who are not care more for the afterlife of which they know nothing about than the stark reality of this wondrous life.

      If I were you I would place my bets on Western citizens to be in a moral position to do something against high crimes such as these.

    • After all it were Arabs themselves that set up the war in Yemen, some openly and some in silent consent.

      Yemen seems to have been trapped between accepting the useless President Hadi while nothing was done by his government or the GCC countries to aid alleviate Yemen’s massive problems specifically hunger and rampant malnutrition and poverty. They expected the Yemenis to wait like somme good boys. But as Bob Marley said ‘A hungry man in an angry man’, the Houthis as any sensible person would do decided to intervene and chase off town the clown whom now the Arab world wants to see re-instated no matter the price as if the 20+ million population of Yemen can not have a substitute to the ugly bold-head Hadi.

      Apparently it were first the Western NGO’s that raised the alarm regarding the rampant malnutrition and started sending aid to Yemen not bombs or guns or divisive royal rhetorics as the rest of the arab world did and still do with sneering impunity.


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