Did US Indict Soccer Officials to Protect Israel Apartheid?



By Jonathan Cook

(Editor’s note:  A Global Research piece, something they can handle instead of tackling Israel’s use of nuclear weapons against Yemen.  What Global Research also misses is the obvious correlation between threats to oust Israel and the US indicting FIFA officials who support Palestine’s case against Israel.  You just can’t make this stuff up.)


FIFA, world football’s governing body, is due to meet this Friday in Zurich to decide whether to back a Palestinian motion to suspend Israel for its systematic violations of Palestinian footballers’ rights in the occupied territories, including preventing practice sessions and games, arresting players, denying entry to other teams, and bombing grounds, as well as for endemic racism towards non-Jewish players in Israeli football itself. I have written about this in the past: here and here.
Although a 75% majority is needed for the Palestinian motion to carry, there has been a growing sense that the mood at FIFA is shifting the Palestinians’ way. Israel and the US are, of course, deeply worried. Such a move would have strong overtones of the sports boycott against South Africa and further reinforce the idea that the description of Israel as an apartheid state holds. It would also disrupt FIFA tournaments Israel is due to host in the coming months, causing great embarrassment to Israel and FIFA’s president, Sepp Blatter.

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  1. Just found this on Global Research.

    Anyone who doubts how seriously Israel is taking the threat of being ousted from FIFA and how actively its supporters are working behind the scenes at the world body should read the comments of Avi Luzon, Israel’s representative to UEFA, European football’s governing body. Ominously, he says UEFA’s support for Israel is sown up and suggests that UEFA will prevent Israel’s suspension whatever the outcome of the vote.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: UEFA will not let Israel be harmed, especially as there is no reason for it. An agreement has been reached on a four-point draft that is acceptable to [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu, [UEFA president Michel] Platini, [FIFA president Sepp] Blatter and now [Palestinian soccer chief] Jibril Rajoub.
    In the worst case scenario, if the Palestinians do not agree to pull the proposal and the congress is held as planned, UEFA will prevent the suspension of Israel in a very clear way. From the conversations with important people, face to face here in Warsaw, I can say without a doubt that concern over Israel’s suspension through a vote will not happen.

    • Israel has been targeting and murdering, sometimes just crippling, Palestinian athletes especially ( for some reason ) soccer players. They shot two on the way home from practice back in January. They shot the 23 year old 5 times in each foot. The younger one got off easy. He was shot once in each foot. They were both then mauled by police dogs and will never play soccer again. Israel has no right to compete alongside civilized nations that have the ability to treat those outside their tribe with at least an ounce of compassion!

  2. Blatter re-elected. Maybe attack by US legal authorities will rebound and ensure Israel is suspended. Blatter may be against such a move but stranger things have happened.

  3. izrahell needs to be banned from any-all international sports for being a racist apartheid terrorist nation that refuses all international laws, refuses to sign onto the NPT, and uses nuclear bombs against other nations! I feel the USA should be banned too because the District of Criminals fully supports and covers for izrahell for ANYTHING, as well as handing them billions every year and all the weapons/technology they could want regardless the crimes they commit. they should be banned from the UN or at least entirely stripped of all veto power so they can’t protect their favorite little terrorist nation anymore!

  4. Forget about kicking Israel out of FIFA, time to kick the evil bastards out of planet Earth.

  5. kick ISREAL out and sound off about its entry in the EUROVISION. peace and justice for ALL. mylo

  6. I know Football World Cup or soccer doesn’t resonate loudly in USA but think Superbowl for “the rest of the world” and you get the picture, plus, it gets much more political and tense. Apparently Blatter made a deal with Netanyahu keeping his head above the water for the remaining of his FIFA presidency, ahead of tommorow’s vote over Palestine kicking Israel out of all competitions. Of course the “maddogs” McCain and co. wanted only as to switch presidency with Jordanian prince so to rebel against Russia hosting world cup but apparently Blatter has some calculations ( he is against vote to kick out Israel ) how to keep Israel in competition and that makes him untouchable so far in the scandal case. Yep, as Carnaptious says this is perfectly timed for overthrowing this vote, especially as the sources tell that this is FBI’s “25-year-long-inquiry” of FIFA chairmen (even since 1994 Word Cup USA), wth???

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